HxH Vol 8 Illustrations


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20 Responses to HxH Vol 8 Illustrations

  1. happinezz001 says:

    By any chance is himekawa the main heroine for this volume?


  2. Is Kizuaks mother in this volume by any chance? Cuz a girl in one of this illustrations certainly looks like it.


    • Sarksz says:

      thats 100% his sister not mother


      • Anonymous says:

        So the loli with melted cheese on her mouth behind Kizukas sister in the coloured illustration is also his sister?


        • nehemiah171 says:

          Sorry to burst your bubble but that’s definitely not melted cheese bro…..


          • Anonymous says:

            Well what else could it be? She is stark naked while hovering over mini Kizuka. It gotta be melted cheese cuz she got them hearts in her eyes. Women love melted cheese when in heat.


      • zarvii says:

        that’s her mother at the back of Reiri
        she is licking something white sticky stuff and not transparent
        look carefully
        wait is there going to be motherxson incest here in this series?
        i really didn’t expect that
        welp her body is different know after he recreate it as god
        so there is no biological blood relation for them now no?
        its like how mahouka used the plot to make incest acceptable


  3. 3xMoreAnonymous says:

    It looks like his loli-mother and older sister get it on with Kizuna. Keeping it in the family eh? Anyways, can’t wait to see how the new girl falls to Kizuna.


  4. Dark Jackel says:

    What’s that advertisement at the end? Hell & Heaven? Is that another series by the author? 🤔


  5. kenchan223 says:

    This volume is on a whole different level holy shit…

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  6. habib says:

    Thanks for posting !! 😁


  7. Darche 61 says:

    Next volume… “Rescue Yurisia!!”…


  8. chikadoto says:

    People help me with the last picture is what the series


  9. Ayllien says:

    Let’s see. Professor Nayuta got herself an incomplete divine body, but perhaps she just needs his son ‘recharging’ her battery.


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