HxH Vol 2 Epilogue


The fleet of AU retreated into the Entrance of Guam.

After that, Ataraxia’s technology research division led by Kei landed on Guam and sealed the Entrance. Kizuna, Aine, Himekawa, the three were accompanying them as guard.

“So this is an Entrance……”

Kizuna looked up at the Entrance towering up before his eyes.

The scenery at the other side of the Entrance was wavering like a view projected on a water surface.

“How amazing……for a day where we can calmly look at this to come……this is like a dream.”

Himekawa was also murmuring in deep admiration.

This was the first time they had ever stared fixedly at an Entrance from this near.

On the ground, several cables were pulled, connected to several large machines that seemed like generator equipment, computer and various measuring machinery were also further linked to it.

“Through here……we can come and go through to the AU.”

Aine knitted her eyebrows.

“Yeah……it’s a complicated feeling when I thought that many magic weapons came out from this Entrance. Well, right now it is sealed though. I want to ask in detail about it to Shikina-san.”

There was a tent after walking for a while, inside Kei was scuffling with a computer. However, she raised up her face when Kizuna and the others approached.

“Shikina-san. Will the AU bunch really not be able to enter this world with this?”

{Unknown. This is the first experiment.}

That was what she said, so it was possible for those guys to suddenly return here.

But if it succeeded, they could stop the invasion from AU. This was a monumental great invention.

“And……the theory and blueprint of this sealing system, is the true shape of the mysterious radio wave, is that true?”

Aine questioned Kei.

{Correct. The mysterious radio wave that was the cause of our coming in Guam was something sent by Megafloat West USA. The sealing system was analyzed in West USA, but performing that just by one country is extremely difficult. And so they intended to cooperate with the surrounding Megafloat and sent that radio wave.}

“I see……so it’s a false alarm.”

Himekawa sighed.

{It took time to analyze the radio wave itself. It would of been great if we understood it a little faster. My apologies.}

Kizuna shook his head and laughed.

“No. The result is all right in the end.”

{Just, there is a problem.}

Kei expressionlessly continued to type on the keyboard.

{Who was the one developing this technology and who sent it?}

“Eh? It’s not West USA?”

Kizuna made a puzzled expression.

{West USA was also only receiving the transmission of radio wave with the same content from an unknown originator. It seemed that they searched for that radio wave originator and arrived in the coastal waters of Guam.}

Aine spoke as if remembering something.

“Hey……then, what about the communication device in Andersen air force base? If I remember right there is the trace of someone using it but……by any chance, was is transmitted from there?”

Kei didn’t answer that question, her hand was hovering over the keyboard without moving.

“Aine, even if it’s Shikina-san, there is no way she can know that right?”

“……I guess. Well, it doesn’t really matter.”

Aine looked aside with a bored look.


Kei was staring fixedly at Kizuna’s face.

“Shikina-san? What’s wrong――”

“Wait―! You people over there!”

A voice came from somewhere.


When he looked up to the sky, a Heart Hybrid Gear was landing.

It was descending with a speed that made him doubt if it was falling, but it decreased the speed gently right before the ground.

“You guys, by any chance are you [Amaterasu] members?”

The pilot was a girl with red hair in a ponytail. She had a good figure though not to the degree of Yurishia. She seemed cheerful and bright, really like an American girl, such was her atmosphere. She looked like she was one or two years younger than him.

“Yeah, that’s right……you are?”

She smiled pleasantly and raised her thumbs, pointing at herself.

“I am [Masters]’s Scarlet Fairchild. For the moment, I’m the leader of Masters. Nice to meet you!”

“Yeah, nice to meet you.”

Kizuna and the others also introduced themselves and exchanged handshakes by turns.

“Is this all of you? It feels like there is one more gear though.”

“Yeah, the other one is in Ataraxia right now……”


That other one was descending from the sky while wearing Cross.

Kizuna looked up at that figure and spoke.

“Oh, nice timing. I’ll introduce you.”

Yurishia landed beside Kizuna.

“Yurishia, this is Masters’s――”


Yurishia blinked her eyes.

“As I thought, isn’t this Scarlet! Long time no see―♪ Heee, so you too became a formal member of Masters noww.”

“Is that so, Yurishia was also originally in Masters. Guess it’s obvious that you know her. Haha……”

Kizuna laughed wryly and scratched his head.

“Really, how embarrassing. This walking shame of Japan.”

“Oi, Aine. You don’t have to say that far!”

“I guess so, at the very least please be careful of doing any perverted acts. It’s going to become an international incident if that happens.”

“Eh! Even you Himekawa?”

They did such exchange while smiling. However, in contrast with such a peaceful atmosphere, Scarlet’s expression had stiffened.

‘――Hm? Is something wrong?’

Her face was like she was seeing a ghost.


Scarlet was whispering with a trembling voice.

“Whatt, you forget my face?”

Yurishia knitted her eyebrows.

“Lies……something, like this……”

When Yurishia approached, Scarlet stepped back.

“Eh? Wait……what?”

Yurishia’s face showed anxiety.

“Err……hey, Scarlet. Really, what’s wrong?”

Scarlet was staring at Yurishia with a pale face.

And then she spoke with trembling lips.


“Yurishia……you, why……are you, still alive?”






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  1. Anonymous says:

    Whath a cliff hanger cant wait for next volume


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    I hear the voice of the author:

    “And then I’ll put the cliff right here, and laugh as the readers fall off of it…”

    That tricksy author! 😅

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  4. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Noooo! Cliff! Who’s the one that hanged Cliff?


  5. Ecchi_kun69 says:

    Oh my shit the author dropped a bomb a big cliff bomb damm T_T and guys see yah at next volume and im excited some new character and the development of their relationship will they broke the borderline or they will remain soft? find out in the next chapter of HxH!


  6. frozendeva says:

    …damn XD well that one way to get people to buy the next volume


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    Don’t tell me Yurishia is a clone?


  8. Well that’s a nice cliff


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    Thxs for the chapter.


  10. Evri says:

    So my comment in chapter 4 didn’t work… again:(
    Fierce lightning spread to the sky and sea, shockwave indented the sea.

    Entrances also appeared in Japan at the 2nd Another Universe Conflict. そこから現れた 魔導兵器に対抗する為、天地穹女神が出動 したのですが……however,

    Himekawa was already staring at nothing with intoxicated eyes.

    This tail, where did it actually attach at――

    Thxs for the hard work)

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  11. The plot thickens. In several ways.
    Thanks for the volume


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