Magika Vol 12 Illustrations

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36 Responses to Magika Vol 12 Illustrations

  1. joshua hutabarat says:

    Still waiting….


  2. Adrian says:

    The title of the intermission is not ominous at all right? also i am not yet at thelastest volume but reading the title of the chapters looks like this time is a conflict between Germany and Italy? or maybe those 2 against someone else.


    • We know who kazuki right so by solving the problem i think he will capture some another chicken again and i bet my money will be that Zeus user girl is the next kekeke and by seeing the Pic of vol 12 i have insurance bro!


      • antonio says:

        dont count your chick before are born remember iliana rusias king apeard in the covert of volume 10 but she is and steel is kazuki enemy and regina clarly say she will take revange on kazuki


  3. happinezz001 says:

    Damn things are getting hotter t
    In this volume

    P.S. i wonder who is the yandere looking girl in the last illustration


  4. Dark Jackel says:

    I look at the pictures, and I say to myself: who are all these people…? 😓


  5. KozuKy says:

    DAAAAAAAAYUUUUUUUUUUUUUM that colored illustration

    finally another guy shows up and Kaguya and Ilyailiya having a tentacle yuri play

    aww Lizliza so cute ~~

    lastly that last illustration,am i the only one that thinks Kazuki looks hotter than Ikousai ? no homo


  6. Ashmedia says:

    Ok… so the name is actually Pu Zi….. Puzi….. Hmmmmmmmm… That’s fine too~


  7. Adrian says:

    Ok i may be wrong,but does Ikousai (lets assume is ikousai for now) at that last picture looks like she is blushing?, maybe she returns as a target of conquest? maybe a little crazy like Beatriz-chan, also maybe Kohaku will receive some love from Kazuki too (can’t remember the last time they had a moment)


    • 1;She is obsessed with him as a rival
      2:She has no experience with men
      3:Kazuki was the first one to touch her
      Conclusion:Either yandere or something at least at the level of Beatrix


  8. Tiago Borges says:

    My HolyFuckingGOD Kohaku look just so damn hot Oo


  9. colihuacho says:

    am i the only one wondering when did kohaku’s brest grew so much, they are bigger in every volume


  10. Who is that girl at the last picture


  11. tamachii says:

    Vera kinda resembles Noel Vermilion from Blazblue =x


  12. moon says:

    damn, thank you i has been waiting for this >,<


  13. kieran burns says:

    Who are the two girls with boes.


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