[Fanfic] 20 Introduction


The summary until now


A person who killed god, and usurped their authority was called Campione.

A high school student Kusanagi Godou became Campione, since then together with his self-proclaimed lover Erica and princess shrine maiden Yuri and others, they were involved with numerous fierce battles against Campiones of all over the world and Heretic Gods….

Through the battles, Godou and others learned of the existence that was extolled as『King of the End』by the gods.

The seal of『King of the End』that was said to「kill godslayer」, they attempted to prevent the seal to unravel, but they were a step behind and『King of the End』revived.

In front of his overwhelming power, Godou was forced to withdraw temporarily, but he identified a trump card that was the true name of『King of the End』which was「Rama」and clinched a narrow victory.

However, as long as Campione was existing, 「Rama」would resurrect no matter how many time and he would become as strong as how many Campiones there were. In order to decide who would be the last one to fight「Rama」, the seven Campiones started a civil war.

Voban and Luo Hao formed an alliance and assaulted Godou into an absolute deadly predicament!

There Doni appeared and suggested an alliance to Godou――?

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