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New Project : Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut

I’ve just talked it over with mountainofpigeons, the guy who is currently translating this series. We are going to work on this series together. He is taking on volume 3, while I’ll be taking on vol 4. Look forward on … Continue reading

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Arifureta Manga Vol 2 SS complete

Arifureta Manga Vol 2 SS & Afterword Anyone know how to mass download the whole story from narou? Usually I use the script to convert chapters into html, but today it’s suddenly not working anymore. So if anyone know another … Continue reading

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Arifureta 282 finished

Arifureta Chapter 282 Started Fate Grand Order. Fucking shitty game, I spent 150 saint quartz and 20 summon ticket and I didn’t even get a single four or five star servant. The only four star servant I got was the … Continue reading

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Magika series finished

Magika Vol 14 Epilogue 2 Magika Vol 14 Afterword The first series that I translated, and now it’s finished. When I first start translating, I never imagined that I would actually translate this until the end. In the back of … Continue reading

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Magika Epilogue of Lotte and Hikaru finished

Magika Vol 14 Epilogue 1d Magika Vol 14 Epilogue 1e The end is near, only the last epilogue is left, dammit. Editor (Omega): My edits for these chapters are complete.  

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Magika Kaguya Epilogue finished

Magika Vol 14 Epilogue 1c I tried installing Fate Grand Order english in my smartphone but was unable to. What is the requirement to install it? I’m using Samsung A-3, with Android 6.0, and is living in Southeast Asia Editor … Continue reading

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Magika Koyuki’s Epilogue finished

Magika Vol 14 Epilogue 1b I’m using a really controversial word in this chapter. If you guys have better alternative please tell me. Editor(Omega): Edits for the chapter are complete. Enjoy.  

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