HxH Vol 9 Illustrations


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12 Responses to HxH Vol 9 Illustrations

  1. acp says:

    Woah… Is that Zelsione? Damn yukata


  2. shajk says:

    Zel S2
    Girl on gag’s is Aine?


  3. happinezz001 says:

    The illustrations in this volume needs to be coloured


  4. gangsar says:

    did he finally cross all the way


  5. Kishimura says:

    Damn, the cover looks like they’re doing the doggy style. Also Zel in Yukata.


  6. Tsuzurao says:

    Huh… there’s a cast list here, with official romanizations for several of the names. Did not expect “Zelcyone”, and we got a confirmation that it is “Gravel”, even if the anime wrote it as “Grabel”.

    Is there any possibility we’ll see Zel’s name corrected for the earlier volumes?


  7. habib says:

    Thanks for posting the illustrations!


  8. darrell says:

    Oh wow. Volume 9 have quite a number of artwork attached. GJ Hisasi-san.


  9. iloveecchi says:

    Hotness overload…


  10. Light says:

    Hey in the final colored picture who are the two girls on the right? I do not know who they are.


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