Magika Vol 4 Ch 3 – Secret Special Training and Secret Assault and Secret Sweet Night

Chapter 3 – Secret Special Training and, Secret Assault and, Secret Sweet Night

Part 1

Once school was over, every team began preparing for the battle election and perform special training.

Although there were a great number of schoolyards and gymnasiums in the Knight Academy, with sixteen teams trying to do special training for plans that couldn’t be shown to each other, the space was insufficient. Kazuki who was still a first year was reserved against the other candidates and gathered everyone in the garden near the Witch’s Mansion.

The visibility of the place was a little bad, they must be careful not to damage the surrounding forest.

“How should we train our cooperation specifically? I’m always by myself so I don’t really understand.”

Kazuha-senpai crossed her arms and she inquired while pointlessly acting high-handedly.

“This one and Kazuki still haven’t gotten married, so we couldn’t hope for cooperation like a couple that has been husband and wife for many years. That’s why Kazuki, first let’s get married.”

“I won’t do it. Kohaku, how could you repeat that stupid line so many times with that serious face?”

“I, it’s not a stupid line, this one is serious that’s why…”

“Whether it’s a stupid line or a serious face, right now is not the time for that kind of talk.”

Kohaku’s shoulders dropped despondently from Kazuki’s scolding.

“If we are talking about cooperation then it is the Heaven and Earth Formation right?”

The honor student Mio stated the model answer. Heaven and Earth Formation―with the swordsman as the vanguard to protect the Magica Stigma, the Magica Stigma would prepare a powerful Summoning Magic from the rearguard, it was that kind of formation.

“The foundation is like that, but…the Heaven and Earth Formation has the premise that the swordsmen would be sacrificed. I think that formation is not suitable for this battle election that is going to decide the Chief Student Council.”

Hearing Kazuki’s words, Kohaku who wished for the improvement of the swordsmen’s position was nodding repeatedly with great enthusiasm while humming ‘right right’.

In this battle election, a voting would be conducted after the tournament. For the sake of the voting, not only just winning, but they had to show to everyone a way of fighting that could be recognized as appropriate for the Chief Student Council. Liz Liza-sensei called it, not a [manifesto] but a [battle pledge].

“Moreover the interval between each match is really hard on the participant, so I think we shouldn’t fight in a way that would concentrate the burden on somebody and also to focus on the next match. If we bear damage that couldn’t be healed in each fight, then when it’s time for the finals we might fall into magic intoxication.”

“In that case we are not going to chant attack magic while sacrificing the frontline swordsmen, it’s better to chant Summoning Magic that supports the front line swordsmen isn’t it? For example something like [Self Burning]!”

Mio clapped both of her hands. Kazuki nodded at that.

“If we chanted [Self Burning] to the frontline swordsmen, they could defend against the enemy’s attack with the flame that covers their whole body while also using Psychokinesis to move the flame into the sword to increase their attack power, such way of fighting is possible. It’s necessary for such scheme to be shared with everyone beforehand.”

“I see, doing that kind of tactics in straight off the bat in that place, with doing it after practicing it beforehand, there is a big difference in results between the two. Moreover as a swordsman, this one is not good at Psychokinesis. It’s necessary to train beforehand if this one is to use that way of fighting. So this special training also included something like that.”

Kohaku reached an understanding and nodded even more. The swordsmen typically piled up training specializing in Enchant Aura. Even if they were told to suddenly use Psychokinesis, most of the swordsmen would get bewildered for sure.

“Eh, something like moving flame can be done easily even if you have to adlib it right?”

Kazuha-senpai said such thing nonchalantly, making Kohaku get startled.

Kazuha-senpai loved swords very much, however she was a peculiar person whose magic proficiency was far better than her kenjutsu.

From what Kohaku said, it seemed that her magic proficiency was at the level of a genius.

“It’s better for me to train beforehand to apply defensive magic to other people though.”

The spell chanting of Summoning Magic was divided into four stage of process, those were [Access], [Order], [Targeting], and [Cast].

There was no need of [Targeting] when casting a defensive spell that was targeted on the user’s own body. Because of that there are a lot of defensive magic that could be casted quickly. But in the case that it was not targeted on one’s own body and rather to other people then there would be a need for [Targeting] just like with other Summoning Magic. For Kazuki who still couldn’t be said to have the general magic as his strong point, this small twist became a not so small hurdle.

If he performed the special training, guessed how his allies would move beforehand, and changed his own pattern towards how it would relate to his own position, the [Targeting] too would become absolutely smooth.

“Summoning Magic that could be used to cooperate with swordsman is not only [Self Burning]. For example…I think Kaguya-senpai’s team will use this kind of cooperation.”

Kazuki knew in general about the magic that Kaguya-senpai and Koyuki uses. …When Kazuki conveyed his own prediction to everyone, all his team members tightened their expression in understanding of the threat right there and then.

“If we challenge them with a normal Heaven and Earth Formation with no scheme at all, there is no doubt that we are going to lose to an advanced high cooperation attack. I think it’s better for our side to also prepare several patterns and increase our proficiency with them.”

This tournament would develop to a point where the team that created a new way of fighting would trample the team that kept clinging to the old Heaven and Earth Formation, that was how it would be.

All of a sudden, Kazuki noticed how Kazuha-senpai was staring at him from the side while fidgeting.

“I, is there something wrong?”

“No…just thinking of how serious you are considering this tournament. You are an unexpectedly direct person, huh.”

A small heart flew from her chest, it was sucked into Kazuki’s Solomon’s ring.

With the goal of the battle election, even one second was precious, but to overdo it in the special training for magic cooperation until exhaustion was also not allowed. Early morning and evening became free time slots.

When the team special training was over, Kazuki did not only do his usual early morning practice, but he also did the kenjutsu practice together with Hikaru-senpai and Kazuha-senpai diligently during the evening too.

With the addition of the third member in the training, the things they could do also increased. So that Kazuki could see the two’s real strength objectively once again, he had both Hikaru-senpai and Kazuha-senpai exchange blows with each other.


The one who immediately let out a panicked voice was Hikaru-senpai.

Kazuha-senpai swung variegated slashes with a smooth movement like flowing water and cornered Hikaru-senpai.

“Kazuha-senpai, you have become very strong compared to when you fought me, haven’t you?”

“Really!? I have become strong!?”

Kazuha-senpai turned back after hearing Kazuki’s words and her expression turned bright.

The origin of her change was from her total lack of unneeded strength. Her swordsmanship was not flabby like before but serene and resolute like a falling star.

That smoothness was none other than the product of her persistent practice-swinging and form practice.

That swordsmanship of hers told the story clearly of what a hardworker she was normally everyday.

“…But I can fight like that when practicing. Despite that in a real fight I was completely no good.”

“Was it because senpai thought of absolutely not wanting to lose against those guys in class, or senpai didn’t want to show any uncool side of yours, so you strained yourself in the fight?”

“Y, yes! That’s right! That kind of feeling!”

“There is a problem psychologically with senpai isn’t it? But in reality senpai is strong so please have faith in yourself.”

“…In reality, I am strong…? Even though everyone made fun of me…”

Hearing Kazuki’s words, Kazuha-senpai’s cheeks were slightly colored by a hope called [by any chance].

“I too thought that I had learned the forms and beat those movements properly into my body however.”

Hikaru-senpai tilted her head looking like she was unconvinced.

Hikaru-senpai too had Traced Kazuki’s movement using telepathy, the forms of the kenjutsu had been mostly beaten into her body.

“Even though senpai has learned the forms, but to know how to move your body in various kinds of situations really effectively, experience means everything for that kind of situational assessment. Moreover not only simply Tracing the movements, when you strongly persevere in your practice-swinging and form-practice over and over, your movement will become purely serene. Whether in body’s physique or the optimization in the body movement’s kink…in those aspects, Kazuha-senpai’s sword is above.”

The swordsmanship that was polished to its utmost limit wouldn’t be able to be predicted even with Foresight. When Kazuki fought against Yagyuu Nyounsai, even until the end he still couldn’t see through that master swordsman’s <Tengushou> perfectly.

Even if Hikaru-senpai’s learning ability was really excellent, but the depth of kenjutsu was even deeper.

“So it’s like that? A perfectly clear swordsmanship…that’s super cool! Understood, then I’ll do even more practice-swinging just you see! I’ll show you!!”

“But that’s not something that could be achieved in a day, so for now let’s polish our sense of discernment. You two, how about exchanging blows with me this time in turn?”

Kazuki too drew his sword from the sheath. The practice of Hayashizaki-style used real swords. Even if they used real swords, as long as the defensive magic power was still there it would be safe. It would be more economical in magic power if they used bamboo swords, but it would create a large gap in their sense.

When she faced against Kazuki who drew his sword, Kazuha-senpai froze in surprise.

“It’s okay, I am not thinking of something like returning the resentment of being unjustly accused at all. Fuffuffu.”

“Stoo―pp! Are you actually an S―!?”

“…But to learn swordsmanship from the enemy team, for some reason it might be unfair.”

Hikaru-senpai was laughing while taking a stance with her katana.

“Hikaru-senpai doesn’t really feel like an enemy. Besides, the students of the Magic Division cannot use a sword by the rule at any rate.”

“That’s not the case you know, my Baal has a magic that can create a weapon after all.”

Is that so, using weapon that was created from Summoning Magic was not a problem in the end.

Hikaru-senpai’s Baal had a lot of magic that increased a person’s close-quarter combat ability that was to Kazuki’s liking. Kazuha-senpai’s Futsunushi no Kami was also identical.

If he raised these two’s positivity level, then he could become even stronger…

A calculating thought was crossing his mind, Kazuki quickly shook his head in fluster.

When both senpais became completely exhausted, the color of the sky had completely become the color of night.

“By the way Hikaru-senpai. Where is an area in this academy that is located in the blind spot of the security cameras?”

Just before they returned to the Witch’s Mansion after the training was over, Kazuki glanced at Hikaru-senpai and inquired.

“Why are you asking that kind of thing? Well, I don’t think Kazuki will do anything bad so it doesn’t matter though.”

She didn’t even have a shred of doubt toward Kazuki, Hikaru-senpai obediently taught Kazuki about the here and there of such areas.

Kazuki was nodding while he was listening thinking that so far the situation was good.

Of course he didn’t plan to do anything bad. Though if Mio or Kaguya-senpai knew, they would get angry.

“I understand. Sorry, there is something that I really need to do tonight, so is it okay if I take a rain check on spending time together in my room?”

“Ok-kay―, it’s fine. In a friendship between men, there is no such thing like prying too deep into a friend who is having a circumstance after all!”


Part 2

The garden at night. In the space between the trees with its dark green color that looked close to an endless black, Kazuki was taking a stroll while pretending a behavior like [sometimes I want to be alone]. In actuality even if Kazuki was together with everyone of the Witch’s Mansion for the whole day, he didn’t feel any burden whatsoever.

However with regards to Kazuki, he ought to have a side as [a guy who waited to become alone quickly].

While taking a stroll inside the school at night, mixed with the cool night wind Kazuki felt a stare that clung all over him following him everywhere. …What a simple to understand person, isn’t she.

So that person could feel safe to come out, Kazuki chose a time where there were no patrols intentionally and walked in a stroll to an area where the security cameras didn’t reach.

―Immediately there was a slight killing intent that came approaching!

“Are you really thinking that something ineffective that you have tried before will suddenly succeed if you tried it once more!”

Kazuki avoided the surprise attack like he had an eye on his back, he drew his katana while turning back.

The attacker was getting panicked from Kazuki’s counter attack and immediately recovered her distance.

“You bastard, why are you still alive? I should have killed you already for sure…!”

The person who opened a distance of several steps and confronted him was the girl covered from head to toe in a black costume and veil.

Looking at her build there was no mistake, she was the same assassin who attacked him before.

From how this person was able to grasp the timing of Kazuki going out, he could deduce that she was someone connected with this academy. Moreover if she was connected with the assault cases against the ordinary students, the possibility that she had grasped the placement of the security cameras was high.

That was why if he went out alone like this, Kazuki thought he would be able to lure her out.

Although this person had confirmed that she had assassinated Kazuki and left once before, but even so the next day Kazuki was attending the school calmly, she must have been shocked when she noticed it and became impatient.

“Isn’t your training the one that’s insufficient? No, in your country it’s called kung fu isn’t it?”

I had guessed your identity already you know, was what Kazuki indicated implicitly.

Instead of a reply, the assassin kicked the ground loudly (DON―!).

<Shinkyaku(Thunder Step)>―in Chinese kenpo, by stepping on the earth powerfully, the recoil was changed into energy.

Using Shinkyaku, the assassin took a large stride forward from the recoil she produced and leapt to Kazuki with high speed. It was the characteristic way of walking in Chinese kenpo that was called <Jūchouho(Vertical Leap Step)>.

With a stance with a low center of gravity that was almost sinking, she stepped into the opponent’s bosom in one stretch using the momentum obtained from Shinkyaku. At the same time her foot landed on the ground, she didn’t let go of that momentum and operated the joints of her whole body together. When she thrust out her palm using that <Spiral Motion>, the technique was fast like a purple lightning, possessing the piercing power like a rifle bullet.

Chinese kenpo was a fist martial arts that kicked the earth.

Kazuki remembered the Shintoukei that he was hit with right from the front, he determined that it was dangerous to be touched by this person’s attack. Therefore he mustn’t parry her attack but dodge, and slashed his katana aiming for the time her attack ended.

Against Kazuki’s counter attack, the assassin’s palm moved in a circling motion―spiral motion.

The assassin’s palm heel hit the side of Kazuki’s katana and diverted the slash’s trajectory drastically.

Just like a spinning top that was rotating and repelled something flying to it, the spiral motion exhibited its power even in defense. Similar with Kazuki’s <Instant Positioning>, this person did it with a flowing dance of her bare hands.

The assassin who warded off Kazuki’s attack just like that kept her parrying arm sticking to Kazukis katana and gripped it, with that grip as the focal point, she slipped into Kazuki’s bosom.

Super close-range distance. The space to swing the katana was lost. If she was glued to him this closely, the opponent was also supposed to be unable to swing her punch and kick sufficiently.


However the assassin, while raising her voice with fervor that was unthinkable from a female she kicked the earth again loudly (DON!). The energy from kicking the earth was changed just like that into power.

The assassin’s joints in her whole body were interlocking together in a spiral motion (Gyururu!). If there was this energy obtained from the earth, a space to swing the fist was unnecessary. A technique that could be called <Sunkei(Brink Power)> or possibly <One-Inch Punch>. …Regardless of the zero distance, a strong palm heel was coming!

Kazuki immediately blocked it with the ridges of his katana.

However he staggered from the terrific impact.

I see, Kazuki thought. She got close as soon as she defended the opponent’s attack, from that distance where she looked like she was glued to the opponent, she killed from the interval where the opponent’s wouldn’t be able to get away. When she did this the opponent couldn’t attack directly. On the other hand she herself kicked the earth strongly and with the power from the spiral motion she was hitting with a powerful blow even from zero distance.

It was said that Chinese kenpo’s <Hakkyouken(Eight Extremities Fist)> specialized in tactics like this.

The assassin’s hand held Kazuki’s katana firmly.

Kazuki who was observing calmly changed his expression. A minute wave of magic power was released from the palm of the assassin.

As if opposing this wave of magic power, the magic power aura that covered Kazuki’s body and katana was making a ripple and was stretching out thinly. The positive and the negative.

Shintoukei―the katana was going to be broken.

The assassin stepped on the earth firmly and strongly, that energy was going to be transmitted into the palm. That was enough power to break a sword that was forged using alchemy technique bare-handed.

However before that happened, Kazuki concentrated his Enchant Aura in one point and shook away the hand of the assassin from his katana just barely. From the hand of the assassin, the energy that lost its destination dispersed.

…Interesting. It was a way of fighting that he had never seen before until now, a different battle doctrine.

Kazuki still hadn’t escaped from the range of the assassin. The assassin stepped on the ground strongly, that impact was transmitted to the leg on the opposite side and she released a powerful kick.

It didn’t seem likely that all her blows were infused with that peculiar magic power.

However he was hesitating to get touched, so Kazuki devoted himself fully to dodging.

But he wouldn’t be able to break the stance of the opponent just by evading, the opponent let loose consecutive attacks as she pleased. Soon the situation turned into a one-sided defensive battle for Kazuki.

“How’s that! This is what they mean by Senren Nensui (AN: I don’t really get what this mean. But it was written with the kanji for wet, continuous, sticky, and following. So I guess it is something like a persistent stain that you cannot just get rid of. You can’t shake the opponent and get away while they keep pounding you relentlessly.)!!”

The assassin’s movement that single-mindedly drew circular trajectories reminded Kazuki of a compass (AN: Not the compass for direction, the tool to help you make perfect circle).

“It’s just a different technique, but if it doesn’t hit then it’s no big deal in the end.”

Kazuki provoked her again while evading, the girl assassin replied back in a voice that sounded testy.

“…The kenjutsu of this academy is trash. What you bastards learned is not a killing technique, you aren’t taught anything other than techniques for the sake to become the sacrifice of the Magica Stigma.”

That was a hurtful truth for his ear.

“I was taught the technique of humans extremity. …BREAK!”

The girl assassin kicked the earth with even more strength. A loud voice (DON!) was reverberating.

It was a Shinkyaku that was loaded with powerful Enchant Aura, all the recoil from kicking the earth was converted into acceleration power.

That speed, its penetrating power was approaching even Beatrix or Hikaru-senpai when they were using body reinforcement magic.

Certainly to reach this power without using Summoning Magic was astounding.

However because there was the preliminary action of kicking the earth strongly, it was very easy to read.

“Don’t think for a second that you know all there is to know about this country’s kenjutsu just from that much!”

Kazuki leisurely avoided that palm strike that was launched with inhuman speed.

“Kuu!? Why did my technique! Can it be dodged like that!?”

He had already seen the bottom of this person. That was what Kazuki thought in his heart.

The assassin that was stirred up from his provocation exposed a large opening from the wide swing she was attacking with.

The continuous attacks came to an end right there.

Kazuki finally escaped from the close range where the assassin was glued tightly to him, he took the distance where he could slash his katana.

Then he imaged a flowing stroke that was like a serene clear stream in his mind―and slashed down.

His repeated practice-swings everyday made the image in Kazuki’s mind clear, that motion polished with the Enchant Aura produced a slash with a speed just like how he imagined it.

The single stroke that was approaching god-speed slashed apart the defensive magic power of the assassin whose posture was riddled with openings.

Kazuki was not stopping there.

Could he do it or could he not, it was a technique whose success rate was just fifty percent, but…,

Hayashizaki-style Dream Sword―<Kasane(Pile Up)>!

Gouging a single scratch on the opponent’s defensive magic power with the first stroke. Then before the new magic power could gush out and fill the location that bore a single scratch the size of a strand of hair, a second return stroke following perfectly the same trajectory of the first stroke was piled up.

Due to those miraculous strikes, the defensive magic power of the opponent was pierced through and severed the flesh on the other side.

Just in an instant like a passing haze, Kazuki’s katana carved two piles of line.

Originally it was a technique meant for an instant kill. However this time he didn’t have the intention to hurt his enemy.

Gently, the veil fell from the assassin’s face.

“What the!?” She raised an astonished voice, the exposed girl leaped back as if she was trying to escape.

“Not only your veil, I could even chop your neck if I want. This is Japan’s assassination sword.”

Inside his mind he was glad that the technique was a success while his heart was thumping loudly, even so he informed the opponent coolly.

Fantasy sword―the secret sword that was like describing a fantasy, it wouldn’t succeed except against an opponent whose skill was separated by a large gap below him.

Even if for example he tried to test it against an opponent like Beatrix who was a [formidable enemy with no opening], it could be called nothing but rash.

Though there was also an opponent who was really careless like Loki, the so called [formidable enemy riddled with opening].

“Just as I thought. You were there in the tournament’s drawing weren’t you?”

At that time in the auditorium, Kazuki felt a strong gaze that couldn’t hide the shock it felt.

That was why this was nothing more than a confirmation. He had already investigated even her name.

“First year student of the Sword Division who joined Mibu Akira’s team…Katsura Karin. That‘s your name right?”

The assassin who was skilled in Chinese Kenpo―Katsura Karin’s face was colored in fury, a teeth grinding sound (giriri) was sounding.

“You are not using kenjutsu, but your skill in unarmed martial arts is quite considerable huh?”

“Even if you know my name, it won’t be a problem if I kill you in this place!”

Karin rushed ahead once more with <Jūchouho>.

But he had seen the bottom of this person’s strength.

To say nothing of how her skill became dull from impatience and fury, it was becoming easy to Foresight her movement. Kazuki’s out of character provocation that he kept repeating was in order to make the girl lose her presence of mind.

Kazuki was already able to evade her attack with much room left.

…He even had room to chant his spell.

“No hesitation even if cursing thy would bring harm to myself…agonizing together is my joy! Cry and scream in the mirror reflection! Suicide Black!”

Kazuki’s whole body was wrapped in a dusky aura.

Kazuki suddenly stopped trying to dodge, he presented his own body against the opponent’s palm heel.

“!?” Karin noticed the abnormality, but she couldn’t stop her technique so suddenly. (DOSU!) Her palm heel sunk into Kazuki’s solar plexus―the pain that should have been produced from that blow was reflected back into Karin.

[Suicide Black] was illusion magic that reflected back the pain produced from an attack the user received to the attacker.

“Whh…gahaa! Bastard, what are you…”

From the phantom pain in her abdomen that was like being hit by a small-type rocket, Karin leaked out a vomiting voice of pain.

The girl was trying to use Shintoukei, but her magic power control was thrown out of whack from the phantom pain, that magic power wave was dispersed.

Just as he suspected. Most likely this technique read the opponent’s magic power wavelength from the palm, then she clashed the exact opposite wavelength and offset the defensive magic power. A delicate control of magic power was necessary in order to do that, if he used Asmodeus’s pain magic then he would be able to seal her technique. …She was not a threat anymore.

“What a person with no endurance. To become this full of holes and thrown out of whack just from a little pain, what a joke.”

Kazuki made even more merciless eyes and said something like what a sadist would say because of the magic that he used.

“O desire lurking in the sea of heart, passing through the deeply sinful flesh I reached this hand! O embodiment of violation, entangled all according to my desire! Desire Tentacles!”

And then Kazuki invoked a level 1 magic that didn’t need much time to activate. Countless tentacles were summoned from the ground and captured Karin who was writhing in pain.

“An immature brat like you still has a long way to go before you can be called an assassin.”

Her technique was seen through by Kazuki’s calm observation, she became completely furious from his provocation, and was unable to deal with an unknown magic―Right now, Karin’s whole body was restrained one-sidedly.

Karin was struggling around in frustration, but the girl couldn’t escape with physical strength.

“Why did you target me? Is your objective my life? Or else the seat of the Chief Student Council? The backer behind you, is it another Magic Advanced Country…as I thought, is it China?”

Karin averted her eyes from Kazuki and she didn’t even try to open her mouth. It was a natural reaction though, and couldn’t be helped.

“If you don’t confess, then I’ll make that black and thick tentacle do something traumatic to you, do you want that?”

Kazuki lowered his voice and threatened the girl.

…But as expected that kind of thing didn’t really agree with me.

Countless tentacles with black luster that just by looking at it would make you wrap in disgust were twining around the girl’s limbs and wriggling around (nyou-nyou). However Karin’s expression didn’t change.

“…O flower of goblin, blossom in your full glory alluringly…”

In a whisper, Karin’s mouth was spinning words. …A spell!?

Kazuki tightened the tentacles entanglement in a fluster. However this [Desire Tentacles] by nature was an attack for the purpose of obstructing spell chanting, it had no power. Should he cut her with his katana, that thought passed for only an instant before Kazuki hesitated―he chose to dare in letting the opponent invoke her Summoning Magic and observe it.

Katsura Karin who was supposed to be a student of the Sword Division, but she was now attempting to chant Summoning Magic!

“What is opening tonight is the banquet of brute, raise the red hot pillar against the sinner of brutal theft, inclined that life as the appetizer and the cup of joy. Torture of a thousand year of heaven, right here in this place…Daihouraku Kokujou Jigoku(Giant Baking Pan Black Rope Hell)!!”

(DOGON!) Along with an enormous sound, several steel pillars were rising around the girl while rotating. The number of pillars were ten. The pillars were emitting a glossy light of oil while burning red and giving off a choking stench.


From the ten steel pillar, several lines of black strings were suddenly fired radially. The black ropes immediately turned to Kazuki and the black tentacles and stretched out. …This is, a rope made of human’s braided hair!

Kazuki escaped but the hairs in a number that was impossible to escape were reaching out to him.

Finally the black rope twined around Kazuki’s foot!

Kazuki tried to cut it with his katana, but with a grinding sound the black rope resisted the blade, he wasn’t able to sever it.

“Burn all things in contact to ash…scorching heat of rejection without place to go! Self Burning!”

Kazuki Foresighted the sign of heat element magic and setup his defensive magic. His way in using it was different from expectation but he tried to burn the black rope with the flame armor. ―Even so it couldn’t be burned.

A degree of endurance like it was filled full with a curse.

The black rope dragged Kazuki (zuruzuru (AN: sound of dragging)) toward the ominous steel pillar that was releasing a stinking stench and fierce heat.

“Shit-!” Impatiently, Kazuki concentrated the flame into the katana in his hand using Psychokinesis.

The katana whose attack power was heightened by the flame―its single blow finally severed the black rope.

Kazuki barely escaped from the fear of being dragged toward the pillar that was emitting a stinky stench and terrific heat. However several more black ropes were stretching out and attempted to capture Kazuki and drag him toward the pillar once more. Kazuki burned and cut apart the approaching black ropes one after another with his flame katana and drove them away.

Using that opportunity, Karin liberated herself from the [Desire Tentacles] that restrained her. The black ropes also reached out to the tentacles, one of the steel pillars used up its energy and sunk into the ground before disappearing.

Karin took a stance once again in preparation for Kazuki.

The flame of battle was revived once more.

{―Just stop already, Karin. You can’t win against that boy.}

At that time, beside Karin an avatar of a Diva was floating. It was no doubt Karin’s contracted Diva. Wearing a gorgeous kimono, she was an adult goddess that emitted a brilliant loveliness. And then on her head were golden ears and from her lower back a tail was growing. That was a fox’s appendage.

A fox Diva in kimono appearance…was it a Chinese Diva just as he thought? At the very least that attire which was emitting the atmosphere of Asia was obviously not one of Solomon 72 Pillar.

“What did you say, Da…”

{Don’t say my name!}

The female Diva interrupted Karin’s word with a strong tone. Karin was twitching in surprise.

{…You mustn’t give more information, even if only a little to that boy more than this.  Such carelessness showed the difference between you and that boy, that is what I want to say. It’s not a simple difference of battle technique or Summoning Magic power. You who keeps fighting while running in fury, and that boy who fights while calmly drawing out information from the opponent, as soldiers your position is different. Do you understand?}

Karin was silently looking down from her contracted Diva remonstration.

{I am not a weak Diva. However despite that, even if for example you possess twice the battle power of that boy you will still lose from such a difference, can you see that? …Hey you, boy.}

The aristocrat that grew the fox tail faced Kazuki with her long-slitted eyes.

{It’s surprising how there is a soldier like you in this kind of peaceful country and peaceful era. How many scenes of carnage have you struggled through until this point?}

“I haven’t gone through exaggerated things like scenes of carnage at all. It’s just, my school of sword style puts the most importance in regards to [looking] at the opponent.”

Kazuki’s Foresight technique that was as if seeing through the future was fearsome to the degree that he was called as [Cyclops(Magic Eye Ogre)] in the dojo everywhere he goes.

{Merely putting the importance in observing, that’s all there is to it? Hohou, what a boy that will likely grow worse in the future. Karin, with this the assassination has already failed. Give up and escape immediately.}


{It’s fine even if you come to pursue, but we have confidence in our fleet foot. Until next time, boy.}

Karin concentrated her Enchant Aura in her running legs and disappeared in the darkness of the night right away.

He thought that it would be the best if he could restrain her personally, but…in the end it couldn’t go that smoothly.

This exchange that happened outside of the security cameras didn’t leave any evidence behind at all.

Kazuki began to turn back to the road that was wrapped in darkness.

===Part 3===

When Kazuki returned to his room, it was obvious but there was no one inside the pitch black room.

Although he was the one who proposed to suspend the stay-over for tonight, Kazuki’s feelings clearly felt how unfortunate it was when he returned to this room without Hikaru-senpai in it.

He was wondering whether he should go to senpai’s room after this….

While he was lost pondering such a thing and lowered himself on the bed, a faint sound of knocking could be heard.

The door opened a little and from there Koyuki’s head appeared in a bounce.

“Kazuki… Hoshikaze-senpai is not here tonight?”

“She is not, but… what are you wearing?”

When Kazuki answered, Koyuki entered the room.

“Good evening, Kazuki-oniisan!”

From behind Koyuki, Lotte also entered after her.

These two were wearing unusual clothes. Dresses that were adorned with a lot of frills. Miniskirts that expanded from panier (AN: Also called pan′nier drape`. (on a dress, skirt, etc.) a puffed arrangement of drapery at the hips.). Socks that were decorated with lace were peeking out from there.

The two petite lovely girl looked mystical in some respect, like a doll that was made in perfection.

Koyuki’s clothes were pastel blue and Lotte’s was a monotone of black and white, the tinges were differing from each other.

“This is a clothing genre that is described as sweet loli.”

“I am a goth loli desu!”

Koyuki talked coolly like she was trying to hide her embarrassment, and Lotte talked with an honestly spirited voice.

“You two look absurdly cute, but what’s the occasion with that?”

“Kazuki is…going to be happy if we dressed up, it’s because you said that.”

“I received a consultation from Koyuki-oneesan, we went together and bought these desu!”

So this is about that conversation at breakfast last Saturday when he went on a date with Mio before.

It seemed Koyuki was worrying about how she seemed to be completely uninterested in clothing in that conversation.

The result of that was something like this.

Both of them sat on the bed and sidled up to Kazuki, he was pressed from left and right by two of them. This is the so-called Lolita sandwich situation.

“When I wore a maid uniform, Kazuki said that frills suited me completely. I don’t really understand myself, but I was thinking then, I wonder if something like this really looked good on me…”

Koyuki talked with a tone like she was making an excuse. Her anxiety was peeking out from her voice.

“For me, I have an interest on Japan’s Lolita fashion that came out well from anime desu. Koyuki-oneesan and I are connected in frill alliance!”

In contrast, Lotte talked brightly. Looked like Lotte guessed Koyuki’s emotions and gave her some support.

Though the circumstances looked like she was rushing her own hobby.

However right now a member of the human race that was able to say that these two were not cute, was it possible for such a person to exist?

It suited them so perfectly to the degree that it could be said that nothing else would look better on them.

“What do you think of the two of us right now desu? Kazuki-oniisan-!”

“It’s cute. It suits you both, you two are absurdly cute!”

From the inside of Kazuki’s mind, the fatigue and nervousness from the fight before this disappeared.

Matters like Katsura Karin or whatever didn’t even matter anymore at all.

“Super cute! What’s with this, even though if you two had bought it on Saturday, it would be awesome if you two showed it even earlier than this!”

Kazuki raised a merry voice against his better judgment, then he stroked both of their head gently.

“But Kazuki, aren’t you always together with Hoshikaze-senpai being in this room…”

Koyuki talked a little peevishly.

“Sorry. Were you lonely, Koyuki?”

“I am, not really… I was lonely.”

Koyuki was trying to pretend to be tough, however she immediately corrected her word. And then while she was leaking a purr “puu”, she rubbed her cheek on Kazuki’s cheek. This rabbit’s purr of [puu] was the signal that Koyuki’s spoiling mood switch was turned on.

“You really are absurdly cute like this, Koyuki. Very cute.”

Towards Koyuki who was pondering to escape, he had to transmit his own feelings to her even if it was a little embarrassing. While Kazuki was calling her cute repeatedly, he kissed Koyuki’s cheek softly.

Koyuki’s expressionless face was faintly turning brighter in happiness, Kazuki could see it.

“Puu” After purring one more time, Koyuki turned to the front of Kazuki like she was straddling one of his legs.

And then she clung to him right from the front and pressed her lips to Kazuki.

While kissing, Koyuki was sucking Kazuki’s lips (chuu―) like a child sucking a baby bottle. Before it was like this too, but Koyuki really liked sucking kisses like this.

Koyuki who was entering her mood right now was fawning on him so boldly, like a fierce fire was lit inside her heart.

“Kazuki-oniisan, wan wan!”

From the other side Lotte came near and licked (peropero) Kazuki’s cheek.

Koyuki who was sucking Kazuki’s lips (chuu―chuu―) to her heart’s content, separated their faces with intoxicated and bewitching face.

After that, Lotte was the one getting near this time, and pressed her lips on Kazuki. Even while kissing, Lotte kept moving her tongue. It seemed she likes to keep licking Kazuki’s face and lips.

Kazuki remembered that Mio liked to kiss like pecking at each other repeatedly in short interval. Even in kissing preferences, each girls had their own liking.

If that was the case, Kazuki too used his tongue and licked Lotte’s lips in return, it’s time for a counterattack. Their wet lips were touching each other, Lotte was clinging closely to Kazuki like a dog that was wagging its tail merrily.

“Kazuki, you didn’t do something like that to me…”

Koyuki reproached him with moist eyes.

When Kazuki separated his lips from Lotte, this time he sucked Koyuki’s lips strongly. When he made a sound (chuuuu-) just like what Koyuki did before, Koyuki’s dainty body was trembling (buruburu), her happiness was overflowing from being tormented with the way of kissing that she liked.

If he was accused as a Harem King right at this moment, Kazuki wouldn’t be able to make any excuse whatsoever.

“Koyuki-oneesan, we have already become Kazuki-oniisan’s belongings haven’t we?”

Lotte asked Koyuki a question like she was trying to draw out the real thoughts from Koyuki, who by nature had a dishonest character.

“Right now, I want to be with Kazuki like this for a long time… I don’t want to be separated from you.”

Koyuki separated her lips from Kazuki and replied with a bewitching expression.

She was in a state where there was almost no reasoning left inside.

“Kazuki, is it okay if we sleep together tonight too?”

“I also want to sleep together with Onii-san desu.”

“Of course it’s okay, but…”

Before Kazuki could finish talking, Koyuki took off her lovely clothes smoothly. And before he could even say ‘ah’ she was already only in her bustier and panty.

“As expected, you are going to sleep in that kind of appearance again!?”

Moreover, she was always in a shirt and a panty, but this time there was not even a shirt on top of her clothing arrangement. The contrast between her bare white skin and the underwear that was only adorning the minimum location was very lewd.

“After all, this clothing that was praised so highly will get wrinkles if I use it to sleep.”

Then I too will ‘suboboboo―n’ (AN: Like a SFX of fanfare where someone is going to reveal some surprise) desu!”

Looking like they bought a set complete with the underwear, Lotte embraced Kazuki too in completely the same state where her skin was exposed.

The three laid down on the bed vigorously just like that.

“It’s cramped.”

“But this crampness is good desu♪”

“If it’s cramped, then isn’t it fine if we hugged more closely?”

Just like two kinds of cheeses that were melted on top of a bread, the two girls piled up their bodies on top of Kazuki’s hard body.

Feeling the two’s softness and warmth… Kazuki had to put forth a great effort in order to preserve his reasoning that night.


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