Magika Vol 13



Chapter 1 – Nightfall’s Cthulhu

Chapter 2 – Super Night’s Pro-Wrestling Time

Chapter 3 -Night Attack

Chapter 4 – Tactics Battle

Chapter 5 – The Night of Stars’ Fall

Intermission – Demon God Reincarnation(Reincarnation II)


14 Responses to Magika Vol 13

  1. Mr.Snappy says:

    Is the coverpage is hikaru and kaguya’s princess mode or new characters?

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  2. Zerrox says:

    Thanks a bunch for the new volume~


  3. laudibus says:

    thank you!!!! bakapervert… i have a question… how many volumes is there in this light novel?… 13 or 14?… or more?… i am just curious… i have been following this light novel for almost 2 years… and it keeps me waiting on how will the MC be the last one standing…. together with his harem…


  4. DDon says:

    aww yeahhhh… thanks a lot!!!


  5. Village Idiot says:

    PDF LN13

    Thanks for the translation.

    PS: I couldn’t find an editors list, so if anyone else besides Omegaweaponz helped edit it, please let me know and I’ll update the Credits list.


  6. Hollow1949 says:

    Epub pls


  7. standoutzone says:, as always thanks team baka for the hard work, i’ll provide a new variant when/if windgrace has signifigant updates for chapter 5 onwards

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  8. swordman009 says:

    Wanted to ask if you guys from bakapervert can please fix the epubs to this wonderful novel? The links seems broken thanks c;


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