[Fanfic] 20 Illustrations


Below is the translation of authority list of the seven Campiones. Might contain spoiler, so maybe you would want to read this after finishing the volume.



Dejansthal Voban

Authority 1 – Legion of Hungry-wolves

It summoned tens-hundreds of demon wolf and turned them into familiar. Marquis Voban himself could transform from between wolf until werewolf, he could actually also transform other human than himself (furthermore it was for eternity).

Authority 2 – Death Ring (Cage of Killed Servant)

This authority turned person that he killed by his own hand into a living dead――an undead and made that person into servant.

Also, in the case he was at ancient battlefield or graveyard or anything like that, he could spiritually see the number and background of the people who died in that land.

It was also possible to talk with the dead and made them answer question forcefully.

The marquis turned several divine beasts that he once killed into undead and made them his servant.

Authority 3 – Curse of Sodom (Sodom’s Eye)

All living thing those eyes saw would be changed into salt crystal. It wasn’t limited to human. Even if several thousand, or several tens of thousands people were there, they would be all turned into salt. However, different from Athena’s petrification ability, this authority wouldn’t work at inorganic thing. While this authority was in the middle of use, Voban would obtain eyesight that could see until several kilometer ahead.

Authority 4 – Otherland’s Dragon (Realm of the Dead’s Black Dragon)

In exchange of turning his flesh body into a state of temporary death, his spiritual body would transform into a giant black dragon.

This dragon was equipped with real body that would be able carry out destruction.

However the flesh body that was in a state of temporary death would of course become defenseless.

If he turned into dragon, it would also be possible to transfer to Astral World (realm of death).

Authority 5 – Sturm und Drang (Gale and Surging Waves)

It called storm, and manipulated wind and rain and thunder. If the marquis wrung out his full power to the degree that would make him sleep for a while later, this authority actually could manipulate the weather in a scale of a country.

Authority 6 – Red Punishment (Judge’s Calamity Flame)

This authority dropped flame that would burn to death even god from the sky, and changed that area into sea of fire.

The flame would spread to a range that could swallow even a whole city at minimum.

If it was after that then Voban could stop the burning, but of course it was also fine even if it wasn’t stopped.


Sect Founder Luo Hao

Authority 1 –Divine Might of Vajrapani (The Power)

The monstrous strength of Vajrapani dwelled in the body of Sect Founder Luo Hao.

That power can also be materialized into golden aura or the shape of Vajrapani.

Auhtority 2 – Dragon’s Howl and Tiger’s Roar (Dragon Voice)

Sect Founder Luo Hao’s voice became supersonic wave and generated shockwave.

Depending on how long the chanting time was, the destructive power and area of effect would increase without limit.

Authority 3 – Fragrant Hundred Grass, Thousand Flower Profuse Blooming (Hopeless Forest)

It created trees and flowers at the surrounding. This authority could be restrained to make a field of flower, but if there was just time and magic power then it was also possible to change the whole Japan archipelago into a jungle.

Other than creating normal trees and flowers, it could also create “man-eating plant” or “intelligent plant”

Authority 4 – Empty Dream of Golden Millet(Terrible Metropolis)

The city that Sect Founder Luo Hao was living at would thrive by itself.

First the soil would become fertile, the harvested crops would be abundant without fail.

This authority’s influence also reached the economic aspect, the commerce and industry in that land would develop greatly as if by miracle. The people living in the city would also have luck small or big rolling on them.

The popularity of the city would also increase, and the public order would be stable.


Madam Aisha

Authority 1 – Live Or Die

This authority could blow breathe of life to injured people and gave them super recovery.

In addition if this power was reversed, it could even bring cold wave and death of winter to the surrounding area.

But, the called cold would stay in that land for a while and became source of disaster.

Authority 2 – Grand Luck (Grace to Fortunate Saint)

Madam Aisha would be blessed with amazing good fortune while she was striving for realization of good deed.

However after the good fortune exceeded a certain amount, she would also be assaulted with outrageous bad fortune.

Authority 3 – Beyond the Timeless Horizon (Corridor of Fairy Realm)

It connected to somewhere in the past era, or toward Astral World.

It created『hole』(Annotation: This authority couldn’t be used to connect to the future at the other side of the hole).

The hole would be erased along with the return of Madam Aisha. But, it could also be left as it was by the madam’s will.

Authority 4 – Charm and Curse (Queen’s Curse)

The people who came into contact with Madam Aisha would all become her believer.

The believers held absolute obedience to the madam’s command, they would throw away even their life for her sake.

In addition even their ability could even be increased temporarily.

Authority 5 – Jabberwock Slayer (The Sword of the Country of Wonder)

It summoned a demon god armed with sword and armor and employed it.

However, it couldn’t be summoned by any means without the support of the people.


Alexander Gascoigne

Authority 1 – Black Lightning (Lightning Speed)

Speed of lightning――it performed travel with “godspeed”.

However, accurate movement was difficult in the middle of godspeed travel, the burden to mind and body was also enormous.

Skill and meticulous attention were required for control of super speed.

It was also possible to change the whole body or a part into lightning form.

Authority 2 – Judge of Furies (Goddess of Revenge)

Field of “revenge” would take form by performing meditation for a few minutes until few dozen minutes.

Thereafter, the might of attack that was unleashed in this field would be wholly stored by the『Three Goddesses of Revenge』, it would be then reflected back to the attacker themselves in respond to Alexander Gascoigne’s instruction.

Authority 3 – The Labyrinth (Great Labyrinth)

It would create giant labyrinth underground or above ground. Not only creating, it was also possible to change the existing building or terrain into labyrinth. Even place like the sky or sea could be targeted.

The master of the labyrinth Alexander Gascoigne possessed several special abilities inside the labyrinth, like『instant travel to the deepest part』and so on.

Authority 4 – Queen The Faceless

It summoned a white winged half human half snake goddess as a familiar.

She could be active at every place of land, sea, and sky and was extremely intelligent.

Not to mention battle, she could also be entrusted with various matters other than that.

However, if her face was seen it would immediately made her vanish.

Authority 5 – Weird Greed (Wandering Avarice)

It summoned a gigantic sphere of darkness that would suck everything.

Its movement speed was slow, but its absorption force was tremendous just like a black hole.

If the absorption force was suppressed, it was possible to make the darkness ball’s size smaller.


John Pluto Smith

Authority 1 – Metamorphoses (Super Transformation)

By offering sacrifice, transformation into five forms was possible.

First form was a great archmage. The sacrifice was『huge structure man created from soil』.

Second form was a jaguar. The sacrifice was『artificial light』.

Third form was flame of annihilation. The sacrifice was『rain (rain wouldn’t fall for a while in that land) and the caster himself (Smith’s own flesh body would also get scorched by the flame, so if he did not turn into transformation with tough body beforehand, he would be burned to death)』.

Fourth form was a black demonic bird. The sacrifice was『earth (it caused earthquake that injured the earth』.

Fifth form was snake charmer. The sacrifice was『the corpse of living thing that was killed by someone other than himself』.

Authority 2 – The Freeshooter (Shooter of Magic Bullet)

An authority that fired arrow of light. It could only fire six times during the repeat of moon’s waxing and waning.

The arrows would be replenished in the night of new moon and six shot could be fired again.

However it didn’t just shot the enemy, various applications like homing function, burst shot, explosion, flashbang was possible.

By firing several arrows simultaneously, its power could be reinforced.

Authority 3 – Lord of Elves (Imperial Crown of Fairy King)

A power that enabled one to come and go from Astral World to earth.

Also one could display controlling power toward resident of Astral world excepting god.

If it was just for a short time, the living thing in Astral world could be summoned to earth.

However, the summoning place had to be a land that could accommodate living thing of Astral world.

Authority 4 – Formless Spawn

It made an object’s form into “vague” which then could be passed through.

Smith mainly used this at building’s wall or door.

This authority was useful for trespassing but――that wasn’t everything there was to this authority.

It could even target the whole city and turned it into a mirage city.

It couldn’t make the same object into target in succession.


Salvatore Doni

Authority 1 – Silver-arm the Ripper

It changed the object held by the right hand into a magic sword that ripped apart every creation.

It didn’t matter even if the target object wasn’t bladed tool. Even toothpick or tree branch would be turned into magic sword.

This magic sword would bisect into two everything with shape, even shapeless air – liquid – spirit would be easily cut apart. Also, this authority was hiding various spiritual effect like magic power to grant cut that was impossible to heal, or magic power that burn the cut wound, and so on.

Authority 2 – Man of Steel (Divine Protection of Steel)

It bestowed hardness and heaviness of steel to flesh and protected the body.

Because the body’s movement wouldn’t be dulled even if it became heavy, that super heavy weight could also be used to attack.

Oxygen and food were unneeded when the body was turned into steel.

Even if one stayed inside water or vacuum space for years, they wouldn’t die.

Authority 3 – Return to Medieval Style

It would decrease the civilization level of the surrounding until the standard of medieval Europe.

Machinery that didn’t exist at that time would all stop working.

The effective range was a single small city, and the continuation time was around half day.

However, if Doni poured a lot of magic power into this authority, the range and time would also lengthen drastically.

Authority 4 – Divine Confusion

It formed a field where sorcery – magic power – authority ran wild and impossible to control.

It possessed effectiveness to the degree that even Doni’s own authority would run wild.


Kusanagi Godou

Authority 1 – The Persian Warlord (The Eastern God of War)

It granted Kusanagi Godou special ability according to Verethragna’s avatar.

Gale avatar was instant teleportation.

Bull avatar was superhuman strength.

White stallion avatar was projection of sun’s flame.

Camel avatar was rapid increase of hand to hand fighting skill and kicking power.

Boar avatar was the summoning of giant boar.

Youth avatar bestowed strength and divine protection to comrade.

Raptor avatar was godspeed invocation.

Ram avatar was resurrection from death.

Goat avatar was lightning attack.

Warrior avatar was sword of word of power that cut apart god.

Each avatar had their own requirement to be used, an avatar that had been used once couldn’t be reused for a while.

Authority 2 – Ama-no-murakumo

Calling out divine sword – Ama-no-murakumo from the right arm.

Ama-no-murakumo would give advice and follow-up in battle.

In addition it was also able to partially copy other people’s authority.

Authority 3 – Stormbringer (Black Sword)

The creation of pseudo black hole that swallowed all creation.

Although it took time to activate it, its absorption force and destructive power were massive.

Authority 4 – Lance of White Knight (Charge of White Knight)

It commanded war god of lance Lancelot and made him fought.

Lancelot who normally was nothing more but a guardian spirit could be granted with his former power just for ten minutes.

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