Magika Vol 10 Epilogue

Epilogue – Plan

Part 1

In the end they returned back here.

After all the cleaning up afterwards ended―Ginny called Mary and her other comrades that would lend a hand, where they carried back the weakened children and the several restrained cyborg soldiers from the hidden path―Kazuki and co. returned back to the hotel [Yggdrasil].

The overwhelming night view from the window felt like just an empty light right now.

Stella was gone, and it took time until Kaguya-senpai stopped crying.

Kazuki, and Kaguya-senpai who came along into his room were on top of the bed in their sleep-wear.

“…Tonight, I want to kiss all night long.”

When she stopped crying, Kaguya-senpai said that while directing a lonely and wanting face to Kazuki.

When he responded while hugging each other tightly, they fell on the bed just like that.

Kaguya-senpai went into his mouth. Kaguya-senpai’s greedy kiss made him unable to think that this kiss was practically her first kiss. Once, when their faces separated, before he had his attention diverted by her tears all along that he didn’t notice, but because they had wielded the power of Asmodeus together, her eyes had changed color faintly.

But Kaguya-senpai who usually always gave the excuse that [it’s Asmodeus’ fault that I have lewd feeling], now she was seeking Kazuki with a different ferventness and loneliness.


After kissing many times over, they were staring at each other during a breather. Kaguya-senpai let her words escape her mouth.

“Someday, I want Kazuki-kun’s child…”

As if trying to fill the gap that was born in the heart from somewhere of the body, Kaguya embraced him tightly and she rubbed that soft body to him. Otonashi Kaguya―150

Kazuki answered that with loving caress and spent a long night.


Part 2

Dawn finally came to the night of Las Vegas.

“Have you decided what you are going to do?”

Inside Kazuki’s room, Mary and Ginny, and then Arthur, Beatrix, and Shouko, the alliance members were gathering. Mary was the one who began the talk.

“I’m going to side with American Justice and defeat the Indians.” (TN: It’s unclear whether Kazuki speak for the group or for himself here)

Kazuki answered―while remembering the matter they had observed at the Indian’s settlement and the truth of what happened on the slave ship.

Under the name of mother nature, they were trying to erase the civilization and history that human race had piled up until now. They have to stop that even if its a second faster.

And then there was no way he could live in harmony with the Great Spirit that made death its source of power.

Ginny and Arthur, also Beatrix directed surprised looks at him. ‘Then are you going to endure yourself regarding this slavery?’, they gazed at him with such a question. But before they could give voice to that question, Kazuki answered the question faster.

“While being an ally of American Justice, I’ll also look for an opening to defeat the <King>.”

Hearing those words that overturned the premise, the four people had their breath taken away and were at a loss of words.

He denied everything in this country―that was the conclusion he was led to from his honest feelings.

“The fate that is waiting for the weak people in this country is only death or slavery, nothing else.”

He recalled the last moment of Stella. Stella had taught him everything that happened in this country…

“It’s no good for this country to stay on its course. It has to be changed.”

“You are going to say that far about other people’s country…”

Mary talked with a frail voice. Beside her, Ginny who was looking at Mary, shook her head.

“…I too think so. The current America is not justice. But… what about Japan, what are you planning to do with this country?”

“The slavery in this country is done in order to oppose the threat right before your eyes because there isn’t any other way. If the threat of the Indian’s civilization destruction can be removed and this country can obtain an [ally] for the sake of resisting other Magic Advanced Countries, such thing would be unnecessary. Japan will become that ally. If this country potential sense of justice is really true, then this country should reject things like slavery.”

If they could just have an ally where they could help each other, then this cruel reality could be avoided.

“All of you were learning Japanese because you supposedly have the wish of looking for help from Japan. We will answer that feeling. …However the current King that you have was borrowing the power of the Chaos Side’s Diva, a King that became the accomplice of Red. That’s why I will cooperate, but I’ll defeat the King.”

Ginny and Mary were looking at each other with anxious faces.

“All that you say is coming from someone looking down from an above standpoint, but… the thing that you are trying to do right now, isn’t it just the same like the American people of the old that ruled over the indigenous people of this country under the pretext of advancing civilization and giving religious guidance?”

“After you defeat the King… are you saying that you are going to turn this country into your vassal state?”

‘That’s not it’, Kazuki thought. They had to trust him just in that alone.

“Whether I’m going to rule this country or not, whichever doesn’t matter. Stealing something by force is not something I think about. That’s… the thinking of Loki and Kaya. I came to this country in order to deny that.”

Kaya and Loki adopted an ideal where the strong ruled over the weak in a world of chaos. Denying such an ideal was his start as a Basileus(King)―from now on too he had to consistently persist in his ideal.


“The strong have to exist in order to protect the weak. As the Basileus of Japan, I will persist in this [way of mine].”


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