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Fanfic finished

[Fanfic] 21 Final Chapter [Fanfic] 21 Afterword [Fanfic] 21 Side Story Finished, done. Sayonara work. Welcome, more work T_T   Btw, about FGO, Saber Wars. I finished all the available free quest. Now I’m collecting the drop item to exchange … Continue reading

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Fanfic 21 Final chapter half-finished

[Fanfic] 21 Final Chapter Reach a good part to stop, so I published it first. I’ll finish the rest tomorrow if possible.

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Arifureta 299 finished

Arifureta Chapter 299 Anyone who can contact the moderator in novelupdate, please ask them to remove the notice for fanfic there. I got no membership there so I cannot do it myself. Also fanfic has been edited until ch 5 … Continue reading

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Fanfic 21 ch 6 finished

[Fanfic] 21 Chapter 6

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Fanfic 21 ch 5 finished

[Fanfic] 21 Chapter 5 So I intended to roll in Saber Wars only once, to get the CE, the rest I would save for Nightingale. I only got the 4 star CE with Tamamo picture to show for it, with … Continue reading

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Fanfic 21 ch 4 finished

[Fanfic] 21 Chapter 4 Warning, BL development. Also ch 2 and 3 has been edited by Windgrace. ED:More like bromance?

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Arifureta Chapter 298 finished

Arifureta Chapter 298

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