HxH Vol 7 Afterword


This is Kuji Masamune! The anime for [Masou Gakuen HxH] is decided! Thank you! And then thank you! Even more thank you! This is too long winded but still thank you!

Now then in contrast of the situation where we should celebrate the anime, an unbelievable development happened in volume 7!

(PS) This seventh volume is by no mean the last volume so pay attention!

Just what in the world with this!? Surely that’s what all of you are thinking.

However! It’s not exaggeration even if I say that from now on will be the crucial moment of [Masou Gakuen HxH].

Even more intense, even more erotic, the eighth volume which is arranged to be published at summer will fly out in absurd full throttle in full power! Just how far you are going to go until you feel satisfied!? You reader are going to want to make that retort to me. Even so just how in the world this is going to continue? Just see that future with your own eye!

Well then for the thanks. Hisasi-san! Kurogin-san of the mecha design. The editor in charge O-san from Sneaker editing department. And then, all of you readers. Truly thank you very much!

Next time, [Masou Gakuen HxH] volume eight, look forward to it!


Aine: Wa, wait Kizuna! The world is disappearing here!! Do something here!!!

Kizuna: E, even I what can I……. Ne, Nee-chan, what to do!?

Reiri: Don’t get flustered! This tale is still continuing, so surely it will be fine!


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7 Responses to HxH Vol 7 Afterword

  1. Mhaj58 says:

    And so the third project hits a wall


  2. Mhaj58 says:

    Something tells me we haven’t seen the end of Nayuta. She’ll probably create a new body for herself or inhibit Valdys body


  3. Yū YaShirō says:

    thanks for the translation i also edited the afterword picture if you want i can do the other ones


  4. Btw translator sama if by any chance you want another project please pick a decent one with ecchi and true harem like the true magika mc is not wimp and weak not dense too but this is just so so so even though i dont hate this novel but sometimes the mc ticked me off so i advice no i beg please pick some hardcore ecchi anime where mc not dense,have balls,have backbone and most of all not scaredy cat or wimp and the other is the cliche troupe of the tsundere is over 999999 Mio at the magika and some other tsundere is not annoying like this mainheroine one most of all Mio at magika and other tsundere are so cute and the tsundere is not over 9999999 so if by anychance you choose another project please re consider it and please choose the decent one and true harem not usual JP fake harem please i beg yahhhh im getting crazy by the clicheness if the ecchi is not here i might already long dropped this and magika is the best i will proclaimed my self as the number 1 fans of magika and cant wait for the next volume and translator sama is so OP bwhahaha


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