HxH Vol 3 Prologue


“Yurishia……you, why……are you, still alive?”

The ace of Masters, Scarlet Fairchild’s blue eyes were staring at her former comrade with a scared look.

Scarlet’s abnormal state made Aine and Himekawa stopped their frivolous talk and focus on the two.

Yurishia smiled with a troubled look and approached near Scarlet.

“What are you saying all of a sudden. In the first place, I don’t remember ever dying.”

Yurishia tried to put her hand on Scarlet’s shoulder to show her happiness in reuniting with a friend. However, that hand touched empty air. Scarlet pulled her body and dodged the hand, her red ponytail that reached until her waist shook largely.

Yurishia’s hand was troubled of where to go. She sighed in lament and her fingers played with her blonde hair as if to calm down her heart.

“Hey, Scarlet. By any chance, were you thinking that I died?”

Scarlet’s shoulders jumped twitchingly.

“Be, because, Yurishia’s Heart Hybrid Gear……Cross is……”


Yurishia tilted her head.

“In exchange for the gear’s capability……it gets shaven.”

“Aah geez, I don’t understand what you are talking about. Speak properly so that I can understand!”

Yurishia couldn’t be patient anymore and roughened her voice. As if to oppose her, Scarlet also yelled with a loud voice.

“I told you! The source of Cross’s energy, it is your life right!?”


Yurishia’s expression stiffened.

“It moves by using your life as energy, so that’s why Cross is special, I heard that! That’s why, it’s even stronger than our Heart Hybrid Gear. Because it moves by shaving off your life……that’s why.”

Kizuna, Aine, Himekawa, and also Kei, all the people in that place stood stock still in amazement.

‘――Life is used as energy……she said?’

Kizuna repeated Scarlet’s words in his heart many times.

“That’s why……that’s why, if your Hybrid Count becomes zero, you used up your life, the wearer of Cross will die, that’s what I hea――”

{Leave the idiotic gossip right there.}

A voice resounded through a speaker as if to obstruct Scarlet’s words. Following after that, a violent rotor sound of a helicopter was approaching near.

“Wha, what?”

When they looked up, an Ataraxia transport helicopter was in the middle of descending from the sky.

The door at the side of the helicopter was opened widely. From there, the owner of the voice leaned her body forward and got out.


Hida Reiri appeared with a grim face.



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8 Responses to HxH Vol 3 Prologue

  1. 3xMoreAnonymous says:

    Well we get another reason why they were so desperate to bring Kizuna onboard, seeing as how he’s the only one able to speed-charge all Hybrid Heart Gear, even if they’re running into the critical zone.

    Thanks for the fast translation pace. Looking forward to that double American fun in the illustrations.


  2. KozuKy says:

    so this means Kizuna is replenishing their life force by doing ecchi things ? or it’s just Yurishia ?


    • Mathiason says:

      I don’t think it’s just Yurishia since Reiri dodged Kizuna’so question about it. Although whether it’s all the Hybrid gears or just the more powerful ones is unknown at this point. Would explain why the girls don’t look so good when their Hybrid count is low and seem to shine after Kizuna restores it and why Hizuna’s recovery rate was so slow. Wonder why Scarlett thought Yurishia had died though. If Scarlet is right, does that mean strong Hybrid gears shave off years of life as well while Union hybrid restores it?


  3. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    The plot thickened. No! Not the girls’ plots.


    • 3xMoreAnonymous says:

      It’s a bit early for any of them to already be entering motherhood. ;>

      Though I certainly wouldn’t mind if we get a confirmation of it in a future tense the way DxD’s author managed.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Well dam that’s some serious draw back


  5. Kryzin says:

    Thxs for the chapter.


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