HxH Vol 7 Prologue


Where did we come from.

And then, where should we go from now on.

At the end of the journey we traveled for long, we reached the ultimate evolution.

Being the complete existence.

Being the perfect existence.

Just what can we wish that is more than this?

We don’t understand that.

Even for us that are supposed to be almighty, there are things that we don’t understand.

Therefore, there is still room remaining for evolution.

However, what to do to find the answer.

The key to this problem is inside ourselves.

In the first place how were we born.

What kind of transition we followed until we became this shape.

There are things we know.

However, things we don’t know are also many.

Compared to the remaining data, there should be a lot more data that were erased as unnecessary.

To we know ourselves, and for the sake of knowing our future selves, the log of the past is needed.

Our origin.

The root that we had lost will surely become our guidepost.

It is difficult to travel to the past.

However simulating the past is possible.

That’s why let’s create a world.

And then give us knowledge.

The lost method, that should have existed once and we knew for ourselves.

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5 Responses to HxH Vol 7 Prologue

  1. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    So which one is the artificial world?


  2. bushidozero1 says:

    by the apparent logic being portrayed in this chapter, its a reference to the fact that perfection itself is a considerably flawed existence. seeing as perfection can not exist in more than one form physically, in reality, it doesnt exist in the first place. yet humanity still has a concept of what it is, making us as a species a genuine contradictory physical existence, whereas perfection might be considered the, how to say, conceptual equivalent of us in terms of the nature of the level of contradictiveness. also, even though humanity is to the bitter end, completely incapable of being perfect as we are at our very cores flawed, we still aspire to become perfect. the idea being expressed if i remember the logical pattern of the argument presented in psychological terms, is that of what humanity would do if we ever ACHIEVE perfection as a species, not as individuals. because individualized perfection is subject to said individuals personality, values and such, it is also flawed in its nature, so technically it isn’t “perfection”. see where i am going yet? true and complete, 100% perfect beings, cant exist, by the very definition of perfection itself, in terms of sentient beings, because if something is sentient, it will make choices. choices that eventually will cause it to develop individualized decisions based upon circumstances experienced, and so long as there are more than one even remotely similar form of this sentient being, they will have inevitable differences in their decisions eventually, this is even true if these beings have no differences in their form, whether conceptual or physical, so long as they have differences of circumstance.


  3. No way No way No way Is the author seriously going this route…..NEW GODS!!!!!!!!! BABY HYPEGASM!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. happinezz001 says:

    seriously creepy i feel like reading elven blood when i read this


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