HxH BD Short Story


Special Episode – Charge Love Room!

Part 1

“So everyone is here.”

Hida Reiri looked around the members who gathered in Nayuta Lab.

Nayuta Lab’s special experiment building. Amaterasu’s Aine, Himekawa, Yurishia, and then Sylvia, and in addition, Masters’ Scarlet were all gathered together.


Aine asked Reiri with a doubtful face.

“Kizuna was not called here?”

“He is arranged to come an hour later. Before Kizuna arrives, I’ll give you all the lecture of the new equipment.”

Scarlet who laid down on the sofa looking bored rose up in a flash.

“New equipment!? Wait, what do you mean!”

Kei’s floating window popped up in front of the nose of Scarlet who looked like she was going to jump forward.

{The new Love Room. We want to ask you for your help in testing it.}

“Lo, love room you say……e, err?”

Scarlet’s cheeks flashed red.

Love Room, the formal designation was [Mobile Middle Range Tactical Replenishment Room], it was an equipment to make Heart Hybrid possible no matter when and what kind of situation happened. Its appearance was like a large container, but electromagnetic waves would be directly sent to the brain of the people entering it, manipulating their sight, hearing, and touch, enabling them to have fictitious experiences. Originally, it was developed for use as a battle simulator before it was remodeled.

Using the functions of the Love Room, Kizuna could match the preference of the girl he was partnered with and carry out Heart Hybrid with various costumes and situations.

Looking at Scarlet who went bright red from imagining the situation if they were to use it for real, Yurishia spoke as though to make fun of her.

“Didn’t we use even more amazing equipment during the Connective Hybrid, it’s okay to not be that afraid you know?”

“I, it’s not like I’m, scared or anything-!”

Reiri put her hand on her waist and made a serious expression.

“This is not a game. Since the battles against the AU are going to get fiercer from now on, this is an experiment that can possibly influence the war situation. Due to that, currently everyone other than the people related are forbidden to enter this building. This experiment will even be carried out by suspending half the functions of the lab. You understand the gravity of that, don’t you?”

Kei also nodded and typed on the keyboard with a speed so fast that her fingertips couldn’t be seen.

{The current Love Room has too much limitations in its use. The room can only have a narrow space, on top of that there are the tasks of transporting the Love Room itself to the place where it will be used and then setting it up there. We believe that the thing that was newly developed this time can possibly break through all those problems.”

Himekawa directed a cautious gaze at Kei.

“That is fine but……it’s not a shameless thing is it?”

{That will depend on all of you. This new type doesn’t have a hardware interface. It is controlled by the brain waves of the user. That is to say, what you are thinking and your desire will take shape.}

“I, I am not thinking about that kind of lewd thing!”

Yurishia made a mean smile towards Himekawa who was desperately trying to deny.

“Then there will be no problem, will there? Although, there is no one here saying anything about lewd things though……just what in the world is Hayuru thinking about I wondeeer?”


Himekawa closed her mouth shamefully.

“But, why doesn’t captain receive this explanation together with us desu?”

“In doing the Heart Hybrid as well as Climax Hybrid, Kizuna was one who held the initiative until now. But, reversely what kind of effect will appear in the situation where it is the girl who makes the approach? There is also this implication in this experiment.”

{First we will have all of you experience the new Love Room. We want you to be proficient with the system and then attempt Heart Hybrid with Kizuna.}

Aine’s cheeks blushed and her body fidgeted.

“Bu, but to do it from me is just……”

“A, as expected so it’s that kind of thing! As a disciplinary committee member I cannot allow this!”

“Fufu-, starting the offensive from our side is also not bad occasionally♥”

“Ca, can I, do this I wonder?”

“Sy, Sylvia will do her best desu.”

As though to drown the opposing opinion, Reiri pushed the switch on the console.

“Then, first feel it with your body, this is the new function.”

Part 2

Hida Kizuna was walking inside the plot of Nayuta Lab.

“Err……the special experiment building is it……”

Following the navigation that was included in the guide mail, he was heading towards the special experiment building. It was neighboring the main building, a white building that drew organic contours.

“Even so a new equipment, just what in the world is it?”

While harboring a touch of unease, Kizuna passed through a glass entrance.


That moment, a strange sensation ran through Kizuna’s body. It was like the inside of his body and head was scanned, a strange feeling. Kizuna knew about a sensation that felt close to this.

‘――This is like, the time when the Love Room is activated……?’

He turned on the corner of the corridor while dragging the strange feeling.


He collided with someone. No, rather than calling it colliding, he was catching a collapsing body. The person’s sleek long black hair swayed, enveloping Kizuna’s body. The body of the slightly tall female was soft, and then the voluminous chest was pressing on Kizuna’s chest. The sweet smell wafting off from that body was owned by someone he knew well.



Reiri groaned. Her feet were staggering, it appeared that she couldn’t stand on her own strength. Kizuna embraced the body of his sister and sat her down on the floor and gently reclined her on the wall.

“Are you okay!? We need to quickly go to the infirmary――”

Clutching the arm of the panicked Kizuna, Reiri murmured with a pained face.

“I’m fine. Rather than me……a problem occurred. We have to solve it even for a second faster.”

“Problem……just what in the world happened?”

“In the middle of the experiment the Love Room ran wild. If we don’t hurry to stop its functions……it will become, something big.”

Perhaps she was feeling hot, but Reiri’s cheeks were red, she was leaking out feverish sighs while answering. Even while looking anguished, she was also wafting off adult sexiness.

“G, got it. I’ll do something about it. What do I need to do?”

“The first experiment room at the fourth floor……there, nn-……the control device is, ahn……in that room, so”

Kizuna’s throat gulped audibly.

An anguished voice, or rather a bewitching gasping voice. The whispering voice that was mixed with sighs was tickling Kizuna’s ears, melting the inside of his head. The breasts that were moving up and down, and the drops of sweat flowing down the exposed chest. Even though she was his big sister, but still, what lewdness this was. Even Kizuna grew to feel strange.

“But, be careful……the Amaterasu bunch and Scarlet are……aah, lying in wait, aiming for, you”

“Lying in wait……why?”

“That’s……aah, it’s already……no good.”

Reiri put her hands on her head as though to endure a headache.


At that moment, the surrounding situation changed completely. In even less time than it took to blink, as though in that instant they jumped a far off distance, Kizuna and Reiri were now in a different place.

“Our……home, in Tokyo?”

It was a room in a really normal mansion. This was his home he lived in on Megafloat Japan until just before he went to Ataraxia. They were in the living room of that home. With size that reached ten tatami, sofa, table, and then a television were put inside. Even the sensation of the fur carpet he felt at the soles of his feet was without a doubt something from his house.

Similar with the place, the clothes that Kizuna wore also changed.

――The size was large but, this was the T-shirt and jeans that he wore a lot when he was little. Besides……, Reiri was also wearing the sailor uniform she had when in high school. It was the uniform she wore when they were living together in this room after he was chased away from Nayuta Lab. Reiri’s style had always been great since that time, but right now her breasts were pushing out painfully at the uniform.


Reiri hugged Kizuna and then pushed him down on the carpet.

“Ne, Nee, chan……?”

Reiri buried her face on Kizuna’s shoulder, and then her lips traced the nape of his neck while whispering.

“The new Love Room……is a wide area type. Different from the one until now where it could only effect isolated spaces, this one works on the whole area of a wide space.

“Eh……in other words, Nee-chan is saying that this is the effect of the Love Room?”

Along with feverish sighs, Reiri’s tongue was licking up Kizuna’s neck. Shuddering pleasure ran through Kizuna’s spine many times over.

“That’s right……in addition, it gives an aphrodisiac effect similar to Heart Hybrid……it uses that, aahn, to quickly, make Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid to succeed in full……nh”

‘――Then, that Nee-chan is right now in this condition, is because of the new Love Room’s fault!?’

Kizuna comprehended the strangeness of his sister.

“But, in the middle of the experiment the function ran wild……it generated an aphrodisiac effect on an impossible level, making it impossible to maintain our sanity. That’s why quickly, stop this. The control device……aun, o, off, it……”

His big sister’s appearance that was too stimulating almost made Kizuna lose his sanity too. She was making him feel eroticness even more than any other girl he had done Heart Hybrid with until now.

“Go, got it. I got it already, so release me okay. That, the first experiment room at fourth floor right? I’ll go and stop it.”

“…….No good.”


Moist eyes stared at Kizuna at a super close range.

“Aine and Yurishia and the others, are wandering inside the lab aiming for you……just, who will hand you over to those little girls.”

“Wa, wait! Nee-chan! Commander! Headmaster! What you are saying is nonsensical there! Come back to your senses!”

“Nn……aa, if I don’t hold back firmly, ah, a, aan♥”

Even while saying that Reiri was rubbing closer that voluptuous body of hers at her little brother’s body.

‘――No good! Her condition is exactly the same like in Heart Hybrid. What a terrifying new equipment!’

His big sister that normally was gallant and cool was gasping obscenely without any shadow of her former self left behind. This was something that couldn’t be shown to other people at all costs.

‘――No, there is no way I’ll let other people see. I swear I’ll save Nee-san! And then, everyone who should be suffering like this too! But to do that, first I have to do something about Nee-chan that is pushing me down. An aphrodisiac effect generated to help with Heart Hybrid, that means……

――Then, there is only one thing to do!’

Kizuna’s hand reached out to his sister’s breast with determination.

“Fuah! Ki-, Kizuna-“

From above the sailor uniform, he groped at the full volume breast. It was a breast with unbelievable elasticity when he rubbed it. The sensation of the bra that he felt across the clothes flamed up Kizuna’s excitement even more.

‘――A function to make Heart Hybrid succeed. Then if I actually do Heart Hybrid and make it succeed, fulfilling its objective, Nee-chan should be released from the control of the new Love Room!’

Nevertheless, he got the feeling that something was strangely different from the usual Love Room. Noticing Kizuna who was making a questioning look, Reiri added an explanation.

“The new Love Room is largely different compared to the one until now in its design thought. It’s not giving false sight and touch to the brain, it’s possible for it to disintegrate and create clothes.”

“Eeh!? Then, this is……I’m really, directly at Nee-chan’s body……”

Reiri nodded shamefully. Coupled with that cute gesture, Kizuna’s excitement was fueled to the level that had never been seen before.

Even though the appearance and sensation shouldn’t be any different compared to the previous Love Room, but just by getting his head under the impression that this was the real thing it completely felt like a different thing. Kizuna groped the breast of his sister even gentler and more thoroughly than before.

“Haah, aaaa……Kizuna, it’s good-……iaaan!”

Reiri who was under the effects of the aphrodisiac was drowning even deeper into pleasure. Kizuna too, the pleasant touching sensation of the breast that had similar texture with slightly stiff mochi stole his heart completely. His fingertips were making his big sister to let out sweet voices from her mouth. That fact was creating an excitement that had never occurred before.

Reiri lifted her upper body to escape from the pleasure. Kizuna’s hand caught the ribbon on her chest in pursuit. The ribbon was smoothly untied and he pulled down the fastener of the sailor uniform that opened at the front. From that gap, a black bra that enveloped white skin peeked its face.

The moment when Kizuna was about to take off his clothes too, his T-shirt and jeans vanished and he was left in his underwear.

He was shocked for an instant, but he noticed how Reiri was staring at him fixedly with rough breathing.

It made him recognized once more that this place was inside the effect range of the new Love Room. And then it also proved that this space was under the rule of Reiri.

‘――Different from usual, so now I’m at the receiving side huh.’

“But, I swear that I’ll save you without fail!”

Kizuna opened the sailor uniform and his hand went into the gap of the bra. And then his hand directly touched the breasts as though to scoop it up from below.

“Hyaan! Aah……, no way, even though you are a little brother, don’t be cheeky……nh”

When he put strength into his groping, from below the shifted up the bra, the breast with beautiful volume became exposed. Even though it belonged to his sister, but it was a beautiful breast that made him gulp.

They were family so even looking at it was really nothing. It could be said like that. However, because they were family he must not see. It could also be said like that. That was surely the difference in awareness. Looking at that skin, what did he feel. Depending on that, even though the facts were the same, the meaning could change 180 degrees.


When he was a child they had entered baths together before. However, his sister’s nakedness that he saw at that time and the nakedness of his sister that he was seeing right now felt like completely different things. Perhaps, just as  there was were changes in their bodies due to growth, the shapes of their minds had also changed too.

Kizuna poked with his fingertip at the pink summit located at the top of the breast.


Just by touching it a little her sigh leaked out. His fingertip further made a circle and rolled over the nipple with beautiful color.

“Nfuu……fuahn, auuh, aaaaaaa!”

Even though he was just touching a little part, the whole body of Reiri twisted. As though to resist the fingertip of Kizuna, the sensitive nipple was gradually getting harder. However, in proportion to that, the way Reiri was feeling it was also getting fiercer.

“Ah! Aaaahn……I, idiot. At that place, only……”

Tears gathered in her eyes and she stared at Kizuna with blaming gaze.

“I see…….sorry. Is it better here?”

Kizuna’s hand slipped into below Reiri’s skirt.

“Not tha……I don’t mean like……aaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

Reiri fell into Kizuna’s chest once more.

Inside the skirt where heat was gathering, Kizuna’s fingertip was caressing the slippery wet nether region.

“I, idiot-, only that place is!”

Reiri returned to her senses for just an instant and rejected it. Feeling Kizuna obediently pulled his hand out from below her skirt, Reiri released a sigh of relief. However, she heard the sound of her skirt’s fastener getting lowered and her complexion changed.

“Wh, what are……”

Her skirt fell smoothly and shorts with matching color with her bra became exposed. It was mostly all lace, a sexy underwear.

And then Kizuna’s fingertips invaded into that underwear.


Parting over the bush that normally couldn’t be seen, the finger parted the valley below that and went in. Over there felt wet as though she was wetting herself.

“Haah……Ki, Kizuna……”

Reiri murmured deliriously and she faced Kizuna’s crotch with intoxicated eyes.

“It is, looking this pained……”

Her thin and slender fingers drew a line along Kizuna’s thing that had become hard.


This time it was Kizuna’s turn to make a pained face. Looking at that face, Reiri smiled happily. From above the underwear, she caressed as though to confirm the shape of the thing below it.


Reiri’s pink tongue peeked out from her opened mouth. Her eyes were shining greedily, Kizuna’s underwear then vanished.


Inside Reiri’s eyes a light in a heart shape shined. Her white fingers were grasping her little brother’s thing.

Inside the house where they spent their childhood together, they indulged themselves in an act that by no means ever happened in childhood. That was something that couldn’t be obtained from other members of Amaterasu, a pleasure filled with immorality.

Reiri’s lips were licking up Kizuna’s neck. And then she caressed his cheek with her lips like kissing. Kizuna felt like he was pushed back by the attack of his sister that was filled with her love.

‘――It will be bad at this rate. If I don’t make a turnaround here……I’ll lose!’

To return the favor of Reiri’s tongue caressing, Kizuna crawled his lips on Reiri’s neck. And then as though to put the mark that she was his, he strongly sucked.

“Aah……are you planning……ahn, to mark me?”

Reiri smiled and stroked Kizuna’s head, Kizuna’s head went down and he licked on Reiri’s collarbone, and then he stuffed his face into the valley of her breasts.


A gasping breath of ecstasy was played from Reiri’s mouth.


Kizuna suddenly sucked at Reiri’s nipple.

“Kya! ……ahaaan! He, hey-, so suddenly, HIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

Without a moment’s delay, his finger that was massaging inside the underwear went in this time. His finger parted the dripping wet valley and went in, spreading wide the soft wall.

“A. Ah, a, aaaaa! AAAAYAaAHAAaHAaAAAAH♥”

The sensitive organs above and below were assaulted by intense stimulation and pleasure. The pleasures that were granted simultaneously washed away Reiri’s thinking capability. She was already unable to do anything except being toyed by the wave of sexual pleasure.

“Haaah, yaan, Ki-, Kizuna-, KIZUNAAAA!”

Strength also entered Reiri’s fingers. It was squeezing up and down even stronger.

Kizuna desperately endured. And then he sucked even stronger at the pink summit. His finger slipped into the valley and pressed on the most sensitive spot, then the finger fiercely shook.

At that moment, Reiri’s limit was broken through.


The climax visited the two at the same time.

That pleasure was really deep, and strong. Reiri repeated her climax and finally fainted. At the same time with that, the surrounding scenery looked like there was a curtain lowered, returning into the previous lab.

The clothes of Reiri and Kizuna also turned back to before. The swelling chest of Reiri who was lying on her side was heaving up and down, but before long she began to breath quietly like a sleeper.

Kizuna wiped the sweat on his forehead and released a deep sigh.

“What a hard fight……”

Kizuna carried up Reiri and then he entered the research room before his eyes. He laid down Reiri on the provided bed and immediately went out to the corridor.

He had to hurry. If he left this alone, during that time the researchers of the lab might come. Before that happened he would stop the new Love Room.

Kizuna determined himself and proceeded through the corridor.

Part 3

Climbing the stair at the end of the corridor, his feet stopped for a moment at the stair landing.

According to Reiri’s story, the members of Amaterasu lying in wait for Kizuna supposedly were wandering inside the research lab. If possible he wanted to reach the first experiment room without getting discovered. He peeked out from the landing stair and looked at the state of the second floor.

“Haai, Kizuna♪ We have been waiting.”

“You are slow! Don’t make a lady wait too long!”

He was suddenly discovered.

Above the stair, at the landing of the second floor Yurishia and Scarlet, the American pair were waiting.

――Two at the same time huh……this is quite a formidable opponent.’

Kizuna showed his figure in resignation and addressed them.

“Yurishia, Scarlet. Trouble occurred in the new Love Room. The experiment is suspended for the moment, that’s Nee-chan’s order.”

However Yurishia chuckled ‘fufu’.

“That’s a no no, something like that. There is no formal order to delay this experiment. The experiment will continue.”

“Besides, we can meet Kizuna earlier than the other girls here. To stop it here is just no way!”

Scarlet replied with a voice full of motivation. Kizuna frowned.

“Aah geez, got it, I got it! But, first let me go until the first experiment room. It’s fine to do it after that right?”

While persuading them, Kizuna climbed the stair.


The surrounding was suddenly enveloped in cheers. The left and right of the stair were lined up with closely packed audience seats. It was a stadium that could possibly take in several tens of thousands of people. When he looked back there was no stair landing there, the stair was continuing straight until the end where there was a field with vivid green. On that lawn, men wearing protectors collided their rugged body at each other chasing after an elliptic ball.

‘――So this is also the effect of the new Love Room.’

At the stadium there was a match actually being carried out. And then several tens of thousands audience that looked really real were also cheering with joy and tension. Kizuna spoke with extreme calm.

“It’s not really popular in Japan but, is this that NFL thing?”

He looked up at above the stair once more, there the outfits of the two also changed to match the place, they were in the costume of cheerleaders. Their top was a tank top that looked like a bikini. Their bottom was short pants that could be mistaken as underwear. The two of them were in matching costumes of cheerleaders with intense exposure rate.

“Fufufu♪ The game over there is just an extra. The main event is here★”

Yurishia winked and rotated the pompom she was carrying and took a pose with her waist thrust out.

“After all, we won’t give you any free time to look at others places!”

Scarlet also raised her leg high and then she took the same pose like Yurishia.

‘――I’ll climb until the two’s spot, and then dash away in one go to escape.’

While thinking that Kizuna climbed the stair. And then the moment he was going to dash away, his arms were grasped firmly from both sides.

“We have prepared a VIP room for Kizuna there.”

“Now, let’s go!”

“……As expected from the two aces of America. They are not so naïve to let me get away huh.”

He could only follow them here, Kizuna was obediently led away by the two and moved into a different room. Besides when he thought about it, if he didn’t defeat the two then he wouldn’t be able to escape from this stadium of fake space.

While moving inside the stadium, Kizuna was astonished by the capability of the new Love Room. There was no difference in its function to reproduce environments, but there was great difference in the scale. Even while they were walking through the corridor surrounded by concrete, the cheering from the stadium was audible. This wasn’t something made up, the match was properly progressing. From the store in the corridor, the delicious aroma of hamburger and fried potato was drifting to him.

A scale that reconstructed the whole stadium including all those. As expected it was different from Yurishia and Scarlet’s clothes, there was no way to rearrange the building into the real thing. This was a fictitious world shown by the new Love Room to the brain. Yet even so the processing power to reconstruct the match and every single audience was something considerable. All those were automatically being created from the simple image Yurishia and Scarlet had. Indeed perhaps this new Love Room was worthy to be called as the next generation machine.

But, when the accident happened it became a serious situation that was just that much. That was exactly the current situation.

“We arriveeed~★”

When they opened a splendid wooden door and entered, there a room in the style of a hotel bedroom appeared. The inside of the room was wrapped in classy and chic design. The wall at the inner part was made from glass where they could look at the stadium. And then at the center of the room was a king size bed.

Scarlet leaped on the bed and she waved the pompom that both her hands were holding in high spirit.

She jumped high using the bed as the replacement for a trampoline, each time her breast that wasn’t too large but nicely shaped was bouncing up and down. That motion that was strangely soft but with elasticity showed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. That up and down motion naturally made his eyes to follow it.

Kizuna tore off his sight from Scarlet’s chest with iron will and walked until near the wall. Below the match was carried out continuously. Right at that timing a quite skillful pass was connected and decided a try. Honestly he had never seen a match of American football, but it unexpectedly looked interesting.

When he suddenly came back to his senses, Yurishia’s white beautiful arm had reached out from behind. Kizuna’s body was embraced from behind and she whispered into his ear.

“The game is good, but where Kizuna needs to touchdown, is with us you know?”

“But even Yurishia is in that kind of getup aren’t you? Is it fine for you to not cheer for the match?”

“The only one that I will cheer for is just Kizuna♥”

Yurishia’s big breast was pressed on Kizuna’s back until its shape changed.

“Wait Yurishia! I’m the first one, me!”

“Geez……I get it already. Then, I’ll cheer for the two of you, so do your best and finish the Heart Hybrid okay♪”

Scarlet shook her pompoms in both her hand with wide smile and jumped.

“Kizuna! Come here quickly! Over here!”

He understood that he had to do this. Kizuna obediently climbed on the bed. Rather than taking on the two of them at the same time, the probability of victory was higher if he took them down one by one. However, he got the feeling that the exhaustion rate would be higher for him. In the end would this be for the best or for the worst, he didn’t know.

“Ufufu, being alone with Kizuna just the two of us, I wonder if this is the first time?”

Responding to Scarlet who was acting coquettish with her best effort, Kizuna embraced her close on her slender waist. And then he brought her face close and peered into her eyes. Immediately Scarlet’s cheeks were dyed crimson, any composure was gone from her behavior.

“Wa, wait, don’t get serious like that so suddenly……ahn!”

The hand circling her back was sliding along her spine.

“Nnah! Kuuu……-!”

The hand caressing down her back moved lower without stopping, grasping at the butt that was wrapped in tight hot pants.


Kizuna massaged the hill of her butt as though to free her from any stiffness. As a result Scarlet’s eyes melted in intoxication before they began to turn moist.

“My, Scarlet……you look like you are going to lose already? Come on-, do your best!”

At the bedside Yurishia was waving her pompoms and cheered Scarlet on.

“GO! GO! Scarlet!”

And then she spread both her hands and lifted up her long leg. Matching the music that came from the stadium, she was swinging her pompoms with nice rhythm while dancing.

“Kizuna too fight! Do your best♥ Do your best♥”

Kizuna grew to feel really strange.

Was this really, the aces of Masters, of America?

‘――No, right now concentrate to conquer Scarlet in front of you.’

When his hand went into the tank top from below, Scarlet’s body was trembling. There was no sensation of underwear on his hand. As expected she was not wearing a bra. Even still, with how much it was trembling he would realize it no matter how blind he was. Kizuna shifted the tank top and exposed the breast of Scarlet. The breast with beautiful shape only had adhesive nipple covering put on it.

Kizuna pinched at the edge of that covering and tore it off to expose the hidden face.


When he tore until the center, the nipple that couldn’t be repressed down jumped out energetically. Escaping from its binding, it stood straight with all it had as though to celebrate its freedom.

“How cute Scarlet.”

Kizuna brought his face close to the breast with pink summit and his tongue traced the edge of the ring part.

“Hauah, aahn!”

And then he kissed at the pointed nipple.


Scarlet hugged at Kizuna’s head unable to endure it. As though to express how good she was feeling, she messed up Kizuna’s hair all over.

“Haaaa……Kizunaaan. Even if you……suck that hard, it won’t come out you know……the milk.”

Kizuna separated his mouth from the nipple and smiled widely.

“That’s unfortunate.”

Scarlet murmured while her face went red.

“……If Kizuna say that you want to drink it no matter what……the way so the milk can come out……you know it right?”

Immediately Yurishia’s fist that was still holding the pompom fell down on Scarlet’s head.


“Don’t get carried away. That’s still too early for you.”

Scarlet pressed on her head with teary eyes.

“Geezz, I know that.”

“Come on, Kizuna too. Quickly finish off Scarlet.”

There was no need to tell him, Kizuna once more sucked at Scarlet’s breast.


Scarlet sunk down on the floor as though there was no strength on her waist. Kizuna leaned down sensing that it was the time and opened her legs.

“Aah, wa, wait……Kizunaa”

However Kizuna didn’t lend her his ear and forcefully grasped at the crotch part of the hot pants, he pulled it up.

“Kyaan! Ah, aan, a, HAAaAAAN!”

The pulled hot pants became string shaped and dug in between Scarlet’s crotch. And then the pants were pulled rubbing up and down, granting intense stimulation at the most sensitive part of Scarlet.

“No, no way……don’t-, let me rest a bit-”

The hot pants absorbed the honey overflowing from Scarlet and turned soppy. Each time Kizuna pulled it up, honey that couldn’t be absorbed by the fabric became drops that scattered everywhere.

Scarlet’s waist was trembling in shudders.

“Uah……aah don’t don’t don’t, I’m, almost”

Yurishia who was staring at the unsightliness of the two was sending a yell at Scarlet with blushing face.

“My, you are at your limit already? Fight o, Scarlet.”

Drool was trickling down from between Scarlet’s clenched teeth, her pleasure became tears that overflowed from her eyes.

“Uuh, I’m, sorry……no, no-, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!”

Scarlet’s body bent backwards and she welcomed her climax.

Her body convulsed repeatedly, but her consciousness was already lost. Her eyes closed and a moan leaked out from her half-opened mouth.

“How slovenly, oh Scarlet.”

An even more formidable enemy. Yurishia Farandole was lying in wait.

Kizuna went down from the bed and faced Yurishia. Her costume was the same like Scarlet, but when it was Yurishia’s dynamite body wearing it the impression was just different. Her large breast and also the tip part were pointing out remarkably. Far from bra, she was obviously not even wearing adhesive covering.

Kizuna was like a fish that was completely lured by the bait, he sucked at that pointing part.

“Uhnn! Geez……so sudden?”

Even after getting told that he had no free time to be leisurely. If he didn’t decide the match in a short time, he would be at disadvantage. Also he had to stop the new Love Room as fast as possible. Kizuna was rougher than usual, he caressed around Yurishia’s body.

“Nh, aan! Kizuna-, today, for some reason……you are really proactive, it’s lovely♥”

It appeared that she was pleased. Kizuna separated his mouth and this time he scooped up with his hand, lifting up that gigantic breast. Soft sensation was born in his hand, but a profound burden weighed on his arm muscle.

As always it was a heavy breast. Having this kind of thing dangling down on her body, her stiff shoulders must be terrible. However the usual Yurishia had never shown any sign of that at all.

Kizuna massaged the breast as if nursing it. He was massaging her shoulders inside his heart while his hand was groping at the flesh that couldn’t be wholly held in his hand, he rolled the nipple at the tip with his palm.

“Haaa……it feels good……nna, aah, aaan”

Her neck bent back and the white and smooth nape of Yurishia became exposed in front of his eyes. As though being sucked into that nape his tongue crawled there, making Yurishia’s spine to shudder.

“Lovely……it somehow, looks like a vampire was sucking my blood……nn!”

He strongly sucked at the nape that gave off sweet fragrance.

As the result the nape that looked like pure snow without a single blemish was left with the mark that Kizuna attached there. Yurishia who noticed that a mark was attached there stared at Kizuna with intoxicated eyes.

“Geez, it got marked……♥ Do you want to attach a sign in my body that says that this is yours that much?”

In exchange of a reply, he put his hand on Yurishia’s hot pants and pulled it down slightly forcefully. Thereupon warm honey formed a string viscously.

“What’s with this Yurishia. You are making a calm face, but you are already like this here.”

“Yes……that’s right. Because, the two of you were showing off that kind of figures all that time to me? Obviously I become like this.”

Under the hot pants there was also no panty. Yurishia’s beautiful golden hair were soaked with drops of honey. Kizuna didn’t take off the hot pants completely, he lowered it until her thighs before he stood up. He embraced Yurishia’s shoulders and slowly approached until the window.

“……Nh, for some reason, I feel a little nervous here.”


“Because……my important place is completely exposed see? Despite so, I am made to stand near the window in this kind of appearance of all things. Geez Kizuna, you are so bad♥”

Perhaps because of nervousness Yurishia’s shoulders were trembling. But, the heat of her body and her red cheeks, her moist eyes were because of excitement and carnality.

“Yurishia, put your hand on the window.”

Just as she was told, Yurishia put her hand on the glass. And then she tilted her upper body a little, pushing her butt to behind. She stared at the stadium from the glass window.

“I……am making an amazing appearance here.”

Eroticism was mixing in her voice too.

Because of the hot pants that was lowered until her thighs, her thighs were tightly closed. Between that crotch, Kizuna forcefully pushed in himself.


Yurishia looked back.

“Fu, fufu……tha, that’s surprising……I thought, that you really entered, inside me.”

The inner part of her plump thighs was soft and fluffy. Being pressured by that soft thing was a unique sensation. And then he was being sandwiched by an even hotter part, the warm liquid secreted from there made it smooth for him to slide himself.

When Kizuna moved back and forth, the warm honey was spurted out even more.

“Aah! Do, don’t, I feel it too much-! AaaHAAaAHAAAANNNN-!”

Yurishia leaned on the glass window even more. Her large breasts that were like a volley ball were crushed on the glass and its shape warped. If it was seen from the audience seat, then the watcher should be able to appreciate a breast that was spread roundly.

“Nnu! Ahaaan. Everyone is absorbed in the match……the athletes too, the cheerleaders too……the audiences too……yet-, I, I am, doing this kind, of thinggggg-AAAAAN!”

‘――But, something like this……might not be bad♥’

Yurishia floated a joyful smile, she entrusted her body to the pleasure. And then the tips of Yurishia’s toes stretched tautly.

Kizuna judged that it was the deciding time and accelerated his movement. He banged on Yurishia’s butt. Yurishia’s full butt accepted Kizuna’s body like a cushion, helping that motion.

And then finally, Yurishia’s pleasure ascended to the summit.


Yurishia’s body was slowly swaying forward. Kizuna caught the body of Yurishia that almost fell down with both his hands. The intoxicated gaze of Yurishia like that melted and closed as though vanishing into darkness. At the same time with that the stadium disappeared, the surrounding changed into a lodging facility for guest’s use.

Kizuna laid down Yurishia at the side of Scarlet on the bed.

“Rest here slowly. I’ll take care of this right now.”

After caressing the heads of the two, Kizuna left behind the room.

Part 4

When he climbed to the third floor, the corridor changed into a stone paved path and the wall turned into buildings made from bricks. A red moon shined in the sky, a strange and fantastical night descended down. This place was a middle age Europe, or possibly a fantasy world. Also it felt like a manga somehow. The buildings were round, the coloring was also dark yet there was a pop impression in it somewhat.

“Just who in the world is it this time……?”

“Captain―! Sylvia has waited desu!”

From the darkness a young body appeared.

“So the opponent this time is Sylvia…….”

Matching with the fantastical demonic world, Sylvia was also costumed. It seemed that the costume was imaged from a vampire. However, to call that as a costume, and with Sylvia as the wearer, it was just too sexy. A black slingshot swimsuit with beautiful luster. Small and cute bat-like wings grew from around her waist. And then the long gloves that reached until her upper arms and high boots that reached her thighs. Everything was made from enamel material, pulling beautiful gradation and luster to the surface. That shine colored Sylvia’s young body bewitchingly.

“Ehehe, how does Sylvia look desu? Sylvia is not sexy like everyone desu, so Sylvia tried to overreach herself to look a little adult like desu, though……”

The area around Sylvia’s eyes was colored in shame and her body twisted.

“As, as expected, this is embarrassing isn’t it desu……”

“No……that’s really sexy. You already look criminal like that Sylvia.”

“Eeh? Tha, that’s too great of a praise desuu”

‘――No, it’s relatively too real.’

Kizuna cleared his throat and approached Sylvia.

“I have to stop this new Love Room. If it’s about the Heart Hybrid, it’s okay even if we do it later right?”

“――That’s no good desu.”

Sylvia’s eyes were tinged with obscene light.

“Not just the usual assistance of captain’s daily life desu. From today Sylvia will also give assistance in the night for captain desu.”

Sylvia wriggled her young body and took an inflammatory pose. It was immoral, and then it had the eroticism that a mature female would bow their head to.

‘――Succubus Sylvia. How terrifying!’

“Then, Sylvia will go strip strip desu♥”


When Sylvia waved her finger, Kizuna’s clothes instantly vanished. And then in exchange, he wore a gown that was pleasant to wear. It didn’t matter if they were in the bathroom, but this appearance wasn’t something to wear in a back alley path like this. He felt an indescribable out of place feeling, but his awareness was sucked by Sylvia’s sexy appearance that had arrived right in front of his eyes.

“Then, excuse me desu.”

Sylvia’s cheeks reddened and with a half opened smiling mouth she untied the ribbon of Kizuna’s gown. And then when the front opened, manly chest and abs, and then something that Sylvia didn’t have appeared.


Sylvia’s face blushed even more and turned bright red.

“E, err, Sylvia……you don’t need to force your……”

“Syl, Sylvia is fine desu……sna, snake-san is scary desu, but if it’s sausage-san then it’s okay desu.”

She kept staring at one point and murmured that without shifting her gaze at all.

“No, Sylvia. You are forcing yourself like that, or rather I think you are confused already.”

In place of a reply, Sylvia’s hand touched at Kizuna’s sensitive part. The texture of her enamel glove became unexpected pleasure that ran through his body.

“There is no such thing desu. Today……Sylvia will make captain feel good desu……”

Her face approached his chest before her small tongue came out and began to lick Kizuna’s breast.

“Uh, Sy……Sylvia!?”

“Ehehe, does it……feel good desu?”

It felt like he was licked by a small dog. Her small tongue was licking with her all, but even though it was ticklish it felt good.

“Ah……it became, big desu.”

Sylvia murmured with an intoxicated voice. A pure and innocent girl like Sylvia was drowning in lust and indulged in an obscene deed. He felt like he was taught about the terrifying power of the new Love Room. What a marvelous ability. He had to stop the Love Room no matter what. But, to do that he had to do something about Sylvia.

‘――That’s right. I’ve got to do something. Forgive me Sylvia.’

Kizuna caressed the head of Sylvia with both his hands as though to embrace her, and then he touched her cheek.


Sylvia narrowed her eyes in pleasant feeling. Kizuna’s hand didn’t stop and caressed her breast, his hand entered under the slingshot bikini.

“Aan! Ca, captain, don’t desuu. If you do that kind of thing to Sylvia, Sylvia will feel really good desu.”

He shifted the string that was barely hiding the tip of the breast and a nipple with faint coloring showed its face. It was a modest and very cute breast. However its tip stiffened as though it expressed the sensuality inside Sylvia’s chest.


When he pinched that tip, Sylvia’s mouth leaked out a lovely coquettish voice.

“Sy, Sylvia won’t lose desu!”

Sylvia once more buried her face on Kizuna’s chest and used her tongue to lick down from his chest toward his abs. And then she was gradually nearing his thing that was wrapped in her hand.

“Oi-, Sylvia! More than that is……”

Instead of stopping, Sylvia looked up at Kizuna and smiled. Behind her cute angelic smiling face, there was hair rising bewitchment that was lurking.

“Captain’s……Sylvia, will eat desu.”

The small mouth opened wide to hold that thing inside. The pushed out tongue touched the tip first. Just that made him feel like he was going to reach the limit already. When he felt the feverish breathing of Sylvia that bathed him next, Kizuna’s reasoning and sanity almost broke.

And then at the next moment――

“That’s as far as you go!”

Along with a sharp voice, the world suddenly split.

The townscape was smashed as though the stage was rewritten. In the hole that was wide open at the background of the stage, a girl wrapped in a shrine maiden’s clothing was standing.

The girl with long black hair waved the haraegushi she was holding in her hand. At the tip of the branch of white wood there was a lot of shide attached, when the branch was waved it raised rustling sound. The sound of those papers was erasing the demonic town Sylvia created. Sylvia stared at that shrine maiden with a surprised gaze. (TN: Haraegushi is tamagushi used at Ise Shrine’s purification ceremonies. Tamagushi is a branch of a sacred tree (esp. sakaki) with paper or cotton strips attached (used as an offering). Shide is zigzag-shaped paper streamer often used to adorn Shinto-related objects)



“Sylvia-chan, Kizuna-kun! I won’t permit the two of you to carry out such act any further!”

Himekawa took out a thin rope from her sleeve and threw it towards Sylvia. That rope had shide attached on it, seeing that he understood that it was a rope used to create a spiritual barrier.

“Hyah? Wha, what is this desu!?”

The rope moved as though it was a living thing, wrapping Sylvia’s body.

“Yah, it’s like snake-san, it feels gross desuuuuu~”

“The lewd demon can just obediently stay there! Now, let’s go Kizuna-kun!”

“O, ou……”

Even after getting told that, Kizuna couldn’t understand the situation and didn’t know what he should do. Growing impatient of such a Kizuna, Himekawa forcefully took his hand and ran away.

“Wa, wait a second, Himekawa! You aren’t affected by the new Love Room?”

“Please don’t underestimate this Himekawa Hayuru! Just who will lose to that kind of temptation.”

Kizuna’s face turned bright with a wide smile. It felt like he was seeing a faint light inside the darkness. To feel this kind of reliability from Himekawa’s appearance, had he ever experienced this feeling before?

“I see……as expected from a disciplinary committee member! The only one left is just Aine, let’s stop the new Love Room together Himekawa!”

Like that Himekawa led Kizuna and climbed the stair and they finally arrived at the landing stair of the fourth floor. The first experiment room was already just within a stone throw――that was how it should be.

“This place……where is it?”

Kizuna watched the shrine archway towering in front of his eyes.

“Why is there an archway in this kind of place……”

A bad premonition was creeping up his back.

“Obviously because there is a shrine here, to win against the temptation of evil, it’s necessary to maintain one’s purity of body and mind. Purify oneself inside the sacred space, and the barrier of the shrine will defend against the intrusion of the monster and devil.”

Himekawa smiled cheerfully.

“I, I see……”

“Now, let’s hurry to the hall of worship. There Kizuna-kun will also receive the purification ceremony.”


Cold sweat trickled down Kizuna’s cheek.

‘――Himekawa-……this girl is no good! She is completely swallowed into the world that she laid out herself!’

The surrounding was hazy from mist. Himekawa was walking in good mood inside such space. The sounds of gravel raised by the feet of the two and the rustle of the trees played when wind passed through were audible. There was no sound other than those, there was also no presence of people.

Before long from inside the mist, a shadow of a large building became visible. It was a Japanese building with a gabled, hipped roof. It was stretching long to the side and at the center a donation box was put there, a bell was dangling down above it. After they took off their shoes and climbed the front stair, a wide atrium covered with tatami was inside. An altar and round mirror were put at the center.

“After coming this far, we can be relieved.”

Himekawa smiled cheerfully at him.

‘――I cannot feel relieved at all here!’

Even while thinking that, Kizuna answered with a smile.

“Then Himekawa. You said something about purification ceremony just now, but for the time being shouldn’t we prioritize stopping the function of the new Love Room? Even if we shut ourselves inside here, I don’t think that it will get resolved.”

“I guess you are right. But to act in hurry will only bring harm. I will bring out the tea, so please sit over there.”

He didn’t know how Himekawa would react if he strongly objected. Deciding that not agitating her as much as possible was better, Kizuna sat down on a zabuton. (TN: Flat floor cushion for sitting or kneeling)

Himekawa kept smiling while she circled behind Kizuna and crouched down.

“Hm? What are you doing……wha-!?”

Before he realized it, he was tied by a rope with shide attached to it, similar to Sylvia. With an apologetic face, Himekawa stared at Kizuna.

“Forgive me for tying you. But, this is for the sake of helping Kizuna-kun.”

“No, it’s strange tying people to help them! It’s fine so just release me!”

Even when he earnestly pleaded Himekawa showed no sign of listening. Himekawa was staring at Kizuna with an awkward face. However, she immediately made a smile that looked energetic.

“How pitiful……but, there is no need to worry. This Himekawa Hayuru swears to help Kizuna-kun without fail.”

‘――Scaryyy! From everything until now Himekawa is just the scariest!’

Himekawa stood in front of Kizuna and her cheeks reddened deeply, she then began to loosen the belt of her hakama. (TN: Hakama is a formal divided skirt.)

“O-, oi! Himekawa, what are you doing!”

“Thi, this is purification ceremony. My body, will purify Kizuna-kun’s body……this is to drive away evil.”

“No no no! That reasoning is just strange! Just who was it that called Sylvia a demon before this! Besides didn’t you say that you aren’t submitting to the temptation of the new Love Room!?”

“How impolite. I’m only doing this purely in order to help Kizuna-kun as a shrine maiden. By no means I’m doing this because of my desire.”

The sound of rustling clothes could be heard, the red hakama fell on the tatami floor. Himekawa hid her front with her white kimono while crouching in front of Kizuna.

“Then first, the clothes that the demon made Kizuna-kun wear……I’ll tear it off okay?”

“Just what kind of setting is working inside your head huh……”

Even such murmur was treated with silence, then Himekawa waved her haraegushi. Kizuna’s clothes became powerless in front of Himekawa’s haraegushi. With just a wave, everything vanished to the degree that it felt pleasant. Everything without exception. He was suddenly stripped completely naked.

Himekawa went bright red, but she was staring at Kizuna’s body with licking gaze from top to bottom.

“No, no way……for everything to vanish completely……for Kizuna-kun to be dyed in this much evil.”

Himekawa resolved herself and reached her hand to Kizuna’s body. And then she embraced his body and pushed Kizuna down.

“From here on……with my body, I’ll purify you, to make you clean. And so, this is not something lewd. Please don’t get a misunderstanding. This is a duty, this is also for helping people. This is something that cannot be morally avoided. Yes!”

The kimono of the desperately justifying Himekawa was peeled off and the white body appeared from underneath. Under the kimono there was no underwear. That was why he could catch glimpses of the jiggling breasts of Himekawa and her glossy and silky black hair. And then her face was already blushing red, her eyes looked moist from desire.


Himekawa’s fingertip crawled on Kizuna’s chest. Like a child who had obtained the toy that she had wanted for a long time, she was having her fill of Kizuna’s body with lively temperament.

“Have you gotten even sturdier than before? ……Your collarbone and……your abs too is like this.”

And then her hand and gaze lowered down until Kizuna’s lower body.


While releasing a feverish sigh, as though she was touching something that could break anytime, she lifted up Kizuna’s thing gently.

“This here too has also…become sturdy, hasn’t it.”

And then her eyes that were sparkling with lewdness approached.

“There is no doubt that the poison of monster is gathering inside this. I will extract it out for you, so please don’t worry.”

After making a gulping sound from her throat, Himekawa stretched out her tongue. And then the tongue touched the tip part. Electrifying pleasure was rushing from Kizuna’s waist through his back.

“Ufufu, does it feel good? But please do this seriously okay? After all we are doing this in order to draw out the bad thing inside Kizuna-kun’s body.”

‘――Even making excuses has a limit!’

He strongly endured that yell he wanted to let out and clenched his teeth so that he wouldn’t be carried away by the pleasure. As though to ridicule that resistance of Kizuna, Himekawa began to lick for real. She stuck out her tongue and licked the tip before lovingly caressing the area around it without leaving even an inch untouched. And then next she licked up thoroughly from the base toward the summit.

At this point of time Kizuna was already trembling at his waist.

There was no chance of victory in only getting attacked one-sidedly. Was there no way to make a counterattack somehow, Kizuna desperately thought while the pleasure was hindering his brain.

“Hi-, Himekawa! At this rate I’m going to be half-dead. Let me, to lick at your place too!”

Steam rose with a puff from Himekawa’s face, her thighs fidgeted and rubbed at each other.

“Tha, that’s no good. Listen well, Kizuna-kun. This is something like a treatment for you. There is no need for you to do something to me.”

And then she opened her mouth widely and settled Kizuna inside her mouth. The heat that Kizuna suddenly felt made him want to writhe around.

“Sto, stop-! Like this it won’t even be a match……hm?”

The binding of his arm loosened. Perhaps while he was struggling the knot of the rope barrier slackened and his arms could move slightly. Kizuna entrusted himself to the sliver of hope and moved his arms left and right, back and forth.

And then finally,

‘――It came off!’


Himekawa who was still having her mouth stuffed raised a doubtful voice.


Kizuna grasped Himekawa’s shoulders and reversed her body trying to pin her down. However Himekawa was a member of Amaterasu and the ace of Japan. An ordinary method wouldn’t work on her. It became an offense and defense of pinning techniques between Kizuna and Himekawa. Himekawa shook off Kizuna’s hands desperately while still holding the thing in her mouth.

“Fuono-! Fhe overhlofing efeil his hanherous! Fhe pholluthed hody, has to fhe hleaned!”

“Those words, word to word-! I want to return it all to you!”

Their bodies got overturned by each other, in order to take the advantageous position they took each other’s joints.

And then at the end of the battle, Himekawa took Kizuna’s above. But it wasn’t a mounting position. The respective position of their head was at the opposite of each other. Kizuna’s posture became one where he exposed his vital place in front of Himekawa’s eyes, but Himekawa was also exposing her secret place in front of Kizuna’s eyes.

Kizuna’s eyes gleamed fiercely.

“This is just what I hoped for! This is a match, Himekawaaa-!”

He kissed at the heated crevice in front of his eyes that looked steamy.

“Hih!? Good-♥, kyaAAAAAAAANNNNN!”

Unable to endure, her mouth separated from Kizuna’s thing, Himekawa’s body flopped down powerlessly. The sensation of Himekawa’s breasts that were pressed on Kizuna’s stomach spread. It was a pleasant feeling, but Kizuna didn’t let that distract him and his tongue pressed on the slit where honey was trickling down.

“Ah, aa……AAaaAAAAAAAA”

From Himekawa’s mouth delighted voice was flowing out without end. However, she gritted her teeth hard and put a plug on that pleasure.

“Kuh! This Himekawa Hayuru, won’t lose to that kind of thing!”

And then her tongue resolutely crawled Kizuna’s thing. She licked up with all she had in order to desperately drown the pleasure invading from between her nether region.

“Kuh, Himekawa-! Since when did you learn that technique!”

Drunk in pleasure, Himekawa who was smiling emptily with a red face kissed at the tip lovingly, and then she next entered it into her mouth.


Kizuna was unable to repress his voice from the excessive pleasure. Himekawa joyfully smiled and she was swallowing him in while narrowing her lips.

‘――No, no good! I’m losing-! Something, is there anything that I can use-!’

Just when he was about to panic, at that time――a certain important point was reflected in Kizuna’s eyes. Kizuna’s lips formed a victory smile.

“……Himekawa. This is, my victory.”

Kizuna grasped the butts of Himekawa with both his hands and spread it open to left and right.


When she noticed Kizuna’s intention, Himekawa’s face went pale in a flash. Her mouth quickly separated from his thing with a plop and she raised her voice to stop him in panic.

“Do-, don’t-! That place is――”

Ignoring that voice, Kizuna mercilessly touched his finger at Himekawa’s butt hole.


Strength left Himekawa’s body and she collapsed on Kizuna’s body once more. But, this time she was unable to wake up. She couldn’t put any strength in her arms, she couldn’t even move her legs.


“Aaaaahn, nooooooo-! That kind of place, only that stoppppppppp!”

“My bad Himekawa! I also don’t have any leeway to pick my method!”


Still in the posture with her butt raised, Himekawa was unable to move. While trickling tears from feeling too much pleasure, she could do nothing except raise a delighted voice.

In order to give her the finishing blow in one breath, Kizuna vibrated his fingertip and pierced Himekawa’s body with abnormal pleasure. Himekawa’s red cheeks were wet with tears, her mouth was repeatedly taking anguished breath. She couldn’t even stretch her tongue toward Kizuna’s weak point that was right in front of her eyes.

And then, the moment of conclusion arrived.


As though to let out all the air inside her body, she raised a gasping voice that even sounded similar to a long sob.

Himekawa’s body became unable to move. Confirming that she lost her consciousness, Kizuna leaked out a sigh of relief.

“……I won.”

Kizuna gently laid down Himekawa’s body, and then he somehow stood up with staggering steps.

“Ku……just, a little more. I’ve got to hold out a little longer.”

The moment Himekawa lost consciousness, the surrounding space returned from a shrine into a mere experiment room. When he tried coming out to the corridor, the LED panel put on the room’s entrance displayed the words [Third Experiment Room].

“It’s nearby……huh?”

While putting his hand on the wall, he passed through a door. And then the next room was the [First Experiment Room].

Kizuna reflexively made a happy smile. He put his hand on the door and opened it to the side.

Part 5

“Kizuna. How are you feeling?”

Aine was wearing a pink nurse uniform and stood beside a bed.


Kizuna jumped up from the bed.

‘――What? What happened?’

“Hey, a patient must not struggle. If you don’t obediently sleep right now, I’ll give you eternal sleep.”

“Don’t try to kill me just because of that kind of thing! Rather a hospital is a place to save life!”

After checking his surroundings once more, certainly it seemed to be a hospital room. White walls and a white bed. A machine that displayed electro cardiogram near the pillow, in addition there was a stand where intravenous drip was hanged at. What he was wearing were also examination clothes that looked like a yukata.

“Shit……so the effect of the new Love Room is in the work. However, since when?”

He felt like time was stolen from him. But as expected, that was impossible. It was supposed to be impossible for the machine to make him lose consciousness. And then, there was no doubt that this was the first experiment room. It was camouflaged as a hospital room, but in actuality the control device should be here.

Kizuna tried to get down from the bed. In no time at all Aine grasped a syringe and directed it at Kizuna. The needle stopped just a centimeter before it pierced his forehead.


“I have told you already to sleep quietly.”

‘――What a dangerous woman!’

Kizuna cursed inside his heart. The back of his examination clothes became damp from sweat.

“My? Do you have a fever I wonder? I better examine you.”

“Rather I’m ice cold here! My life is clearly shrinking down you know!”

However Aine didn’t show any signs of preparing the thermometer and climbed on the bed instead.

“A……Aine-san? The temperature?”

Her cheek was dyed slightly red, Aine averted her gaze and murmured.

“Tha, that’s why……I’ll measure it for you. Measuring temperature using the body is the easiest way after all.”

“That’s the first time I heard something like that!”

If there was that kind of hospital, it was going to really thrive. But with the way that Aine chose to take temperature, it would make the hospital not just thrive, but it would have its reservation fully booked for several years ahead.

Aine opened the front of her nurse uniform and exposed her breasts that were wrapped in a white brassiere. And then she unhooked the hook connected at the valley of her chest and her bra opened with a snap. The breasts that were repressed overflowed from inside.

“No, now……I’ll measure the temperature inside your mouth, so……”


It was a boldness that was unthinkable coming from the usual Aine. Was this also the accomplishment of the new Love Room’s technique? Her gaze fell in embarrassment and she presented her breasts towards Kizuna.

However this was convenient for Kizuna. This was like she was telling Kizuna to please attack her one-sidedly.

‘――To abandon the initiative herself. This match, is my victory!’

Kizuna brought his face near the tip of Aine’s breast. Aine’s breast was white, it was so beautiful it almost looked transparent. The pink color of the tip also brought out the high class eroticism with its faint coloring. Kizuna sucked at that radiant nipple.

“Uuuhn! ……an, Kizunaaa……”

Aine instantly raised a sweet voice. Kizuna rolled that tip inside his mouth using his tongue. Each time he did that, Aine’s body twitched as though she was being electrified.

Aine embraced Kizuna’s head with an intoxicated face.

Like this it would be an easy win, that was what Kizuna thought. And then he formed the formula to pave the road towards the victory ahead. Different from usual, Aine was proactive since the start and on top of that she was waiting expectantly for Kizuna’s offensive. No matter what kind of route he followed, there would be only victory at the end of it. That was what he thought. But――,

Aine opened the hem of Kizuna’s examination clothes and her fingers entwined on the towering thing.

‘――This, this girl-! Don’t tell me-!’

Aine’s eyes were smiling.

‘――So this is Aine’s aim! She made me suck her breast to completely seal my movement! And then in exchange of presenting her breast erogenous zone, she laid her hand on my biggest weak point!’

Cold sweat trickled down Kizuna’s cheek. Aine kept embracing Kizuna’s head lovingly and made him to suck her breast. It was as though she was a mother giving her own milk while her hand was trying to wring out Kizuna’s vigor.

Cold sweat was flowing down inside Kizuna’s chest.

Aine moved her hand up and down and manipulated Kizuna as she pleased. Step by step Kizuna’s feeling was being guided toward the climax. On the other hand Kizuna was only able to attack her breast. Of course he was able to give her pleasure. However if it was asked which one would reach the climax faster, the result was clear as day.

‘――Shit-! What to do! Am I going to be defeated without doing anything!?’

He felt ashamed at his carelessness and negligence. After coming this far, he would be unable to even accomplish the feeling that his sister entrusted to him, the comrades that he had defeated, Scarlet, Yurishia, Sylvia, Himekawa, just what meaning did their defeats have? Even though he was also shouldering the weight of their lives here.

At that moment when his frustration was about to change into resignation, something flashed at the back of Kizuna’s mind.

That was exactly a heaven’s blessing.

It was an overturning of idea just like Columbus’s egg that could carry him to overcome this adversity.

“……No, isn’t it fine if I just normally attack Aine?”

Kizuna’s hand entered under the skirt of the nurse uniform really naturally and touched the secret place of Aine.

Part 6

Aine was sleeping, not on the bed of the hospital room but on top of a simple examination stand. Aine who welcomed her climax by Kizuna’s hand couldn’t even move her flaccid body, she was lying down with rough breathing.

This place wasn’t a hospital room. It was the first experiment room of Nayuta’s lab’s special experiment building.

It was a room that was overflowing with experiment devices like measuring machines and so on. The wall was fully packed with rack-mount servers for experiment use.

And then in front of Kizuna’s eyes, was the current master of Nayuta Lab. The last boss was standing.

――Shikina Kei.

“Shikina-san. Don’t tell me, even you are……”

But based from what he saw of Kei’s appearance, he could think of nothing else but that, don’t tell me.

Age twenty four years old. School swimsuit, equipped.

On her chest was a name tag attached with words [Shikina] written in Hiragana. She hit her portable keyboard with her thumb.

{Good job coming this far. But I won’t be defeated. The reason is because I’m an adult. Naturally I know even about erotic matters, it’s trifling.}

Kei was expressionless. However right now she was undoubtedly making a smug face. Kizuna approached right until in front of Kei.

“For Shikina-san to be that abundant in experience……”

There was a table beside Kei. It was a console that had switches and monitors lined up. Most likely that was the control panel of the new Love Room.

{Naturally. I know about almost everything from doujinshi.}


He felt like he just heard about a word that was strangely worrying. When Kizuna was thinking that, his clothes vanished. Originally he would be panicked and flustered in shame, but as expected he had come to get used to it. Kizuna calmly approached Kei.


Kei’s condition was strange. Her face was bright red and her gaze couldn’t focus. She strangely didn’t have calmness, fidgeting by herself in fluster.

“Err, what’s the matter?”

When he grasped Kei’s shoulders while saying that, Kei got a nosebleed and collapsed.

“Shi-! Shikina-san!?”

Kei who collapsed on the floor kept having a nosebleed and fainted with a delighted face.

Although she had piled up experience with ero-doujin, but it seemed that it was different when it was the body of a real man. Kizuna stood in front of the console of the new Love Room and investigated the control panel. Actually the ON/OFF main switch was put in an easy to understand location.

‘――Good grief.’

Murmuring so inside his heart, Kizuna put the main switch to OFF.

Part 7

The next day, it was decided that the plan of the new Love Room would be frozen. Regardless of such amazing functions and performance boasted by the device, there was no one objecting the decision.

“That was just a nightmare……everyone, let’s forget it.”

Reiri left those words as the last and sealed the new Love Room. Someday it would be needed, until that time came…….


This is Kuji Masamune! On this occasion, for buying the BD & DVD, thank you so much eros!

The version with safety effect attached of the on air edition is also fun, but as expected the true form is the version without censor! And so, the gentlemen who bought this package are exactly the true readers! Please enjoy this to your heart’s content!

This package edition is especially amazing in its bonus footage w The meeting for it was done together with the script meeting for the novel, but different from the novel, everyone was so carefree, or rather they began to speak about the idea they want to say as they pleased, it was a great rampage where everyone was uncontrollable. ‘Is there no one that will stop this!? Producer-san, this is getting worrisome here! This is a great disaster!’ I sent that kind of eye contact, yet that producer took initiative and poured oil onto the fire turning it into a hellish rendition w (TN: The w is some kind of gesture, I don’t really clear what is the meaning though.)

However in actuality I think there are a lot of cases where the selling point is that the bonus content in this way has ero that is not possible in the novel, however in Masou Gakuen HxH that’s impossible.

The reason is-! The novel is already breaking through the limit after all-! (lol) If it takes even one more step forward, it will genuinely become 18+. Really seriously.

At first I made a normal ero scenario, but like this it won’t be a bonus content! In the end isn’t it just the same with the novel! Is there nothing? A bonus content in big way that is more worthy in Masou Gakuen! And so it became foolishness that broke through the limit w

And then this bonus novel too, it became something stupid and ero that is not possible in the main novel. The mood is similar with the drama CD I wonder? The page number is few, so I was unable to write for each one in detail and it’s a little unfortunate, but it was fun writing it. I’m glad I wrote about the succubus Sylvia w Furthermore I didn’t think that Hisasi-san’s illustrations would be in it so that was an unexpected joy!

Well then to the thanks. Supervisor Furukawa. The script’s Yamada-san. The producers Tamura-san, Tachizaki-san. The editor-in-charge O-san from Sneaker’s editing department. Everyone of production aims. The casts Akabane-san, Akasaki-san, Nagatsuma-san, Kin-san, Kinugawa-san, Nomizu-san, and a lot of other people of the casts too, really thank you very much! Blessed by everyone the good staffs and casts, Masou Gakuen HxH is really happy! And then, all of you readers! Masou Gakuen really became anime! That was thanks to everyone! Really, thank you very much for everything!

From here on too please take care of [Masou Gakuen HxH] eros!




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