HxH Vol 1

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Chapter 1 – Ataraxia

Chapter 2 – The First Mission

Chapter 3 – Calm Ordinary Day

Chapter 4- Heart Hybrid




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32 Responses to HxH Vol 1

  1. ドクロ says:

    The absolute madman did it again.
    Thanks bro.


  2. SleepyDave says:

    WHERES THE EPUB!!11!1!!! Sorry, I (nearly) only read epubs ^^


  3. Antares says:

    Hey guys just wanna ask if this has more ecchi than Magika. I think Magika level ecchi is the climax of enjoyment in a non-hentai romantic shounen light novel but additional ero ero stuff only decreases the fun. Of course that’s just my opinion. But if mr bakapervert is translating then it should be as good…


  4. Jacob brodt says:

    Man tearing through this one too, as usual thanks for the translations keep up the good work


  5. Thanks for Translating HXH but will be adding any pdf links after you finish each volume. They would be much help for downloading to read easier please.


  6. flat says:

    Hey, this series is getting an anime in the summer!


    • We know That but it will not be the same as reading the light novels since the anime cuts a lot out from the LN to shorten the Episodes made. They do that for all Anime. Anime Never tells the whole story or they rush through the Manga and LN to skip to the Ending to Spoil the Reading for us all. Every anime does it.


  7. Thanks for Translating HXH novels but Can you add PDF Link Files after you finish each volume for downloading. It would make it so much easier to read on the Go when someone don’t have time to sit and read it on this blog. Thanks and hope you get around to reapplying back out of your busy time.


  8. Ren says:

    is there an epub for this?


    • That is what i have been asking for away to download each volume when Him or Her finishes each volume. Either a PDF link or epub link would do but no reply back when asked.


      • bakapervert says:

        I don’t even made the pdf. Someone else created it and I just post the link. So unless you’re lucky and someone create it, no epub will appear.


        • I not Demanding either it might sound like I am but trust me it’s not my Intention to sound like an Ass. I just though since there are PDF’s posted to the Page up top you where the one creating them and could do the Same for HxH. Sorry to upset you if i did with my inquiry. Since you do make them then is it Okay if Make PDF’s for each volume after you finish translating them and after that give you a link so you can post them here for everyone interested in reading these Light novels.


      • Ren says:

        I’m not demanding the bakapervert to create a PDF or EPUB for the release. Just expecting one becuase I saw it on BT. I know some dont really create those, and I respect how they do their things.

        I’ll wait for someone the create an epub. but anyway, Thanks for this release.


  9. bakapervert – Here @
    is the Correct fixed link for volume 1 pdf . No decryption key needed this time. I check the link before posting it this time to make sure it works. Link will go right to the pdf download page. Sorry for any mix up’s and any further pdf’s will be done correctly next time.


  10. for anyone Epub version witch I created with GrabMyBooks( so it maybe lack sam text formating)


  11. Is Vol 8 the End like in Final Novel for the Books Because I have searched for days now and Can’t seem to find any new volumes begin released this year past 8 on all online Book stores English and Non-English Sites. Even Amazon.co.jp where I buy my Japanese Novels don’t have anything new after vol 8 and they had it as a Pre-order items months before it was going to be released in Japan.


  12. Was vol 9 the End. Is there going to be a possibility of a 10th.


  13. When does volume 13 release? Just curious. Read the afterward of 12 and author said’s 13 will be the final Volume.


  14. Also forgot to ask if there is anywhere to download finished volumes of Arifureta translated.


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