Magika Vol 11 Epilogue – Floating

Epilogue – Floating

Part 1

Inside one room of the hotel, Clark in her suit and Eimi wearing folklore design t-shirt and damaged jeans of the so called hippie style, both were sitting on chairs while facing away from each other. The one who first opened her mouth was Clark towards Kazuki who was facing the two who were like that.

“North America accepted co-existence and co-prosperity with Japan. Though I don’t particularly care whether it’s in the form of an alliance or you ruling us.”

“…” Eimi wordlessly turned away her face, showing her side face that still had some childishness remaining in it.

Great Spirit had been completely terminated. The attitude of the girl who was suddenly cut off from her faith was obstinate.

Looking at Eimi who didn’t say anything, Clark hit her briskly with her elbow. From that Eimi sternly looked back at Clark and yelled “Why are you that easily using violence!”

“Somehow… from now on spend some time and restore your sisterly relationship…”

When Kazuki said that, Clark said “Right” shortly while Eimi turned her face away and looked down.

He guessed that Clark secretly had the thought of fighting for the sake of taking back her little sister.

In contrast with that, Eimi was… she was really trying to kill her big sister for the sake of her faith.

The talk between them wouldn’t be so simple by any means.

In any case, the community called South America had already ceased to exist.

The American continent was unified into one.


―The night of that day, tsunamis were observed in every part of the world.

As if something was surfacing somewhere in the sea.


Part 2

‘How tedious’… Aisu Ikousai thought while doing training in her solitary cell at the underground prison.

The wall of the solitary cell wasn’t created from adamantite, but in her condition that was attached with a Limiter this cell was not something so shoddy that she could break.

She had a discovery, all this time thinking only about polishing her secret sword technique might have made her neglect the basic training.

However she gradually yearned for a sword. She yearned for actual fighting. This plain prison uniform was also hard to tolerate.

She wanted to fight with that man(Hayashizaki Kazuki). She couldn’t stay like this.

Of course… all of the three Sacred Treasures were taken by the other side, she didn’t have a chance of victory at all right now where the other side had been awakened to the King’s Authority.

Power was necessary… She had to plunder a new power from someone somewhere…


Nagoya’s Knight Order garrison that became a battleground in the war with Yamato hadn’t been seized back yet and so the underground of the hotel was still used as a prison. The treatment for the political prisoners of Yamato’s top brass and the Shrine Maidens that were possessed by illegal Divas who were put in custody there still hadn’t been decided, the progress was so slow because this case was full of unprecedented matters.

The original owner of the hotel refused the hotel’s use as prison after the hotel’s requisition, He demanded compensation rather than asking for the return of his hotel.

In fact, the only death that happened in that war came out in this hotel.

That was correct, there was someone who died here―and then there was someone who knew that dead person.

Magic power of teleportation whirled in the dim light. *BIKIBIKIBIKI!* A crack ran through the space.

The knight who stood guard screamed from the phenomenon that was happening before his eyes. It was similar with the Cancer that spilled out Demon Beasts into this world. The guard thought that was what was happening right now.

In actuality, the figure that appeared was an existence that was even more sinister than that of a mere Demon Beast.

“…Helheim Drive(God of Death’s Encroachment).”

All of a sudden, a materialized Diva appeared in front of the guard’s eyes. Just imagine how much of a shock that knight felt. He raised an astonished scream while drawing out his sword but it didn’t even turn into a real fight, the knight was one-sidedly struck with jet black attack magic and collapsed.

The figure that appeared was the god of death of Norse Mythology, Hel.

<Helheim Drive>―Hel [searched up] the soul of the dead through Astrum, then she could eat that soul while teleporting to the place of that soul.

At this time Hel appeared here by taking into herself the dead person that left behind the residual thought and magic power in this place like a bounded ghost. It was her acquaintance as a top brass of Yamato―Hayashi Shizuka.

Defeated by Hayashizaki Kazuki and became a prisoner, fearing Telepathy and truth serum used on her to make her leak the information of her mother country she carried out suicide inside the solitary cell, she was an infiltrator from Chukadou.

…Though Hel felt that it was as expected a residual thought that was full with malediction.

Hel tilted her head being driven by an unexpected thought.

The thought that she felt when she took that soul inside herself was something that was very far apart from an image of when the soul’s owner was alive.

Now that Hayashi Shizuka had died she was released from the tenacity she possessed when she was alive, in reverse some of the thought hidden deep inside her heart that even she herself was not aware of was released to the surface instead.

{How is that girl Karin doing I wonder…}

Such thought that could even be called as warm was taken in into Hel along with the residual magic power. ‘This Karin, who is she again…’ Hel kept tilting her head.

A strange thought was taken in into herself, but well, that kind of thing was trivial. Rather than that she had to quickly search for her objective. Hel easily found a bunch of keys from the pocket of the collapsed guard before she looked for the cell of her objective.

There was sounds that came from upstairs. It seemed that the knights filling this place had detected the abnormality from the scream of the guard and Hel’s magic power wavelength.

…But even against just mere knights, with her current condition she wanted to avoid battle if she could.

In panic Hel found the solitary cell at the deepest area where a name plate [Aisu Ikousai] was attached onto the door, then she opened the door energetically. “Ikousai-!”


Ikousai raised her body in amazement.

“Ikousai, you’re safe-!? You are not tortured-!?”

Hel ran noisily at Ikousai and grasped her hand. Hel’s voice was completely excited.

“Hayashizaki Kazuki is not a person that would do such a thing.” Ikousai calmly answered.

“Hmph… fine, then let’s escape!”

“…Why, for one of Loki’s ally to expressly come for someone like me is just…”

“This is not papa’s order, it’s my own decision.”

Since Hel trained together with Ikousai in order to control Susanoo’s power, Hel harbored a warm emotion towards Ikousai that seldom happened for a god of death… and not only that.

“A battle will begin from now on. We are [the loser’s come-back group] you know.”

She was a loser, Ikousai was also a loser, that common point between them was what made Hel take Ikousai’s hand.

Ikousai harbored a discomfort towards Hel’s hand. The texture of Hel’s hand was thin. Her materialization was lacking.

Hel’s divinity was wounded from her defeat against Kazuki, she was still unable to store enough magic power to maintain her materialization.

The <Helheim Drive> that Hel used in order to sneak into this place further fatally consumed her magic power.

“…My magic power is still not restored enough. But Ikousai, the power of you and Susanoo is different, you still have a possibility.”

<The Power of Usurpation>.

“That’s why”, Hel gripped Ikousai’s hand tightly.

Ikousai felt heat lit inside her chest. Hearing the words of battle for the loser’s come-back quietly made her cooling heart inside the solitary cell to be lit into a red hot fire.


Part 3

“Thanks to Arthur’s advice that such a thing might happen, we were able to get through this with only insignificant damage. My thanks.”

Clark said that gratitude in regards to the sudden natural disaster. According to the INMARSAT transmission call, it seemed that there was no considerable damage to Japan too.

At Kazuki’s room in hotel Yggdrasil, Clark and Arthur were gathering. Outside the window, the night scenery of Las Vegas that Kazuki had protected to the end was shining brilliantly.

“Do you know what happened?”

America was a country of civilization on a higher level than Japan. Clark had already made the investigation without even needing Kazuki to tell her.

“The source of the tsunami was the sudden change of submarine topography in a large scale. Due to that… something happened at the Atlantic Ocean. Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean where there was nothing reflected on GPS until now, there was a magic power cloud that was suddenly generated and the GPS cannot display right now. But, there is something like a continent that can be seen faintly there.”

“A continent surfaced from the bottom of the sea and caused tsunamis…?”

Clark spread a map on the side table in Kazuki’s room and pointed at a spot on it.

Looking at that, Arthur’s body trembled while she was talking. “That coordinates at Atlantic Ocean close to America’s east coast… that’s the continent that was talked about in legend, the [Atlantis] of the ancient times.”

At that time, *kon kon* the door was knocked. Before Kazuki could reply, “Excuse me a little.” An unknown girl’s voice came before the door opened.

Who appeared was a woman wearing a green convertible collar coat and a hat, all of her clothes were all green.

“Robin Hood!” Arthur said.

“How did you come all this way here?”

Clark questioned with a stern voice. That was because the woman was in this kind of place past the country border.

“That kind of thing doesn’t really matter now, right? King Arthur, there is information that is not too good.”

“…It’s fine to say it here. What happened?”

Not paying any attention to Clark, the woman with an aloof atmosphere gave her report.

“Loki, China, Russia, those three countries attacked Britain. In one night the Great Britain museum had fell, the inheritance of Basileus Basileon… [Rosetta Stone] was stolen.”

Kazuki reflexively had his mouth wide open and gulped his breath. However Arthur was not as surprised as Kazuki.

“Just in one night? Even though the Round Table are present, Germany and Italy also gave us their cooperation, we also have contact in Japan yet there was not even time to hold out until my return, that means… a betrayer huh.”

Robin Hood nodded.

“Correct, the inside was infiltrated with Mordred’s guidance. They did it without facing any resistance.”

Mordred! Inside his heart Kazuki yelled that name. That name was the name of the knight that betrayed the knights of the round table in the legend and in the end struck down each other with King Arthur.

“Lancelot was also with them right? Sheesh, their betrayal had been determined in the legend…” Arthur talked with a calm tone. “In any case if their betrayal really cannot be avoided, then this timing is still better I think. Ahead of this there will be many more worse timings for them to betray us.”

“It’s also a harsh matter that we have to keep people who we knew from the start would betray us as comrades.”

“But my pledge to reproduce Mythology by resignedly accepting subordinate that I know will betray me is carried out. This pledge will surely grant me a great strength.”

Both of them were having a conversation that was somewhat strange. No, wait a second.

“That betrayal thing you said, does that mean this Mordred has become Loki’s comrade?”

“I think that’s what happened.”

Loki plus Nyarlathotep and Mordred? …What a messed up trio!

“Right now, what is the situation?”

“The situation is over. With the Rosetta Stone stolen, Queen Hrotsvits said [there is no meaning to cooperate] and abandoned the battle. When Loki and his group accomplished their objective they quickly retreated. Queen Regina tried to pursue… but most likely she was defeated by China’s Queen Fu Xi, her whereabouts went missing at Dover Strait.”

―As expected, even Arthur had her expression wavered. “Regina was defeated you say!?”

At that time Kazuki turned to the direction of the window. Some kind of a lump of magic power was flying with a terrific speed.

Cutting through the night scenery of Las Vegas―probably from the damaged part of the dome, a silhouette of a Demon Beast spreading its wings widely.

It was a shadow he had seen before―Fafnir!!

Just from the wind pressure of it getting closer cracked Kazuki’s room’s window all at once, then a voice he had heard before reached the inside of the room.

“So everyone is all here-! Hahaha, I’m thankful here we can skip the greeting!!”

“Loki!!” On the back of Fafnir, there were Loki and Nyarlathotep straddling it.

“That green chap there… that’s a face I caught sight at Britain. You were quite strong… It seems like that you all had come here earlier than me and taught the people here the course of events. It’s great that I can even skip the explanation! Fufufu, my rival, it’s great that you too are working hard here, but I too was working hard at Britain too yeah. After all I really can’t stomach that there is information that I ain’t knowing anything about.”

Arthur shrugged her shoulder and shook her head as if she was saying ‘good grief’ wordlessly.

Loki turned to her saying “Arthur…”

“…The wise man of beginning [Basileus Basileon], he still lives huh.”

“That’s right.” Arthur answered. “That gentleman is waiting in that land.”

Loki turned around the neck of Fafnir and turned his back at Kazuki and co.

“Hayashizaki Kazuki! The wise man is also important, but I’m waiting for you! Not anyone else! You are my only rival!!”

The dragon’s wings flapped and Loki once again left towards the night sky, leaving behind his last words.


“Finally the long awaited Ragnarok(Mythology War) is here! We are going to settle everything at the Mythology Continent Atlantis for sure! The conclusion of the battle of Kings(Basileus)… and then the conclusion between me(Chaos) and you(Kazuki)!!”


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  1. DNAnime says:

    Bonds deepened. Mission complete! Amerika!!!


  2. Saiandarkasia says:

    Thank god, we will finally get back to Japan and away from this crazy Mythology. I honestly hope no American Magika Stigma or Diva EVER appears again.

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      And because I feel like it: Second!

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    • dollar0019 says:

      We will see American Magika stigma from here on out. The reason they even visited America was to select the last and final King of the 7 magically advanced countries. Most likely the epilogue will conclude this hopefully. Then we will see America’s King and probably Mary, Ginny, and who ever the King that gets chosen join Kazuki on his return to Japan. If not right away at least after things settle down.


      • Saiandarkasia says:

        I hope the American’s stay in America, because I hate their Mythology way to damn much!!!! Actually I kind of want China to take over just to wipe out that totally bullshit Mythology.


    • Anonymous says:

      The thing I worry about is what might be waiting for them when they get back. Not with the fighting or PR or troubles with China and others, though. I’m talking bout what might await Kazuki in regards to his lifestyle. The Vice Chief was going on about extravagance fitting his position before he left after all. What if he comes back to a remodeled Witch’s Mansion with his room now 3 times bigger and a super sized bed. Or maybe just a mini mansion for him and the Chouki and other princesses. Ugh, and how many new girls will enter next volume when he still hasn’t gotten anything moving along with Karen and Liz Liza yet (might be weirdly interesting to see how the “legal loli” acts though haha). As far as the American girls, yeah expect at least one to ask to go with them, Ginny did think of him as America’s hero, and Mary just strikes me as the kind to become interested in a guy that pull off a fight like he did.
      Hrrmm, and even I doubt it will happen but what if we see Arthur, or even Clark , decide to pledge themselves to Kazuki as another subordinate…naahhh, not Clark. But could be fun if Arthur-chan falls for him after they all have spent so much time together. Not having to had her female self with them in private might make her relax her guard in that.

      Anywhoooo, now that I rambled on for so long with outrageous speculation before the epilogue has even been done lol, it’s gonna be so painful waiting for vol.12 in another 2 to 3 months if they keep with the time table it’s followed to far. (waahhhh!)

      Well, in the meantime I’ll say…THANKKKKK YOUUUUUU BAKAPERVVVV!!!!! I don’t have to tell you, but after the epilogue go relax, play, take of real life (yuck) and see you when the next release is out. You totally make my week when you’re translating.

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        Well, on the plus side he’ll translate “Ultimate Antihero”. I read the manga, only seven chapters, pretty sure it only covers the first volume of the light novel, and I think it looks pretty good, so I’m really looking forward to that.


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    Am i the only one who kinda thinks that this series is gonna end soon


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      The last part gave that vibe, but even so we probably 2-3 more volumes at least till then.


    • Anonymous says:

      Waahhh!!! Don’t say that! I want it to go at least a few more volumes. But it looks like we might not be getting back to Japan all that soon after all. I wonder what the other kings are gonna do since Kazuki is the only one Loki called out. Meh, prolly hang back and wait till Kazuki’s fight is over then play cutthroat on each other (buncha sneaky bitches). I say our boy needs to go full on playboy/harem master and conquer every one of them.


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    • Windsgrace says:

      Kinda. Kazuki conquered the US. S America is gone and N America is still standing (Similar to US history) Clark now is in the mood of “Do as you wish” In other words complete subordination. Kazuki can chose to rule over them or simply cooperate with them, ultimately leaving them to their own devices. He has yet to chose. So in a sense he conquered yet another mythology like he did with Japans mythology but he doesn’t have a “key” to access it. e.e In short he gained an ally that will follow him.


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    I can’t imagine this novel without azi dahaka showing up
    just saying


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    Illustrations are quite small 😦


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    yare yare,another Kazuki vs Ikousai ?? come on lets be honest here. from the start she’s too weak to be called his rival,losing despite having two sacred treasures and relying on susanoo too much,might as well let susanoo possess her whole body or maybe just let Kanae,Kohaku,or Kazuha fight her though it seems like her useless usurp power is finally coming into play next volume. and looks like the Holy Grail war Battlefield for the Kings arc is finally starting.

    can’t wait for Kazuki to conquer Arthur (and the other kings). it won’t be too long till he can grasp those two swelling globes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    • Superioreos says:

      There’s also the Shizuka v.s. Karin fight that was basically just announced. I’m betting that the level 10 kiss with Karin will occur during the fight with Shizuka/Hel.


    • DaimonFrey says:

      Who said that Ikousai will fight Kazuki right away? Her power is usurpation and conveniently Regina lost her battle and she is missing. With Hel’s help Ikousai might find her and defeat while she is weakened.


      • KozuKy says:

        well ofc some shit will always happen first,after all Ikousai is no match for Kazuki right now. but i don’t think Ikousai can utilize Regina’s power properly so it’s just going to be easy win for our King after a few minutes.


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