Magika Vol 6 Ch 1 – To the Sea of Abundant Land

Chapter 1 – To the Sea of Abundant Land


Part 1


Kaya was grateful to the politicians of Yamato.


To be able to make contact with this person so very easily was exactly because there was the channel that they built with Chūkadou by spending efforts for months and years.


This meeting was an extremely important critical juncture with regards to Loki’s plan.


The pure gold chandelier was illuminating the space that was painted vermilion. Chūkadou’s <Shibi (AN: Purple Forbidden Enclosure (group of constellations in the northern sky associated with the emperor)) Palace>. That palace was richly colored with red and gold―the master of heaven’s decree, the emperor of China’s palace.


The imperial capital that loudly proclaimed that Chūkadou is the center of the world, right now Kaya was in Beijing.


There was no one else inside the room with Kaya except for that person. This was not a public audience, but a confidential talk that was conducted inside that person’s private room. Sitting on a rosewood table and chairs decorated with mother of pearl craftsmanship, Kaya and that person faced each other as if they were fellow friends with very intimate relationship.


“Fufufu…. O messenger from Yamato. No, o our friend. You are asking [if perhaps I might be able to borrow your strength], what an odd way of talking that is.”


That person’s lips that was distinctly drawn with vivid red warped into the shape of crescent moon from her laugh.


She was still a girl in the middle of her teens, but excess makeup was applied all over her face. In China the use of cosmetics was not approved except for nobles. Nonetheless, because the magicians of this era utilized their magic power and polished their beauty of figure from the Prima Material of the skin, people who relied on using cosmetics rarely existed.


When the girl let out a laughing voice, *sharin sharin* such sound was ringing. Each time this person made even the slightest movement, the many ornaments that were attached in excess all over her whole body raised a sound.


The robe that the girl currently wore was a purple Lóng páo

(Dragon Robe). A [color restriction] permitted only for the emperor, a fabric in the color of deep purple decorated with countless precious stones, as if her whole body was clad completely with the full starry sky.


The weight of all the ornaments on the girl’s body easily surpassed ten times her own weight. For the sake of enduring that weight, the girl was constantly using Enchant Aura, blue light was constantly emitted from her whole body. That light was reflected by the countless precious stones, making her sparkle intensely.


The excessively shining girl.


Most likely even with unpainted face, even with her body naked, she was surely an owner of beautiful looks, as perfect as human limit allowed.


But with the girl’s standing, mere beauty within human limit was insufficient.


The girl used up every methods, she had to be an existence that was as if a star that was shining brightly in the center of heaven.


Because the girl was a symbol.


A girl that was like the height of the star―the girl’s name was <Reborn Emperor> Fu Zi.


The personification of China’s ideal. She was the Emperor(Basileus) of Chūkadou.


Among the vast population of Chūkadou, she was an existence chosen as the possessor of the strongest magic power.


“What do you mean, odd way of talking…?” Kaya tilted her head in an intimate behavior.


If the character in front of her was a King, then Kaya was a god. There was no reason to not be confident.


“No matter how much of a really great country China is, be that as it may, it has enemy nations in every direction. While dealing with them, you are also in the position of having to check the other Magic Advanced Countries in place. We could exchange good intimacy with each other in this way, however because of that I must not be a bother for you…that was my thinking.”


“There are two mistakes in those words of yours.”


The emperor of China, Fu Zi flatly concluded with haughty tone of voice.


“One. People who are hostile to our country, are not equal to a country. They are mere barbarians.”


Now that she said that, that’s really so, Kaya recalled it.


The Magic Advanced Countries other than Japan didn’t consider other undeveloped country as equivalent to a nation. The undeveloped countries in Europe were considered protection target as colony country, while this China…considered them as barbarians.


China saw them as objects to be invaded and controlled. They didn’t even get called as hostile [country].


“Two. We the Chūkadou, our heart, cannot possibly be so narrow-minded to see a great cause and abandon it behind. Our heart is China’s heart. Indeed, certainly matters we have to do are really in great numbers. We are somewhat busy. However even so for you who are our friend, we don’t want to hear such reserved words. Rely on our heart even more honestly, it doesn’t matter even if you depend on us completely you know?”


Raising a *sharin* sound, Fu Zi threw out her chest. In contrary to Fu Zi’s behavior, if she was wearing different ornaments on her whole body, the girl that had a body with small build would look cute.


This fellow really said some incredible things huh…Kaya was amazed inside her heart. This little emperor said [I want you to depend on us] to Loki who though imperfect was a god.


“As for us, it’s better if we have you as insurance in case we are in a pinch you know.”


Kaya made a modest smile.


“Hmm, is that so. But that reservation, ’tis no problem. Your consideration to us, ’tis really not a problem. Then until you open your heart and seek for assistance from us, we are going to look forward to it.”


Right there Fu Zi made a wide grin suitable for her age to Kaya.


It was an innocent smile but…of course as the emperor there was no way she was going to promise aid to Kaya without asking for anything as compensation. Kaya and Loki were noticing the real intention of that smile.


That China was desiring for a just cause.


In contrast with the King of Solomon that increased his power by means of positivity level that was the <power of bond>, the King of China possessed the <power of heaven’s decree> that [increased her power, the more the territory she controlled widened].


However if China sets out to invade the surrounding countries publicly, there was no way the other Magic Advanced Countries are going to stay quiet.


That was why they made false charges with reason that sounded most right against other countries, or intervened in other countries’ problem and then demand compensation. Using this and those methods, they took advantage of the other party.


If China received appeal from Yamato like [we wish for cooperation for the sake of recovering the true Japan from those devils of Solomon] or something like that, it was a wish come true for the just cause to justify their armed intervention.


If Yamato obtained the cooperation of China and achieved the unification of Japan archipelago, China would make Yamato into China’s puppet country in no time at all and gradually swallow them until there was nothing left of Yamato. That was what Fu Zi aimed for.


But the major politicians of Yamato were thinking that they didn’t particularly mind even if their country became like that.


Because most of them were spies from China anyway.


Loki too was the same, he wouldn’t particularly mind if it developed into that kind of situation. Only if that created even further Chaos.


There was not even a single person among the leaders of Yamato that thought of Japan archipelago as important from the bottom of their heart.


This conference―was a secret agreement to surrender the future of the archipelago to China in the time to come.


“Fufufu, ’tis no problem, ’tis no problem at all. We want to go help your Yamato as quickly as we can.”


The emperor laughed with her body shaking. It was a smiling face that made her real intention even more conspicuous yet on the contrary emphasized her innocence instead.


“To be able to become your friend like this is really reassuring for me. Hiroko-chan.”


“What’s with that, calling us Hiroko-chan?”


The smile vanished from Fu Zi’s face and she made a dubious face in return.


Kaya recovered her behavior that was as if making fun of other people’s characteristic and answered.


“It was how your name is called in the style of Japan. It’s the proof of our friendship, calling you with that nickname.”


“Hmm. Well fine. ‘Tis particularly no problem. Although you are from other Mythology but you are still someone called as god. For now as a proof of friendship I’m going to accept that nickname.”


Fu Zi laughed generously. Kaya too, returned it with a smile.


Even while exchanging an intimate secret talk, Kaya was looking in a different direction from Fu Zi.


The objective of Chūkadou’s Mythology was Order through control. However Kaya and Loki’s objective was to demolish the balance of the world and bring forth Chaos. For the sake of that objective, this war between Japan and Yamato was one of the steps.


For Kaya, victory and defeat was of no importance.



Part 2


“Uwaa…amazing…it stretches the trousers tightly and becomes like mount Fuji…”


It was a voice like when a child was standing in front of a decorated cake and gets enraptured on seeing it.


Kazuki heard that voice inside his dozing consciousness. And then right after that, he received an ambiguous sweet stimulus.


“Wah, it’s hard! It’s sprang around throbbing when it was pulled! Ahaha, what a rambunctious kid! Somehow it’s really cute. Take this, and that!”


Stimulus was running in his lower body with throb, throb.


“What kind of shape it will become huh? Rub rub.”


Kazuki’s lower body unconsciously startled. …He was still sleeping and there was no consciousness yet in him. However in the depths of his sleep, his instincts were ringing out his warning alarm. Something bad was being done to him…!


Little by little, Kazuki’s consciousness was being awakened.


“I wonder if he will wake up if I lower his trousers. But, I really want to see it directly~“


*slit* Some sensation was slipping around the area of his waist. Because of that strong stimulus, Kazuki was awakened.


His blurred vision gradually connected the dots. What was in front of Kazuki’s eyes was―a girl’s lower body. Covered in a water colored fit-wear, a panorama of a butt, crotch and thighs.


Someone was directing her lower body to Kazuki’s face and straddled in reverse on top of Kazuki.


The other party’s face couldn’t be seen from Kazuki’s view but there was no doubt that this fit-wear was Hikaru-senpai’s.


The fit-wear that was even thinner compared to spats was gluing tightly to the soft bottom and thighs, and also the plump swelling crotch that got caught between them. It was really making the details come to the surface perfectly as if the wearer was naked. The only difference with nakedness was that the area was not skin colored but water colored.


Such an [important place] of Hikaru-senpai that was [almost similar with naked] was placed right in front of Kazuki’s eyes.


His half asleep mind was rapidly boiling up and then Kazuki yelled.


“Se, senpai! What are you doing!?”


Hikaru-senpai had stripped the trouser that Kazuki wore as pajamas and currently was placing her hands right on Kazuki’s trunks. And then Kazuki’s unprepared and moreover involuntary morning physiology phenomenon had risen, pushing up the middle part of his trunks towering like mount Fuji.


This was a super dangerous situation. Kazuki pulled up his trunks in panic.


“Kazuki, you woke up!? Not that, it’s no good if you raise such a loud voice!”


Hikaru-senpai looked to the side after having said that. Beside the two, Kaguya-senpai was still breathing lightly *suyasuya* in her sleep.


This place was not Kazuki’s usual room in the Witch’s Mansion.


Here was the front line of the war between east Japan and west Japan―the Knight Order’s garrison of Nagoya. It was the plot of land and building that was once called Aichi Prefectural Police that was repaired for the sake of the Knight Order’s activity.




The students of the Knight Academy that were recruited for the war against Yamato were lodging in the rooms that were allocated to them inside the garrison building. Kazuki became the room partner of Kaguya-senpai once again, and then there was Hikaru-senpai who slipped in , which made the three of them sleep together inside the room last night.


…He was careless. Even though usually he was the first one to wake up, it seemed yesterday he was really tired.


“Ahaha, when I saw Kazuki’s cute sleeping face, I became unable to contain my feelings. I want to leave my body to the instincts as a girl-!”


Hikaru-senpai smiled invigoratingly and then unhesitatingly tried once more to lower Kazuki’s trunks. Kazuki grabbed hold of his trunks in panic and barely managed to cling onto the fabric.


“Please wait, senpai is too honest with yourself! Don’t just do something like lowering someone’s pants using the chance when they are sleeping!!”


When Kazuki raised a scream, Hikaru-senpai took a glance at the direction of the sleeping Kaguya-senpai worriedly.


“That’s why I told you already that it’s not good to make a loud voice-! Kaguya is going to wake up!! …Eiii-!”


Towards the face of Kazuki who was raising a scream―Hikaru-senpai’s crotch was lowered.


The bulge that was tinged with plump roundness was pressing onto Kazuki’s mouth. Then both of senpai’s thighs locked onto Kazuki’s face from the sides firmly. Kazuki’s lower face was enveloped in a sweet sensation of touch.


“Muguu!? Fenfai, fanfufafefefufafaifo―!”


Kazuki raised a scream but his voice was suppressed completely by girl’s [meat].


When Kazuki moved his lips gasping, Hikaru-senpai went “hyann!?” raising a high pitched voice and her hips jumped with a start.


“Ka, Kazuki!? When you squirm your mouth there…somehow there is this strange feeling-!”


Against the sensation of Kazuki’s moving lips, Hikaru-senpai began to push down lasciviously and wriggled her hips back and forth.


Kazuki noticed once again that something came into contact with his mouth and then he shut his mouth.


“Wha, what is this…I don’t know this kind of sensation…but this might feel a little good…”


Hikaru-senpai took an erotic breath. Even when Kazuki finally shut his mouth and stopped stimulating the pressing body, Hikaru-senpai proactively press down her nether region and started grinding.


Then Kazuki’s nose got caught inside the caving in spot in the middle of the plump bulge of her nether region.


“Hyan! …Ju, just now was amazing!”


Hikaru-senpai’s spinal column was noticeably trembling intensely in shudders.


Not good. Hikaru-senpai who was innocent about genders was learning about something completely unthinkable.


Moreover on top of a person’s face.


Senpai’s hip movement became even more intense. It was unclear whether it was from Kazuki’s exhalation or from the sweat that senpai was perspiring, but the fit-wear was starting to become slippery with moisture and tinged with luster.


Hikaru-senpai’s body hygiene that was retained by the power of magic caused the sweat that she perspired to have the scent of a pure girl. That scent passed through Kazuki’s reasoning without stopping and shook his instinct. That unthinkable spot had been pressed onto his face for some time. If he was being exposed to this much lewd temptation, then no matter how much he….


Rather, if it kept like this, soon he’d….


…No wait, calm down. He must not get tempted by senpai’s innocence and step off the straight path!


Kazuki sharpened his mind with the concentration power of a swordsman and cleared away all the wicked thoughts.


Because of Hikaru-senpai’s utmost effort in pressing her hips to Kazuki’s face, her attention had been averted from his trunks. Right there Kazuki parted his hands from holding on his trunks, then his hands that became free were tightly pinning down Hikaru-senpai’s hips that continued to move grazingly.


“Kazuki!? ……moree…”


Hikaru-senpai who was possessed by the unknown pleasure directed an unsatisfied face at his way.


“This is not good. Senpai, this is bad. As a maiden, please endure that sensation.”


“Mu―. Kazuki…then, show me your penis.”


“That’s not good. What do you mean by [then], I completely don’t get it.”


“Mu―. By any chance, did I almost do something more dangerous than I thought?”


In Hikaru-senpai’s expression, a color of anxiety flashed for a moment. Just as he thought it seemed she wasn’t conscious of it herself.


Because Hikaru-senpai lived the falsehood that [she was a prince] for a long time, inside her, her self-awareness as a girl was still immature. In contrast with that, her instinct and body had already begun to mature as a girl. That unbalance was inside senpai.


“It was really dangerous, but it’s okay. I won’t hate senpai because of that kind of thing. Rather it’s exactly because I like senpai that it’s dangerous. …Haaa-!”


Kazuki put his strength to both his hands and tore Hikaru-senpai’s body from him with a roll.


The rolling Hikaru-senpai was “cheeh” and sharpened her lips while both her legs were fidgeting and rubbing together.


“Even though this is the rare chance where I woke up even earlier than Kazuki with my hard work, for some reason my chest is smoldering like this.”




Did her sleep became shallow from the sounds, Kaguya-senpai embraced him tightly from the side. He was enveloped in a soft and warm sensation. Her face felt like she was still half asleep. Similar with Hikaru-senpai in her fit-wear appearance, the magic power of Kaguya-senpai’s Magic Dress came apart in her sleep and she transformed into her negligee appearance.


“Kazuki-kun, kiss~”


While Kaguya-senpai was half asleep, she pushed out her lips to Kazuki.


Among the residents of the Witch’s Mansion, Kaguya-senpai was the only one who still hadn’t experienced the [lips-to-lips kiss].


The person herself was terribly concerned of it inside her heart.


However when Kazuki kissed the lips of a girl, he was able to use a one-time only trump card where he could perform the Materialized Summoning of the contracted Diva. Kaguya-senpai decided that she wouldn’t [throw away uselessly] that trump card, and determined by herself that she would harden her heart and be patient for the kiss until the hour of need.


Kazuki respected that wish of hers and presented his cheek and not his lips.


“Nn~” Kaguya-senpai sucked his cheek and fawned on him. For some reason she cutely looked like a child.


This was the Kaguya-senpai who usually acted like a big sister, but in her heart she surely wanted to depend on someone.


“Kazuki~, me too!”


Hikaru-senpai hugged him from the other side and kissed *chuu* his other cheek with pleasant feeling.


“Both of you, let’s get out from the bed soon. We are going to go to the beach today after all.”


“I’m really looking forward to it, the sea!”


The forehead of Hikaru-senpai who was making an excited voice pushed into Kazuki with a bump.


“We are not going there to play you know, Hikaru-senpai.”


The war between Japan and Yamato.


For the sake of the vital counterattack strategy in this war, Kazuki is going to cross the sea and sneak into Ise Imperial Shrine.



Part 3


Aichi prefecture looked similar to a monster’s face that grew fangs. The two peninsulas growing out at the southern part of the prefecture looked perfectly similar like two jutting out fangs―the west Chita peninsula and the east Atsumi peninsula.


From here, Kazuki and the others would head first to the furthest point of Atsumi peninsula as their destination, the <Irago cape>.


When they arrived at this Irago cape, there was Mie prefecture across Ise Bay.


Mie prefecture had similar shape with the shape of katakana ‘ト’. After they crossed Ise bay and landed on the protrusion that jutted out to the east, they just needed to advance a little further to reach Ise Imperial Shrine.


The shortest distance sea route crossing Irago cape to Mie prefecture was called <Irago Water Path> from the ancient times.


“Together with Kazuha-senpai, I’m going to cross Irago water path and infiltrate Yamato and then invade Ise Imperial Shrine. It seems that the boss(chief god) of Japanese Mythology is there.”


Kazuki and company were headed to Irago cape riding in the car of the Knight Order. With just a glance it was just a black sedan that didn’t look like a military car. Kazuki was sitting in the middle of that car’s comfortable back seat. At his sides were Mio on the right and Kanae on the left sitting with him. Kazuki was explaining the strategy once more to the two girls [who were still wearing a dissatisfied face].


“Why is it only Kazuki and Tsukahara-senpai alone? I cannot consent on that point at all!”


When Mio pouted her lips and expressed her dissatisfaction, Kanae too was “That’s right, right there!” and voiced her agreement with Mio.


“This is an infiltration operation after all, we have to use the minimum number of personnel so we don’t stand out. And also the objective is to persuade the boss of Japanese Mythology to pull their hands out of this war, so I must go together with Kazuha-senpai that is contracted with Futsunushi no Kami of the same Japanese Mythology. There is really a proper reason for all this you see.”


Mio and Kanae were silent. They had no room to object in this operation.


There was no other way than this…this operation felt like that. It made him felt somewhat constrained, however….


“It seems because of that bunch from Yamato were breaking into many shrines, that the Divas of Japanese Mythology transformed into this state called <Wild God>. Right there that bunch from Yamato instigated them that [the one that broke into the shrines was Japan government], and then those Wild Gods were won over into becoming Yamato’s comrades. That’s the story.”


“Using that kind of method that look like children’s pranks…what a nuisance those guys are.”


Kanae breathed out a deep sigh. After all the one that was exposed to the full brunt of the Wild Gods’ menace were Kanae and the swordsmen.


The Shrine Maiden of Yamato had short chanting time because their body hosted the Wild Gods, making them able to use Drive. They kicked around the front line swordsmen with might like that of a rapid-fire cannon.


As expected, for them to have short chanting time was a large threat.


…However if the Japanese Divas turned into enemy because of a simple misunderstanding, then there are room for persuasion.


“The Japanese Divas that are in Wild God state doesn’t have the ears to listen to our voice. However when the Shrine Maiden that is in Drive is defeated and falls into magic intoxication, it seems the Wild God that possessed them will also quiet down and return to sanity.”


From the battle before―in [Magic War・Okehazama], one of the Shrine Maidens were captured and as a result <Ame no Uzume> that possessed her was returned to her sanity. Ame no Uzume lent her ear to Kazuki and Futsunushi-no-Kami’s persuasion and pulled out her participation from the battle.


But the number of the Shrine Maidens was not only one or two, there were more than hundreds of them on the war front. It was not an easy matter to defeat them and persuade all the Wild Gods. Right there…,


“Futsunushi-no-Kami said, when we beat the [chief god of Japanese Mythology] in Ise Imperial Shrine and her sanity returned from the Wild God state, it seems that all the other Japanese Divas will all return to their senses too.”


Chief God―an existence that exerted its influence on all the other Divas in that Mythology.


If people talked about Japanese Mythology’s chief god that was deified in Ise Imperial Shrine, there was none other than <Amaterasu-ōmikami>. Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai would infiltrate into Ise Imperial Shrine and defeat Amaterasu who had turned into a Wild God. Then if they could persuade her, it was the same as destroying the military power of Yamato.


In the event that Yamato’s government fell into turmoil from suddenly losing the cooperation of Japanese Mythology, the Knight Order would commence attack without wasting any time. That was the strategy this time―[Magic War・Sekigahara].


“We are giving you a pair of beacons, so if you succeeded in defeating Amaterasu, send a signal with them. If the operation is a success it’s the blue beacon, if it’s a failure use the red beacon.”


From the driver seat, the sunglasses wearing Akane-senpai faced Kazuki with a glance and said that.


Beacon―it was a method to transmit a code by raising a colored smoke.


“Beacon is it…it feels like that this item is in the wrong period somehow.” Kazuki unintentionally displayed his anger.


“It’s fine feeling like we are in Sengoku period right? …Well that was just a joke, with the current situation like this where all the long range communications between east and west Japan are blocked, there really is no other effective method of contact you know.”


Before the coup d’état, Yamato made preparations in secret toward the infrastructure business through the politicians, and then they immediately severed the radio wave and internet access between east and west Japan.


“But don’t look down on this beacon okay, we were requesting a skilled alchemist for the sake of the operation this time to make this custom-made item in just one night. This is not using smoke but it will blow a fire pillar high to the sky that should be able to be confirmed from Ise to Nagoya even in the middle of the night.”


“If this is that flashy, even the opponent will notice it.”


“If there is a method that cannot be noticed by the opponent where we can exchange conversation, that will be the best though. That’s why swiftness will become important in this operation. Our side has also made preparation beforehand so as not to grant the enemy time to prepare, that the moment we receive the signal we can immediately invade.”


Akane-senpai smoothly drove the large-type sedan while explaining.


“…Nonetheless it’s really amazing isn’t it, to be able to manage this kind of big car.”


“Hehehe, she is cool right! The senpai I’m proud of!”


Hikaru-senpai that was sitting in the assistant driver’s seat happily looked back. For Hikaru-senpai who was the present vice president of the student council, Akane-senpai who was the former vice president was a direct senior that taught her how to do the work.


“I went to a training camp for a short period to take my license when I became a third year. Because a car is the knights’ feet.”


From the sunlight that shone through the front glass, the sunglasses that Akane-senpai was wearing shone brightly.


Kazuki and company rode three cars that were prepared by the Knight Order separately and headed to Irago cape.


The ones who was in charge of driving in each car respectively were Kanon-senpai, Akane-senpai, and Lotte.


Lotte who was still 15 years old was of course unlicensed, but because the Diva of civilization Prometheus was dwelling inside her body, she was able to drive any kind of vehicle.


Except for the three sedans that were running in line on the road, there was no other car they could see.


That was because the surroundings of Nagoya had been designated as an evacuation zone. This place was a townscape in a state of emergency.


“…But why did we bring everyone else together with us? I thought that the only one needed for this operation is only Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai though.”


“It would be too conspicuous if we choose to bring along only you and Tsukahara-san. Because in this extremely secret operation, we have to carry out this plan without even letting the knights of the Knight Order know.”


…I see, the spy from Yamato that had infiltrated the inner part of the Knight Order.


This infiltration mission couldn’t be leaked out even to his allies.


The only one from the internal of the Knight Order who knew about this strategy was only the strategy planner Commander Yamagata.


“We are taking all of you under the pretense of rewarding the students that gave distinguished service in the previous battle with vacation. Also with the massing of battle strength of east Japan here, our shortage of personnel is also being reduced, so the timing also looked natural right?”




In the first place Kazuki and the other students were recruited into the front line of this war because the Knight Orders had personnel shortage. Matching their timing with the coup d’etat of Yamato, the illegal magicians of Yamato that were scattered through east Japan began their guerilla activity. With the Knight Order’s personnel taken to suppress the illegal magicians, the Knight Order right after the coup d’etat became too preoccupied to even think of fighting a war.


But right now most of the illegal magicians had been suppressed and the battle strength was in the process of being amassed in this front line. When it became like this, there was no need to work the cadets that were still nothing more than students non-stop.


Because of that reason Kazuki and the others who gave distinguished service in the previous battle were granted with vacation as reward…there was some carefreeness saying it like that but it was not really much of a strange story.


There was a beach that was suitable for swimming at Irago cape.


“Of course that’s just the cover story, all of you of the <Knight Academy Regiment> are separated from the command system of the top brass and can move freely and you will be allowed to keep moving like that from now on as an independent unit.”


The spy from Yamato was most likely had penetrated into as far as the top brass of the Knight Order. All the action of the Knight Order had to be reported in detail to the top brass so everything became completely leaked to the spy.


The Knight Academy was independent from that hierarchy(chain of command) and stood as a different organization, making them able to move only at Headmaster Amasaki’s own discretion. The Knight Academy regiment that was composed from the students was the sole unit that was able to conduct a strategy without its information getting leaked to Yamato.


“Nii-sama, please look forward to Kanae’s swimsuit appearance okay!”


“…Somehow I lost my nervousness with Kanae by my side huh.”


Though for Kazuki this vacation till the end was just a camouflage.


However for everyone else who practically wouldn’t engage in this infiltration operation, this was just a normal vacation.


“Kazuki too also has the time to play together with us for a little right?”


Mio hugged Kazuki’s arm tightly from the right side.


―The car was going south to the Atsumi peninsula for a total of two hours. Leaving far from Nagoya that was unfolding like an uncouth urban warfare, the scenery was transformed into something that made them feel the atmosphere of vacation in southern country.


Palm trees were growing beside the road along the coastline.


From the gap between the palm trees, the sea was finally visible.


“That’s the sea Nii-sama-!” Kanae raised an excited voice first. Kazuki was spontaneously half-rising from his seat, and the morning breeze rushed inside the car when Akane-senpai tactfully opened the car window.




Since it was June, it was still not yet the period when the beach had opened.


The sandy beach they finally arrived at was like a private beach.


All the beach houses on the beach was in a state of closing vacation. But it seemed not everything was in the state of being unmanned. Right after they arrived, Akane-senpai entered one of the beach houses where inside she made some kind of talk with the shopkeeper.


It seemed the Knight Order had negotiated with this beach house, where they were given permission that it was fine to use the changing room and shower freely. After a while, Akane-senpai came out from the beach house.


“For the time being Kazuki and everyone else too, change into your swimsuit.”


Everyone raised a cheer and entered the female changing room.


Kazuki too entered the male changing room by his lonesome.


…Being surrounded by girls in swimsuit, when the only male was him.


How amazing…, Kazuki thought once more. He hadn’t thought that this environment was amazing or the like after coming this far, but he was thinking that his reasoning that was able to endure in this environment was really awesome.


Kazuki changed into trunks-type swimsuit with a swiftness that could be said is the privilege of male.


On the other side, he could hear strange voices like “Roo―ck paa―per…” from the girl’s changing room. What were they doing in there? Kazuki didn’t take any mind of it, but went down and stood on the sandy beach alone before everyone else.


The sensation of the sands on the sole of his feet felt good. The temperature was still a little cool, but a magician could control temperature using Pyrokinesis. Controlling heat and cold was the magic that humans who had obtained magic power naturally learned the foremost.


The swimsuit was something they received from the purchase by the Knight Order from an unmanned department store in Nagoya. Kazuki and the others were told to choose whatever they like. Someone like Mio had her eyes shining from all the high-class brands at that time.




While he was staring at the sea, an excited voice was calling out from behind.


When he looked back, the one who came out first from the girl’s changing room was Kaguya-senpai in a black bikini.


Kaguya-senpai looked like she wanted to say something, she was looking at Kazuki with broad grin.


“…It’s really an adult swimsuit isn’t it? The swimsuit really matches senpai well.”


“Fufufuu, when I’m like this, it’s different from using Magic Dress, what a relief.”


Kaguya-senpai pulled the hem of the pareo she wore tightly. When Kaguya-senpai lapsed into delirium because of Asmodeus, she went beyond daring and acted a little like that, but actually she also felt embarrassed just like other people.


However although the pareo in her lower body lowered the exposure rate, the destructive power of her chest bikini was tremendous. It was heavily drooping bouncingly, that even now, it looked like it was going to burst out. In addition even though her hips were constricted tightly, her thighs were too voluptuous, what a really lewd body.


…He was too conscious of it, that the atmosphere became really unsuitable for playing together.


“Otouto-kun’s appearance in swimsuit is also really good! Especially your muscular chest is really great-!”


Kaguya-senpai’s eyes too sparkled at Kazuki as she walked toward him.


“…Kaguya-senpai strangely likes chest muscle don’t you?”


“Yes, I like it♪” Kaguya-senpai circled both her hands to Kazuki’s back and hugged him, and then she pressed her own face to Kazuki’s chest and rubbed her cheek repeatedly. Kazuki too hugged her back tightly.


Their body were naturally in mutual contact―senpai’s breast was bouncingly pressing at him.


They were hugging each other in swimsuit but…for some reason it felt like they were hugging each other in the nude.


When he was stroking her smooth back, senpai was “It tickles♪” and she laughed happily.


“Kazuki-!” There was another voice calling at him and he turned back.


The second one that came along was Mio wearing a red bikini.


By some chance, perhaps the rock-paper-scissor from before was for deciding the order of the girls’ exit.


Mio was saying “How is it?” and took some poses *sa*, *sa*, in order to display her own body.


“You are really pretty. The swimsuit really brings out the goodness of Mio’s style.”


The swimsuit that she chose was exactly [a swimsuit that couldn’t be worn except for the chosen person].


The area covered by clothes was considerably smaller than Kaguya-senpai’s swimsuit, the fabric and string that were cut directly enhanced Mio’s willowy limbs stylishly.


Even though it had simple cutting, he could still feel the calculation inside it, it was not a clothing that simply had high exposure rate, surely it also had the aim to enhance the femininity of the wearer to the limit. It had some artistic sense in it.


This swimsuit had already reached the zone where it absolutely wouldn’t suit someone that didn’t have a good style, but it suited Mio perfectly. There was this presence of a high class swimsuit, that just like that, presented the girl.


Mio was “Hehehe! It really suit me!”, she puffed out her chest and laughed. After that she looked alternately at Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai who were hugging, and then she opened both her hands to the front and said “Hug hug (AN: Mio said this in English)!” …Hug hug?


“Come on, hug hug!!” Mio said it again in a little angry tone.


…Did she want to be hugged from his side?


Kazuki dragged Kaguya-senpai trailingly while walking toward Mio and then he hugged Mio tightly.


Kaguya-senpai’s scent was gently mixing with Mio’s scent.


There was Mio on his right side and Kaguya-senpai on his left side, making their posture to be in dumpling state (AN: Being crowded together. Dumpling in Japan is usually skewered together where the dumplings were pressed against each other.). Both of them were in swimsuit, that was why no matter where he touched, his hands met the sensation of a girl’s bare skin. They were wrapped together.


Mio was “Nn~♪” leaking out a satisfied sweet voice, and pressed herself loosely inside Kazuki’s chest.


“…Kazuki mustn’t temper your body too much okay. After all slender macho around this much is the best.”


While Mio rubbed herself repeatedly on Kazuki’s chest, she handed down such evaluation.


“Objection (AN: Phoenix Wright reference I think)! …I think it’s not particularly bad even if your chest become a little more buff!”


From the other side, Kaguya-senpai immediately shouted her objection.


“No, I hate brawny build! After all Kazu-nii is my prince!”


Both of them glared at each other with Kazuki in between, and then they began to argue of this and that about Kazuki’s ideal body build.


“…Something like muscle, I think it’s best if its only practical though…”


When Kazuki was gazing at their argument in dumbfounded look, he felt the edge of his trunks got pulled *kui kui* repeatedly. When he looked behind, there was Koyuki. Hikaru-senpai was also coming along at her side.


“Koyuki and Hikaru-senpai. …Wait, Koyuki, isn’t that just your Magic Dress?”


“This Magic Dress can also fulfill the role of swimsuit sufficiently anyway. …When I was going to choose my swimsuit, Vepar became sulky. Such thing is unneeded, she said.”


Koyuki’s speech was mixed with a deep sigh.


“Koyuki’s appearance is something I’m used to see as usual but…as I thought white really suits Koyuki.”


The extra ornaments were omitted from Koyuki’s magic dress, making her wrapped from chest to hips only with the exterior in white school swimsuit shape. The exposure rate was fewer than bikini―however the feel of the surface material was delicately translucent, the degree of light faintly made her skin showed through. The swimsuit was fairly, no considerably bewitching.


Seeing the dumpling state Kazuki was in with Mio and Kaguya-senpai, Koyuki circled their surrounding and discovered a gap, “Puu” and then she forced her way in. The sweetness density was increased even further.


Mio and Kaguya-senpai were even now “The gap when Kazuki looks unexpectedly macho after he took off his clothes is great.” “Looking slender in clothing is scientifically impossible. Macho is constantly macho.” saying things like that they were continuing the unproductive argument. Kazuki had the feeling that somehow the talk was not about him anymore so he left them alone.


“Hikaru-senpai’s swimming race swimsuit is cool and stylish isn’t it?”


“Hehehe, just as I thought I had the hunch that cutesy things don’t suit me…”


Such thing is not true, he thought, however what Hikaru-senpai was wearing was a glossy race swimsuit of blue and water color with yellow line inserted in it. The slender high leg that grew out emphasized the length of her thighs.


…However, the splendid high leg was amazing. With acute angle exactly like the alphabet V, it tightly dug into the girlish buxom hip.


“But this is fairly amazing you know. While I’m walking it dug into my bottom arbitrarily…”


Half-spinning her body with a twirl, Hikaru-senpai directed her bottom at his direction.


The steep angle of the high leg dug into her bottom, it was on the brink of looking like T-back.


Kazuki’s face spontaneously became red and he averted his eyes. Looking at his reaction, Hikaru-senpai’s expression brightened.


…This morning it was like that too, but this person was very happy if Kazuki was conscious of her as an opposite sex and it sometimes made her thoughtlessly start indecent behavior that made him troubled.


“Hehehe-! Ass Attack! I’m a person from planet Oshirifurifuri (AN: The meaning of this word is Ass Shake Shake, if anyone can think of a better name feel free to edit this.)!!”


Hikaru-senpai suddenly launched a hip attack at Kazuki.


Because of the hip attack that forcefully wedged its way through between Mio and Kaguya-senpai, the two who were in the middle of heated argument were “Wa, what’s with this ass!” and got thrown back.


Hikari-senpai who turned into alien from planet Oshirifurifuri was rubbing her bottom around the area of Kazuki’s waist.


“No wait, everyone is clinging on me too much here!”


Amasaki Mio―152   Hiakari Koyuki―132   Otonashi Kaguya―129   Hoshikaze Hikaru―118



There were even more voices coming from behind him.


“Fufufu, it’s really absurd for all of you to think that you can steal Nii-sama’s heart with only swimsuits of that degree! I lost the initiative at the appearance turn but, Nii-sama please look this way! To the alluring figure of the star performers Kanae and Kohaku!!”


Kazuki looked up in the direction of the voice. In front of the beach house, Kanae and Kohaku stood there with their chests wrapped in cotton wrappings and cotton loincloth tied on their waists. They showed that appearance brimming with self-confidence and arrogant attitude.


…Ah no, Kohaku was looking slightly embarrassed.


“This is the Japanese Traditional Sexy Fair…Doshi☆Fun (AN: I think she reversed Fundoshi (loincloth) into Doshifun here. Though I don’t know what is the meaning or if it’s a reference to something.)!”


“Kanae, Kohaku…I don’t think that kind of appearance exists.”


His reasoning that was shaken because of everyone had cooled down instantly thanks to Kanae.


“E, EEEEEEEEEE!? How can Nii-sama’s heart be that harmonious after seeing this!?”


“No, after all, that appearance is not limited only to Japanese style right? Aren’t you throwing away various important things as a girl like that? I cannot think of anything else other than you running some kind of joke…”


“GAA―NN!” Kanae became teary-eyed while Kohaku directed spiteful eyes to Kanae.


“…Even though this one had said that it’s strange, Kana-nyan-senpai was bragging [I know all there is to know about Nii-sama!] full of confidence so in the end…”


“Shu, shut up! Don’t say any complaints, aren’t you the one that copied me on your own accord even though I decided this by myself!!”


Kanae turned back and shouted at Kohaku. Her bottom was *purun!* shaking. …The bottom became something amazing to look at from behind when wearing loincloth, Kazuki reflexively averted his eyes.


“Fufufu, that being the case Kanae-san is a very shy person isn’t she? But running a clever plan while hiding one’s embarrassment is a blunder. …There is no easy path in subtleties of man and woman except using all one’s might!”


All one’s might―the one who appeared this time along with a proclamation that sounds amazing for some reason was Ryuutaki Miyabi-senpai.


With a refreshing smile, the swimsuit that she was wearing…was a straightforward string swimsuit.


Slingshot―narrow belt that was fine even if it was called string was hanging on from the neck to the breast and from the breast to the waist. It barely retained its claim as swimsuit by the belt that was hanging on the apex of the breast. Whether Miyabi-senpai should be called a celebrity or an exhibitionist, she had a really erotic & gorgeous style.


With a composed expression as if saying that it was only around this much, Miyabi-senpai sexily brushed up her long hair that was colored silver from an elf’s special trait. Kazuki reflexively stiffened from the unexpected hot body.


“Please wait Nee-sama! That swimsuit is really not for sane people!!”


Shinobu-senpai was dashing out from the beach house while raising a piercing cry in school swimsuit appearance.


“Please stop exposing that appearance to anyone other than me!!”


Shinobu-senpai caught the arm of Miyabi-senpai. However Miyabi-senpai was “Noo!”, she made a resistance. Miyabi-senpai attempted to shake off the arm that caught her making her chest swaying *purun purun* from her movement.


Miyabi-senpai floated a composed smile toward Kazuki whose eyes became completely nailed on that sight.


“…Fufufu, when Kazuki is looking at me like that, I cannot help but feel a shiver on my spine you know.”


Composed. No…she looked like she was forcing herself somehow.


“You look just like a pervert Nee-sama-! I brought over Nee-sama’s school swimsuit too so come with me!!”


Shinobu-senpai pinioned Miyabi-senpai’s arm and was trying to lead her back into the beach house.


“I said no already!” Miyabi-senpai tried to shake off Shinobu-senpai from dragging her.


Because of that momentum of hers, *poroo* some kind of sound could be heard.


Actually there was no such sound at all, but that kind of sound effect was flashing inside his head. When Miyabi-senpai’s body that was pinioned shook to left and right, her large breasts also rampaged to the left and right, causing the belt that was only hanging on that ‘summit’ got pushed out of place *poron*, the large breast fell out.


Look soft…Kazuki’s eyes opened wide, fixedly staring at that sight.


“…I, I don’t plan to show until this far though…”


Miyabi-senpai’s white skin became bright red from shame. However she immediately attempted to recover her composed smile.


“…Fufu, this is not really shameful or anything though, it’s not an embarrassing body after all.”


With a composed smile as if pulling on a mask, she didn’t even try to hide the jiggling breast.


“Nee-sama! Withdraw! This is already prohibited!!” (AN: Shinobu always talked in polite language.)


Shinobu-senpai finally went as far as using Enchant Aura and forcefully carried up Miyabi-senpai. Miyabi-senpai’s body had become all tensed up and she didn’t resist anymore. Just like that the two of them returned to the beach house.


…Overwhelmed by the event just now, no words could come out from his mouth.


Passing the Ryuutaki sisters, Karin and Kazuha-senpai finally came.


“What’s with that? Breast palanquin (AN: The words used here is portable shrine (carried in festivals))?” Karin left behind such comment.


“Leaving aside that, Hayashizaki Kazuki! It’s just fine even if you comment on my swimsuit appearance!”


Karin made a full rotation with a twirl. What she wore was a swimsuit for the use of primary schoolgirl that was printed with anime character.


“Eh, aa…it suits you. You are extremely cute in a certain meaning. I can’t really see you as someone the same age with me.”


“Mu, something is suspicious in your way of talking…Well, that must be because you really like anime. Fufun.”


At her side, Kazuha-senpai who was examining Kazuki’s expression was wearing a wine red adult-like bikini that was arranged with white ribbon. For Kazuha-senpai to wear a bikini with high exposure rate was a little unexpected.


“Senpai’s tight abs is really well reflected as a swordsman huh. It’s a beautiful body in supple way.”


“Do, don’t suddenly look at me with strange eyes-! Don’t review me!!”


When Kazuki voiced his impression, Kazuha-senpai lost her temper as usual.


“I’m not looking at senpai with strange eyes. It just remind me once again what a hard-worker senpai is.”


“…What’s with you, so this is a talk as swordsman.”


Kazuki intended it as the highest praise when he said beautiful muscle, but Kazuha-senpai donned dissatisfied face.


“But as a girl senpai is also really lovely. The practical muscle as a swordsman mysteriously doesn’t harm senpai’s womanly charm. Moreover that bikini is a little unexpected and charming.”


Getting praised with time difference, Kazuha-senpai became bright red from receiving the surprise attack.


And then a heart mark of positivity level up came flying from her chest, however as if deceiving that heart mark,


“What are you saying [cute] for even though you are the younger one-! Youu-!!”


Getting angry once more, Kazuha-senpai hit him again and again.


Kazuki separated his body from the girls that were clinging on him and cleverly evade Kazuha-senpai’s repeated strike while using Foresight. Thereupon Kazuha-senpai became even more irate and came hitting him even more.


Tsukahara Kazuha―80


“Now that I’m looking, where is Lotte? I don’t catch sight of her but…”


While evading Kazuha-senpai’s hit, Kazuki was looking around at his surrounding.


“She was not in the changing room, so I wonder if she is not together with Akane-senpai and the others.”


Hikaru-senpai too tilted her head in wonder.


“Won’t she come if we wait for her? Let’s play first!”


Mio pulled Kazuki’s arm as if feeling that the time they had together was too precious to waste.


At that time a voice rang out from the direction of the sea.


“The event is not going there! Everyone can play except for Onii-san! Kazuki-oniisan will be together with me to get the technique of operating the boat beaten into his head desu!”


When they turned around, a single small boat was heading to the beach cutting through the waves in the horizon. The one who drove was…Lotte!


Before the boat could go up the beach, it stood still.


“Wooden small ship <Solomon>. You are going to ride that and head to Ise.”


Akane-senpai who was talking with someone in the beach house was, while still wearing sunglass, coming down to the beach with her mantle of the knight uniform flapping in the morning breeze. She was pointlessly cool.


The group was reeled back, making Mio raise a protest.


“Eeee, you are going with this kind of small shabby boat!? Even if a bigger ship like a cruiser is prepared…”


“This is not a shabby thing, it was created by skilled hands, a precious traditional handicraft. In the case that Yamato properly bring out radar and conducted border security, that small wooden boat is able to slip through the radar. The wood has the property that make it easier to absorb the electromagnetic wave compared to iron or resin.”


Radar worked by transmitting electromagnetic wave to the target and detected the target by sensing the electromagnetic wave that clashed with the target and got reflected back. By using something made from wood, moreover with a size that small it would surely be difficult to detect the boat.


The Knight Order had seen that Yamato was unable to construct a security set-up using radar, but there was no such thing as being too careful.


“Also there are quite a lot of reefs in Irago water path, so for an amateur rather than driving a large boat it’s better to use small boat.”


“This is a motor boat loaded with engine isn’t it? I thought that I’m going to cross the sea by paddling.”


Kazuki asked about the surprising addition. This was an infiltration, so the number one concern was [sound].


“Just as you hear this boat is fitted with a motor that has high silencer so you don’t need to worry about sound. It’s also equipped with GPS, even in the miniscule chance that the boat get overturned you can fly using magic…if I have to say my worries then it’s only if someone discover you by naked eye. Such worry is needless if it’s you right, Cyclops?”


Akane-senpai laughed challengingly. There was not many humans that had better eyesight than Kazuki. Before the enemy could even discover Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai, surely Kazuki would discover the enemy faster and could escape.


“By the way senpai is not wearing swimsuit?”


“…I and Kanon have the position of leading you guys. The permission to relax doesn’t include both of us. Please don’t say anything stupid.”


Akane-senpai asserted stiffly with her sunglass sparkling. However from her side,




With goggle in her head, school swimsuit and even swimming ring, with such complete equipment Kanon-senpai dashed across the beach and leaped into the sea even earlier than anybody else. Akane-senpai was speechless and cradled her head, smiling wryly at Kazuki.




The boat was made from wood not only in its exterior but also its interior, the drive unit installed in its stern emitted a luster of modernity. The drive unit was a unification of motor, battery, and propeller. The boat’s total length was 12 meters, however the width didn’t even reach 2 meters.


With two seater sitting side-by-side horizontally, Kazuki was sitting in the driver seat with Lotte in the assistant driver seat in a cramped space where their shoulder and thigh could touch each other. Rather Lotte was happier with that cramped space.


“Fufufu, I’m monopolizing Kazuki-oniisan onboard a ship desu!”


Lotte who was sitting on the seat beside him was wearing tankini swimsuit with white tank-top outlined by pink borders and hotpants. The exposure rate was low but she looked wholesomely cute. Amazingly cute.


Lotte happily frolicked at Kazuki’s left shoulder.


When they turned to the beach direction from the floating boat on top of the sea, everyone else were playing at the beach’s edge, competing in swimming, or burying and got buried in the sandy beach.


For Lotte to say something like monopolizing Kazuki like this was a rare event.


“That’s because Lotte always holding back too much.”


When Kazuki kept stroking her head, Lotte made a dazzling bright smile at him.


Kazuki nonchalantly lowered his hand that was stroking Lotte’s head to the back of her head, then suddenly he forcefully drew Lotte’s face near and stole her lips forcibly.


For a while their lips tasted each other’s softness intimately. And then when their faces separated, Lotte’s face boiled red dazedly as if she was drunk. A large heart mark flew to Kazuki.


“…Kazuki-oniisan, you had become skillful in doing this kind of thing unfalteringly, or perhaps I should say…the surprise just now was a lovely surprise attack desu-!”


Lotte jumped into Kazuki’s chest enthusiastically, making the small boat shake on top of the water surface in a lull.


…Although it was because Lotte was happy no matter what he did with her, so he was just trying to act proactively for once.


Kazuki embraced Lotte in return while recovering the balance of the ship, and then he was brushing her head gently once more.


“Kazuki-oniisan…not just my head, please touch various places on me even more♪”


Lotte whispered bewitchingly. Then Kazuki brushed Lotte’s back gently.


“Ehehe…do it in even more places♪”


Being urged further, he brought his hand from the back to her waist, then her stomach where his hand kept stroking her body. “Nn…♪” Lotte released an ardent sigh, her body was quivering.


“Kazuki-oniisan, more, I want you to do even more desu.”


Lotte rubbed her thigh on him. That act was not the childish sweetness she always did in front of everyone. Lotte who was like a little angel was becoming passionate inside Kazuki’s arms.


{Lotte, it’s extremely painful for me to disturb you here but, we have to teach Kazuki the ship control soon.}


Suddenly the voice of Prometheus rang out inside his head. Looked like the same voice also reverberated inside Lotte’s head, the girl separated her body “Mein gott…” and sulking a little she pouted her lips.




“Please grip the handle with left hand. The handle is attached to the stern of the ship and connected to the drive unit, it can change the direction of the propulsion.”


Lotte was teaching Kazuki smoothly. However Lotte was not too detailed herself in how to operate the boat, it was the god of civilization Prometheus possessing Lotte that had the thorough knowledge of civilization’s convenient tool.


When he gripped the handle just as he was told, a heavy sensation was conveyed into his palm with a jerk.


“Manipulate the throttle lever with your right hand. The throttle is like a car’s accelerator. The boat will go forward if you pushed the throttle forward and it will change into backward movement when the throttle is pushed to the back.”


“And this flap switch?”


“This flap is to control the inclination of the boat, so please always watch the condition of the sea surface attentively and operate this switch appropriately. The newest ship has sensor to automatically control the flap but…this is a Japanese boat made from wood that was hastily made and the drive unit is attached in the external, so it doesn’t have the capability to do that desu.”


“Handle with left hand, throttle and flap with right hand…look fairly difficult huh, this boat.”


“Because officially this boat need license to operate desu. Beyond doubt, what we are doing is unlicensed driving.”


Lotte asserted suspiciously.


“Perhaps there will not be situation like this but, please absolutely don’t operate the motor when there is human that doesn’t have magic power in the surrounding. They will receive heavy injury if they get swallowed by the propeller.”


When Kazuki pushed down the slot, the boat began to move, the morning breeze changed into a strong headwind.


Lotte’s fluffy hair was swayed pleasantly by the wind.


“Kazuki-oniisan, I’ll give you a reward every time you control the boat skillfully desu-!”


Rather than calling it a reward it was the person herself that was fawning on him, Lotte kissed Kazuki’s face from the side. Kazuki practiced the boat’s operation for a while, at the same time Lotte reclined on Kazuki while they were enjoying the drive on top of the sea.



Part 4


Everyone apart from the Ryuutaki sisters began to play beach ball.


Miyabi-senpai and Shinobu-senpai didn’t mix with everyone and went away somewhere….


Kazuki who was learning to operate the boat in isolation on the sea was finished in less than an hour.


“Kazuki-oniisan, how much confidence do you have in the strategy this time desu?”


On the ship that was still floating leisurely on the open sea, Lotte asked that all of a sudden.


How much confidence he had in the strategy this time huh―the one who designed the strategy this time was the person who led the Knight Order’s Shizuoka regiment, Commander Yamagata.


“Lotte doesn’t have much confidence in that Commander Yamagata do you?”


Lotte nodded with a bob of her head.


Lotte was honest in all respects towards Kazuki, but it was not like she harbored that attitude toward just anyone.


Rather for Lotte who was born and raised in a royal court which was a whirlpool of scheme and plot, she would use Telepathy to anyone she directly met and unless she had confirmed that the other party didn’t hold any ill will she absolutely wouldn’t open up her heart.


“I, think that the operation this time is dangerous desu. I don’t understand it well if I’m asked why I think that but…it’s like our direction is completely guided…”


Kazuki nodded. Kazuki too had a similar feeling like that.


The enemy’s hand didn’t reach until the seaside and its security was easy to infiltrate.


It was as if the government of Yamato didn’t think of Ise Imperial Shrine as important, their wariness was thin.


Those guys might also be unaware that if Amaterasu was defeated all the other Japanese Divas would also recover their sanity. After all in a state of being a Wild God the Diva couldn’t communicate normally, so it was not odd even if they didn’t know but…they were too full of opening.


If this strategy succeeded against the enemy that was full of opening, the enemy’s battle strength would plummet and the victory and defeat would be decided. There was no other way but to use this strategy. However….


“Certainly, this is just too convenient.”


If in the worst case, the enemy force was waiting in ambush, then both Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai would be trapped in a desperate situation.


What if this convenient situation, by some chance was set by someone?


“Is it that Commander Yamagata, doesn’t think well about Kazuki-oniisan?”


“I also think that it might be so. It doesn’t matter even if it’s a trap, maybe he think of me as something like a sacrificial pawn.”


The King of Solomon. For the humans that had already seized power in Japan presently, Kazuki’s existence couldn’t be said as someone that they would necessarily welcome. Such attitude was something that he had experienced personally in the past.


Actually there was also another (AN: I’m not sure if the translator had any reason for this but i’ll change it until otherwise stated) reason to be hesitating. …Beatrix who had covered him and fell into magic intoxication still hadn’t opened her eyes. If he could, he didn’t want to be separated from her side. There was something he wanted to immediately say the moment she was awake, even while she was still asleep he wanted to wait beside her.


“If onii-san feels any kind of danger, please escape immediately.”


Lotte hugged Kazuki’s left arm tightly.


When push comes to shove he had to consider about the right time to escape. Kazuki had acquired several magic that could fly in the sky. Because all of it was too flashy he couldn’t use them in the case of infiltration, but in the case of escape it didn’t matter even if he use those magic. If he flew to the sky using [Deep Striker] or [Blazing Wings] while accelerating himself using [Ride Lightning], there wasn’t supposed to be many magician who could pursue him at that speed.


He had to make a precise self-defense…above all Kazuha-senpai too was together with him.


Kazuha-senpai’s contracted Diva was Futsunushi no Kami of Japanese Mythology. That was why even in the case he really fell into the worst situation, the enemy might overlook Kazuha-senpai as long as he presented himself….


“I won’t forgive Kazuki-oniisan if you yourself don’t get home too okay desu?”


Perhaps Lotte felt Kazuki’s feeling slightly, she was glaring at Kazuki with a scowl. Kazuki was “Sorry” and smiled wryly. However he couldn’t help it that such feeling flashed inside his head for a moment.


“I’m saying this because I’m just alone with Lotte but…”


Surely the big shots of the government still hadn’t recognize Kazuki completely, the Solomon 72 Pillars was also still only in the stage of testing Kazuki. In regards to that the combination of Lotte and Prometheus, for Kazuki was truly [companions that had no lie]. They are a duo that absolutely had no hidden side from him.


If it was with them he had the feeling that he could be frank and spoke his true feeling.


Of course Leme was also listening in on this conversation with out (AN: i’m not sure if this was a mistake by the translators so i won’t be changing them for now.) butting in about anything.


“Futsunushi-no-Kami too, feels suspicious for some reason. Even though he doesn’t have any excuse like Leme or Prometheus that lost their memory, he only gave small amount of information when he talked. He might have some kind of reason but…the one who created the chance for the strategy this time was Futsunushi-no-Kami.”


If in the case that this strategy was led on by someone, the one who would fall under suspicion at the top of the list was Futsunushi-no-Kami.


“Is Futsunushi-no-Kami-san a spy from Yamato and is he luring Kazuki-oniisan right now?”


As expected, even for Lotte she couldn’t sense until as far as a Diva’s state of mind.


“No, I don’t think that Futsunushi-no-Kami is in Yamato’s camp…”


The explanation of [the nature possessed by Wild God] that Futsunushi no Kami gave to Kazuki had already been proven as truth presently, from how Ame-no-Uzume returned to her sanity.


In the first place from how Kazuki could use Futsunushi-no-Kami’s magic, there was no doubt that Futsunushi no Kami was fundamentally an ally, but….


“Futsunushi-no-Kami too, might be planning to test me. He is not luring me into a trap from Yamato, but perhaps he is inviting me to the trial location of Japanese Mythology…?”



Part 5


When he got down from the boat, Kazuki didn’t join with the playing girls but he searched for Miyabi-senpai and Shinobu-senpai.


Kaguya-senpai and the others said that “We too searched for them, but we didn’t see them.”


But Kazuki was able to sense the whereabouts of a companion he had a bond with.


Shinobu-senpai’s positivity level was too low that he couldn’t sense her, but if it was Miyabi-senpai’s positivity level he could sense her faintly. Indeed, perhaps from Miyabi-senpai too, she might be wishing for [I want Kazuki to come], in comparison of her positivity level of 44, he could feel a strong wave of magic power.


Kazuki walked in the direction of the beach’s edge.


The area changed into a rough rocky place where the terrain was unsuitable for swimming.


He had to say something to Miyabi-senpai, some few words. That was what Kazuki was thinking.


Perhaps she was forcing herself that she wore that kind of swimsuit, and then undergoing that accident, she managed to mend her composed expression, but surely she felt hurt and embarrassed even at that time.


He immediately discovered the two sisters. They were in a rocky place separated from the beach. As if trying to hide behind a boulder almost as big as an adult, Miyabi-senpai was standing directly opposite Shinobu-senpai.


Miyabi-senpai had changed into a school swimsuit, both of them currently were in some kind of quarrel with each other.


“…That’s why, we had especially came here together with everyone after all, it’s no good if we don’t play with everyone.”


Miyabi-senpai talked with strong tone as if reproaching.


“No. I came because I thought I can play with Nee-sama. That’s why Nee-sama, together with me…”


Shinobu-senpai’s hand reached to Miyabi-senpai imploringly. Miyabi-senpai didn’t take that hand.


“If I take that hand, we are going to completely go wrong with the two of us.”


“Why…” Shinobu-senpai’s eyes shook fiercely in agitation. Her heart started to beat violently from receiving a large shock, but that agitation was only conveyed from her eyes.


Kazuki was standing stock still without raising any footstep.


The wandering eyes of Shinobu-senpai that couldn’t calm down located the figure of Kazuki that was like that.


Shinobu-senpai gulped her breath strongly and glared hatefully at Kazuki. Looking at that change of expression, Miyabi-senpai too followed Shinobu-senpai’s line of sight, “…Kazuki!” and she finally noticed Kazuki’s appearance.


Shinobu-senpai suddenly turned her back and dashed away in the opposite direction from Kazuki. Miyabi-senpai chased that leaving back with her eyes, but she didn’t follow and walked to Kazuki.


“…Before, I showed you my shameful appearance didn’t I? Although I didn’t plan to but, to lose my composure like that…”


Was it the story about the swimsuit? …Kazuki was at a loss of what he should say to her.


“I don’t think it was something embarrassing. It was really beautiful.”


The white skin characteristic of an elf on a glamorous figure. With different individuality from Koyuki, the scene was burned vividly into his heart.


The instant the swimsuit flipped and her breasts fell out, Kazuki’s eyes became nailed on the spot as if his soul was just plundered.


“Because of that, it’s strange to say something like thank you I think, but…please don’t fret or feel hurt over it too much. That is what I want to convey to senpai.”


“…I chose that swimsuit with the intention of showing my skin to you, so I’m happy if you say that to me. The truth is, it was certainly embarrassing though…”


Miyabi-senpai’s cheeks was colored red from shame, however she replied so in relief.


“Rather than something like a swimsuit, senpai has to run after Shinobu-senpai immediately.”


“…It’s fine. If I don’t separate with that child a little. Let’s just leave her alone. Rather than that kind of matter, I want to play together and get along well with you and everyone properly. This is a rare chance after all.”


After Miyabi-senpai shook her head and denied what Kazuki said, she reached her hand to Kazuki imploringly.


It was exactly the spitting image of how Shinobu-senpai reached her hand to Miyabi-senpai just before this.


While Kazuki took that hand gently―however he denied it at the same time.


“Senpai is impatient. Also senpai must not do something that will hurt Shinobu-senpai.”


Miyabi-senpai’s eyelashes shook with a start.


“That…I, I thought that the both of us cannot keep staying like this…”


“Shinobu-senpai, she will surely think that she has been left behind by Miyabi-senpai. And yet if Miyabi-senpai got too impatient like this, senpai will only rapidly get completely cornered…”


With Miyabi-senpai’s transformation into elf, the two twin sisters were locked into a world where it was just the two of them.


Shinobu-senpai grew to harbor feeling of distrust toward everything of the outside world that discriminate the big sister that she loved.


In reverse Miyabi-senpai had gotten back on her feet because Shinobu-senpai continued to stay by her side for a long time.


On Shinobu-senpai’s side who was not the one who became an elf herself, even now she was still continuing to confine herself inside her shell….


“I don’t mean to ignore that child’s feeling…”


Even while saying that she thought deeply of what Kazuki had pointed out. Miyabi-senpai hung her head down crestfallen.


“…That’s right isn’t it, this is not for the sake of the child or anything like that. I came like this to the sea to be with everyone. I might be able to make friends, with you, and with everyone else, making merry and everything…. It’s really like that isn’t it, even though that child is still unable to prepare her heart for something like this. Even though I can recover this far simply because that child kept continuing to think about me all this time….I was just about going to discard those feelings of hers.”


“Senpai should not think that senpai is discarding Shinobu-senpai or anything like that.”


The expression of Miyabi-senpai that was always showing a composed smile crumbled and peeled off.


“I discarded her! Because, being alone with Shinobu just the two of us, is enough already! Being just the two of us like this, is just the same thing with being alone…! It looks far more fun to be together with all of you!!”


Miyabi-senpai had said to him before [Quickly conquer me too] while floating a composed smile, however,


―She was not supposed to be composed.


She was showing behaviors that made people feel her elegance, but that might be just her pretending to be strong, showing [I don’t feel painful for even a little] to the outside world that had discriminated her.


Right now, Miyabi-senpai’s shoulders were shaking with self-disgust for herself [that was going to discard] her little sister.


The two that had been dependent on each other mutually for a long time. These two sisters, it would be in vain if it was not simultaneously.


“Senpai, it’s going to be okay. Because, I will show you that I’m going to [conquer] Shinobu-senpai too.”


This was the first time he had ever said [conquer], a galge-like word like that with such earnest feeling like this.


Kazuki lightly embraced the trembling Miyabi-senpai and pat her shaking shoulder.


“But I think it will take a little more time, so please run after Shinobu-senpai for now. Not only with Shinobu-senpai, I will become more intimate with Miyabi-senpai as well. And then after that, let’s go with the three of us to the beach or a pool again. After all the highlight of summer will be from now on.”


“…Thank you, my King.”


Miyabi-senpai looked downward deeply as if hiding her expression. From that face, a sniffling sound was leaking out.


“Please don’t forcibly hide yourself when you are crying.”


“Really you are, even though I was desperately trying to look good but you see through all of it…”


A large heart mark came flying from Miyabi-senpai.


Miyabi-senpai raised her face that was wet with tears and smiled even while shedding tears.


“I’m going to Shinobu now. I’ll apologize. I have to make that child feel peaceful.”


Miyabi-senpai wiped her tears, then she decisively turned her back to Kazuki and ran.


…Let’s go back to the beach. Kazuki too turned on his heel.


There was still a little time before his departure, there still might be some time left to be together with everyone.


When he came out from the shadow of the rocky area…Koyuki was standing there.


“Koyuki? …Did you see?”


“I didn’t mean to peek but…” Her voice was just a little down.


“What’s the matter?” Saying that Kazuki approached her.


“It’s really nothing. Just…”


Her face was somehow like a good obedient child who was despondent because her toy was taken away.


“Kazuki, from now on you…might not be concerning yourself about me anymore.”




“Until now you are sympathizing with the pitiful elf and concerned yourself with me but, now a new more pitiful elf has appear…” Koyuki talked while averting her eyes in another direction.


“Are you seriously saying that?”


Kazuki was approaching near Koyuki, he circled his hands on her small back and embraced her. The sensation of her body snugly settling into his arms was very lovely. He forcefully directed Koyuki’s face that was facing another direction to look at him, then he repeated one more time. “Are you seriously thinking, that I never embraced Koyuki except from something like pity?”


Being stared directly by Kazuki, Koyuki’s face was red and her eyes became moist.


“I’m not thinking that…if I show you I’m sulking like this, I thought you might spoil me…”


“Good grief, Koyuki is really a spoiled child huh.”


Kazuki let out a deep breath and showed his amazement. And then while hugging Koyuki, his fingers stroked the girl’s sensitive long ear. “…!” Koyuki was trembling twitchingly from the sudden sensation.


“Ka, Kazuki…you always touched my ear so casually but, this, it give lewd feelings even more than Kazuki think so, that…”


“Eh, is that so? I just think of this as the extension of patting the head…so should I stop this?”


When Kazuki was going to separate his finger from her ear, Koyuki raised her voice in fluster.


“It, it’s okay for you to not stop! …Please do it more.”


“Koyuki is…just a little perverted aren’t you?”


Kazuki continued to graze Koyuki’s ears *shuu shuu* for a while and Koyuki’s spine also continued to tremble in shivers. Koyuki’s breathing was becoming disarrayed little by little.


“Haa, haa…Please say it properly using your words, that you are not just pitying me…”


“It’s because Koyuki is adorable and I love you, that I am being together like this with you.”


After whispering those words, he kissed Koyuki’s white cheek. The cheek of Koyuki who was playing in the sea just now tasted salty.


“…Please do it on my lips…”


Koyuki presented her lips adorably and demanded so. For the sake of making her say that honestly, Kazuki teased her by only kissing her cheek before this in preparation and bided his time before he kissed her as strongly as he could to demonstrate his love.


“Ka, Kazuki…n, nnn!!”


Koyuki whose lip was sucked while her ear were toyed around with continuously by one hand suddenly had her body spring strongly. And then as if power left her waist, she sank down on the spot.



Part 6


When it was time to sail out, the boat was moved to the wharf pier.


From where it can be reached just by walking a little from the beach, a pier of asphalt was jutting out from the coastline.


After Kazuha-senpai boarded the boat and sat beside Kazuki, she let out complaints restlessly.


“Why is the boat this cramped…”


“Please endure it a little, after all it seemed that preparing the ship’s provision was not easy.”


Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai had done changing from their swimsuits into [casual Japanese clothes] that had been remodeled, to make it easy to move while it was worn. It seemed that in Yamato, this kind of clothing was booming among the youngsters there.


The information between Japan and Yamato had been cut off, but the government was able to get their hand on information concerning west Japan from the ordinary citizen that had escaped to take refuge.


It was a surprising matter for differences in culture and fashion to be created already, even though it hadn’t even been one week since the separation of east and west, but because Yamato advocated that they were [the true country of Japan that was protected by the Japanese Mythology], it seemed they were advertising in grand-scale using domestic broadcast(using propaganda) saying [Let’s return to Japanese culture].


It was accepted favorably among the youngsters who enjoyed the change, where in turn they gave rise to [Revival・New Japanese Style Boom] like this redesigned Japanese clothing.


Kazuki’s appearance was wearing a white kimono with tight sleeves and plain black hakama (AN: Male formal divided skirt), but its cuffs and sleeves had been smartly redesigned to not look flabby. The clothes were fixed with buttons and a belt so it didn’t look out of shape, making it look closer to western clothes.


Kazuha-senpai too was dressed in a yukata (AN: Light cotton kimono worn in the summer or used as a bathrobe) that had been redesigned into a no sleeves・miniskirt with flowery pattern, her shoulders and thighs were boldly exposed.


Inside this cramped boat, it couldn’t be helped that those shoulders and thighs became glued with him.


They were infiltrating, that was why the two attached a water-proof waist bag on their waist where they only put the minimum amount of baggage inside. So they wouldn’t be suspected by the public eyes, they were not carrying their katana.


“…Well then, we are off!” “Take caa―re!”


Having been sent off by the voices of everyone from the Witch’s Mansion, Kazuki started the engine.


“Kazuha-senpai, the ship’s balance will be unstable if you move your body that much to the outside. Please move closer here.”


Kazuki embraced Kazuha-senpai’s waist with his left arm. Precisely because Kazuha-senpai was an earnest person that could follow reason, she didn’t say any complaints and could only “Mugii―!” let out a strange sound that sounded like a mysterious animal.


“What a cute rare animal.”


“Who did you say was a rare animal-!!”




While the rotating propeller left behind white trails in the water surface, the boat gradually separated from the land and embarked to the ocean. In the far horizon, even further behind the small islands that were floating on Ise Bay, was the faint hazy outline of Mie Prefecture’s Toba Shore.


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