HxH Vol 8




Chapter 1 -A Certain Academy’s Ordinary Day

Chapter 2 – And Then the Beginning of The World Again

Chapter 3 – Reinstall

Chapter 4 – Setting Off

Chapter 5 – God of Happiness and Sadness



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6 Responses to HxH Vol 8

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi do you have a pdf copy of all the files including the pics tnx 😀


    • You can download the PDF’s from the Black bar above labeled PDF or Find them under the Forum Link @ BT but you need to sign up for a Free Account before you have access the there Forum links.


  2. raouf deadboy says:

    one stupid question, since this light novel got an anime adaptation, how much episodes will they make? or maybe this isn’t the right place to ask :p


  3. Darche 61 says:

    Any news on book 9?


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