[Fanfic] 20 Chapter 6 – The Time the Gate Open Once More

Chapter 6 – The Time the Gate Open Once More

Part 1

「Fumu ――this is the authority of lightning flash……」

Luo Cuilian whose deadly battle against Black Prince Alec continued.

The Campione of godspeed changed into a lightning attack and attempted a tackle many times. Luo Cuilian was evading those with escaping step techniques and observed for the chance to counterattack all this time.

But, as expected from the noble youth of godspeed.

He didn’t show a single such opening even against Luo Cuilian that boasted martial exploit unrivalled under the heavens.

He became lightning that flew around the battlefield in every directions freely and continued to attack. She who should be at the summit of martial art was forced into being defensive one-sidedly.

However, there was also something that she obtained from that predicament――.


Luo Cuilian smiled.

She was in the middle of escaping step technique that she had repeated for more than 200 times.

She obtained an inspiration that was triggered by the Black Prince’s offense that was too amazing. This smile leaked out because of that.

「Even further variation adding into my divine palm and form a new special move. That is to say that this is the birth of a new priceless treasure……if the people of martial circle know about it, they will surely be struck with joy. What an auspicious event.」

She already saw through the enemy’s godspeed using the dharma art of mind eye.

Right now the Black Prince that turned into lightning was circling to Luo Cuilian’s left side. He began his attack from that position. He became the very flicker of lightning and assaulted――.

Until now she dazzled him with escaping steps technique and continued to dodge earnestly. But


Luo Cuilian finally unleashed her Twelve Divine Palm of Flying Phoenix.

With her body still facing forward, her left palm struck the empty air at her left flank. At the same time her right palm struck the empty air at her right flank. It was the variation technique of her eleventh palm『Phoenix’s Twin Flight』.

And then――

Crackling lightning was emitted from Luo Cuilian’s body and both arms.

The palm attack that was clad in lightning became a perfect counter and struck the rushing near Black Prince!

「What the!?」

The Black Prince Alec was sent flying backwards from the palm blow.

He had transformed his whole flesh body into lightning itself. There was no way for a human hand to strike such a thing. Yet regardless of that, Luo Cuilian’s left palm accomplished that.

It was the moment she grasped a new special move.


Further assault was pursuing toward Alec whose movement stopped while he was still in lightning form.

Sect Founder Luo Hao was unleashing special move of palm art continuously.

「My Twelve Divine Palm of Flying Phoenix branch……let me show them all to you.」

First was a thrust technique with a palm blow to the middle.

Ligtning was emitted from Luo Cuilian’s body and arm this time too.

Alec got directly hit with this, regardless of his body was still in lightning state. Pain and impact beat him up and he groaned「Kuhah!?」.

「Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!」

The palm technique of lightning continued further.

The hand leaped up and gouged the face and eyes with fingertips. Five fingers were beautifully lined up, which pierced through the vital parts of the heart, right at the center of the chest. The crown of the head was smashed open with sword hand descending from above. Once, the sect founder crouched low and from there she thrust diagonally above with her whole body behind her palm blow, striking the jaw and groin of the enemy, and so on.

Twelve special moves, this was the Twelve Divine Palm of Flying Phoenix.

Furthermore, lightning surged out from Luo Cuilian’s whole body each time she acted.


Having been showered with lightning palm attacks from start to end, the godspeed master collapsed on the ground.

When he noticed, Alec’s lightning transformation had already been released. His whole body――the flesh body was prickling everywhere, his heart was also feeling throbbing pain.

It was as though Alec himself that was showered by lightning attack.

「……Sect Founder Luo Hao. What in the world just now……?」

「Fufufufu. I shall name it Twelve Divine Palm – A Hundred-Thousandth Lightning Span.」

She smiled cherubically while looking down at the collapsed Black Prince.

Her appearance was truly displayed with the majesty of a ruler. The supernatural sect founder spoke in good mood.

「The lightning I refined using magic――is unleashed outside together with the formidable strength of the Twelve Divine Palms. If Black Prince-dono transformed into lightning flash, then I only need to place the same thing into my palm. That was what I noticed.」

A confrontation against fellow godslayer.

The exaltation from such event made the maiden – Luo Cuilian show a lovely smile.

In contrast, Alexander Gascoigne spat out in a bad mood.

「An eye for an eye――it’s not something like that, just what kind of logic it is to deal against lightning attack with lightning attack. If I remember correctly the lightning magic or something of China’s magic, it is sorcery against evil spirits……」

The lightning transformation of Black Prince Alec was weak against every “magic defying”.

It was a weak point that previously divine ancestor Guinevere also aimed at.

Luo Cuilian saw through that instinctually. There she immediately adlibbed the combination of martial art with the magic to subdue evil and defeat demon, and injured her ruffian opponent.

The phenomenon should be interpreted like that. Alec cursed.

「If the opponent is that Italia’s idiot, then I could get through this without meeting this kind of experience.」

「Don’t worry. That person should also follow after you soon.」

Luo Cuilian leaped high.

She danced high to the sky like a phoenix. She was using the magic of flight.

That was the preliminary motion in order to reproduce the hunt of the magical bird. Swooping down to the prey below, caught with the talon, peck with the beak, and tore to death――.


Alec clicked his tongue while looking at the sect founder that was climbing the sky.

He tried to activate godspeed but unable to do it. His heart was still throbbing painfully.

Perhaps he would be unable to use the authority of Black Lightning well until he shook off the damage from that Twelve Divine Palm – A Hundred-Thousandth Lightning Span whatever――. Then.

「Hear me, daughters of endless night. Daughters of earth and shadow.」

Sect Founder Luo Hao was starting to dive toward the muttering Alec.

Her form became a beautiful form of flying kick that would make anyone gulped, charging straight at him. The moment Alec glared at the master of deadly move falling from the sky at him――

「O shadow of Count Bifrons.」

John Pluto Smith’s voice came into hearing from somewhere.

Air flickered around Alec. The scenery was swaying like heat haze, blurring like a mirage. All shadows became vague.

「This is a meager meddling. Accept it gratefully, Black Prince.」

「As I thought it’s you!」

Smith’s voice whispered into his ear.

Alec made a swift judgment right away, he stopped resisting the bizarre phenomenon. Almost at the same time, Sect Founder Luo Hao’s flying kick assaulted.

――But, the sure kill kick passed through Alec’s body.

The beautiful expert flew until more than ten meter before landing gracefully on the ground.

「You are……hiding a really interesting trick there.」

The supernatural sect founder turned around at his direction and muttered so.

She was staring in delight at the man who appeared beside Alec unnoticed.

「Smith something.」

「I wasn’t really hiding it though. Well, it’s an authority that cannot be really used in succession, so it’s indeed true that I was unwilling to use it.」

The masked godslayer wrapped in black clothes.

John Pluto Smith was standing beside Alec.

「It was in the nick of time. But what’s important is I made it in time, Black Prince-dono.」

「I’ll thank you, for the moment. It wasn’t a hopelessly desperate situation but, it was the fact that just now was indeed quite a pinch. Nevertheless」

Just as he thought, this masked man was always aiming to make his entrance dramatically.

Alec spoke with such conviction.

「As always in each turning point you are strangely……a kind man. When I went to Los Angeles you were also meddling excessively, this time too toward Kusanagi Godou――」

「You ought to honestly think like this about that」

Smith’s mask shook from his chuckle.

「I am harboring good will toward you two. That’s why I’m meddling so.」

「Nice reply. It made me want to believe it for a bit there. If only you said it without that joke costume.」

After responding with light sarcasm toward the frivolous talk that made fun of people Alec asked.

「By the way that hidden trick just now, how much you can still use it?」

「I cannot use it on you without waiting four, fifteen minutes to pass. The authority that was named『Formless Spawn』by the princess that both of us are acquainted with――cannot be used in succession to the same object.」

「I see.」

Alec nodded.

In short, it was an authority that made the shape and figure of the target to be vague.

If it was used to wall or door, then it would be possible to slip through it and infiltrated inside. The elusiveness that this masked godslayer sometimes displayed――this was the secret behind it. Similar with Alec’s『Great Labyrinth』, it also felt like it could be applied to a really vast range.

Come to think of it, Bifrons was the name of a greater demon.

It was one of the seventy two devils serving the legendary magician King Solomon. It was made to manifest in this world as formless monster.

It controlled corpse and illusion, and it was also said that it possessed mysterious knowledge starting from astrology.

Rather than direct violence, this devil specialized in shady spirit art and dazzler.

「Then, I’ll take out my guard in advance.」

Alec glared once more at the powerful enemy – Luo Cuilian.

Even though his side was added with the self-styled patron saint of Los Angeles, the beauty that was unrivalled under heaven only smiled in delight before calmly making stance.

「Fighting evil with evil, repaying fresh blood with fresh blood, sound the horn that signal the revenge. Know that the blood of slain mother cannot be recompensed other than in death.」


Luo Cuilian opened her eyes in wonder and the smile on her lips grew bigger.

Together with the words of power, the『Three Goddesses of Vengeance』Megaera, Tisiphone, and Alecto manifested at the left, right and above Alec.

Originally, they could be summoned in exchange of meditating for a certain period.

But, Alec’s own blood and pain could also become the『bait』to summon the three Erinyes.

「Using this kind of informal way of summoning make it impossible to hide it as a trap, so it’s like having a flaw in the crystal though……」

Right after he muttered so.

The ancient Greek style temple standing in slight distance away rumbled *GoooooOOOOOOON-!* with thunderous roar.

At the same time, Salvatore Doni was collapsing on the ground.

Dejanstahl Voban had finally entered the sword range and the silver arm at last struck. But, at that moment, the veteran of many battles, the old marquis wielded as much power as possible and met the attack.

His emerald evil eyes dulled Doni’s motion however slightly.

He dropped maximum lightning from heaven that could even burn steel into ash to bury Doni.

He transformed his body into grey wolf and jumped aside with beastly agility and escaped until a distance where the magic sword’s tip couldn’t reach――.

As the result, the Campione of sword was struck by lightning and collapsed forward.

After Voban who became demon wolf made sure of it with his own eyes, he calmly returned into human form.

「As I thought, you are an idiot.」

The most veteran and the most brutal devil king scoffed blandly.

「If you see your enemy coming to a range where sword can reach, you will leap to split them into two no matter what. If I know that you are going to come like that, then I can make the suitable preparation.」

He was able to intercept with three authorities because Doni moved exactly as he hypothesized beforehand.

Yes. If in that time he didn’t aim for splitting the enemy into two with a single stroke, then that man wouldn’t be Salvatore Doni anymore. Knowing that Voban laid out a trap.

This was a victory that was according to his prediction. However, he soon frowned.

At wolf king Voban’s left shoulder……the arm’s connecting joint had a faint scratch appearing there. It was only slightly but it was bleeding, small stain was spreading on his black coat.

And then, the fool who fell down before him whispered――.

「No, no……the determination of an idiot, will break even rock they say……」

Doni stabbed his katana on the ground, and using it as cane replacement, he stood up with staggers.

The body of the sword king was protected by『divine protection of steel』, it endured even Voban’s lightning. At the very least he was unharmed on the surface.

Well, his movement was quite sluggish perhaps because of the damage the core of his body received――.

Voban took a step forward in order to deal the finishing blow to such Doni.

But, the movement of the demon wolf king stopped there. The small wound on his left shoulder was suddenly fiercely painful. It was as though a drill was gouging it out in grinding motion!

Voban came to his senses and concentrated his mind and magic power to the wound on his left shoulder,

In order to drive away the authority――the power of the magic sword from his body.

「Aah, how unfortunate. If my blade dug in a little deeper, it would be able to tear apart the body or split the body into two though……」

Doni muttered with the dark eyes of magic swordsman.

The katana should be evaded using his transformation into wolf. But it reached him slightly. Enlightened of that, Voban glared at the Campione of sword.

「So you surpassed my expectation, Salvatore Doni.」

「If I can confess, that’s because I got caught in similar trap just a while ago. As expected I won’t get caught completely the second time――」

Doni grinned broadly. There wasn’t any of his usual thoughtlessness there.

The offense and defense that ended up in sharing pain with each other was the proof that he and the enemy were equal. He floated a crooked smile because he felt joy from that.

And then, the same kind of smile was also emerging on Voban’s lips.

The two of them was going to continue fighting by putting their whole power on the line, it was at that time――.

The ancient Greek style temple standing right beside them rumbled *GoooooOOOOOOON-!* with thunderous roar.


「Eh, that’s the servant of Madam Aisha!」

The ancient Greek style temple――Plutarch’s Mansion’s surface part,

Its roof was broken through and an armored giant came out. While it had a giant body of ten-odd meter in total, but its body from the waist below was black smoke.

It was very short and stout, its whole face was hidden by a helmet that was like a bucket.

Salvatore Doni witnessed it a few months ago at the battlefield of ancient Germania. It was the『Armored Devil』with humorous appearance.

Part 2

「Awaken, soul of steel. Display the heartlessness of sword to the world――」

Madam Aisha muttered solemnly.

Those were magic words, calling the『Armored Devil』to order it to offer the power it had to her and the people.

This authority seemed to be called『Jabberwock Slayer』.

Without the passionate support from the people, it was absolutely impossible to be used…….

Godou muttered to with small volume.

「But in Aisha-san’s case, something like the people’s support is something that can be gathered super easily. If she wished using her charm power……」

He was together with Madam Aisha in the aforementioned underground passage.

They were right beside the stair that connected to the surface.

And then she summoned the『Armored Devil』as “herald” ahead of them in the upper level inside the temple. It was commanded to defeat the enemy if there was some waiting in ambush there.

That devil with very short and stout body built was really big-sized.

Its height was more than ten meters even from just its head until its weight.

Such huge body was called indoor, that was why its head crashed at the rooftop of the temple and it was broken through lively, destroying the place. Incidentally the Doria-style pillars were also crumbling one after another.

「Let’s go Kusanagi-san!」

Madam Aisha called at him.

「I completely don’t know how much I will be able to do. But, Onii-sama and Onee-sama, and the other godslayers, in order to stop their rampage――」

She clenched her fist tightly and the Queen of the Mysterious Cave declared.

「I will do everything I possibly can!」

Both of them climbed the stair and exited to the surface.

The ancient Greek style temple that was here was originally a building with just pillars without any wall.

On top of that the『Armored Devil』that preceded them blown away numerous lining up pillars, so the view became really clear without any obstruction.

The devil’s very short and stout body was clad in armor, while its lower body was black smoke.

Of course it didn’t stand on the ground with leg, but floating lightly midair. It was armed with fiercely shining long sword and steel shield.

Madam Aisha was staring at that servant of hers with trust.

「My power is also recovered thanks to everyone, and I can even call this child here. A lot of people――is giving their support to me!」


「I swear I will answer everyone’s feeling without fail!」

It was a passionate and moving speech.

However, in front of Madam Aisha whose “motivation switch” was completely turned on, Godou was wordless instead.

Because not opening his mouth like this stopped him from saying any needless retort.

Even now Madam Aisha’s both hands were making praying posture in front of her chest and she began to pray earnestly.

「I have traveled countless country and period until now. Each time I became friend with a lot of people, I received help from them…….

Please let me make a wish to everyone for just one more time.

The strength residing in everyone’s heart and body――I wish you all to share it with me. No matter how much distance and time are separating us, it’s surely possible. That’s just how deep the bond between us is!」

The madam’s prayer wasn’t something that was offered to god or the world.

It was something that was intended towards humans.

Furthermore it was directed toward『all people in number that reached several tens of thousands until several hundreds of thousands of people――that she had thoroughly charmed throughout her time travel until now』…….

It was an incredible feat that was only possible because she was nowhere else but at Plutarch’s Mansion.

This was a unique point that was connected with every age and every place. For that reason, the earnest prayer of Queen Aisha reached all people who were once her cooperator and shook their soul and emotion, becoming the driving force of miracle――.

Godou heard it at this time.

From far beyond, several small voices certainly reached.

Saint Aisha, Saint Aisha, Saint Aisha, Saint Aisha, Aisha-sama, Aisha-sama, Aisha-sama, Aisha-sama, Aisha-sama, Aisha, Aisha, Aisha, Aisha, Aisha,…….

Even though those voices were small, but they were cheering yell that wouldn’t end forever.

「Thank you very much, everyone!」

Madam Aisha’s body emitted out golden light.

It was radiance of magic power. The magic power that the believer offered crossed through time and reached until the queen of this Plutarch’s Mansion.

Madam Aisha repeated this several times since just now.

For the sake of recovering the magic power that Luo Cuilian’s technique sealed. No, for the sake of “levying tax” of magic power from each era in the amount that exceeded the sealed magic power.

And then, Godou whispered secretly.

「Perhaps this mean, that Aisha-san’s influence――or rather her ruling power is absurdly strong huh……. Even though she lost her magic power, even though they aren’t in the same period, but if she can just make her voice reach them then everyone will hear her request based on their old friendship……」

In a glance, it was a moving scene.

But, in his opinion it should be seen as terrifying devilish power of curse and control instead.

Godou felt a presence while he was nodding to himself earnestly. Immediately there was a grey colored wolf with huge frame that wasn’t inferior to a ferocious bull rushing to this way.

The wolf immediately became the old Campione that gazed coldly at Madam Aisha.

「So――you recovered your power.」


「As expected, the one I should be afraid of is the witch Aisha. I’m really completely at a loss of what to do with you.」

Marquis Voban pointed his index finger at the madam.

*GouuuUUUUN-!* Lightning fell from the sky along with a thunderous roar, toward the head of the woman that was pointed by the wolf king of Sturm und Drang.


The one that saved the owner of the scream was the devil that served her.


A roar that sounded like the creaking of steel burst out from the gap of the bucket helmet while the『Armored Devil』thrust the tip of its long sword to the sky.

The thunder that was called by the authority of Sturm und Drang――fell to this sword.

It was like a lightning rod. Marquis Voban gave that a glance before loudly laughing in derision.

「How heroic. But I dare say that it’s a pointless devotion. Voban’s seriousness is not that lenient that it can be stopped by a retainer of that level!」

Lightning was falling down in succession from the thunder cloud above.

*GouuUUN-! GouuUUN-! GouuUUN-! GouuUUN-! GouuUUN-! GouuUUN-!*

The target was of course the『Armored Devil』.

Gale was also blowing violently with loud howl and even the rain was adding its blow from the side.

The fat devil was hit many times by lightning strike inside it which caused it to be completely dazed. It didn’t have feet so it was floating midair, but it lost its stability and was staggering.

White smoke was starting to come out from the joints all over its armor.

And then――

The marquis was firmly staring at the true enemy even while overwhelming the devil.

That was Madam Aisha and Kusanagi Godou. He wasn’t so naïve that he would show an opening just from taking care of the small fry. Their side couldn’t lose behind――.


The moment Godou’s eyes met the emerald evil eye, he immediately yelled.

「Aisha-san’s friend at that side――the people giving their help to you, call at them! Ask them to give me their support too!」

「Ye, yes-!」

He had no leeway to teach her the meaning of him making such request.

But, even so Madam Aisha made a praying posture once more, and prayed, making Godou’s request to reach and be heard. That was why, he could use this.

Collecting the heart of the manservants serving Queen Aisha across time, Godou chanted.

「O Guardian of the righteous, I invite you and offer sacrifice. Those who grants victory and grace, I will perform justice, please grant me the right path and light!」

Verethragna’s ninth avatar『Goat』.

It could be used for the first time when the mass wished to assist the battle of Kusanagi Godou. It was an avatar that manipulated lightning and also the heart of the people――.

「O light of the righteous, hand down judgment to evil!」

In respond to Godou’s words of power, the thunder cloud above buzzed.


The thunder that was continuously tormenting the『Armored Devil』until now――fell toward Marquis Voban who should be its master. It recognized Kusanagi Godou as its new master.


The old devil king finally received counterattack, however, his expression brightened.

Surely that was a joy from recalling their fierce battle before. June last year, the two Campiones unfolded a severe lightning battle at Tokyo in rainy season――.

「Kukukuku. It has been a long time since I felt that power of yours!」

「You yourself, as always act like a lightning rod……!」

Godou frowned at the form of the marquis that was chuckling.

He should be struck with lightning definitely. Yet, Dejanstahl Voban’s body was only scorched slightly.

The thunder that should roast until the bone was weakened until just barely and he endured it.

It was a defense method unique to the expert of this path. Godou also witnessed it before at Tokyo. But, Kusanagi Godou had changed a lot since that time.

Godou took a step forward for their rematch while yelling.

「I and that armored guy will take on that Voban gramps. Aisha-san――you open that Fairy Corridor once more!」

「Eh!? Bu, but, there is really no meaning in using that anymore.」

「It’s fine! I’ll do something about the little detail. Aisha-san don’t need to think about the consequences, just do it flashily like usual!」

「Ye, yes-!」

The devil king civil war was rapidly proceeding to a new state.

Kusanagi Godou was holding back Dejanstahl Voban, while Black Prince Alec and John Pluto Smith were holding back Sect Founder Luo Hao.

Amidst those confrontations, Madam Aisha finally let her power erupt.

Part 3

「In order to carry us to far beyond――o blessed fairy children, please display the works of wonder here right now!」

The godslayer queen Aisha chanted the words of power with loud voice.

As the result, inside the ancient Greek style temple――a huge『door』manifested.

Or perhaps it should be called as rift.

The space was ripped vertically and a space with stars’ radiance was spreading inside it.

Even a splendorous palace or a tall giant with the same height could easily enter it with room to spare. That was how big the rift was.

Actually it wasn’t something that could be fit indoors.

But, the pillars and rooftop of the temple were already smashed apart, so there wasn’t any problem thanks to that.

「So it begins.」

Goddess Athena whispered.

She was floating in the sky above the battlefield where seven godslayers were gathered and watched over the event’s proceeding.

However, even if anyone looked up to the sky from the ground, they wouldn’t notice her existence.

That was because she was taking position at a height that even birds couldn’t fly at. She was taking distance to avoid the splash from the devil king civil war.

If it was with god’s eyes, that even from this height it was enough to take in the situation.

Not just Athena, eleven fairy kings were also together there.

Genie King Al Shaitan, Princess Salome, Tyrant of North Wind Boreas, Blacksmith King Alberich, King of Sandstorm Simoun, Great Sage Renhu, King of Sacred Rain, Ghost King, the children of flower eating ogress Shwe Hpyin Naungdaw and Shwe Hpyin Nyidaw, Old Witch Kikimora.

The objective of the fairy kings was just one.

To send six among the seven godslayers gathered on the surface to “the other side of time” ――.

「To speak my honest feelings……」

The black dwarf king Alberich whispered.

While his height was about the same with five years old human, he was an old man with white hair and white beard.

「Those nuisance godslayers, I’m thinking of sending them empty earth where there is no water or air or even light. So that those bunches will die a dog’s death altogether……」

「Just thinking it is pointless.」

The one who responded listlessly was the beautiful princess Salome.

「Until the end that witch’s corridor is for “traveling”. It shouldn’t be useful to be intended for “consigning to oblivion” the nuisance……」

「Indeed. What we can do is adding a trick to change the destination it is streaming to at best.」

The king of genie race Al Shaitan spoke seriously.

「Next is for us to desperately push our mind so that the places those six will drift ashore at are completely scattered from each other.」

「Certainly. If those bunches are gathered in one place, it won’t result in anything good. It’s proven exactly right now below us!」

The king of north wind Boreas blew out words of concern along with gale.

Athena spoke after finishing listening to those exchanges.

「Then, all of thou. Let’s begin.」

She was a newcomer, and her weakened body also couldn’t be said as healthy.

But, Athena’s opinion as the goddess of wisdom and the anticipation of her powerful authority beckoned this gathering.

「Yes. We also don’t know, how long our jewel can hold out inside that witch’s corridor.」

「Let’s begin before it’s all smashed up……」

The black dwarf Alberich and princess Salome also nodded.

Thus, the fairy kings and goddess Athena began chanting the words of power together.

「These people should embark in a trip, here and now.

Surpass the law of heaven, break the law of earth, discard the law of wind, and trample the law of water.

Oh unsavory fools, illegitimate children of Ephimeteus.

There is no divine protection of god above thy head. There is also no compassion.

Thou ought to struggle, suffer, and wander in the country of hardship without death and immortality.」

Far below the『Fairy Corridor』was manifesting.

Devil king John Pluto Smith had left eleven jewels entrusted to him from the fairy kings deep inside it.

Those jewels were the hardened crystal of the fairy kings’ blood and tears, a part of their body.

If the former owner focused their mind, the jewel would become “the vessel where power of fairy king was dwelling” and exerted spiritual influence to that dreadful corridor.

If it was intervention from inside then it should be effective.

After all even godslayers could be easily affected if a technique was applied inside their body through oral administration――.

Wind was blowing strongly toward the rift in space.

The wind firmly caught all living things and wouldn’t let go, it was a magical storm. People who were turned into captive would be carried into the space rift――『Fairy Corridor』with terrific might.

Godou was shocked.

「This thing yesterday was amazing, but this time it’s also as strong!」

The absorbing force he tasted yesterday night at Okutama was intense.

After all it even forcefully carried Hanuman and others, the gods of steel into it. Now this『Fairy Corridor』was trying to swallow Campione with equal force like before.

Naturally, the first victim that suffered the harm would be the people nearby it.

Madam Aisha who created the corridor. Marquis Voban who fought a lightning attack contest against Kusanagi Godou――.



Marquis Voban howled while Madam Aisha screamed.

Both of them were caught by the magical storm and sucked――into the space rift. Yesterday night at Okutama, there was a distance of several kilometers between the surface where the victims were at and the『Fairy Corridor』. But today there wasn’t that much distance, so they didn’t even have the time to resist.

「Ku, Kusanagi-sa~n!」

「I swear I’ll do something about the rest! When Aisha-san arrived at the other side, please just think about how to return here!」

His eyes met with Madam Aisha just before she was swallowed by her own corridor.

Different from the woman whose body was flying with a *whoosh!*, Godou was staying in place. He was struck by the absorption wind, but that was all.

Nearly five hundred light spheres――the swords of spell words were floating around Godou.

It was a miracle that came from the power to cut apart fairy queen Niamh’s power protecting his body.


Godou’s head was painfully throbbing with intensity, it felt like his head would split.

It was the side effect from him using two of Verethragna’s avatar at the same time. He was still leaving on the『Goat』while using『Warrior』. It was in preparation for after this――.



Godou yelled seeing the blonde young man getting pulled.

Salvatore Doni wasn’t floating in air.

He was holding on the ground by groveling. But, even so he couldn’t endure and got dragged in trailingly.

Several hundred small rune letters were dancing around Doni’s body.

It was the『divine protection of steel』. By turning his body into steel, his body weight was remarkably multiplied. Because of that before there was a time where he couldn’t float in the water and sunk down until he hit the bottom.

He increased his weight to several dozen tons, several hundred tons and opposed the absorbing force of the corridor.

However his effort ended up in vain and he was carried until in front of Godou like this…….

「Godou! Nice timing, help me here!」

「Got it!」

Actually, he was a dangerous man that should be abandoned right away.

But, Godou consented due to reason.

Sword of spell words――the light sphere that sealed the power of Niamh numbered several hundred. He sent half to Doni’s place and made them protected the Italian Campione.

The absorption was finally halted and Doni stopped got dragged on.

Salvatore Doni abruptly raised his upper body. And then he sat cross legged on the floor and let out a long breath *fuuuuuuu*.

「Maaan. Just as I thought what anyone should have is a friend, a reliable alliance partner huuh.」

Doni laughed foolishly.

However, even when in such situation he didn’t let go of his katana. That should be said as the Campione of sword’s true worth.

「Who is your friend huh.」

Godou complained at the man who sold friendship cheaply.

The distance between the two of them was less than five meters. Doni was accidentally passing through right before Godou’s eyes.

「If I didn’t help you, this is you we are talking about. You were going to use that weren’t you? That power of mad god whose his name.」

「Yeah. Dionysius’s authority.」

Doni grinned broadly.

Although he was a god of alcohol and good harvest, he was also a god of secret ritual that governed madness.

Mad god Dionysius. He was an owner of authority that made all divine power and magic power rampaged, which was usurped by Salvatore Doni.

Surely the『Fairy Corridor』would start an unexpected rampage if it was used now.

「Yep. Actually I was thinking ‘perhaps it’s time to use it soon!’ like that.」

「As I thought. There is no way I’m going to let you ruin this hard earned preparation. Our alliance is for me and you to win through until the end, I’ll properly abide with that.」

Godou spoke while glaring at Doni who was responding quite indifferently.

「Don’t ruin that for me.」

「Hahahaha. If it’s like that then just leave it to me.」

The self-proclaimed bosom friend promised frivolously.

Godou secretly thought while enduring the painful throbbing in his head. That as expected it was the correct action for him to keep『Goat』on even if he had to pay it with this intense pain.

He still didn’t know if there would still be anymore unexpected situation happened.

What was left, was to decide where to use that trump card――.

「As expected Madam Aisha’s latent power isn’t something half-baked eeh. This wind, it doesn’t look like it will settle down for now.」

Just as Doni commented, the absorbing wind was still in a terrific strength.

And then, there were further three acquaintances that were blown to here.


「As I thought, you are connected to this too!」

Even the transcendental human Luo Cuilian couldn’t resist this wind.

Even while she was being sucked by the space rift, the peerless beauty was staring fixedly at her little brother.

「Your elder sister will immediately return! At that time I will have a showdown with you too!」

Luo Cuilian was swallowed into the corridor with her awe-inspiring atmosphere not breaking down at all.

Perhaps that was because of her pride as the ruler of martial world, and also as an elder sister.

「Smith! Gascoigne!」

「Let’s just say that this is only a temporary farewell. Let’s meet again, friend.」

「About the matter of dealing with the aftermath, tell it to Iceman just like what I told you before. Also, there won’t be any problem at all for me even if I cannot reunite with you again but, anyway, show up your face when I return here.」

John Pluto Smith and Alexander Gascoigne.

The masked godslayer and the Black Prince were really composed.

Even if their destination was an unknown territory, they would still survive and found the way to return without fail. Just like how they had done many times until now――. They had such will and conviction. This should also be called as the mentality that was distinctive of godslayer.

Anyway, the two young Campiones were also sucked into the corridor.

Godou murmured.

「The wind……is weakening.」

The absorbing force of the corridor was obviously lowering compared to the start.

It seemed that it would be better to release『Warrior』soon and stopped using double avatars.

The remaining Campione that couldn’t be swallowed were two. Would the extremely chaotic devil king civil war entered the last battle like this? Or else――.

Part 4

「This corridor is……different from usual!」

Luo Cuilian yelled in astonishment.

『Fairy Corridor』that Madam Aisha created. Inside was a dark space that was like the universe with tens of thousands shining stars.

The absorbing wind was still going strong, sucking her in deeper and deeper into the corridor even now.

However, Luo Cuilian was optimistic at first when she was caught. If she was carried to the past with this, then she would just perform time travel and go back until the present time, she thought.

If she was sent flying until somewhere in the realm of the dead, then it would be even simpler.

She could repeatedly transfer and return to the original location.

She had a long connection with Madam Aisha even if it was unwilling on her part. During that time she had experienced similar forced travel like this twice.

But right now her Daogu’s spirit instinct screamed at her.

「The destination the corridor is connected to this time――is not the land of this world.」

She didn’t understand to where.

But, Luo Cuilian’s spirit sense keenly felt, that it would be a land she wouldn’t be able to easily go home even with all the wisdom and power she possessed.

The greatest holy sect founder under the heaven let out a sigh while being carried inside the corridor.

「For the time to use that to really come……I have prepared it beforehand.」

She had the experience of getting done in by this mysterious corridor over and over.

For that reason she was always thinking constantly that she had to prepare for the worst. And she also discovered the answer during her continuous battle as godslayer.

「O spiritual red earth of Chang’e flying to the moon」

A black pill suddenly appeared on Luo Cuilian’s hand.

She had carried it secretly for long. It wasn’t something created by humans, but a secret medicine of an immortal. It was the same item with the medicine that appeared in the mysterious story of『Chang’e Flying to the Moon』.

Chang’e――. That was the name of a goddess that fell on earth.

She was eternally young and immortal when she was living in heaven. However, owing to unavoidable circumstances she moved to take residence on earth and became someone with limited life span. One day her husband that was an immortal hero but also fell to earth like her obtained a wonder medicine of eternal youth and immortality. But, Chang’e monopolized it and she became immortal once more and ascended to heaven.

In the end she couldn’t reach the heaven and settled down on the moon in the middle of the way.

This――pill had a similar effect with the wonderful medicine that allowed Chang’e to ascend to the moon.

Luo Cuilian swallowed it in this moment.


Her body was filled to the brim with divine power of flight and Luo Cuilian soared in the space that looked like the universe.

She also ignored the troublesome aborption wind and easily flew. Her aim was of course the exit of the corridor, the battlefield of devil king civil war where her little brother was waiting.

Average flight technique wouldn’t be able to fly inside this corridor.

Special『wing』was needed. For example something like the wonder medicine that allowed someone to ascend to moon that was “the closest thing to another world for mankind”――.

「I will return right away, Godou! Know well the greatness of your elder sister!」

Luo Cuilian boasted. Her body was blazing hot.

This too was the effect of『Chang’e Flying to the Moon』――no, it was the side effect. A great exploit like flying to the moon couldn’t be achieved without continuously burning one’s magic power and stamina.

She would become the last victor without fail before all her strength was completely consumed.

Luo Cuilian soared the sky with determination.


Dejanstahl Voban clicked his tongue.

「I’m getting dragged into this troublesome cave again……」

He was restrained by the thunderously roaring absorption wind and carried――into the depth of the universe inside the corridor.

Different from the real outer space, he could breathe without any problem. However, he didn’t have any intention to be obedient just because of that.

Voban chanted the words of power.

「Open, gate of underworld. Queen of underworld, the elder sister of mother earth, descending to the territory of the fearsome Ereshkigal, now is the time I surpass death.」

He was done in once more by Madam Aisha.

But while it was really unwilling, he had a long relationship with that woman. This was the fifth time he was pulled into the『Fairy Corridor』. Naturally he had thought about various plans of resistance.

「The revival of underworld ruler of dragon and snake Inanna……observe carefully.」

Sphere of bluish black light came out from Voban’s body.

It suddenly――transformed into a gigantic demonic beast “dragon”. Its body size was nearly thirty meters, and it spread its lengthy wings with a flap.

Its dragon scale was black agate color. Its sharp dragon eyes were emerald green.

「Hmph. How rare to use this in succession after yesterday.」

The jaw of the black dragon let out the voice of Marquis Voban.

Right now the soul of the fierce demon wolf king was dwelling inside the large body of the dragon.

And then, the flesh body of human Dejanstahl Voban fell into temporary death state and it was grasped by the dragon’s hand――the right front leg.

The soul separated from the body and transformed into dragon. It was the authority『Otherworld Dragon』.

「Let’s go.」

Voban that became dragon shook off the absorption wind and began to soar.

He was heading to the exit of the corridor, advancing under his own power.

He couldn’t fly inside the corridor even using the flight magic of the Dead Servants. He knew that from his past experiences.

But, it was a different story if it was the black dragon that came and went between the underworld and the surface world――.

It was the hypothesis of his servant who had deep knowledge in sorcery. That was why the moment『Fairy Corridor』was opened, Voban stopped useless resistance right away and began to heighten his magic power.

In order to change into dragon even for a second faster and accomplished his escape.

However, there was also a troublesome problem.

「For me to end up in a situation where my own body becomes a burden……」

The black dragon advanced while resisting the absorption wind trying to drag him.

The dragon’s right hand was holding Dejanstahl Voban in temporary death state. Perhaps he should entrust it to someone among his Dead Servants. No.

That man should be waiting in the devil king civil war, at the last battlefield――.

Thus, Kusanagi Godou witnessed it.

How from the『Fairy Corridor』his elder sister Luo Cuilian danced back with celestial maiden’s flight and Marquis Voabn that turned into black dragon leaped out.

「Can’t be helped huh.」

Godou shrugged.

Who would ever thought that they would even prepare countermeasure for when they were captured by that corridor.

It must be because both of them were really cautious against Madam Aisha. Now he could only switch over his attitude.

「For this plan to go smoothly――is not my expectation, though I hoped for it.」

「What’s the matter. You can just think of this as the continuation of the battle yesterday. This is a fresh start of the direct confrontation between team me and Godou against the old people team.」

Doni winked beside the grumbling Godou.

「If we defeat those two over there, or beat them up until they cannot move before kicking them into the corridor, then it will be our win!」

「Well, something like that. I’ll take on that gramps.」

「Oho Godou. So even your feeling timid to take on your big sis?」

「Yeah, she is thoroughly a troublesome person……that’s just a lie. But I’m better suited to take on that gramps more than you. That’s all.」

「Perhaps that’s true. Then, let’s go with that plan.」

They finished their short planning through the whispering.

Four Campiones were gathering at the crushed ancient Greek style temple.

The absorbing wind that pulled into the space rift――『Fairy Corridor』had weakened considerably, calming down to a gentle breeze level.

Godou had called off『Warrior』the moment he saw the elder sister’s figure.

That was because he sensed that he wouldn’t stand a chance by fighting with an intense headache.

Luo Cuilian smiled gently, staring at Godou and Doni. Of course that smile didn’t come from an affectionate heart. It was the joy of battle that was making the woman that was hard to please be in a good mood.

And then, at the sky above.

A black dragon was calmly continuing to circle around.

It did that while looking down coolly to the youngster group below. Its right front limb was clutching the sleeping Marquis Voban. Was that an obvious weak point, or an opening to temp them――.

「I guess I’ll know when I try having a go.」

Godou whispered simply and pointed with his index finger to the sky.

Lightning fell from the thunder cloud, aiming at the right front limb of the dragon. The ninth avatar『Goat』was going strong. The power to control lightning and the people’s heart were still belonged to Godou.


Lightning strikes were falling in succession and hit the large body of the black dragon hard.

But, none hit the “sleeping Voban” at the right front limb. It also looked like the dragon was casually covering the body.

The dragon was gliding very smoothly away from this place.

Seeing a crack that looked like smile at the mouth of the ferocious demonic beast, Godou was convinced.

「Telling me to follow huh!」

Godou on the ground was also smiling fiercely and began to dash following the flying dragon.

「Are you showing your back to me, little brother?」

「Oops. It’s my job to be sect founder-sama’s opponent. I wish you can accompany me here.」

When Luo Cuilian called at the back of her little brother, Salvatore Doni spoke as though to halt her.

Devil king civil war, this was its last round――.

Godou was thinking so while chasing after Marquis Voban who turned into a huge dragon. He dared to exclude from his head the possibility of fighting the survivor of the battle between his elder sister and his self-proclaimed rival.

Part 5

There was vast grassland around Plutarch’s Mansion.

Right now, a gale was blowing violently on this land. Even rain with large drops were pouring down, striking incessantly on Godou’s body painfully.

The authority to summon storm『Storm und Drang』.

Even with the dragon transformation, Marquis Voban’s dreadful authority wasn’t affected.

And then――

「Hahahaha! Finally the time to stand against you has come!」

The voice coming out from the dragon’s jaw was also the powerful voice of that twisted old man.

「Your strength is obviously grown than before. But……have you grown to be a caliber that can satisfy Voban at his seriousness, or not. I’m going to ascertain that now!」

「If you are going to stand against me, then take off that doll costume and come down here!」

Godou yelled at the dragon that was flying calmly at the sky of the raging storm.

Perhaps it was planning to observe how Godou would make his move. The wolf king that was transformed into an evil dragon was coming and going far above Godou’s head.

「In the first place you aren’t standing on the ground right!?」

「Of course, I also won’t mind doing so. But only if you can endure this meager greeting from me!」

Godou was already unable to catch up to the flying black dragon.

He came to a standstill with his sharp gaze directed to the sky. The ground was muddy and hard to run on, and anyway――if he waited then Voban would surely come to attack.

He would be in offensive with his fighting spirit full of vim and vigor.

That was the constant personality of this old man whose act was unbecoming for his age.


Lightning was falling down like heavy rain along with that howl.

It resembled the『Mandala of Divine Sword』that Rama and Laksmana used. In contrast with his speech of『meager greeting』, it was a really lavish hospitality.

Godou could slip through it using the avatar of godspeed. But, this time he――

「All enemy of mine――tremble in fear before the avatar of victory.」

He chanted the scripture of Verethragna and used the power of『Goat』.

The lightning energy directed at him would be a waste if he erased it or made it go past him. Godou began to gather them all.

「O lightning. O lightning. O lightning. O lightning. Gather for my sake, safeguard me from the immoral!」

The barrage of lightning falling from the sky――.

All of them were sucked into Godou’s body.

Even the lightning that should strike the ground nearby instead twisted their trajectory and got absorbed into Godou’s body rapidly.

Like that the gathered energy changed into half-sphere shape.

A dome of bluish white electricity light――was created around Godou.

At first its size could only barely cover Godou alone. But, the dome swelled up suddenly and became a size that resembled even Tokyo Dome.


The dragon gliding on the sky above also had large body of thirty meter class.

If it spread both its wings fully, it would look even bigger.

「A box this around this size is necessary to oppose that body!」

「Kukukuku. You are really saying something flattering, youngster. So you multiply your strength until my level!」

When Godou asserted on the ground, the huge beast on the sky also expounded.

Even though they both had the ability to manipulate lightning strikes,  Verethragna’s『Goat』was the more elaborate one and excelled in sorcery techniques.

However, what was crucial in head-on fight where both sides clashed right from the front was “power”.

The jet black dragon spread its wings widely and finally it came to a halt in one spot. It gazed sharply at Godou on the ground and the lightning dome.

It finally intended to participate in the contest of power.

「This might be nosy, but isn’t it better to put down the excessive baggage first?」

The dragon’s right front limb. Its palm was still clutching the body of an old man.

Of course it was “the sleeping Dejanstahl Voban”.

「For example, you can entrust it to someone among your underlings?」

「I’ve thought about it. But, it’s no good.」

Wind was blowing noisily with rain pouring down hard.

The loud voice of the demon wolf king that transformed into a dragon was resounding with reverberation that overwhelmed those noisy sounds of nature.

「After all you――have really good affinity with my servants. It will be unbearable if the baggage I entrusted to them is then taken away.」

「So you remember huh.」

The dead army serving Marquis Voban. However, they became like that not by their own wish. They submitted to the authority of the god of underworld Osiris that changed the dead into slaves, and they served reluctantly.

With the ninth avatar『Goat』, Godou could connect to their heart.

He could call to them to lend him their power, and fight Voban together.

Even at the previous battle he was helped by them. That was the reason that it should be Godou that fought the wolf king of Eastern Europe instead of Salvatore Doni.

And then it was the reason why Voban didn’t call even a single servant this time.

「So there is no chance for it to happen the second time huh……」

Even while muttering that, Godou’s lips were twisting fiercely.

It became clear with this. Voban was carrying his sleeping human body even in this situation. As expected, that meant it was an exposed weak point.

Although it didn’t mean that he would have the room to take advantage of that, but there was no doubt that it was an advantage.

「Here I go, Kusanagi Godou!」

「Yeah. I’ll overturn the table on you this time for sure!」

The jet black dragon began swooping down. Godou met the attack along with the electricity dome.

It was finally the time for the head-on clash.

「Finally I can have contest of skill with sect founder-sama……」

Salvatore Doni grinned broadly.

At the temple after his Japanese ally and the old man of Eastern Europe left. At a position that wasn’t that far from the space rift――the『Fairy Corridor』.

The weather was the worst. Wind, rain and lightning became a raging storm.

The opponent he faced here was Sect Founder Luo Hao――.

Right now she was putting her right hand quietly far forward, while her left hand was taking position in front of her heart. She didn’t form a fist with her palm opened.

If a biwa (TN: Japanese lute) was placed inside those left and right hands, it would surely settle there beautifully.

It was a stance that could move into offense and defense anytime. Her beautiful eyes were tranquil like a bodhisattva that had reached Nirvana, those eyes were staring at Doni and she talked.

「King of Italia country. Previously, I had seen your technique even if just for a little.」

Sect Founder Luo Hao gently smiled.

「I understand――that you have certainly improved compared to that time. Fufufufu. Now quickly show that fruits of your effort.」

It was charming word of invitation. Doni immediately discerned it.

「So sect founder-sama will come like that huh……」

The supernatural sect founder was waiting. For Doni’s strike. Furthermore not just for a normal strike, but a slash that was filled with Salvatore Doni’s everything to come at her and split her beautiful limbs into two.

And then, she would meet that full strength slash with a counter in a hair’s breadth――.

Although it was in a different shape, but this was a tactic that was also done by Black Prince Alec yesterday and Marquis Voban before this.

It was the logical option exactly because they knew of Doni’s simple and clear personality as well as his tactics. Well, Salvatore Doni’s used a magic sword exactly because it couldn’t be defended against even when the opponent of it was coming. However he couldn’t pretend to be tough like that when the opponent was a fellow Campione.


Doni vaguely felt it.

That……after going through the deadly combat yesterday and today, he felt like he became used to that kind of attack.

That even if the palm of Sect Founder Luo Hao was unleashed risking her life to intercept him, he would overcame it unharmed this time for sure using his sword that had been even more polished――

Such a thinking sprang into a corner of his mind for a brief time.

Doni immediately stopped thinking of anything and he faced Sect Founder Luo Hao absentmindedly.

He was free from any worthless thoughts. No scheme, no intention, no thinking.

He was merely, merely, leaving his whole body and sword to move like flowing water.

That was the absentminded swordsmanship. He also planned to unleash a sword with even more expertise than yesterday, than even thirty minutes ago, but well, he had no intention to be fixated with that.

Doni was holding his katana in his silver right arm limply in self-indulgence.

Its tip was pointing at the ground limply, even calling it a stance was too good for it.

It was fine like this. When the moment he should cut came, his arm would move by itself. The sword would swing. Right now, Doni’s senses and mind eye were polished to maximum, grasping everything of Sect Founder Luo Hao.

She also made full use of dharma art of mind eye and groped for how Doni would come.

She would catch the moment when his slash began and launch her right palm blow.

She would strike the side of the katana Doni swung in order to pulverize it into pieces. Next she would launch the second blow and deal the finishing blow.

――Oh. Has Sect Founder Luo Hao ate something bad?

Her body temperature was really high. Magic power and stamina was fiercely being burned inside her, her majestic body was being gnawed on. The longer the match stretched out, the more exhausted she would be.

――My heart, is in a clear and serene state.

At this time, Doni’s senses were even trying to swallow Luo Cuilian’s martial art.

But, this great woman that was the ruler of martial world suddenly frowned.

「I had perpetrated a failure with my doing.」


「As the pioneer in this path of martial art, this expert me yield the initiative toward the young person, where I will meet the attack. Certainly that is also not a bad gesture. However, in the devil king civil war of this occasion that has reached the final stage, for a move like that to be shown in such a scene――it can only be said as playing it safe and also boorish.」

「Now that you say that, certainly that might be so.」

「Yes. This is the time where I ought to grasp the victory with an attack of the supreme ruler that is worthy for me. For this Luo Hao to be unable to immediately notice that, I too am still immature――」

Perhaps this too was a battle perception. Sect Founder Luo Hao that seemed to abruptly felt ill at ease suddenly let out「HA!」with fighting spirit.

「The might of Vajra dwelling in mine body, now is the time to become the move that will strike the whole world far and wide!」

Doni went「Oo!?」with his eyes opened wide. The might of authority『Divine Might of Vajrapani』became a golden aura that was welling up from the sect founder’s whole body like a torrent.

Clad in the supreme radiance, the beautiful heaven-sent child of martial art murmured.

「King of Sword. Clash your prided sword at the same time when I unleash my palm! Your slash and my palm, which technique and strength will be the victor――it’s a match!」

「Ahaha, a head-on clash huh.」

It was forcefulness that made every tactics to “become nothing”.

But, Doni lightly laughed. Leaving his body to the flow like water was the sword of blank mind. And then, riding this flow right now was――the most natural!


「That, it’s great that it’s easy to understand!」

Doni slashed with a diagonal stroke from below. It was a slash that should split even a god into two.

What Luo Cuilain clashed into this was a straight palm thrust from the middle. Added with the golden aura that surged out from her whole body.

Katana and bare hand, it stood to reason that katana with its longer reach would arrive first.

But Sect Founder Luo Hao had an “additional part” that was her golden aura.

That clashed with the katana. In that moment, the golden light――became a giant fist.

Yes. It transformed into a clenched fist that was as big as Sect Founder Luo Hao’s stature and punched Doni’s sword that was tracing diagonal line from below, right from the front!

Vajra might and silver magic sword contested each other, and the latter――was defeated.

The katana was smashed into pieces and became countless fragments, falling on the stone paving.

Luo Cuilian’s fist continued straight ahead like a bullet toward the heart of Doni who lost his weapon!


His ultimate sword strike was defeated. Doni was dumbfounded.

However, the King of Sword――didn’t stop his silver right arm. It wasn’t an action that came from his heart or his head, but the sword art that he polished was automatically moving his arm.

The moment his diagonal strike was smashed, his right arm formed a sword hand and struck.

It aimed at the stabbing right palm blow of Luo Cuilian. That was a slash with Doni’s right palm that was changed into the magic sword itself.

The technique of magic sword transformation that couldn’t be used until now without a target object, surpassed that limitation.

In the critical time where the strongest enemy stood in the way, Doni’s authority finally stepped into a new stage!



The chivalrous king of the Oriental and Italia’s King of Sword, both of their hands struck each other――.

Part 6

It turned out Luo Hao’s palm was blocking Doni’s hand sword.

They were equal in power. They were continuing to push at each other back and forth. If the palm was slightly pushing forward, then the hand sword would push back that much. If the hand sword pushed slightly ahead, then the palm would push back that much.


Doni groaned while trying to cut apart the sect founder’s palm.

Splitting into two everything it touched was the true worth of the authority『Ripping Silver Arm』. But now Doni’s hand sword that was shining silver was firmly in contact with the sect founder’s palm.

Yet, he was unable to bisect the slender hand of the beauty.

Actually, the hand of the two wasn’t directly touching. The whole body and palm of Luo Cuilian was protected by the aura of『Divine Might of Vajrapani』, that golden radiance was blocking Doni’s hand sword.

「Fufufufu. King of Sword.」

Luo Cuilian was charmingly smiling in the middle of the contest of strength.

「First it’s crucial for you to sever my palm force. If you cannot do that, then it’s only a dream within a dream to split Luo Hao’s precious body. Can you do that!?」

「I’ll show you!」

The palm that was filled with herculean strength that would shake even Mountain Taisanm and the magic sword that should cut apart everything.

This wasn’t just a clash between technique, but also between authority.

The Vajra might and magic sword that clashed head-on, this was a contest of which divine might would swallow the other. Right now it was still being competed, but if one side crumbled than it would be the end――

Would the supernatural sect founder get split into two, or would Salvatore Doni be crushed by strength.

The match would be decided in an instant. And then, the sect founder’s palm was gradually starting to advance forward. It was increasingly succeeding in pushing back Doni’s hand sword.


Doni discerned his own inexperience. The Vajra might of Sect Founder Luo Hao was above the level of his magic sword. That was why his hand sword was being pushed back. Even if they were both Campione but it was clear that Luo Cuilian was the one with more magic power in her heart and body. This difference came from that.

「Even so, something that I cannot cut……is something that I absolutely won’t allow.」

「Foolish. Just not allowing is something that even child can do.」

「Of course, it’s not just that!」

Doni had one factor of luck.

Something inside Luo Cuilian’s body was fiercely consuming her magic power and stamina. It was continuing even now. Perhaps she really had eaten something bad. It might be the side effect of a strange medicine.

It must be because of that. She was――slightly, hurrying the match.

Her whole body and soul was poured into her stabbing palm to push on the hand sword.

That was why, she didn’t notice the reason Doni was heightening his concentration.


He let go of his highly strung concentration. What received that were the countless metal fragments scattered from the surroundings. The wreckage’s of the katana Sect Founder Luo Hao smashed just now.

An object that was once transformed into magic sword would become a magic sword once more when they received Doni’s thought.

It was something that he rarely did, but actually remote controlling from afar was also possible.

The fragments of katana numbered more than a hundred. All of those suddenly rose from the floor and assaulted at Sect Founder Luo Hao right away!


The most exalted maiden of martial world was struck in admiration.

Because more than one hundred fragments attacked like shotgun bullet from below.

However, they couldn’t hope to pierce the Vajra might aura surrounding her. After all they were just a remote controlled surprise attack using small fragments. Their power was meager at best.

But, her shock connected into a slight opening. The power she poured into her palm wavered just for an instant.

「O arm of Nuada, grant me the sword of victory!」

Doni used his silver hand sword――to sweep Sect Founder Luo Hao’s palm to the side.

「My palm!?」

「What about this!」

Doni thrust his hand sword straight toward the shocked supreme expert.

The thrust backed with all his might finally cut apart the aura of Vajra might and gouged Luo Cuilian’s solar plexus. It was the biggest vital spot of the torso that was equal to the heart.

Doni’s right hand that stretched straight forward――index finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinkie finger.

All those were soaked with blood until their second joint.

The moment she was stabbed, the sect founder leaped back like a panther and barely evaded it. That was why Doni was unable to pierce until his wrist.


「There is, response……」

He finally felt for real that the divine power of the magic sword was poured.

When Doni muttered so, Sect Founder Luo Hao bit her lips in vexation. But, she immediately called a blazing talisman into her left hand and she immediately swallowed it.

She looked like she was applying some kind of protection art inside her body.

The body of the sect founder that should be split into two didn’t appear there.

But, that didn’t mean she was able to completely seal Doni’s magic sword effect. The transcendent human who mastered both martial art and magic to the extreme was staggering on her legs and collapsed forward.


As expected from her, even while collapsing the sect founder leaped.

Into the thing that was just nearby――the space rift. Rather than getting finished off by Doni, she chose the path of traveling to unknown world using『Fairy Corridor』.

Even though it would be a journey where it wouldn’t be strange for her to die a dog’s death  any time due to the wound of the magic sword.

What a sore loser. Doni muttered.

「I too cannot speak about other people but, that person is also something eeeh……」

But, as expected even Salvatore Doni didn’t have the spare power to chase after her.

He was greatly exhausted due to the consecutive battle since last night and the fierce battle just now.

Doni powerlessly crouched down. He had to take rest even for a little in preparation for the last battle against Kusanagi Godou or Marquis Voban.

The jet black dragon assaulted from the stormy sky.

Its aim was of course Kusanagi Godou. However, the electricity energy that had become a half-dome as big as Tokyo dome was protecting Godou.

The dragon charged right into it.

The momentum of the nose dive and the weight of the black huge body crashed with *GouuuN!*

The defensive wall of electricity somehow pushed back against the dragon’s body that fell with high speed. Lightning sparks were crackling and scattering around in order to burn and scorch. Bluish white lightning attacks were continuously striking at the captured prey incessantly.

Yet, the black dragon laughed with Voban’s voice.

It was gradually advancing forward, trying to break through the electricity dome just like that.

「Hahahaha! This is quite a pleasant tingling!」

「What an energetic old man! This time you even imitate a pro-wrestler!」

Flying Body Press. Electric barbed wire explosive death match.

Godou smiled wryly and yelled with words unsuited for a battle between fellow godslayers.  Voban was also laughing in thrill.

That was the result from the two whose senses were far removed from normal people.

Furthermore, Voban = Dragon was still carrying his sleeping human body on his right front leg.

But『The Man that Called Storm』of Easter Europe was also a ruler of lightning. Even the continuous lightning attack that was trying to torment the dragon’s large body without pause――was resisted using his authority.

He skillfully directed away the lightning energy attacking his body like a lightning rod.

The human body of Voban at the right front leg was also still untouched, it wasn’t hit even by a single spark.

「As expected, something like this is still hard to affect you!」

「I’m returning those words right back at you. Kukukuku. Seeing how we both possess similar power, should we battle with something other than that huh……」

Godou who was standing at the center of the electricity dome, and the black dragon trying to push it aside.

They were both fellow people that possessed diverse power. Also, although it was a fact that both side didn’t want to recognize, but both of them were also fellow people with striking animalistic intuition as godslayer beasts――.

And then.

The dragon was stretching the defensive net of electricity like rubber while gradually, gradually, approaching Godou who was standing on the ground!

Its ferocious jaw opened widely.

The mouth was packed full with sharp teeth like sword lining up.

Godou could even glimpse the flicker of flame leaking out from inside its throat and he immediately discerned.

The time for playing with lightning was already over. If the enemy wished for a monster pro-wrestling, the he would also bring a suitable opponent for it!

「For one cannot come near you with ease, bring down the hammer for the offense of breaking contract!」

The lightning forming the giant dome――was converging into one point.

The converging point was right before Godou’s eyes. And then, the converged lightning instantly became a black flame and carried out a transformation into a jet black giant beast right away.

It was the fifth avatar of Verethragna, the『Boar』.


It manly howled while facing toward the dragon that came flying at it from the sky, and charged in ferociously with its head. It was truly a foolhardy mad charge.

「Fuh! You are raising a rare beast huh!」

Without being perturbed at all by the sudden manifestation of the divine beast, the black dragon = Voban collided his body to the『Boar』.

It was a collision between fellow gigantic jet black beasts.

Due to both sides’ monstrous strength and size, the air and land were fiercely shaking.

Furthermore. Verethragna’s boar had a size around twenty meters in total.

At the other side the dragon was around thirty meter in total. However, dragon race also had a long tail. It looked like both sides were nearly equal in shape other than that, but――

The dragon grappled the『Boar』and bit at its neck.

Furthermore, it wasn’t using its right front leg because it was still clutching Voban’s human body.

「That side is stronger in power huh!」

Godou glared sharply at the dragon. The difference of ability with the veteran Campione of many battles became the difference of power as it was.


Voban expressed the fierceness of his soul not with words anymore but with a roar.

Because of that it separated its fang from the boar’s neck but――the dragon immediately breathed out a ferocious flame from its opened mouth.


The ferocious『Boar』made a loud sound that sounded like it was crying. However.

「I command as king――」

Godou found a chance instead from seeing the figure of his retainer that was in a pinch.

「In order to become my spear……come, Lancelot du Lac!」

The white knight that should be clinging to her lord as a protector spirit. She was finally catching up to Godou only a few minutes ago. In order to fight together with Godou who was moving from place to place in the secluded regions of Astral world, she turned into spirit body and followed the same route under her own power. Now was the time she should be thrown into battle.

「Use this katana――!」


Godou waved his right hand and the divine sword – Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi manifested midair.

The white lightning quickly grasped it and flew toward the jet black dragon. It was none other than the war god Lancelot who was clad in white armor spurring on a white horse.

Her usual spear was put on the saddle of her beloved horse, and with the best divine sword of Japan in hand――

She flew in a flash. Toward the dragon that was holding down the crying and shrieking『Boar』. And then with a slash of the divine sword, the dragon’s right front limb was severed from its wrist.

「What the!?」

Marquis Voban’s voice came out from the black dragon’s jaw.

The severed right front limb was still holding “the human body of the sleeping old marquis”.

Lancelot was the natural enemy of dragon race, a . It was her forte to cut up evil dragons. In addition, Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi was a divine sword that came out from the corpse of demon snake – Yamata no Orochi. It could be said that it was a blade that was tempred from the same material with the solid flesh of the dragon race. That was why, it could easily sever a dragon arm like this――.

「My arm was severed!?」

As expected the human body of the marquis was the weak point.

It was just for a single instant, but black dragon = Voban’s attention was diverted away. It was the arrival of timing for Godou to go out with a big gamble where he would sink or swim.

「Come to my side, for the sake of victory.」

The wounded『Boar』vanished. Godou put the final checkmate.

「O immortal sun, lend me a quick, shining steed!」

The light of sun shined from the east sky.

Black thunder clouds were piling up on each other, and strong wind and heavy rain were coloring the dull grey sky to become even darker. Yet, Verethragna’s third avatar the『White Stallion』was carrying the sun here.

The radiance emitted from between the clouds was pouring straight to the ground――

It became a thick pillar of light and swallowed the black dragon.


Marquis Voban screamed.

Inside the pillar of sun, the dragon’s large body was burning.

The conflagration that should be compared with a sun flare was enveloping its whole body, even so it wasn’t burned to ash instantly, the savage evil dragon was resisting the outcome of burning to death.

It roared furiously, heightened its magic power desperately, and struggled to come out of the light pillar.

However, the struggling and rampaging dragon――was carbonized from the tip of its four limbs, and began to crumble into pieces.

It took roughly several dozen seconds until its whole body crumbled in rustles.

Godou clenched his fist tightly while witnessing it with his own eyes. It was the moment when Kusanagi Godou won against the devil king of Eastern Europe for sure this time.

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