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Masou Gakuen HxH   Special Compilation 「Summer of Heart Hybrid」


This is special short story of 『Masou Gakuen HxH』.

At the same time with the airing of 『Masou Gakuen HxH』 anime, there was also consecutive serial story posted in three issue of Nyantype magazine from the issue of August 2016. With the kindness of the editorial department of Nyantype magazine, I’m allowed to published it in Kakuyomu.

It was my first time doing magazine publication and also serial story, so it was really fresh and fun.’

It was at Nyantype magazine, so that the story is easy to understand even for those who don’t know about Masou Gakuen HxH and read this for the time, I made the content like a trial version.

And so, I also recommend this to those who doesn’t read Sneaker Bunko!

My best regard eros!



Summer of Heart Hybrid   Aine Arc

Chapter 1   Summer of Heart Hybrid   Aine Arc   1


The sun of midsummer was shining at the blue sky.

The intense sunlight hotly grilled the sandy beach. As though to cool that sand, white wave was washing ashore from the sea. Kicking on that sand, Hida Kizuna leaped toward a falling ball.

Just before the ball fell on the sandy beach, his hand reached out and barely bounced up the ball. Kizuna fell on the sand while yelling.


Heading toward the ball that was dancing on the blue sky, Chidorigafuchi Aine flew. Long silver hair pranced like a tail, and the red eyes reflected the falling ball.

Aine’s body that leaped up higher than even the net flexibly bent, and her pulled back hand was gathering strength. And then like an arrow that was unleashed from a drawn bow, Aine’s white hand hit the ball with a speed that eye couldn’t catch up with.

Sharp voices resounded from the other side of the net.



A bit late after Aine’s jump, Yurishia Farandole and Himekawa Hayuru kicked on the sand. They leaped up on both side of the net with their hands raised. The bulges of their breasts were following slightly late behind that movement.

When the two’s body came near the peak, the breasts that were wrapped inside bikini greatly pranced up. Himekawa’s breasts that were protected by light blue swimsuit of flower pattern rose up, depicting an elegant curve.

On the other hand, Yurishia’s huge breasts that were wrapped inside white swimsuit overwhelmed the watcher with their dynamic motion. In comparison with her small swimsuit, the volume and mass of the breasts that were wrapped inside were just too great. The soft objects looked like they were going to leap out from the risky white swimsuit even now.

When their leaping body approached the peak of their jump, Yurishia’s shiny blonde hair, and Himekawa’s glossy black hair spread out lightly as though gravity was lost. Above the net, the two’s arms towered up like wall.

That wall was like an iron wall, repelling back the fierce spike that Aine unleashed. The blocked ball floated in the air, and then it was falling.


Aine called out with a hurried voice. Kizuna was already leaping toward the falling spot of the ball. His hand reached out desperately while sliding, and he prayed.


But the ball slipped away a few centimeters ahead of his fingertip.

The ball fell on the sand.

The next moment, the whistle that heartlessly told the end of the match resounded. The beach volley ball rolled beside Kizuna who was falling while digging up the sand.

「This is the victory of team Himekawa, Yurishia desu!」

Sylvia Silkcut raised her hand and declared the name of the victorious team.

Himekawa and Yurishia landed on the sandy beach. Obeying the law of inertia, the breasts of the two bounced and shook. When the two were side by side and made the same movement, the difference between those mass and volume was made clear with the difference of the motion.

In contrast with Himekawa’s breasts that had small range of shaking and soon settled back on their original position, Yurishia’s breasts continued shaking for long. It was as though here there were also two balls that had been hit back and forth until now. The breasts bounced up and down from the landing, and when Yurishia turned to face Himekawa, the vector of left and right was added into the breasts slightly late behind the body movement.

The motion of the dynamite breasts that were rampaging uncontrollably caused Himekawa to even forget the happiness of victory and her gaze was instinctively fixed on that sight.

「We did it, Hayuru.」

「Eh, yes……」

With a cramped smile on her face, Himekawa whispered 「Nevertheless, what amazing breasts just like always……」 inside her mouth.

「Hm? What did you say?」

Yurishia brushed up her long blonde hair and tilted her head. Even such slight movement caused the two large roundness of the breasts to jiggle and shook without easing up.

「N-, no! Nothing at all」

Himekawa shook her head in panic, her long black hair swinging to left and right. Even while Himekawa’s body was slender, she had an ideal body style with flesh attached on her breast and waist.

However, when she was lined up with the explosive breasts of her teammate Yurishia and Aine, hers looked comparatively small. From the viewpoint of other people it was a luxurious worry, but Himekawa herself was bothered if perhaps her breasts were actually small?, like that.

──’It’s embarrassing that only my butt is big, so I prepared swimsuit with pareo attached after much trouble, and yet……to forget it in the dormitory, I’m an idiot. Aren’t my body style that is like this is getting seen by Kizuna-kun instead?’

Kizuna stood up and then he dusted off the sand sticking on his body.

「As expected from the combination of Yurishia and Himekawa. We aren’t a match at all.」

「Hah! You, you’re mistaken! It’s not like I wore swimsuit in order to show it to Kizuna-kun──」

「Eh? What are you talking about?」

When Himekawa came back to her senses, her face turned red and she shut her mouth.

「No, nothing at all! What I said just now……please forget it. Err……with this the team of me and Yurishia-san is the victor.」

This place was Shounan area located in Kanagawa float of megafloat Japan. A swimming area that was furnished with artificial sandy beach. Although the place was called Shounan, but the sea spreading before their eyes was the beautiful sea of southern country. That was because megafloat Japan and Ataraxia were currently in the middle of cruising Pacific Ocean.

In the current time where there was outbreak of AU collision, they couldn’t go near the land. Mysterious magic weapons were surging out in great numbers from Entrances that materialized from the effect of AU collision.

The one and only method that could resist magic weapon was Heart Hybrid Gear. Kizuna, Aine, Himekawa, Yurishia, and others who got the core of that inside their body, and the students of Ataraxia who supported them, and then the research members of Nayuta Lab, they all were continuing to fight desperately in order to take back the world.

There was a large scale battle against magic weapons the other day. They overcame that deathly battle and currently they were enjoying a brief relaxation.

The personnel of the lab and the students of Ataraxia came to play at the private beach of Nayuta Lab that was borrowing the sea of southern country. Within the days of continuous battle against another world, the time of relaxation was precious. Kizuna and others, 『Amaterasu』 members who were fighting by wearing Heart Hybrid Gear were also the same. No, it had an important meaning that was more than that.

If the energy 『Hybrid Count』 that was consumed in each battle wasn’t resupplied, they wouldn’t be able to fight the next time magic weapons of another world attacked. Therefore for Kizuna, Aine, Himekawa, and Yurishia, this holiday was also a duty for them to carry out energy resupply in preparation for the next battle.

Curretnly they were amusing themselves with beach volleyball as a small part of the recreation. The final match was between Kizuna & Aine pair, against Himekawa & Yurishia pair. It seemed that a prize would be given to the victor.

Aine approached with a dissatisfied face.

「This is because in my team Kizuna is useless, so just now is invalid. It’s like a fight of two against one after all. But well, if your team obtain two more win from me, then it’s fine even if I recognize your win.」

It was every time thing but, Aine’s caustic tongue that was mixed with belittling other people to express herself in roundabout way still made Himekawa rubbed her head as though she had headache.

「Even though you are the loser, why are you acting that self-importantly……」

Yurishia cut in as though she noticed something.

「But Aine. Kizuna properly picked the ball in the game just now.」

「Aa, didn’t he only find dropped money inside the sand? The ball only flew his way by accident when he went to pick up the money.」

「I’m not picking up money or anything! Just so you know, I worked totally desperately!」

「You’re right, seeing from your desperation, was it 500 yen that you found just now I wonder? Good for you. With that you can live for a month.」

「No way I can. You think my food expense is 15 yen a day huh?」

「Excuse mee, forgive Sylvia to intrude while the two of you is busy desu.」

The transfer student from Britain who enrolled in the middle school section of Ataraxia, Sylvia Silkcut approached apologetically. Her body was small, and she had childish body style with little curve, but she was wearing a splendid bikini. It had a cute design with frills attached.

「Himekawa-senpai and Yurishia-senpai, please prepare for the next match desu.」

「What do you mean by that? Aren’t we the overall victor?」

Yurishia made a dubious expression. But she was answered by the silhouette that suddenly appeared.

「Fuh, that refers to being the champion in the match against seed team, do you get it?」

「Ne-, Nee-chan!?」

Kizuna’s big sister, Hida Reiri was standing there in swimsuit figure. Her breasts were covered with crossing strap type halter neck. That strap was only barely hiding Reir’s un-Japanese breasts that were largely protruding out.

「Your opponent is the team of this me and Sylvia.」

*ZASHAA-!* If felt like such sound effect could be heard when she said that in the pose of standing with the sun behind her. Kizuna made a wry smile at Reiri and Sylvia’s motivated expression.

「Nee-chan, also Sylvia too. Let’s not overdoing it more than that……aren’t there no way you can win against these two of Amaterasu?」

「No Kizuna. They are formidable enemies.」

Yurishia glared at the new enemy with a serious face. Himekawa also nodded with a meek face.

「The commander and Sylvia-chan……this will be tough.」

「I, is that so?」

Leaving aside Kizuna and Aine, both teams of the next match were getting fired up. Yurishia lifted up the corner of her mouth grinningly.

「Buut, if not in this kind of event, I too won’t have the chance to crush the commander♪」

Reiri also undauntedly made a fearless smile.

「Hmph. Do you think you can win against this me in a battle without Heart Hybrid Gear?」

Kizuna was staring with exasperated gaze at the two who were causing sparks between them.

「These people cannot be stopped huh……right, Aine?」

「Ridiculous. I cannot go along with them.」

Aine turned around and she headed toward the water’s edge.

「Oi, Aine」


Chapter 2   Summer of Heart Hybrid   Aine Arc   2


Kizuna chased behind Aine.

Aine put her foot into the sea. The approaching wave coiled around her bare foot in a pleasant way. And then when the wave pulled back, the sand was caressing her skin along with the wave and she was pulled into the sea. As though being lured by that wave, Aine entered into the sea.

「……It feels good.」

「Yeah, after all even though we are surrounded by sea, but we rarely have the chance to play in the sea. This become a good change of pace.」

Invited by the pleasantness of the water, Aine walked more and more toward the open sea. It seemed that the artificial beach was set as a wide shallow beach, and even when she went until a spot where the silhouette of people in the beach looked like speck, the water still only reached until her waist.

The beach was vast and people were sporadic here, so there was also no figure of people around Kizuna and Aine. In this distance voice also wouldn’t reach them as long as the caller didn’t shout with loud voice.

Kizuna’s eyes sparkled.

──’This is, the perfect chance to do Heart Hybrid.’

The mission that was levied on him in this holiday, that was to recover the Hybrid Count of Aine and others of Amaterasu.

That was to say Heart Hybrid.

A miracle that occurred when man and  woman who possessed Heart Hybrid Gear were joining their body and heart as one, and sharing their love and pleasure. Hybrid Count that had no prospect of getting recovered naturally would be recovered drastically by this outrageous phenomenon.

What was able to carry out this Heart Hybrid was only Kizuna’s Heart Hybrid Gear, 『Eros』.

Kizuna stared once again at Aine’s figure.

Each time the wave came, her navel that was at her tight waist was appearing and disappearing from view. However the water was pretty with high transparency. He could see from her waist below until her feet instead. Her long silver hair that was floating on the water was swaying forth and fro at the same time with the wave.

Her upper body that protruded out from the sea had beauty that made her looked like a mermaid princess. If she didn’t have a bad mouth and rude attitude, she would look like a princess inside a fairy tale. Her face feature was like an elaborate work of art. Her red eyes were clear like ruby. Long eyelashes decorated her eyes. White pretty skin. Pink glossy lips.

Her beauty looked artificial, but it was shocking how she looked like this despite not really wearing makeup.

The water drops on the surface of her lithe body were shining from the sunlight. There was beauty in her, but she looked vaguely ephemeral, as though she was something frail. Perhaps that was the fault of the little remaining Hybrid Count in Aine’s body.

Kizuna quietly circled his hands on Aine’s body from behind.

「Wha-……wa, wait!」

Aine jumped and shivered. She tried to get away from Kizuna in panic. However Kizuna joined his hands together in front of Aine’s waist and didn’t let her escape. And then instead, he brought Aine’s body close. Aine’s posture became one where she leaned her weight on Kizuna’s chest.

「Wha, what are you thinking! In this kind of place, what are you!?」

Aine’s cheeks were dyed red in a turn-about change from her composed face just now and she was flustered.

「Aine, your Hybrid Count is already running out until 10%. We have to do Heart Hybrid quickly.」

「I, I know that! But, even so we don’t need to do it in this kind of place!」

Aine wiggled and struggled to escape from Kizuna’s arms. However, to restrain her movement, Kizuna’s hand grabbed Aine’s breast.


「It’s because it’s this kind of place.」

Kizuna kept embracing Aine’s waist with his left hand, and his right hand was massaging Aine’s breast. No matter when he touched it, Aine’s breast felt good. While feeling the moderate weight on his palm, his fingers sunk into the large and soft bulge.

「Wha……what, ahn! Are you saying-, aah, I, I don’t, get……iyaaaahn!」

The sensation of Aine’s breast was like soft and fluffy cotton, when he put strength into his fingers, it overflowed from the gaps of his fingers. And yet, inside it there was hidden elasticity that pushed back on his fingers.

He relaxed his strength and opened his hand, and then he put strength again to distort the breast’s shape. While he was repeating that, Aine’s resistance was gradually weakening.

「Hauu……aahn♡ Do, don’t……I’m telling youuuuuu-」

Aine’s fingers that were holding on Kizuna’s hands were also not trying to separate them from her body anymore. Rather it felt like her fingers were pressing so that Kizuna’s hands wouldn’t let go.

「Today I have to do Heart Hybrid with three people. The first turn is Aine, starting from you.」

「First? Is that so, I’m the first?」

Aine’s eyes moistened.

「But, if that’s the case……then not this kind of place……somewhere where we can be alone together is……」

Aine’s thighs fidgeted and rubbed at each other shyly.

「Aine is a shy person after all. That’s why I think that conversely this kind of open way will make it easier for Heart Hybrid to succeed.」

「Wha……what foolishness aaaahn! Ah, don’t do that-!」

Kizuna inserted his fingers through the gap between Aine’s breast and her swimsuit. The stiff tip that was obvious even from above the swimsuit became even more obvious in hardness when it was touched directly.

「Hiyyaaaaaaaaan! Pi, pinching is……nnaaaaahh」

Kizuna used the pad of his fingertip to pinch and push in order to gently massage it. However instead of becoming softer, it was rapidly getting bigger and harder.

「Aa……that, fu, fuaaaa……ahn」

The more Kizuna’s hand moved intensely, the more the swimsuit was lifted up. And then finally the breast that couldn’t be hidden spilled out. The pink circle on the pure white skin was beautiful. The skin that was wet with sea water shined with luster, adding up even more obscene colouring.

「Yah! Do, don’t……it’s seen in the open」

Aine hugged her chest to hide it from view.

「It’s fine because there is no people nearby.」

「But, people like watchman or……」

「My body is hiding you so they cannot see. And there is no one at the open sea.」

Strength left Aine’s hand after such persuasion.

「Bu, but……just the breast okay? More than that, is no good.」

When she loosened her arms, the pressed breasts recovered their original shape. Aine’s breasts jiggled and appeared under the summer sunlight.

Those breasts that drew beautiful round curve looked soft, however various feelings like shame and immorality, and then pleasure and love were buried inside, straining up her skin looking like they would burst anytime now.

Aine’s breasts that looked like they would burst if they were poked with needle. Kizuna gently, and yet certainly rubbed in pleasure into them.


Sparkling light particles swam from inside Aine’s teary eyes.

──’Just a bit more until Heart Hybrid succeed. One more go.’

Kizuna slid his hand from Aine’s stomach toward below it. However his hand’s destination was firmly protected by Aine’s hand. Kizuna brought his lips close to Aine’s ear, and he whispered.

「If you let out a voice that loud, someone might hear you know?」


Aine closed her mouth with her hands in panic.

Kizuna’s hand extended even further below Aine’s abdomen in that opening. And then, his fingers slid on the chasm where the swimsuit was digging in.

Aine’s eyes opened wide in surprise. She looked behind at Kizuna and threw at him a gaze that was overflowing with anxiety, begging him for forgiveness. However Kizuna’s finger mercilessly dug in even stronger.


Pleasure became scream that leaked out from Aine’s mouth.

One of Kizuna’s hands caressed the breast, while the other caressed between her legs. The shape was clearly coming to the front through the swimsuit.

The part that brought intense pleasure to Aine was getting larger in opposition of her own intention. It was like that part was demanding even more pleasure, seeking for Kizuna’s finger. Perhaps it was Aine’s body expression her true feeling.

Blue light like powdered snow was starting to drift from Aine’s body.

──’Right here!’

Kizuna assaulted Aine’s body even more intensely. With tearful eyes Aine endured the limit of her pleasure endurance. Kizuna whispered into her ear.

「It’s fine. If it’s now, even if you let out a loud voice, there is no people in the range the voice can reach.」

Aine’s feeling slackened, at the same time her wall of reasoning crumbled.

「……E, a, do, DON’TTtTT aNNNAAAAANNNhhaAAAAA♥♥♥!!」

The delight that Aine’s body and heart was feeling appeared as explosion of light. Aine’s body was wrapped in blue light before it vanished soon.


Aine’s body lost strength and leaned on Kizuna’s body. Kizuna caught Aine’s body that almost sunk into the sea, and he peeked at her complexion.

「Are you okay, Aine?」

Aine might be fainting because she didn’t reply. Her face was beautiful like usual, but it wasn’t an ephemeral beauty like before, but looked overflowing with vitality.

Kizuna lifted Aine within his arms in princess carry and started walking toward the beach.

「There are Himekawa and Yurishia left huh……」

Kizuna thought that this day looked like it would be a long one.




Summer of Heart Hybrid   Hayuru Arc

Chapter 3   Summer of Heart Hybrid   Hayuru Arc   1


「Kizuna-kun!? Did something happen to Aine-san!?」

Himekawa raised a surprised voice seeing Kizuna returning while holding Aine in his arms.

Himekawa was wearing light blue bikini that was inserted with flower pattern of red and pink, on top of it she was wearing a white parka. With its fringe fluttering, she was running on the sandy beach toward Kizuna.

Yurishia also arrived a bit behind her.

「Just when I thought that I didn’t see you two anywhere for a bit……just what in the world happened?」

「No, don’t worry. She is only sleeping for a bit. It’s not like she drowned or anything.」

Yurishia frowned.

「Sleeping you say……」

She peeked at Aine’s face with an expression that wasn’t fully convinced. However it was just as Kizuna said, Aine was releasing a peaceful sleeper breath.

Himekawa also shrugged in amazement.

「To get tired and fell asleep, she is like a child.」

Even while speaking out complaint from her mouth, Himekawa smiled like a mother gazing at her child.

「Though even Aine-san look cut when she is sleeping isn’t it……」

Kizuna stayed silent and smiled wryly. And then with Aine still in his arms he went until the spot where there were beach parasols lining up, and he called at a person under the parasol.


A girl wearing glasses lifted up her face. Her swimsuit was a navy blue one piece. From a glance, the design could be mistaken as a school swimsuit.

On her chest there was a swaying portable keyboard hanging from her neck. She took that keyboard in her hand and when she typed the keys with her fingertips, a floating window floated in front of Kizuna. And then it was displaying text in flowing fashion.

『What’s the matter? Something happened to Aine?』

Shikina Kei. She was short, and her body style also looked childish with meager curve, but actually she was 24 years old. She was best friend with Kizuna’s big sister Reiri since their university student period, now she was serving as the person in charge of Nayuta Lab.

In contrast with her brain and talent, her ability to take communication with other people was remarkably low. She was able to converse using her raw voice was only with Reiri.

「We did Heart Hybrid but, she lost her consciousness then……sorry to trouble you Shikina-san but, can you look after her for a bit?」

『Roger. I’ll arrange a female staff of the lab to do it. Lay her down over here.』

Kei stood up and yielded the spot where she was sitting at. Kizuna entered under the parasol and laid down Aine on the leisure sheet.

『A helicopter will arrive five minutes later. You don’t need to worry about Aine.』

「No, it’s fine even if you don’t go that far though……please take care of her.」

This looked like a forced sending home, so wouldn’t Aine get angry when she woke up? Kizuna became somewhat uneasy like that, but he thought that it couldn’t be helped.

This event was two days and one night anyway. They would return to Ataraxia tomorrow. By the time Aine woke up, perhaps they too would be on the way home. He was looking over the sea while thinking about such thing. And then, an island floating on the sea entered his eyes.

It was a populated island with a total diameter of three kilometer. That was 『Strategic Defense Academy Ataraxia』. It was the front line for battle and also research regarding magic weapons that came from AU collision and Entrance.

It was connected with megafloat Japan where Kizuna and others were currently at using a linear railroad, but it was an independent float where entrance was restricted except from related people. Over there was an academy to raise human resources and research institute, and there was a city for the sake of those people.

Kizuna and others were students that attended Ataraxia’s high school section, while Kei was the person in charge of the research institute 『Nayuta Lab』.

In Nayuta Lab, the research regarding the phenomenon of AU collision was progressing, and the weapon development to defeat magic weapon was also carried out there together with it. Currently there was no effective method except Heart Hybrid Gear, but perhaps someday a weapon that could defeat magic weapon would be developed there.

「Come to think of it, what happened with the final match of the beach volleyball?」

While Kizuna was doing Heart Hybrid with Aine in the sea, Himekawa & Yurishia pair and Sylvia & Reiri pair should be doing final match in the beach.

Hearing that Himekawa and Yurishia’s shoulders dropped in dejection.

「…….We lost.」

「Good grief, we let our guard down. I knew that commander is strong, but Sylvia-chan’s physical ability is also shocking. We were tricked with her appearance that is like a small animal. It’s like she is actually a lion cub when we thought that she is a kitten.」

「Ah! Captaiinn-!」

That lion cub was rushing their way with a wide smile.

A transfer student from Britain. Sylvia Silkcut of the middle school section. Bikini that was attached with frills. Breasts that didn’t need to be worried to be shaking even when she was running. For some reason Kizuna sighed in relief at that smoothly flat body.

Sylvia ran toward him and without pause she leaped at Kizuna.

「Captain─, Sylvia won desu~♪」

She pressed and rubbed her head on Kizuna’s abdomen. Kizuna also felt pleasant from that. He gently patted her silky blonde hair.

「Yeah, that’s really amazing Sylvia. It’s really a big deal that you won against Himekawa and Yurishia who are in Amatarasu.」

Having her head patted by Kizuna, Sylvia floated a smile of ecstasy at him. From behind Sylvia, Kizuna’s big sister and Ataraxia’s commander, Hida Reiri approached.

「It’s the prize of winning. Sylvia, say anything you like. I’ll listen to it if it’s within the capability to be granted.」


Shock ran through Yurishia and Himekawa. Yurishia’s eyes shined fiercely.

──’Commander who is Kizuna’s big sister, is saying that she will give anything she like! Does that mean that Sylvia can receive Kizuna with his guardian’s approval!?’

Himekawa also fell into thought while furrowing her eyebrows.

──’Don’t tell me!? What commander mean by anything, for example it can be that kind of thing or this kind of thing with Kizuna-kun!?’

Sylvia put her finger on her lips and she tilted her head.

「As Sylvia thought……Sylvia want to try to experience Japan’s tradition, of striking blindfolded desu……」


Yurishia’s face turned red and she raised her voice reflexively.

「But but, this is a rare chance desu, so Sylvia also want to look at the world of adult desu……this is hard desu.」


Himekawa doubted her ears. ‘Just what is the pure and innocent Sylvia is talking about?’ Her face color changed to express such question.

Yurishia pressed a question at Sylvia in panic.

「You must not Sylvia! That kind of play is still too early for you!」

Himekawa also followed after Yurishia.

「That’s right! Something like the world of adult……furthermore, that kind of extreme act……it’s immoral and shameless! Sylvia-chan, please stay clean and pure just like you are now!」

Sylvia answered with a puzzled look at the two who were approaching here with dreadfully menacing look.

「Sylvia don’t really understand what the two of you senpai are talking about desu. Sylvia heard that the game of hitting watermelon blindfolded is the thing to do in summer at Japan desu. Also this is a rare chance that both of you senpai the ace of Japan and America are here desu. Sylvia wants to see the demonstration of the two senpai who are fighting in adult world for study desu. Sylvia absolutely cannot see anything like that in the middle school section desu.」

‘Aa……’ Both of them pressed on their head with such face. Reiri was staring with an exasperated look at such Yurishia and Himekawa.

「Good grief……you two are completely dirty.」

Kei’s window popped up in front of the face of everyone.

『There is a way to grant both wishes.』

Kei took out a spherical machine that looked like ball from inside a piled up case. The diameter was around thirty centimeter. Seeing Kei holding it with one hand, it seemed that it was lighter than its appearance.

It had vertical stripes on its surface, and there was green light shining on black parts, it looked like a watermelon depending on how one saw it. There was a lot of this machine that looked like watermelon inside the case, which Kei took out one after another.

『This is automatic flying target for training use. Its designation is 『Watermelon』. This thing is flying with trajectory that cannot be predicted.』

Yurishia grinned widely.

「I seee☆ So it’ll be a game of smashing that thing then?」

『Exactly. A competition of who will be the fastest of shooting down this wearing Heart Hybrid Gear.』

Himekawa also showed a confident smile.

「That sounds interesting. I’ll show Sylvia-chan the strength of Japan’s ace.」

Sparks scattered between Yurishia and Himekawa. It was an unexpected confrontation of Japan and America’s aces.

When Kei threw the watermelon to the sky, small thruster that it was internally equipped with made it flew up high in one go. Continuing after that, several watermelons were also thrown up. Each watermelon flew around with tricky movement every which way using thrusters that were installed on all their sides.

「Then I’ll start first……Cross!」

Dazzling golden light gathered on Yurishia’s body. When that light burst open, a blue armor appeared from under it.

The armor shined beautifully from the pouring down sunlight. It showed a deep high class coloring that looked like several layers of deep blue color coating the surface by several layers. Resplendent golden light ran on that blue.

This was Yurishia Farandole’s Heart Hybrid’s radiance.

She wasn’t wearing pilot suit, so the armor was equipped directly above her white bikini. It was a rare look of her that normally couldn’t be seen.

「Now, I’ll display my gorgeous show for the future member of Amaterasu.」


Yurishia’s lip service caused Sylvia’s cheeks to redden even while feeling surprised.

『Then, start』

At the same time with Kei’s signal, Yurishia drew out her particle guns. She tried to fix her aim at the targets, but their movement was fast and hard to aim at. The watermelons were circling around Yurishia in circle as though provoking her.

「Yurishia-san. Isn’t it difficult to shoot them down using gun?」

Yurishia showed a fearless smile at Himekawa who said that to her, and she pulled the trigger.


The flying watermelon was destroyed. Voice of admiration leaked out from the mouths of the people who were watching that up. However Yurishia’s guns didn’t stop. She spread out both her hands and pulled the trigger without delay. Her face kept facing forward. However the watermelons flying left and right exploded.

Next she rotated her body and twisted her hand, taking a posture that from a glance looked impossible before pulling her trigger. The shot that looked random crushed a watermelon that was moving trickily.

It was beautiful as though she was dancing elegantly.

And then when she directed her gun above her head, she shot down the last one.


She faced toward Kizuna and Sylvia and winked.

「Amazing desu……so this is Yurishia-senpai’s true strength desu……」

Sylvia directed a gaze of respect at Yurishia. It seemed that Yurishia didn’t feel that bad about that, she brushed off her blonde hair and her breasts that were big even under normal circumstances bounced.

「The time is……about twenty second. Then, next is Hayuru’s turn.」

「Understood. Then……Neros!」

Bright red armor was equipped on Himekawa’s body. The redness that possessed depth shined beautifully with luster. Even while it looked pretty, it was an armor that gave off dreadfulness. Its design vaguely resembled Japanese armor.

She was wearing bikini like Yurishia, so the exposure rate was a level higher compared to her usual pilot suit. Her figure that was equipped with Heart Hybrid Gear wearing that kind of swimsuit looked somewhat obscene.

「Then here I go!」

Kei was already throwing more than ten watermelons that were flying to the direction of the open sea.

「Wai……why are they going that far!」

Himekawa hurriedly flew to the sky. Himekawa’s Neros specialized in close and medium distance attack, and it was not very good for long range attack. Himekawa engaged her thrusters and chased the watermelons. When she was hot on their heel, she yelled the name of her sure-kill technique.


Swords flew freely through the sky following Himekawa’s will. Normally the swords floated behind Himekawa, but now they flew like a fired arrow. And then the Blades caught up with the watermelons and carved them into two.

「I did it! Next is──」

At that time, something strange happened to Himekawa’s body. She suddenly lost speed, and right after that she was falling toward the sea.

「Wha……thi, this is……」

Himekawa opened her floating window and checked Neros’s condition. There, the Hybrid Count that was the energy of Heart Hybrid Gear was already decreasing until 5% remaining.

「Kuh……this is Himekawa! I’ll perform emergency landing on nearby island! I’m sorry but, please send me rescue.」



Chapter 4   Summer of Heart Hybrid   Hayuru Arc   2


「Himekawa! I’m glad……you are safe.」

At the water edge of a beautiful white sandy beach, there was Himekawa whose Neros had vanished and returned to her swimsuit figure, standing with her arms crossed. Kizuna who was wearing Heart Hybrid Gear landed there.

「Kizuna-kun! I’m sorry, it’s unbecoming for an Amaterasu member to do something like emergency landing……」

「Your remaining Hybrid Count is few, that’s why it cannot be helped.」

Kizuna made a comforting smile and he opened a communication window.

『Kizuna? Is Hayuru over there?』


Kizuna seemed like he thought of something and replied after a pause.

「She isn’t here. Perhaps she is in the next island.」

『Roger. Then, I’ll also try searching.』

Yurishia winked before the window vanished.


Kizuna dispelled his Heart Hybrid Gear and returned to his swimsuit look.

「Err……what’s wrong? The report to everyone just now……」

Perhaps having a bad premonition, Himekawa asked Kizuna with a long face.

「I’ll report later. This place is an unpopulated island where there is no one watching, I think it’s just the right place to recover Himekawa’s Hybrid Count.」

Himekawa’s face became bright red right away.

「Wha, what shameless thing you are saying just now! Forget about that, please bring me back until the float quickly!」

「It’s impossible, because my Heart Hybrid Gear is powerless, it cannot do something like flying while carrying Himekawa. So that Himekawa can return back by your own power, we’ve got to do Heart Hybrid and recover your Hybrid Count.」

「Kuh……this is unfair! Telling me something that I cannot refuse like that」

Kizuna put his hand on Himekawa’s shoulder.

「If you falling like today actually happen in real battle…….Himekawa might die from that. This is not a joking matter. This is related to Himekawa’s life.」

Himekawa was overwhelmed by Kizuna’s serious eyes and voice. He was worrying about her like this. When she thought that, the inside of her chest became hot and even her face was flushed.

「I, I understand……this is also within my duty……」

Kizuna spread the sheet he brought on the beach.

「Lay down here.」

Himekawa obediently laid down. Something slimy was spread on the back of Himekawa who was laying on her belly.

「Hyah! Wha, what’s that?」

「It’s sunblock lotion. Also, Shikina-san said that it has effect to spur on Heart Hybrid.」

「Somehow, I get a bad premonition about that……」

Slimy oil was spread from Himekawa’s shoulders until her shoulder blade and backbone. The more the viscous lotion was spread, the more Himekawa’s body shined gleamingly. The luster of her shiny skin looked really lewd.

「Nh! Ki, Kizuna-kun-, do, don’t touch my back, like that……」

Kizuna’s fingers were coming and going on her spine. Each time his fingers slid, Himekawa’s body trembled. Kizuna used that hand to untied the bikini’s string.

「Ah! Wha, what are you!?」

「Suntan mark will remain see. The lotion need to be lathered completely.」

「No, no one will look at that place!」

Himekawa pressed her upper body on the sheet and used both her arms to guard the side of her breasts. Kizuna pretended to not hear Himekawa’s complaining voice to dodge the question and he grabbed Himekawa’s large butt.


The excessive pleasure caused Himekawa’s upper body to bend. That force caused her lifted up breast to be exposed under the sun and jiggled.


She laid down in panic and hid her breasts under her body. Kizuna didn’t mind that and lathered the oil on Himekawa’s soft butt.

「Hiuh……Ki, Kizuna-kun, tha, that place is fine already. It’s already enough……right?」

Himekawa was appealing with moist eyes. However, that wasn’t her true feeling. Kizuna inserted his hand between the butt and the swimsuit, and then he pulled down her swimsuit.

「Wha!? What are, you doing-!」

「We are finally at a place where there is no one. I thought that Himekawa can also become liberated like this.」

「This is too liberated! Aaah don’t!」

The swimsuit was easily pulled out from Himekawa’s ankles. With this Himekawa became stark naked. Her body that was slippery and shiny from oil twisted and she attempted to escape somehow from Kizuna’s gaze and the sun, but it was a pointless effort.

「Aahn, geez! Kizuna-kun you dummy, mean──aAAAAAAAA!」

Unable to endure the pleasure from the massage on her butt, Himekawa unconsciously turned her body around and faced up to protect her butt. Kizuna unconsciously gulped his throat audibly.

Her beautiful skin that was glistening with oil was exposed under the sun without a single string covering her. Kizuna touched Himekawa’s nicely shaped breasts.


Himekawa hid her breasts with her hand to protect them. However Kizuna’s hands were already grabbing the breasts firmly. Making use of the slippery oil, he glided the breasts inside his palms and rubbed in the pleasure.

The tip of Himekawa’s breasts were gradually increasing in hardness, tickling the palms of Kizuna. And then, Himekawa’s pleasure was also heightening following that.

Himekawa’s arms that were pressing tightly drove out Kizuna’s hand and his hand slipped down. However without stopping that hand was caressing Himekawa’s abdomen.

「Fuaaah! Don’t……that, place……」

Himekawa laid upside down to protect the place below there. The surface of the sheet was smeared all over with oil, it was slippery to the degree that she couldn’t rise up with her own strength.

Kizuna grasped Himekawa’s butts that were facing up and opened them. Over there was an organ that absolutely couldn’t be shown to other people, with the entrance closed reservedly.

「Hiuh! Hi, Kizuna, kun……please, only, that place……」

Himekawa was staring at Kizuna with teary eyes. However, Kizuna noticed. Inside her eyes, there was light of Heart Hybrid floating.

「Aa……don’t worry, Himekawa.」

Kizuna’s gentle voice made Himekawa leaked out sigh of relief.

「The Heart Hybrid will be finished with this.」

Kizuna slipped in his finger into that place of Himekawa.

「tsu……!? ……ka……hah!」

Himekawa’s eyes were opened wide as though wanting to say that she couldn’t believe it. And then Kizuna pushed in his finger even deeper, and bent his finger. At that moment, sparks scattered in front of Himekawa’s eyes.

Violent pleasure pierced from her butt until her head.


Along with that shriek, red light overflowed from Himekawa’s body. There wasn’t even any need to confirm the status.

With this Kizuna was convinced that Himekawa’s Hybrid Count was completely recovered.

「Heart Hybrid……finished.」

Himekawa was convulsing above the sheet that was covered with oil. Seeing that sight, Kizuna’s feeling felt a bit awkward.

「……Certainly, this is a bit too liberated I think?」

Staring at Himekawa’s butt that shivered each time she convulsed, Kizuna whispered like that.




Summer of Heart Hybrid   Yurishia Arc

Chapter 5   Summer of Heart Hybrid   Yurishia Arc   1


At megafloat Japan’s Kanagawa float, at the Shounan area that was used for Amaterasu’s holiday trip, the night was coming. The plan was to stay for a night in an inn at the coastland for today before returning to Ataraxia tomorrow.

The mission that was assigned to Kizuna during the holiday was to perform Heart Hybrid to Amaterasu members that were Aine, Himekawa, and Yurishia to recover the three’s Hybrid Count.

Heart Hybrid with Aine and Himekawa was already finished.

「So only Yurishia left……」

Under a shrine archway that was made from stone, Kizuna paid attention to the sandal strap of the wooden clogs that he was not used to wear while staring at the light of the night stalls ahead of the shrine path.

The path that was continuing to the dark shrine forest was enveloped in light only in this day. Under that light, the people living in Kanagawa float were coming and going with smiling face.

It wasn’t a crowd that consisted of only students and researchers like in Ataraxia, but a flow of people where young and old, male and female were mingled. There were a lot of people in casual clothes, but there were also often figures of people wearing yukata entering his eyes. Kizuna was also wearing a deep blue yukata that was lent by the inn for free.

When he was thinking nostalgically of the past that the last time he was wearing something like yukata was when he was a child and got brought by his big sister Reiri along to a lantern festival dance, there was a voice that called at Kizuna.


Sylvia was rushing through the road at the opposite end of the shrine path with a small jog. From behind her there was Shikina Kei arriving. At present she must be acting as guardian. Kei was wearing a rough T-shirt and short pant. On top of that she was wearing her usual lab coat.

「Sorry to make you wait desu♪」

Sylvia was wearing a cute yukata with design of yellow and orange chrysanthemum and white background. It really suited her as though expressing her cuteness and brightness.

「Aah Sylvia, that really suited you. You look cute.」

Hearing Kizuna speaking his impression honestly, Sylvia’s cheeks reddened and she fidgeted her body shyly.

「Ehehehe, no way, Sylvia feel embarrassed desuu~」

「My, Kizuna. You don’t even give me any word?」

Slightly behind, Yurishia arrived while making light sound from her wooden clogs. The yukata she was wearing had flower pattern faint blue and vermilion. It was an extravagant yukata that had slight luster.

「Eh? No. Of course that yukata suited you, you are looking really beautiful.」

「Fufufu thank you♡ I’m happy you invited me. Aine and Hayuru are also not here, what a nice timing♪」

Yurishia snuggled close at Kizuna’s side with a natural action and she touched the tip of her breast on Kizuna’s arm.

「O, oi. Yurishia……」

With a wide smile Yurishia answered the flustered Kizuna.

「Don’t worry about it, after all I’m doing it intentionally♡」

Kizuna stared at Yurishia’s gorgeous body that was wrapped in a beautiful yukata.

The sexy body with violent curve couldn’t be restrained by the yukata. Her largely straining out breasts were splendidly proclaiming their largeness. They pushed up greatly at the yukata, opening the collar line looking as though her cleavage would come into view anytime now.

From her waist that was tightened by the yukata sash below, her large butt was projecting out greatly. Similar like her breasts, at this spot her butt was also jutting out, the shape of the round butts and the valley in between was emerging distinctly.

Just from looking, it felt like the soft sensation was transmitted to his palm. Kizuna suddenly noticed that there was no line of underwear on that butt.

「Yurishia, by any chance your underwear……」

「Eh? I’m not wearing them. Underwear isn’t worn under Japanese clothes right?」

Saying that, Yurishia puffed up her chest proudly. Looking carefully, the tip of her breast looked slightly protruding out.

「No, that’s like a bit of misunderstanding──」

「Now, let’s go Sylvia. After all this is reward for Sylvia who won the beach volley. After looking around the festival, let’s go the spot of firework display.」

「Sorry desu. Sylvia’s selfishness is……」

What Sylvia hoped for was going to festival, and there she wanted to see firework display. Kizuna quickly called to Yurishia and Kei, and also Reiri, it was just at the right timing that at that time there was a summer festival taking place at the shrine near the beach, and a firework display could be watched at the coast.

「What are you saying. This is a reward, so enjoy it with your all. Ah, but later I’ll borrow Kizuna for a bit okay? I have a bit of business with him.」

Sylvia became all smile and replied energetically.

「Yes! Ro─ger desu!」

「By the way Shikina-san. Nee-san isn’t together with you?」

Kei took out a keyboard from her pocket and typed on the keys *pochi pochi* with her thumbs. And then a floating window appeared in front of Kizuna’s eyes.

『Reiri returned to Ataraxia because of an emergency business. There is a possibility of an Entrance appearing nearby. She went to deal with that.』

「Entrance? Will it be fine?」

『Right now it’s in the middle of investigation. We think that there is no emergency but, I’ll also return later.』

Although it wasn’t emergency, but it was a concerning information. Toward Kizuna who was making a difficult expression, Kei told him to enjoy the current holiday while carrying out his remaining duty.

「Understood……then, first let’s start looking at the stall in this area.」

Following Kizuna’s suggestion, the four looked around the columns of stall lining up inside the shrine ground. Starch syrup and cotton candy, mask shop and goldfish scooping and so on, both Sylvia and Yurishia’s eyes were sparkling seeing the numerous night stalls for the first time.

And then after looking around through a street, Yurishia spoke.

「Then, I’ll slip put a bit with Kizuna now. We will return before the firework display start.」

Leaving behind Sylvia who was waving her hand with a smile and Kei who was waving her hand expressionlessly, Yurishia took Kizuna’s arm and pulled him toward the back of the shrine ground.

「Where are you taking me, Yurishia?」

Yurishia looked back at Kizuna and she sent him a wink across her shoulder.

「Fufufu. A-go-od-pla-ce, ‘kay♡」

Kizuna’s spine shivered at the bewitching charm hidden inside that mischievous smile.

Kizuna lightly cleared his throat and letting his hand getting pulled by Yurishia, he ascended a dark stair. It seemed it was a path that climbed the back mountain of the shrine.

「Here, we arrived.」

When they reached the top of the stair, there was a shrine that was cleanly maintained despite its small space.

When Kizuna turned around and stared at the scenery from the top of the stair, they were at an elevation that was higher than he thought, the field of view was opened wide there and he could see across until the far away city.

「Uwah……this is a great sight.」

Shining below his eyes were the festival of the shrine that was bustling and the lighting of the city alongside the sea. The light was shining along the coastline, drawing the Kanagawa float’s outer edge part inside the darkness.

That was an artwork of shining light inside the darkness. The sea of night at the opposite side was enveloped by black darkness.

But inside that darkness the lighting of Ataraxia was emerging like a nightless city. Behind it was the full starry sky. It was as though Ataraxia was drifting in outer space.

「I was taught of this place by a classmate whose origin is from Kanagawa float. This is a good out-of-the-way date spot she said.」

「Certainly……there is no people here despite the romanticness──wait, Yurishia?」

Yurishia pushed her breast on Kizuna’s arm. And then her slender fingertips slipped inside Kizuna’s yukata on his chest.

「You have done Heart Hybrid to both Aine and Hayuru. Naturally, you will also do it with me right?」

Yurishia’s slender fingers that crawled around his chest, and the sweet fragrance of flower from her hair made Kizuna’s chest throbbed hard. Thinking that he was no match against Yurishia, Kizuna made a wry smile.

「I didn’t think that Yurishia will be the one that brought it up.」

「Because, I don’t know when you will invite me. Even though I was planning to invite Kizuna……is my charm that lacking?」

She rubbed her body on him like a spoiled child. Her cheek leaned on him and the tip of her greatly protruding breast touched Kizuna’s chest. Kizuna suddenly smiled and his hand reached out to the breast that was pushing up her yukata.

「Even though you actually know just how charming your self is」

Yurishia narrowed her moist eyes and she whispered.

「Kizuna, teach me……where do you feel charm from me……ah」

Kizuna brushed up Yurishia’s soft breast from below as though to lift it up.

Yurishia’s breast was too big, that the chest area of her yukata was naturally bared open. Kizuna massaged with his hand and the opening of her collar widened even further.

「Aa……nh, as, as I thought, you like……my breast?」

She didn’t look reluctant, rather Yurishia whispered proudly.

「Yeah. As expected it’s amazing, Yurishia’s breast is. But……」

Kizuna slipped in his hands into her collar and without stopping he opened it to the left and right, stopping so that the tip of her breasts were barely hidden, exposing Yurishia’s both shoulders bare.

And then Kizuna pressed his lips on her white neck. There Yurishia’s lips leaked out a heated breath.

「Haa……fufu, for some reason, it’s like a vampire Kizuna is sucking my blood.」

Even while saying that, Yurishia closed her eyes from feeling pleasant.

Kizuna advanced his lips from the neck to the shoulder, and then to her collarbone before continuing to the valley of her breast as though to taste Yurishia.

A nice fragrance drifted from Yurishia’s skin, seducing Kizuna’s mouth and tongue, as though tempting him to go even more ahead, deeper.



Chapter 6   Summer of Heart Hybrid   Yurishia Arc   2


「Nh, aah! Haa, Ki, Kizunaa」

Kizuna’s tongue was advancing through Yurishia’s breast valley just as invited, from there it climbed the skin colored mountain. From the steep slope he licked up through the ridgeline that was drawing a gentle curve.

Yurishia’s spine trembled. She was standing ready in preparation of the intense pleasure that would be coming before long.

However Kizuna’s tongue wasn’t ascending until the peak, but coming and going at the foot of mountain part teasingly.

「Fuh, u, uu……an, Kizuna. Geez, don’t tease me」

Yurishia gasped and whispered, then she pulled down the yukata that was barely hiding the tip of her breasts by herself.

In front of Kizuna’s eyes, Yurishia’s white breast came out of hiding and became exposed.

The tip that was pink colored was stretching itself as though it was waiting impatiently for Kizuna.

「Please……I’m, already……」

Yurishia who was letting out an ardent voice felt really lovely for Kizuna. The former ace of America that was extolled as the world’s strongest was writhing from looking forward to pleasure.


And then Kizuna put that tip into his mouth, his tongue rolled it, and he sucked.


Heart Hybrid Gear’s core that was embedded inside Yurishia and Kizuna’s body shined brightly, life energy became light particles and overflowed from the two’s body.

That radiance illuminated the shrine and danced around the two’s body. And then, they were absorbed into Yurishia and Kizuna’s body once more.

At that moment, the two’s Hybrid Count was completely recovered.

「Yurishia, with this the Heart Hybrid is finished.」

「It’s, over……already?」

Yurishia smiled at Kizuna with an obscene expression.

「Eh? Uwah!?」

This time Yurishia crawled her tongue on Kizuna’s chest. And then, her finger tips that were like white fish began to caress lovingly from Kizuna’s abdomen to below it.

──’This is……Heart Hybrid’s aphrodisiac effect?’

Heart Hybrid had side effect. It was an effect where the female’s desire was heightened, and their state became like drunk from alcohol. And then, by skillfully using that side effect──,

「……Yosh, Yurishia. We are progressing to the next Hybrid right away.」

Kizuna also caressed Yurishia’s thigh and divided her yukata’s fringe in rivalry.

「Hyaahn, a, aaahn」

When his hand went up the smooth thigh, there was a part that possessed remarkable heat among Yurishia’s body parts lying in wait there.

「Do, don’t, Kizuna. This time, I want to……ahn, make you feel gooddd」

She shook her blonde hair into a disheveled state going ‘no no’. However Yurishia’s place there was happily accepting Kizuna’s finger tip in opposition with Yurishia’s will.

「That’s no good. It’s necessary for us to share pleasure and love with each other. That’s why, it’ll be meaningless if both of us don’t do it together.」


Kizuna granted stimulation at Yurishia’s most sensitive place while whispered into her ear.

「Just now, you asked me where do I feel charm from you right?」

「Haah! Ye, yes. Nh, aaaah」

Kizuna softly whispered from a distance where his lips touched her ear.

「Yurishia’s charm is……your beauty」


Kizuna’s words became paralyzing pleasure that pierced through from Yurishia’s ear to her head.

「Your strength, coolness, your smart mind, but you are thinking about your comrades and is a kind person.」

His whispering voice lovingly caressed Yurishia’s whole body from the inside. Yurishia’s earlobe that was directly receiving the whisper became bright red as though it was burned.

「Ki, Kizuna……tha, that’s already enough」

Yurishia whose cheeks were dyed red said that with moist eyes. However Kizuna didn’t pay attention and continued.

「Even though you are a lovely existence that everyone longed for, but you are an extraordinarily bewitching girl.」

At that moment, the inside of Yurishia’s head became hot as though it was boiling. Not overlooking that timing, Kizuna’s hand strongly pushed in at Yurishia’s sensitive part, sending her a conspicuously intense pleasure.


Yurishia’s head and body was ran through by a terrific pleasure.

She instantly bit her lips and got moved to tears.

Heart shaped light was floating in her eyes.

And then, scream of ecstasy surged out from her drooling mouth.


Violent light was released from Yurishia’s body. That light became a pillar that rushed toward the night sky.

「Climax Hybrid success!」

At that time, an alarm resounded as though picking that specific timing.

「What!? This is……」

As though answering Kizuna’s question, a floating window rose up. There the figure of his big sister Reiri was projected.

『Kizuna, this is emergency situation! At a location fifteen kilometer to the east of megafloat Japan, a battleship of another world appeared.』

「What did you say!?」

The possibility of Entrance outbreak that Kei told him came true. Cold sweat trickled on Kizuna’s forehead.

『The battleship is already heading here from the Entrance. Kizuna, can Yurishia sortie?』

Faster than Kizuna could answer, a voice came from behind him.

「No problem. Leave it to me.」

Yurishia stood up with her yukata bared open. And then she loosened her yukata sash, stripped it, and threw it away resolutely.


She yelled the name of her core and Yurishia’s sexy body was enveloped in light. And then that light burst and blue armor was equipped on the part where the light vanished.

When all the light vanished, Yurishia’s body was equipped with Heart Hybrid Gear 『Cross』.

However she wasn’t currently wearing pilot suit.

Her figure that was wearing only Cross on her naked body was unbelievably provocative. Her defenseless bare skin peeked out from the gaps of her armor, her jiggling breasts and butts were also fully exposed.

She looked really lewd but beautiful. The charm of Yurishia’s flesh even felt like it was increased by several times over. Regardless of the time being an emergency, Kizuna was watching at her appearance in fascination.

「……-, Yurishia! Are you okay without wearing pilot suit?」

Yurishia scoffed at the worried Kizuna.

「It’s fine. If it’s with my speed, no eyes will be able to catch up to me no matter who they are. I won’t show my body to anybody other than Kizuna, so don’t worry☆」

She winked and raised one of her hands to the side.

Kizuna thought inside his heart 「That’s not what I mean though」, but before he could revise his question, a magic circle spread from Yurishia’s fingertips.

Yurishia grasped the trigger that showed up its face from inside the magic circle and pulled it out from the magic circle.

It was a huge stake shooting device with shape like a cross.

It could pierce every armor, skewered the existence, and annihilated the very existence itself from inside.

Not caring of the good and evil of the target, this merciless cross could slaughter everything equally.

There was no object that could maintain their existence if they were pierced by this stake.


However its range, was less than one meter.


──Corruption Armament, Crosshead.

It was an ultimate weapon that became possible to be used after doing Climax Hybrid. That was Corruption Armament.

「For my trump card who specialize in long range attack to be super close range weapon, what an irony.」

Yurishia smiled thinly before directing Crosshead’s tip at the night sky. There was faint shining red light ahead of there. The ominous light that was emitted by AU battleship.

「Kizuna, watch me from there.」

The Differential Frame equipped on Yurishia’s back emitted light fiercely like a rocket.

The next moment, Yurishia’s body went away from the mountain where the shrine was located and rushed through the night sea. The Differential Frame that boasted immense output accelerated Yurishia who was carrying Crosshead until the speed of sound instantly.

The one kilometer class AU battleship put on their guard against the rapidly approaching object and materialized ten-odd layers of shield. Against conventional weapon, it was an iron defense that wouldn’t be broken through even by a layer.


That shield was smashed apart like glass.

There was nothing at all that could block Crosshead.

Even the battleship’s cannon couldn’t follow Cross’s speed.

The AU battleship allowed Yurishia’s approach helplessly.

And then, the tip of Crosshead touched the armor.


When Yurishia pulled the trigger, fierce heat and steam, and then overflowing particles were spewed out while Crosshead shot out the giant stake.

The sharp tip pierced through the battleship’s armor. The AU armor that wouldn’t even be scratched by conventional weapon was destroyed like paper.

The impact penetrated the battleship, and a huge tunnel pierced the ship from the bow until the stern. The metallic stake sent dreadful amount of particle inside the battleship at the same time.

And then the particles that invaded inside were rampaging at the internal of the battleship, pulverizing all the internal machines altogether.

The particles that were looking for exit before long broke the armor from inside and flew outside.

The battleship couldn’t even maintain its shape and before long it transformed into fierce flash that illuminated the sky and sea.

Tremendous flame and shockwave spread.

The atmosphere shook, furious shockwave caused waves. And then roaring explosive sound crossed through the sea. That impact also reached the mountain alongside the coast, shaking Kizuna’s body fiercely.

「It’s amazing like usual huh……」

Kizuna whispered in amazement while staring at the gigantic explosion blooming above the sea.

『Kizuna! Was the battleship destroyed!?』

Reiri who was at Ataraxia asked from the window.

「Yeah. Yurishia crushed it using Corruption Armament just now.」

『I see……that’s a really convenient timing for you two to do Climax Hybrid.』

Kizuna was startled inside his heart, but Reiri didn’t pursue more than that.

『I’ll ask for the detail later. I’ll send out rescue squad quickly.』

「Aah……no, there is no need for the rescue squad.」

Kizuna said that while staring at Yurishia who was flying his way. Yurishia looked the same like before, her appearance was stark naked wearing Heart Hybrid Gear.

──’There is no way we can show her appearance like that to everyone.’

「Errrr, Nee-chan? The firework display that Sylvia is especially looking forward at will be after this you see. We are going to return to Ataraxia after finishing watching it.」

After cutting off the transmission, Kizuna picked up Yurishia’s yukata and dusted off the dirt on it. When he looked up at the sky, it was at that timing Yurishia was landing.

「Kizuna─! How is it? Did you see my showtime?」

Repelling the army that came from AU was the duty of Amaterasu. It also included taking back Japan, and the world someday.

「Yeah, that was the best.」

When he answered like that while handing over her yukata, Yurishia smiled happily. Aine, Himekawa, Yurishia, everyone was his reliable comrades.

If he had these comrades, then driving away AU enemy and taking back Japan weren’t a dream, he was able to think like that.

「Captain──! So you are in this kind of place desu~」

A small shadow rushing up the stair came into his view. She was waving her hand with all her strength while smiling happily.

In order to protect that smile too, they had to win against the AU enemy no matter what. Looking toward Sylvia with a gentle smile, Kizuna renewed the determination inside his heart.

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  1. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Thanks 4 the translation!

    Well, Aine has always been a sore loser. Not surprised by how she acted after losing the match.


  2. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Thanks 4 the translation!

    2 down, 1 to go.


  3. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Thanks 4 the translation!

    Yurishia is certainly the most aggressive here.


  4. Anonymous says:

    thank you 4 the chapter


  5. gustirp says:

    Will someone please make the pdf? pretty pleaseeeeee….

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  6. Ikki Kun says:

    ty for translation ,let’s hope volume 12 be a bless ,i hope for some romantic development with aine though instead of pure ecchiness


  7. JeruTz says:

    So now I’m wondering where in the timeline this fits in. Yurishia’s first Climax Hybrid was in volume 3 right before Okinawa, and yet no mention is made of the Masters. Since Silvia has no core yet though there’s nowhere else it can fit.


    • Ikki Kun says:

      Don’t try to connect dots from short stories to the main one ,because volume 11 short stories doesn’t fit at all to the main story i kinda gave up on trying to connect dots. Only gravel core reinstall was related to the main story.


      • JeruTz says:

        Well towards the end of volume 11 they hinted that the world was one newly created by Nayuta and yet only Reiri and Kei seemed aware of that fact. Kizuna and the rest seemed unaware that Nayuta was a god and throughout the volume many characters repeatedly questioned the reality around them. So it may not be as unrelated as it initially seems.


  8. mbartlett84 says:

    Can SOMEBODY please consider making a PDF for this Side Story. I’ve been all over asking but nobody seems to have the time. It’s not like it’s a Whole volume so it should not take a lot of someone time to upload one. Baka-Tsuki don’t even have Vol 11 released yet and there is no link here for on either but there is on the Baka-Tsuki pdf request link. Usually kazuto12 post a pdf for Volumes when Bakapervert is done but not this time. Please Someone make a PDF. Thanks


  9. Ayllien says:

    Will there be a full course anytime in the near future?
    I’m tired of appetizers and pre-play.


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