HxH Voting SS

Female Prisoner Amaterasu

――――Special Room X’s Lewd Hell! Killer Angel――――

Part 1

A revolution occurred.

This country was once ruled by an emperor. But, the people who rose in revolt denied the royal authority and overturned the government system that ruled until that point of time.

A paradigm shift of the world occurred.

A government based of democracy began, the class system was abolished. As a result, the emperor and nobles who once enjoyed glory were all turned into commoners. But it didn’t end there. The people who were the backbone of the country became prisoners which were locked inside this Ataraxia prison.

Ataraxia prison was an artificial island that was floating on the sea, it was impregnable, a perfect jail that was impossible to escape from.

「Don’t stop moving your hands! The pace is dropping down. Work without slacking off.」

The head jailer’s voice resounded in a room where a prison industry was being carried out.

The name of the head jailer was Hida Kizuna. The people under his management were the important A-class criminals, including the former emperor. The people who enriched their own selfish desires using the blood and sweat of many people, turning the country into their own, they had to be given a suitable punishment. Many people in the country were thinking like that. His professional duty was to be the agent of that wish. He was, so to speak, the representative of the people.

「Hurry! A thousand sets have to be shipped today! Many people are waiting for it. All of you have to atone for your sins to the people!」

There were four prisoners in the workshop.

The clothing of the prisoners were a plain one piece. The one piece was made from a special material with high elasticity which served the role for both being underwear and fitting the body figure. The fabric of the one piece was thin, so the prisoners’ body line became elaborated in great detail.

The prisoners who were wearing such perverted clothes were facing the desk while desperately moving their hands.

「Geeez, I understand already, so don’t hurry us that much.」

Long blonde hair and blue eyes, breasts so large it almost made the prison uniform burst out. She was a friend of the emperor and also a hero of the national defense army, Yurishia Farandole.

「Nevertheless, this kind of shameless thing……is this really what all the people wished for?」

The one who was moving her writing brush with her utmost effort even while speaking like that in dissatisfaction, was a black haired beautiful girl. She was similarly a friend of the emperor and the elite of the security police, Himekawa Hayuru.

Himekawa’s cheeks were slightly reddened and her eyes fell on the unbecoming picture of herself. For Himekawa such a thing was the ultimate shame, perhaps it was really suitable for her punishment. Himekawa was writing her own name with a feeling of pretending not to know so that she wouldn’t be conscious of what were in front of her eyes as much as possible.

「It’s not like I don’t understand it was you all but……I don’t think that there will be anyone, that will want the portrait and sign of this me.」

A black haired female who was the most mature in the room was whispering shamefully. Her body that was transparently visible from her prison uniform, was something inflammatory that any man couldn’t help but to crave it if they witnessed it.

「No, you are quite popular you know, Reiri. Combined with the secret version of you where your true identity is hidden, your popularity exceeded even Yurishia.」

Yurishia frowned with her face suddenly looking up in a flash.

「Wait! Is that true!?」

「That’s the truth.」

Kizuna calmly answered. Hearing that, Yurishia put her hand on her forehead and her head slumped down.

「Aaah geez, shocking……for me to lose to the national head minister Reiri……」

「Yurishia-san! Please don’t compete in such things!」

Kizuna grinned at Reiri.

「That’s just how many people are enjoying it with you. Aren’t you glad, Reiri?」

Kizuna’s disdaining words made Reiri blush slightly, her eyes were swimming around.

「Uu…..uh huh……hearing myself called by name, is……not really bad.」

She looked somehow happy.

The prisoners in this prison were levied with manual labor. What these prisoners were currently doing was a work where they were signing their own pictures that were taken in a studio with their personally handwritten autograph. It was the so called cheap character goods. Having said that, the end product was distributed free of charge in the end, it was a distributed product that was used as propaganda for the current regime, not for sale.

Although it was free of charge, but this product was considerably popular despite the simplicity, perhaps it was because the people could see the figures of their former rulers becoming prisoners which consoled their sourness. Rather it seemed that these prisoners had the popularity like dark heroines among the young generation. When new goods of these prisoners were distributed, the cases where the goods were out of stock with more reservation waiting were not rare.

In response to the demand of the people, Kizuna was producing new merchandises one after another. Posters and clear files, badges and all kinds of stationery. Apparel goods like T-shirts and so on, were also popular. Other than those, image videos, photo albums, figurines, etc. of the girls were also planned. As the first in line, there was the plan of manufacturing the figurines of Himekawa in a cat ears & tail style. Of course, cast off was also possible.

Kizuna who was an able producer――that was to say a jailer―― was the current person of the hour. He was called as Mister Eros due to the trend of the goods, also his excellent aesthetic sense caused him to be called as Kizuna Pro too.

「――Wait. It doesn’t really matter but, the one who is the most popular is me right?」

A girl with silver hair and red eyes asked sullenly.

「Yeah. You are in the first place.」

「That’s right! That’s just natural, after all I am the emperor.」

Saying that, the 『former』 emperor Aine Synclavia, 『currently』 Chidorigafuchi Aine puffed up her chest.

「The government system has changed, but the worship of the people towards me hasn’t changed. Surely the number of votes that I obtained is at the top with a decisive lead, there is no doubt about that.」

Aine was talking with rough breathing, but in actuality Hayuru was considerably gaining on her where Aine managed to get away with a difference of 10% in the number of votes polled. That was the fact.

「Thirty minutes left until the work’s closing time! If you all sign a piece per ten seconds then I reckon you will make it.」

Kizuna’s instruction caused the four to begin moving their hands in a hurry once more. At first they were taking quite a bit of time for this work, but as expected they had become used to it after finishing signing off several thousand pieces of portrait. Right now if they had ten seconds they could sign a portrait with time to spare. Although, doing that consecutively for thirty minutes made them tired, and their hands were also pained.

And then when they finished signing everything, all four people leaned on their desks in total exhaustion.

「Yosh! Work is over. You all managed to be useful for the people. You can feel gratitude from that.」

Yurishia crossed her arms and then she stretched as much as she could.

「Nnn~! Although this is fan service, but it’s a little hard isn’t it……」

「Haa……although this is for the sake of the people, as expected it’s tiring.」

Himekawa also whispered in response to Yurishia.

「Get back to your cell and rest. After one hours rest, go to the next job.」

‘You are still making us work?’ The four people complained. To that Kizuna silently shackled their hands, and then he dragged the four and headed to their respective cells.

Their cells were isolation cells that were known as Special Room X which was specially made. However, the hardness of the wall and door, the defensive measures and so on towards jailbreaks weren’t anything special. All the cores of Heart Hybrid Gear had been extracted from the imprisoned prisoners, which made them think that it was impossible to escape from the prison using brute force.

(By the way, the surgical removal of the cores were carried out by the genius surgeon Super Doctor N. It was unknown what kind of magic she had used, but the core removal that should be impossible was done really easily by that genius.)

The trait of this Special Room X wasn’t its hardness, but its equipment. Different from other isolation cells, its comfort was exceptional. It was fully equipped with air conditioning. The interior could also be matched with everyone’s own preferences. Aine’s room was an extravagant room with gothic-style. Himekawa had a Japanese-style room. Yurishia had a room with stylish modern interior. Those were the state of the cells.

And then their figures that were relaxing inside those cells were recorded twenty-four hours by a fixed camera. In the case that the prisoner was changing clothes or anything, the safety effect that was developed by the engineering chief of Ataraxia prison, Shikina Kei, would automatically appear on the recording and would hide the important places.

Even so, this recording was still greatly popular.

Hida Kizuna, he was a hotshot.

Part 2

「Haaaah-! Finally the work today is over!」

Yurishia stretched.

After the rest there was a photo shot and also an image video recording. There was also other works like the drawing up of character merchandise and a TV performance that was relayed from inside the prison.

「Truly, everyday is immersed in work……」

Himekawa murmured with a tired voice. Aine also agreed with her with a fed-up face.

「Good grief……even though I thought that in something like a prison there will be nothing but free time. What a gross miscalculation this was.」

As though to soothe everyone who was being like that, Reiri called to them with a voice that sounded happy for some reason.

「Well, the work for today is over with this. What’s left is only to enter the bath and then drink beer before sleeping.」 By the way the purchasing of alcohol was also possible in this prison. The merchant who was coming and going, Leila Howitt, if they ordered from her store, they could obtain almost everything. Leila boasted 『If you just have money, then I will bring even the Kremlin palace to you!』 like a certain arms dealer somewhere, but it was uncertain about the degree of authenticity of that statement.

In practice most of the order was for drinks or snacks, cosmetics and so on.

The refrigerator of Reiri’s room was packed full with beers that were chilled ice cold. Gulping a beer after taking a bath was Reiri’s enjoyment.


Himekawa murmured with blushing cheeks. Hearing that Aine and Yurishia’s faces also went red and their throat gulped audibly.

There was a large bath in the prison, the prisoners were obligated to take a bath everyday for the sanitary aspect. There was also bathroom in every single cell, but it had been established in the rules that forced them to wash their bodies.

The four headed towards the large public bath and they took off their prison uniform in the changing room. They were already stark naked just by taking off a single piece of clothing. They threw the prison uniform they took off into the laundry. When the four entered the steamy public bath, they line up in a row and waited for their turn to wash their body.

The method of washing their body, that was――,


Kizuna’s hand that was bubbly with body shampoo glided on Aine’s body. He washed as though to grasp her large breast, but it was too big for his hand even at the best of times. The breast was slippery with foam, it spilled over as though to escape from Kizuna’s hand.


Each time a carnal voice leaked out from Aine’s mouth, the tip of her jiggling breasts had become completely pointed and hard.

「Nnu……ha, harder……the bottom of the breast also sweats easily so……wash it properly.」

「Eh? Ye, yeah……got it.」

Kizuna lifted up Aine’s breasts and his fingers were buried into the lower part of the breast. And then his hands glided left and right thoroughly before he spread the bubble to her tight waist and stomach.

「Aa, aaah……kuu」

Aine’s waist shivered. Without stopping Kizuna’s hand slipped towards between her legs.


Aine closed her legs trying to stop the intrusion, but her effort wasn’t a match for Kizuna who had made the slippery body soap into his ally. His hand slipped really easily into between her nether region.


Aine’s body bent backwards and she raised a high pitched voice. Himekawa who was watching the state of Aine hid her mouth with her hand and her eyes moistened.

「Amazing……Aine-san, is that much……」

Yurishia and Reiri’s faces also blushed, their legs rubbed each other unable to calm down.

Kizuna pulled out his hand after thoroughly lathering that part with foam. His hand circled on Aine’s back as though embracing her. Thereupon Aine rubbed her own breasts at Kizuna fawningly.

「Nn……? O, oi.」

「Haa……aan! I, I’m still, not, clean yet…….here」

Kizuna suddenly felt a sense of discomfort. This body washing duty was a punishment that greatly damaged the mentality of the prisoner by fanning up their disgust and shame. However currently, the act that should be a punishment felt like it was making the prisoner happy instead.

――No, that’s stupid. She is only bluffing. If something like this is done to her, there is no doubt that she will feel humiliated. Even I am honestly feeling daunted. But!

Kizuna tensed his face and his hand reached out once more to the lascivious female body before his eyes.

「This is something that the people wished for. This is a punishment that inflicts a mental pain on you all, to disgrace you! Feel your wrongdoing with your own body and repent!」

「Nhaaah! Anything is fine so……hey, do it one more time, my lower part is……」

「Wait Aine-san! No matter how this is taking too long already isn’t it!?」

「That’s right, next is my turn. So finish it quickly.」

Himekawa grinded her teeth and spoke to Yurishia who was pouting.

「Next is my turn! Please follow the turn order properly!」

Kizuna showered Aine’s body and washed off the foam on her body using his hand caress.

「Yosh, Aine’s cleaning is finished. You can go now.」

Kizuna stopped the hot water of the shower and urged Aine to head to the exit. However Aine scowled in displeasure and glared at Kizuna.

「……Already? Isn’t the service a bit bad I wonder?」

「Eh? No, you see, it’s not like this service is needed or anything……」

「Aine-san! The next in line is waiting, so go quickly please.」

「That’s right Aine! GOO – HOME!」(TN: The go home is said in English.)

Having been shouted thoroughly by Himekawa and Yurishia, Aine mumbled in a low voice while heading to the exit.

「The, then, next is my turn isn’t it……」

With her cheeks blushing and her chest beating loudly, Himekawa stepped forward towards Kizuna. Kizuna bubbled up body shampoo in his hand and his hand reached out toward Himekawa’s back.


Kizuna’s hand was going down from her beautifully shadowed collar bone and went down following her spine. And then  he lathered body soap on her round butt as though confirming the shape. Thanks to the body soap, Himekawa’s large butt reflected the lighting and displayed its luster, the sticking out highest point of the butt was shining with highlight. The butt that was shining gleamingly possessed a strange lewdness.

「Aa, going to that place right from the start……that’s too much.」

Himekawa leaked out a sigh in lament. Kizuna became slightly awkward, his hand then went down and caressed her thigh.

「I guess. Then today I’ll focus on the legs――」

Himekawa turned around with a voice that seemed to say ‘eeeh-’.

「Wai……this is a punishment right? Then what are you doing stopping with just a little bit of harassment! It’s no good unless you touch with more fortitude!」

「Eh? Ah……haa……I’m sorry.」

Kizuna who was suddenly getting his fault picked on got flustered and he reflexively responded with a polite language. And then he grasped both sides of the butt with both his hands.


And then he was rubbing thoroughly as though enjoying the springy texture.

「Haa♡AAnnu……ya, a, aa……」

――As expected, isn’t this strange?

Kizuna racked his brain once more.

No matter how he listened, rather than a pained voice, this voice felt like a voice in ecstasy.

「If it’s like this……then I’ll give you a crueler shame.」

Kizuna buried his finger into the valley of the butt and then rubbed up and down.

「HyaaAAn-! E, even that kind of placeee♡」

At the bottom of that valley, his finger got caught up in something. Kizuna’s finger stopped there. Himekawa’s complexion changed and she turned around across her shoulder at Kizuna.

「D, don’t tell me……d, don’t! Please, only that place is!」

Kizuna grinned.

――Just as I thought. She will feel disgust if I play with this spot.

「You taught me something just now. I cannot stop with just a bit of harassment huh!」

Kizuna vibrated his fingertip and added a stimulation at that organ.


Himekawa’s reaction changed dramatically. Her body twisted, tears and saliva trickled down and her neck shook around.

「Come on, how’s this! Do you repent now!」

Kizuna put even more strength and pushed.

「Ii-!? -……-!!」

Himekawa stood on her toes and her body stiffened.


And then like a puppet with its string cut, she crumbled down and sat on the floor.

「O, oi. You okay?」

‘Did I go too far?’ Kizuna was worried like that while he lifted up Himekawa’s body in his arms.


It seemed that even her consciousness was hazy with a melting expression on her face. Kizuna looked around the public bath looking for a place to rest her somewhere. There was a sleeping bath where a person could enter and lie down, so for the time being he laid down Himekawa there.

Yurishia stretched with a big motion, as though to say that she had been tired of waiting. When she lowered her arms, her large breasts jiggled from the force.

「Finally it’s my turn♪ Give me a sufficient service just as much as how long you made me wait, okay?」

「I told you already that I’m not doing service work. How many times do I need to say that……」

Kizuna lathered body soap on the body of Yurishia who was humming in enjoyment and made foam. Color of fatigue also came onto the surface of Kizuna’s face. As expected, it a took toll on his arms and shoulders when he reached the third person.

「Hey Kizuna? Can you put a bit more strength into it?」

「Uu……I know.」

――Shit, seeing through me like this!

Kizuna embraced Yurishia from behind and foamed her breast by sliding both his arms up and down.


When he lifted his arms, the weight of the breast leaned heavily on Kizuna’s arms. Frankly it was heavy. When he kept lifting his arms, the large breasts slipped down from inside his arms slippily. This time when he moved his arms down from above, the breasts leaped up from inside his arms as though they were floating up.

「That’s quite great♪ Please make about thirty round trips like that with this momentum ‘kay♡」

「Thi, thirty……you say?」

It was already a muscle training like that.

Suddenly Yurishia asked Reiri, who was waiting while looking bored.

「Heey, Reiri is always the last but, is it fine? Somehow, it feels like the quality of Kizuna’s service is dropping down the further the turn goes.」

「I told you, this is not……a service……kuh……it’s still the fifteenth……」

Reiri replied while looking a bit awkward.

「Ye, yeah……I’m fine. You three can have Kizuna healing your tiredne……no, punish you.」

Kizuna was sweating while persuading himself that when this was over it would be Reiri’s turn.

「Reiri is……an admirable, fellow-……twentieth……after all. When Yurishia’s turn is over, I can rest easy.」

「Wa, wait! That matter is――」

Reiri tried to stop Kizuna in panic, but Kizuna spoke braggingly faster than her.

「I too got tired from this so……Reiri, she massaged me, then washed my back in reverse……she was usually doing that.」

Yurishia’s eyes turned round.

「Eeh? But that is not a punishment then?」

「Fufufu……about that, she used her own body……twenty third-, to wash my body. Tha, that acceptance……to receive her punishment, and her consideration to the jailer. Haa, haa……three more……either, is worthy for praise. I am even thinking to recommend her as a model prisoner……thirtyyy-!」

Yurishia made a shocked expression.

「To think that you even do such a thing……is this the wisdom of age?」

「You want to say something.」

When Reiri asked her with displeasure, Yurishia also answered with a rough voice.

「I cannot let such role where one’s own body is sacrificed just to Reiri! Starting from tomorrow I will take the last turn and accomplish that role!」

Reiri responded back with a flustered face.

「Wait! This is my role. No way I’ll hand it over to anyone!」

Himekawa who was lying down on the sleeping bath leaped up.

「That’s unfair! Reiri-san! For you to take such a good……bitter experience! You are being too reserved. I will replace you as the sacrifice!」

In addition Aine who should have returned to her room also appeared. She opened the door loudly and rushed inside the public bath.

「Withdraw back Hayuru! The responsibility lays on the emperor. I will become the substitute sacrifice.」

「Yo, you must not! Aine-san……the emperor cannot be made to do such a thing. Please leave it to this Himekawa Hayuru!」

「Just what are you saying Hayuru. It’s already decided that I will be the one taking over first.」

「No one is saying that the role will be handed over!」

Seeing the quarrel of the four, Kizuna’s chest grew hot.

Their figures that covered for their comrades, just how beautiful it was.

――The crime that these girls committed, it’s undoubtedly something that couldn’t be helped because of their duties and position. Now that they had gotten away from their former position, they are trying to save their friends, they are humans with beautiful hearts.

In order to completely correct these girls, I too have to work even harder than before.

In front of the quarreling four people, Kizuna renewed his determination anew.

Part 3

One day, Aine was taken away into the interview room.

A girl with pink hair was sitting at the other side of the transparent wall. That girl, when she saw Aine’s figure, she stood up with a happy face.


「Grace! So you came for me!」

When Aine put her hand on the transparent wall, Grace also put her palm on the wall on top of Aine’s palm. Blocked by the thick wall, no matter how they moved their hand it was impossible for their hand to touch each other. However, it felt like the warmth of the others’ hand was transmitted through the wall, tears were coming to the surface of the two’s red eyes.

「Nee-sama……I left you behind like this.」

「It’s okay, after all I’m full of spirit here. You yourself Grace, are you fine? There is no problem?」

「That Nee-sama is full of spirit is the most important thing. On my side there is no problem at all.」

「I see, I’m glad.」

Aine was staring in relief at the face of her little sister that she hadn’t seen in a long time. Grace too was smiling with moist eyes.

「The goddess spoke……that salvation will be extended.」

Aine’s eyebrows twitched.

「……That’s right. Everyday I’m working hard so that I properly atone for my sins and can earn salvation.」

After that, the two of them exchanged words that sympathized with each other and stories that reminisced about the past. It was a really enjoyable time, but the visiting hour immediately informed them of the end.

Grace nodded then stood up from her seat.

「Next time I will bring some supplies. Nee-sama, be well.」

「You too Grace.」

And then Aine was taken back to her solitary cell once more. When Aine laid down on her bed, she recalled the content of her meeting with Grace.

「The goddess, spoke…….huh」

That was a code.

It was something that was used when she reigned as the emperor, so that even in the middle of a meeting with other countries they could have a secret talk between comrades, several keywords had been decided among them. The phrase that Grace used 『The goddess spoke』 was also one of those codes. The code showed that the words after that were filled with special meaning.

「Salvation……will be extended.」

――So to speak,

Grace was planning for Aine’s escape from prison, that was the meaning.

Part 4

「The exercise time for today is swimming. Swimming suits are provided for each person. Wear it quickly and then gather at the poolside.」

Following the order from Kizuna, the four headed to the changing room. There swimsuits were prepared, everyone took off their prison uniform and changed into a swimsuit.

「My, it seems this is the one for Aine-san you know?」

Himekawa noticed the name tag attached on the swimsuit.

The swimsuits’ design was a white school swimsuit. The name tag of everyone was attached on the chest area. Aine took the swimsuit into her hand and stared at it fixedly. The breast part had cutting that was shaped like breasts, seeing from that it could be seen that the swimsuits were order made to match with the body of everyone.

Aine thought that it was a pointless use of budget. At the same time, seeing how it cost money for this swimsuit, surely the swimming today was planned that it would be broadcasted or distributed as a video package.


At that time she noticed letters that were written at the back of the cloth. At first she thought that it was the size or the method to wash the swimsuit written there, but it didn’t look like that.

『The preparation is going well. Tomorrow the gift will arrive, so use that to escape.』


Aine thought that she didn’t need to write with this colloquial style of hers too, but reading this her cheeks were naturally loosening. (TN: When Grace talk, she has a way of talking that is unique for a high class lady, and here she is writing the message with that kind of talking style too instead of normally)

「What’s the matter Aine?」

Yurishia curiously called out to Aine who was staring smilingly at her swimsuit.

「N, nothing-」

Aine put on her swimsuit in panic so that the letters at the other side of the fabric wouldn’t get seen.

And then she headed to the poolside. It was a splendid indoor pool that was unthinkable to be installed in a prison facility. They could also see a jacuzzi and a sauna at the poolside.

Kizuna was waiting nearby the diving board wearing trunks and parka. He blew on the whistle hanging from his neck and called out to everyone.

「Then let’s start with warming up. After that is a twenty five meter crawly for four laps. Then breaststroke similarly with four laps.」

It was an extremely normal exercise time. However――,

「The content today will be released as a video package. Put that in mind.」

The four sighed thinking that it was as expected.

「Also the swimsuits that you are wearing will be auctioned, it will be donated to the children who are not blessed, remember that.」

Himekawa made a complicated expression.

「The motive is splendid but……I feel there is a large problem with the method.」

「Rather than that, I became curious as to whose swimsuit will be the one that has the highest bidder.」

Even while saying such thing, Yurishia looked like she had confidence.

「Nn? What’s the matter Aine. Your complexion look bad.」

「Eh……nope, there is……nothing.」

However she was pale until her lips while cold sweat was trickling from her body.

――The swimsuit will be retrieved and auctioned? Then, the secret message that is written in the fabric will be revealed then!

Even though she was doing warming ups, the inside of her head was completely filled only with that.

「Yosh. The warming up is enough with this. We managed to take a nice picture! Well then, enter the pool!」

「The point of doing this is already completely strange!」

Himekawa entered the water while complaining.

「Yosh. Then start from Himekawa. Yo―i」

At the same time when the whistle whistled *pii-*, Himekawa kicked the wall of the pool and her legs beautifully stretched inside the water. Continuing after her, Yurishia then Reiri followed.

「Aine, go. Yo―i」

Aine started late from the whistle sound.

――Aah, what to do!? Grace too, why did she use this kind of thing to contact me!

Aine paddled both her hands in half desperation and swam using crawl style. And then, when she passed the fifty meter mark something strange happened.

「Hmm? Hey, Aine. That swimsuit……」


Just when Aine touched the wall that was the turning point, Yurishia pointed at something.

At the end where Yurishia was pointing, there was her breast.

Her breast that should be wrapped in white school swimsuit was becoming exposed. Her white skin and the ripe pink colored bud at the summit became exposed.


Aine hid her breast in panic with both hands.


Not only her breast. Inside the water, Aine’s swimsuit was melting wobblingly. It was as though the swimsuit was made from paper, it crumbled and got torn off from Aine’s body.

「Wait, just what’s with that swimsuit……」

At that moment, Yurishia’s shoulder strap dissolved and vanished. Yurishia’s huge breast was liberated from the swimsuit and floated in water.

「Eeeeh? Wait, what is this!」

Yurishia also pressed on her breast and raised her voice in a fluster. Reiri and Himekawa were in the same state. Himekawa faced towards Kizuna who was being dumbfounded at the poolside and yelled angrily.

「Just a minute head jailer Kizuna! No matter what, isn’t this too cruel!?」

However even Kizuna who was being told that didn’t understand anything.

「Thi, this is……what in the world」

At that time a chime rang and a broadcast flowed from the wall speaker.

『Head jailer Kizuna. The daughter of the president has come. Please urgently come to the VIP room.』


Kizuna left behind the pool with a tense face.

Part 5

「My lady. I have made you wait.」

When Kizuna entered the VIP room, he lowered his head.

Of courses Kizuna had changed from his swimsuit into his jailer uniform. It would be a disaster if something happened to the guest today. Kizuna lifted his head while feeling nervous.

The guest was wearing a pretty dress, sitting elegantly on a chair.

「My apologies to visit so suddenly like this desu. Are you healthy, head jailer Kizuna?」

「Yes, Sylvia Silvercut-sama.」

After the revolution, a president was elected from the election. The single daughter of that president was Sylvia. She was the young lady of the financial conglomerate Silvercut and also the proposer and sponsor at the time of this prison’s founding.

「About today, a slightly concerning piece of information has reached Sylvia desu.」

「A concerning piece of information……?」

「Yes. Sylvia heard, the people of the emperor faction are planning a jailbreak of the empire leadership desu.」


It was like a bolt from the blue. Kizuna felt shocked precisely because he had felt moved yesterday from the four’s admirable attitude and friendship. Now he felt like he had been doused with cold water.

「Is there any suspicious movement desu?」

Sylvia stared fixedly at Kizuna with her large eyes.

Immediately the scene of the swimsuits dissolving at the swimming exercise just now floated in his head. However he couldn’t connect that fact with prison escape at all no matter how hard he pondered.

「No……there is no movement that seems to be like that at all.」

「Is that so desu……」

Sylvia looked down with a slightly dejected expression. Kizuna repeated inside his mouth that bit of information which Sylvia had brought to him and pondered.

「……By any chance, perhaps Sylvia-sama’s expression was obtained early, so those fellows were still not moving to action. From now on, I’m thinking of putting more effort into monitoring.」

Sylvia lifted her face and then she showed a smile like a blooming flower.

「Then Sylvia……managed to be useful desu?」

「Yes, of course.」

When Kizuna answered so, Sylvia displayed a charming smile.

「Sylvia is glad desu……」

Sylvia stood up and then she presented her hand to Kizuna. Kizuna took that hand and escorted her until the entrance of the prison.

And then Sylvia got into a limousine that was waiting in the parking lot. In the car, she seemed to recall something and opened the window of the car and beckoned at Kizuna with her hand. When Kizuna’s face approached her, Sylvia put her hand near her mouth and whispered as though talking about a secret.

「There is one more encouraging news for head jailer Kizuna desu.」

Kizuna’s face turned grave.

――Is there still any other suspicious scheme?

Kizuna waited for Sylvia’s words with a tensed face in nervousness.

「The truth is……from next year, the selection for Sylvia’s husband will begin desu……that, head jailer Kizuna too……」

Sylvia whose face went bright red was murmuring with a small voice.

「A, as expected it’s embarrassing desuuu! Pl, please take out the car desu!」

The huge limousine urgently departed and went out of view with a drift.

「……What’s with her?」

Kizuna tilted his head. But, rather than that there was something more important.

「It’s information that Sylvia-sama especially informed me about……I have to prevent any incident no matter what.」

Part 6

One of the jailers, Gertrude Bayard was pushing a trolley through a corridor that was lined up with cells. That trolley was piled up with a lot of baggage.

The jailer stopped in front of Aine’s cell and pulled open the insertion slot for baggage. This slot was something that could be pulled open from both the outside and inside. It was narrow, on top of that it was made solidly from steel, so it was impossible to use this hole for escaping.  After Gertrude put a cardboard box on the slot and pushed it in, Aine who was inside could receive the baggage.

「Chidorigafuchi Aine. This is your package you asshole.」

Aine who was lying down on her bed woke up her body.

「……I wonder if it’s another present from fans?」

The only method to connect a prisoner with outside world was through mail service. At first there were only provisions sent to her from her relatives, but recently there were a lot of packages sent to her from fans. Of course, the content of the packages had been checked before it was handed over to the person the package was sent for.

Aine opened the insertion slot and took out the cardboard box. The size of the box was around thirty centimeter in height and width.

「The sender is……I don’t know this name.」

It wasn’t from an individual but from a company name. It seemed to be a vendor of something, but when she saw the writing that the content of the package was a book, she wondered if it was a name of a bookstore.

Aine returned to her bed with the package in hand and then she opened the box.


What came out from inside the cardboard box was something that was far removed from a book. The content was a leather eye mask and leather handcuffs that were connected with chains with chromium plating. In addition there was an object with a diameter about three centimeters and length of five centimeters shaped like a white capsule, no matter how she looked at it, it was an adult toy.

「Just, what is this!」

Feeling indignation while wondering just that and that a pervert somewhere had sent her this, she tried to fish inside the cardboard box searching for any kind of clue. However, what she found was only rolled up pieces of paper that were used as cushioning.

At that time, the door of the cell abruptly opened.


There the head jailer Kizuna was standing.

「I’m coming in.」

Saying that he entered into the cell and then the door automatically closed.

Aine immediately hid the content of the package under her blanket and made a face of feigned ignorance.

「Just what is your business here? Are you going to tell me to face the bunch who are watching the recording now and wave my hand just when I am about to sleep?」

「Today, there should be a package that was addressed to you. There is something suspicious inside it.」

And then Kizuna glared at the blanket that Aine was clutching.

「The thing that you hid just now is that huh? Take it out.」

「Ah! Don’t-!」

When she said that, Kizuna’s hand had already torn off the blanket from her.

「!? This is……」

An eye mask for blindfolding and handcuffs flew into Kizuna’s sight.

「Thi, this is a mistake! I don’t know who the sender is, just why was this kind of thing sent to me……」

Kizuna took the cardboard box into his hand and confirmed the sender’s name and the inside.

「I have never heard of this company name……perhaps this is a fictitious name?」

「I repeat, but I don’t know you know, this kind of company.」

And then Kizuna’s eyes stopped at the rolled up pieces of paper that functioned as cushioning and spread the paper.

「……I see. So those handcuffs and blindfold is for restricting my freedom so you can escape huh.」

「Haaah!? Just where did you get that kind of wild delusion!」

「So you plan to play innocent even after seeing this huh!」

The paper that Kizuna spread was thrust before Aine.

『You can play with the head jailer with this. G』

Aine stared at that paper with astonishment.

――G… Grace? Just, what in the world are you thinking!?

「Good grief……I misjudged you. I, who thought that you were in the process of correcting yourself favorably, was an idiot.」

「It’s also mysterious how you came to think like that……but, anyway I don’t know anything about this, I also don’t understand why these kinds of things were sent to me.」

Kizuna picked up the handcuffs and grasped Aine’s arm.

「Then, I’ll ask your body directly.」

「Eeh!? Wai, wait!」

Kizuna quickly put the handcuffs on one of Aine’s arms. He grasped her other hand and twisted it to her back before putting the handcuff on that hand too. In the blink of an eye, both of Aine’s hands were now restricted to the behind.

「Wha-……release me!」

However Kizuna didn’t lend her his ear and put the eye mask from above Aine’s head. Aine shook her head in resistance, but the leather eye mask was immediately covering both her eyes. With this her eyesight was completely blocked.

「You ordered this items in order to use it right? Then first you can confirm its ease of use with your own body.」

「That’s why I told you, this is a misunderstanding!」

There Aine suddenly remembered that the inside of this room was being recorded.

「If you do this kind of thing, it will be a problem for you from mistreating the prisoner just so you know!」

However Kizuna snorted.

「You don’t need to worry, right now the recording is being paused.」


Aine ground her teeth in vexation.

「Now then, what to do next……nn?」

Kizuna noticed that there was one more item hidden inside the blanket.

「This is-!?」


Aine was making an anxious expression under the blindfold.

「Hmph. So this is that so called adult toy for females……it seem that being locked caused your frustration to pile up huh.」

Kizuna’s disdaining gaze caused Aine’s face to go bright red and she bit her lips.

「Yo-, you are mistaken! I don’t know anything.」

Kizuna grasped the bottom edge of Aine’s prison uniform and rolled it up.


Her white stomach became exposed, then when the clothes that got caught on her breast was pulled even further up, her large breast leaped out.

「Ya……do, don’t」

Because the clothes was made from elastic material that also functioned as underwear, when the clothes was rolled up, there was nothing that hid that place anymore. There was only Aine’s naked body there.

The prison uniform got caught up above the breast that it couldn’t come down anymore. Aine whose hands were handcuffed behind couldn’t do anything.

「Now then……you always said that my service is insufficient right? Then just as you wished, I’ll thoroughly ask that body. This is torture, prepare yourself.」

Aine’s body was driven with fear.

「Wa, wait! What are you planning to do?」

Aine whose eyes were blindfolded couldn’t guess what Kizuna was going to do. Both her hands were also completely handcuffed that she couldn’t resist. She could not perceive what was happening in her surroundings right now, and she couldn’t move her body according to her will, all of those caused Aine to shiver in fear.

「I’ll make you spit out your plan to escape this prison.」


When Aine’s body was lightly pushed, she helplessly collapsed backward. And then the breasts that were pointing up without its shape crumbling were grasped by Kizuna’s two hands.


「What’s the matter? Aren’t you feeling it too much there?」

「You, you’re wrong……I was just, surprised-, yaaaaannnn, d, don’t-!」

Kizuna mercilessly kneaded the two soft hills. Each time Aine was gasping and her white throat warped.

When Kizuna pinched and pulled at the tip with his fingers, Aine’s body trembled.

「Hiah! Do, don’t pullllllll-」

The stimulation that she couldn’t get from the usual bathing heated Aine’s body in the blink of an eye. Aine who was writhing on the sheet where she was losing her head also caused Kizuna himself to get excited. He spontaneously kissed at the tip of the breast that was increasing in hardness and size.

「Nnaaaaaaah! Wha, what are you doing-? Su, such thing♡, aaaaa!」

In order to escape from that violent pleasure, Aine twisted her body, and then her body turned over and now she was lying down on her face. She couldn’t use her both arms so she couldn’t raised her body. Her face was buried into the sheet and the best she could do was at least not let her gasping voice to come out.

「Fufu, are you trying to not let out your voice? However, I wonder how long you can endure?」

Kizuna traced on Aine’s spine softly from above to below with his index finger.


Aine held back her voice and tried to pretend that she didn’t feel anything. However Kizuna’s finger movement shook her back. She couldn’t hide how her body was rejoicing.

Kizuna’s hand didn’t stop and it was approaching the crack of Aine’s butt, toward her important place. And then the moment that place was touched, Aine raised a wordless scream.

「――tsu……! ……!!」

Her whole body was clattering from the excessive pleasure.

「Looks like the preparation is good enough.」

Kizuna stared in satisfaction at Aine’s state and he reached his hand at the adult toy.

「Nn? What……this is」

At that time, the voice of Kizuna that sounded perplexed, and also admiring reached Aine’s ear.

「This is……what an interesting toy. Before I realized its shape has changed……furthermore, this is」

Aine was unable to see the shape.

――Just what in the world, that caused him to feel marvel like that?

「This thing that was a small capsule before, had become a thick cylinder you know……furthermore it had subtle curve, and it became thicker compared to before.」


At that time, something flashed inside Aine’s head.

――So……so it’s like that isn’t it, Grace.

Aine raised her butt high with her body kept lying face down.

「Ki, Kizuna, it’s pointless no matter how much you torment me you know……I, absolutely won’t talk after all.」

While mouthing words of opposition, she slightly jiggled her butt like an invitation.

Kizuna was feeling loathsome towards Aine’s rebelling words, even so the smooth butt in front of his eyes that was shaking wantonly, and the honey that was leaking down glitteringly sucked his eyes to there.

「Hmph……so you are going to resist until the end. Then, I’ll give this to you just as you wished for.」

「Eh? Aah, don’t! I, if you inject me with something like that, what is going to happen to me! My head will go blank, and I’ll talk about everything, so stop!」

Kizuna grinned and fixed the cylinder thing in his hand at the entrance. When the tip touched that place, Aine’s mouth leaked out a sigh.

――Hm? Just now……what?

And then Kizuna also felt a slight discomfort.

「Just now, my thing……it feels some kind of sensation.」

Aine spoke with a loud voice in panic.

「Aah! I, if something like that enters into me, I’m going to become anything you tell me! Didn’t I tell you already you must not put that into me!」

Aine’s yell made Kizuna pull himself together.

「Then I’ll give it to you! Feel this!」

Kizuna pushed the thing he grasped inside in one go.


A voice of happiness burst out from Aine’s mouth. And then heart shaped light came to the surface of her teary eyes.

「Wha……thi, this iIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS-!?」

And then Kizuna also felt the impact, a terrific pleasure ran through his lower part which ruled over his consciousness. His eyes were shining with light and he emitted pink light from his whole body.

「Wha, thi, this is……」

That light was being absorbed into Aine’s body. And then the body of Aine that was lying upside-down on the bed jumped convulsively.

「A, Aine……」

What came out from Aine’s mouth wasn’t a reply, but a call using another word.



Aine’s body was covered with white armor. The shackle that was restraining both her arms snapped off. A headset was equipped on her head, and the eye mask got torn off.

In front of Kizuna who was watching with astonishment, Aine stood up on the bed. Her body was clad in the Heart Hybrid Gear 『Zeros』. The power of Zeros core that should have been taken out from her body now resided inside Aine once more.

「Ri, ridiculous……how」

Aine looked down at Kizuna with an exasperated face.

「The ridiculous one is you isn’t it? What you were doing to me so elatedly, was a core install you know. My thanks, head jailer Kizuna.」

Aine wrapped her fist with her palm and cracked her fingers.

「No―w then, what should I do to you I wonder?」

「Wa, wait! Aine! We can reach an understanding by talking!」



And then head jailer Kizuna became a star.


Currently he was being imprisoned inside the Ataraxia prison that he managed before.

With Aine’s escape, the emperor faction rallied their forces once more and before long they took back their political power. And then Kizuna and the people who were complicit in the revolution were assigned with penal servitude in Ataraxia prison.

「Prisoner number 69. Kizuna. Come forward!」

The head jailer Reiri was standing in front of a cell with a whip in one hand. With an insincere smile, Kizuna spoke timidly.

「Err……head jailer. Today what are……」

Reiri glared fiercely at Kizuna.

「Today you will go through muscle training and stamina training for your prison work today. And then massaging my body, and helping with bathing. After resting I’ll have you do prison labor for the whole night. The detail of the work, is being my body pillow.」

「Eeh!? The, then the free time to rest my body and heart is……」

Reiri smiled happily.

「The management from the tip of your head until the tip of your toes, everything is left to me completely. You cannot even let out a drop of your body fluid without my permission.」

「Su, such thing-!」

「Aah, also at the weekend the emperor and her close aides will come for inspection. Put your physical condition in order beforehand. After all endurance and stamina are necessary to accompany three people at the same time.」

Kizuna spread both his hands and looked up to the sky. However, there was only white sky there.

For the present, he couldn’t pray to the sky of Ataraxia.


The End



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