Magika Vol 9 Epilogue – Cradle

Epilogue – Cradle

Part 1

An unconventional mock battle was held in Asaka Garrison.

On the other side is a two-man team of police knights that were stationed in this garrison. Both of the women had been given the seal of approval by Vice Chief Yamagata as Magika Stigmas that possessed above average ability.

The mock battle was already over, these two women had yielded while falling on their knees.

On the other side were students of the Magic Division―Amasaki Mio and Hiakari Koyuki.

This two-man team didn’t even breathe hard.

This mock battle was for the sake of ascertaining the true power of the <Chouki Magician>, it was performed in front of the eyes of a lot of knights and the top brass of the Knight Order.

And the result – the confidence of many knights that possessed an abundance of experience were smashed into pieces.

Inside the hearts of the knights they still didn’t believe about the special existences like [the King and his favored princesses]. Those kind of fellows made light of such thing saying that it was not a big deal.

Being favored by the King gave birth to this much power―witnessing that in practice with their own eyes, for the first time they clearly understood how special the existence called as King is.

From this day on, the organization called the Knight Order underwent a complete change.

The knights lost their self-awareness that they were government workers with the leadership of the Knight Order as their superiors.

The knights were now being self aware that they were subordinate that could be used by the [symbol of power] that was the King.

―However, Kazuki’s daily life didn’t change. He was just having a special power, in the time of need that power would protect those important to him, he was just a student with that determination.


“And so this is Amasaki Mio, the new version! Ehehe, Kazu-nii, how is it!?”

In the dead of night just before going to sleep, Mio visited Kazuki in his room.

Mio who defeated veteran knights at Asaka and proved her ability went back to the Witch’s Mansion in a good mood and even put down three bowls of rice at dinner.

The girl named Amasaki Mio that was full with bright energy was the cutest when she was getting carried away like this.

And then Mio twirled and twirled on the spot to flaunt off her new appearance.

“It becomes even more gorgeous than before. But as I thought the exposure is a lot and looking at it makes my heart throb.”

“Heheh, Kazu-nii you pervert~”

Mio who was in an appearance that looked half naked sat on top of the knees of Kazuki who was sitting on the bed.

He hugged that body tightly from behind. Thereupon for some reason, Kazuki recalled the rotting bone of his mother inside his arms, that lightly dry and sorrowful touch.

There was the elasticity of meat at Mio’s skin, there was the warm pulse, and a sweet fragrance that was like flowers from her blond hair.

“…Kazu-nii, aren’t you hugging me stronger than usual?”

While Kazuki was burying his face into Mio’s blond hair, it seemed he didn’t notice that he put too much strength into his arms that were hugging Mio.

“Sorry, does it hurt?”

“No, I feel happy somehow. It’s fine even if you are not overly gentle you know?”

When Kazuki relaxed the strength of his arms, Mio half rotated on top of Kazuki’s lap and faced him face to face with the posture of straddling Kazuki’s lap.

“Kazu-nii, I love you-“ She hugged him tightly from the front and kissed him.

Lips and lips touched each other. It felt like their hearts overlapped with the other.

“Kazu-nii, I love you. I love you so much.” The lips separated and she whispered, then she kissed again.

“Ehehe, I love you.” She repeated it many times while kissing.

“You say love so many times.”

Kazuki made a wry smile and retorted during the spare moment where their lips separated.

“Because, I saw the recent Kazu-nii sometimes looked a little lonely. Kazu-nii showed the surrounding of your confidence, but it’s somewhat painful to watch instead.”

His heart ached pricklingly.

He had no intention to act brave. He didn’t even feel nervous in the duel with Ikousai that would decide the fate of Japan. Somehow, he felt something bulky and heavy attached to him inside himself.

However certainly―there were moments where he succumbed to loneliness as if suddenly a draft was blowing inside his heart. Just like before when he recalled the feel of a bone inside his palm.

In a corner of his heart, a part that was dyed with loneliness, that forever couldn’t be wiped off, had been created.

“That’s why Kazu-nii, let’s sleep together tonight-!”

Mio said that with a bright voice and pushed Kazuki down. Kazuki didn’t resist it and collapsed together with her while hugging her back.

“Hey, Kazu-nii. A long time ago, do you remember, the time when we slept together at the orphanage?”

“I remember. Mio was always clinging to me when it became night.”

Mio had the habit to cry at night that she couldn’t fix no matter how long time had passed and she always clung to Kazuki when it was time to sleep. Of course, the two at that time didn’t have any awareness as man and woman at all though.

“Ehehe. Then, then, you remember when we woke up in the morning? I mean did you notice?”


“Right. At night it was always me that clung to Kazu-nii, but when the morning came it was Kazu-nii that clung to me before you noticed, our posture became hugging each other you remember. It always became like that you know?”

Kazuki had the feeling of knowing a completely new fact, he peered into Mio’s face staringly.

“…I did that?”

“That’s right. Even Kazu-nii was lonely that time. But Kazu-nii would immediately act tough. You did that without even being aware yourself.”

―Kazuki remembered about his mother again.

Thinking of it thoroughly, what was the first thing he was going to convey  if he met his mother was that [he was not unhappy]. However if he conveyed that now, those were words that didn’t ring true in some parts.

Just before his mother disappeared… he sobbed [something like this is unreasonable]. Those words were exactly his true feeling.

Even he himself was unaware that he was feeling this lonely.

“Kazu-nii is by no means alone okay? We too didn’t have a papa or a mama. That’s why, hey, Kazu-nii.” Mio repeated the same words many times over, and made Kazuki listen.

“Kazu-nii, I love you. I think it’s really, really important, telling that I love you like this properly. I once again think so.”

“…Mio, thank you. For always staying beside me.”

‘She is someone that understands me, even more than myself.’

“Ehehe. I’m just clinging like this to Kazu-nii every time.”

“I too love Mio you know.”

“I know tha~t♪”

Both of them hugged each other tightly on top of the bed. The soft, pulsing, warm skin brought tranquility to Kazuki’s chest.

He repeatedly kissed with Mio with some noise. The warm tranquility was mixed with a heated urge.

He wanted to taste Mio’s skin more strongly. And then Mio’s bare plain reaction toward that and also her figure in rapture accepting him, he wanted to see that he thought.

His emotional and lonely and instinctual urge wanted the girl named Mio without any contradiction at all.

“Mio. I want to touch your breasts.”

Kazuki boldly said. Mio’s slightly surprised face reddened.

“I too… want to touch.”

Koyuki wanted to feel love for real, Kaguya-senpai received Asmodeus’ influence, both of them proactively came at Kazuki and tempted him. However Mio whose positivity level was the highest didn’t do any such thing. Mio put a break of any improper thing, she was a girl that stopped until the level of a sweet kiss.

From Kazuki himself until now, the time when he was touching a girl, rather than asking it himself he was going along with the other party’s feeling.

But quite strangely, right now, he felt an urge toward Mio.

Mio separated her body slightly from him and presented her breast. The part of the Magic Dress there was faintly disappearing.

Kazuki didn’t say that he wanted to touch only her breast, he crept his palm all over Mio’s smooth skin, caressing dearly with his finger tips. Immediately Mio’s voice turned stimulated and heat ran throughout her whole body.

He wanted to delight Mio. Kazuki recollected his experiences until now, he searched through Mio’s whole body while paying careful attention to the minute change of her positivity level.

Mio directed a reproachful eye to him while her body was trembling from the sensation.

“Kazu-nii… somehow you are really skillful in this…?”


“Buu―” Mio pouted her lips.

But the expression of Mio that was like that was immediately repainted with a different color.

He reached out his hand to the improper spot where a girl was the most shy. Mio opened her legs in order to receive Kazuki’s hand. A split was running on the beautifully smooth skin, something that looked similar with a lip was peeking out. That place was wet with secret fluid.

“…I too want to make Kazu-nii feel good.”

Mio’s palm was caressing all over Kazuki in opposition. Her palm was lowering down little by little from his chest, toward his lower body. With a bright red face, Mio’s breathing turned rough.

“…Kazu-nii’s here too, looked painful.”

Mio’s palm gently caressed the part of the sensitive thing that became bared. He felt numbness like electricity that ran from his spine into his head.

Kazuki too similarly touched Mio’s sensitive spot gently. Mio too tensed from her spine until the tip of her toes as is she was struck by electricity.

Both of their sensitive spots that were as if the most directly connected with the heart and emotion which were the most sensitive throughout the body were exposed, they mutually caressed each other dearly at those spots.

“Mio, it feels good.”

“Ehehe, it’s the same for me.”

―From there on both of them said “I love you” to each other many times over. Both of their feelings swelled out together with how much they expressed themselves to each other, Mio reached the height many times over. For the last, Kazuki too reached the end simultaneously, both of them were drained of their strength on top of the bed as if they were drifting inside a dream.


Mio whispered dreamily while using Kazuki’s arm as a pillow.

“I, want to give birth to Kazu-nii’s baby.”

She was just saying something extraordinary but Kazuki didn’t feel that it was something extraordinary. He felt like it was really natural words.

“Someday for sure, you will.”

Embracing a repose as if the consistency of the whole world was here, Kazuki caressed Mio’s blond hair.

Mio went “Goronyaa~” and fawned at Kazuki.

Part 2

Inside that room, the rough breathing of a woman was leaking out.

The woman was doing muscle training. She was performing the training with all her might.

“…By any chance, are you using gravity strengthening magic at the same time?”

Kazuki who was visiting that room was amazed and asked that.

Beatrix who was bathing in her own flowing sweats while doing one-handed push-up was,

“That voice is Kazuki!?” She raised her face in fluster, her hand that was wet with sweat slipped and slid sideways before she crashed to the ground with a bang.

“Fu, fufufu.” Beatrix chuckled with her face still planted on the ground.

“But of course. After all doing training with your own weight normally won’t become any training at all.”

“Just for the sake of normal muscle training, you will go as far as laying out an advanced general magic like using gravity…”

“Even when there is no tool like dumbbell or barbell, I can do muscle training anytime and anywhere.”

Beatrix’s body that was slowly raising up was by no means filled with excessive muscle mass.

Rather than calling it muscle, what she tempered was her Enchant Aura.

“It seems that I have been completely asleep for quite long, getting entered into this kind of place is a one way road of getting my body dull.”

―What she called as this kind of place was the cell she was in. When he heard that Beatrix and her team had awakened from their magic intoxication, Kazuki went to the isolation cell at Asaka garrison.

“It can’t be helped that you got put into an isolation cell right? How we are going to treat you after this is still not decided yet.”

Kazuki sat down while subtly avoiding Beatrix’s sweat that wet the floor.

“…Why are you bathing in your sweat like that? You can do something about something like sweat somehow with magic right?”

“Because sweating like this feels good don’t you agree?”

Beatrix sat down on the floor that was wet from sweat with a thump and faced Kazuki. She was not even wearing a prison uniform, but for some reason she was wearing a pastel pink pajama that was pointlessly cute.

“However this is really a generous treatment huh. It won’t be strange even if I get a death sentence after that.”

The foreign knights that were staying in Japan in a set-up of a cooperative relationship, of all things disturbed Japan’s tactical operation that was in the middle of progression by picking a fight, they had assaulted Japan’s knights. Certainly it wouldn’t be strange even if they send back the dead bodies of Beatrix and her team back to Germany as a protest.

But with Kazuki’s own discretion, the matter was halted where they would first wait for Beatrix to wake up.

“Explain the circumstance. What in the world were you planning that you did that kind of thing?”

Beatrix had her eyes turn round from Kazuki’s way of talking―it was a way of speaking as if it was Kazuki that had grasped the full authority of how to deal with Beatrix.

“Explain the circumstance… huh. The circumstance you ask?”

Beatrix’s eyes wandered around and she crumpled her eyebrows.

“…Eeerr, why was I doing that kind of thing again?”

Kazuki who was inquiring with a serious expression reflexively hung his head down in a slump.

What the hell was this girl saying?

It appears that rather than an action that she had done after a deep thought, it was an action that was done really impulsively instead. After Beatrix tried to recall the matter of that time with far away eyes, she suddenly went red with a puff.


“Wa, wait! Kazuki! You are telling me to talk of the circumstance!? That’s something really embarrassing to say to you, you know!!”

“What’s with that. There is no way you can be let off without telling me the story here. Do you really understand the gravity of the situation here?”

After Beatrix groaned “gununu” she confessed.

“It was in order to bring you back home!”

“Ha? …Haa?”

“If Yamato wins you are just a low commoner, so I think with that I can bring you back home then!”

“…I seriously don’t understand at all what you are talking about.”

“No wait… in the first place I got that idea because… certainly… that’s right! I remember the crucial thing!! I found the data of the strange experiment that Japan is secretly conducting. It was a data of a gory human experiment. After reading that there is no way that can be allowed.”

“Human experiment?”

When Kazuki asked in detail, Beatrix start to talk about the details of a repulsive experiment with anger mixed in her tone. The data was about the experiment that Nyarlathotep was doing in the underground of the Knight Academy.

“That’s old data you know. The guy that did the experiment was already judged as a criminal. Who in the world gave you that data?”

Beatrix’s noble face went blank with her mouth hanging open.

Kazuki was glad that they had waited before deciding how to deal with them.

This was a scheme for the sake of inviting antagonism between Japan and German. Someone that would profit if a confrontation between fellow Magic Advanced Countries was deepened―Loki’s face easily emerged to the surface inside Kazuki’s brain.

When Kazuki explained to Beatrix that all of it was a big misunderstanding, Beatrix was astonished saying “What the…” and her shoulders dropped in a slump from their own misunderstanding.

“That careless idiot Erii… no, that girl went that far to get between me and Kazuki to…”

“And then, what are you planning to do from now on?”

“What are we going to do… you ask? Don’t tell me, you are planning to just overlook this?”

“You too had just gotten tricked after all. Also about that, whether I’m going to overlook this or not, that depends on what you guys are going to do from now on.”

“It’s hard you know, thinking something like that without Erii. Eerrr… the first thing is I got to go back to my home country to report for the moment.”

It was the proper answer, but Kazuki pondered that.

“There is no need for all three of you to go back to report right?”

“Mu? That’s true but”

For them to go back to their own country meant a suspension of the cooperation set-up between Japan and Germany.

…Even if he had to act half-coercively, he wanted to preserve the cooperation between Japan and Germany.

Of course to cooperate with German in the true meaning from hereon was depending on the decision of their home country after receiving the report though.

“Loki is supposed to be the common enemy of Japan and the Einherjar. We who have defeated Yamato will take action to defeat Loki next, Beatrix, leave the report to Eleonora and you stay in Japan to continue the cooperation. For you yourself this should not be an odd decision.”

“….u, mu…” Beatrix hummed.

“Even so, if the one that go back to report is not me myself that is the captain… there is also that consideration.”

“That’s no good. If your home country decide to stop the cooperation, it’s fine for you to go back at that time. However until that happens you are going to take joint action with me.”

He had given them some favor because of the case this time. Beatrix couldn’t reject.

For some reason Beatrix’s face reddened.

“I, if you said it so pushily like that, then… it really can’t be helped…”


Kazuki who left behind the isolation cell next headed to the room of the headquarter chief.

“When your interview with Beatrix is over, please bring yourself to the headquarter chief room. There is something I have to tell you and also to the Knight Order’s leadership.

Vice Chief Yamagata that informed him of Beatrix waking up also passed the verbal message of Arthur that was saying that to Kazuki.

When he knocked and entered the room―inside there were Vice Chief Yamagata, Arthur, and then Shouko-san of Ryouzanpaku was also there.

“Russia declared their cooperation relationship with China.”

With Kazuki entering the room, Vice Chief Yamagata said that without even a greeting first.

Kazuki answered after thinking for a little. “In other words, they are joining hands with Loki then.”

“The one that draw this scheme is without a doubt Loki.”

“After the duel with Ikousai, Loki suddenly launched a surprise attack, and yet they immediately retreated, that was for the sake of creating an established fact I guess. It was for the sake of making Ilyailiya unable to play both sides.”

Kazuki recalled about the happening at Sekigahara and said that.

“Oo, so you properly noticed that.” Shouko-san raised the corner of her mouth in a grin.

“Hmm, I see, so it’s for that kind of thing.” Arthur hit his palm with his fist.

“It seemed that Ilyailiya had told Regina that Russia Mythology can attach themselves freely to Cosmos Side or Chaos Side. So it’s this kind of thing.”

Loki made Ilyailiya’s position fixed in place conclusively. He wouldn’t let Ilyailiya got off with just a verbal promise. He deliberately made her exchanged hostility with Arthur and Regina.

“However right now that Yamato is gone, does Russia and China still have any just excuse?”

“For now… they are demanding us to hand over Aisu Ikousai who is contracted with Susanoo as the one with the true qualification to rule over Japan.”

“Aren’t they completely ignoring the conclusion and all now? Perhaps as long as Ikousai is not killed then they will keep being persistent like this.”

“Naturally this is a matter that has to be considered I think. About Ikousai’s execution.” Shouko-san interjected.

“Just killing Ikousai won’t crush the other side’s just cause. If you do that then they surely will once again make up another excuse and come picking a fight, so perhaps it’s pointless doing that, anyway for the time being there is no harm putting aside killing her.”

“You, saying for the time being like that…” Yamagata-san frowned.

“’Perhaps it’s pointless but for the time being’, in Japan human life is not so light that we can kill someone just from mood like that.”

Kazuki rejected that clearly. “Ikousai didn’t really have any malice in her, she was just a maniac of strongest sword art that was lifted up by Yamato’s government as a symbol.”

Kazuki recalled the first time he met Lotte. Because of the judgment between countries, the life of a human was treated so lightly. That kind of judgment was clearly overflowing with malice.

“I don’t mind even if they are finding fault with us. It’s just what we wish for to continue our battle with Loki. …Arthur-san, you are also going to lend your hand in this aren’t you?”

Kazuki turned his sight to Arthur. But, why was Regina not here?

“The conflict between Japan and Yamato about the seat of the legitimate ruler was over already. It ended in the manner that all of you recognized. And then Loki, Russia, and China that even now want to continue the fight… fighting against them in other words mean a battle for the sake of protecting the world’s order. This battle should be something that all of you have to fight too.”

Arthur rounded his eyes listening on Kazuki’s decisive way of talking.

However he nodded as if saying that it was only natural.

“Of course I called you with that kind of intention. I wanted you to pass that judgment. But your way of saying that is more decisive than I imagined. It appears that you are… getting accustomed as King.”

‘I wanted you to pass that judgment’ ―Arthur who called to Kazuki to talk about this matter was intentionally ignoring Japan’s government.

“…I’m going to convey this to the top so that they can act in accordance with Hayashizaki-kun’s will.”

The way Arthur was developing the matter made Vice Chief Yamagata say that with a troubled face.

“What about Regina? It seems that she is not in this place though.”

“She is… I brought the matter about the danger of the Chaos Side Diva(Loki) colluding with China and Russia to her attention, but she said that she has no obligation to fight and went home to Italy. If she said that then I cannot detain her. That’s also a King’s judgment.”

If Germany gave their cooperation to Japan then their side would be Japan-Britain-Germany while the other side was China-Russia-Loki.

“A confrontation structure has been created in the world with this…”

Vice Chief Yamagata said so with a bitter expression. Confrontation structure―of all things there were Magic Advanced Countries that appeared as Loki’s ally, with that the order between the Seven Great Magic Advanced Countries was breaking down.

“For that I have a proposal. Hayashizaki-kun… won’t you go with me to America.”


It was a word that he didn’t anticipate. Kazuki spontaneously asked back.

“That’s right. The one that will become the key person in this situation is America. If America stood as our ally… Regina surely won’t jump ship to the other side, that’s why we can stand in the superior position with number. On the contrary we cannot let even America to get sweet talked by Loki’s cajolery.”

America―they were the country that evaded involvement with other countries the most among the Seven Great Magic Advanced Countries, a country that persisted in their isolationism. Could they do something about such actual state of affairs, not to mention Japan but most likely there was no doubt that the other countries also didn’t understand the situation there.

“Certainly… it’s a country that we don’t know what they are thinking but it’s important who they are going to side with.”

“By some chance, just like all of you in Japan, perhaps a King has also still haven’t been born yet in America.”

“Because they don’t have a King, that’s why they aren’t getting involved with other countries and their standing point is unclear, is that it?”

“Our Britain is the land where magic was first born in this world, the land where Basileus Basilleon put the headquarter of <Libel Mundi(Dawn’s Omnipotent)>. The history of alchemists is the oldest there. That was why there is a lot of record about Basileus Basilleon left there.”

“The alchemist Basileus Basilleon?”

Why did that name suddenly appear here?

No, perhaps it was obvious why.

That name was the root of everything of this era of magic. It was a name that was connected with everything.

“He left behind these words. ‘The time when all the Kings are standing in a complete set, the battlefield of the Kings will rise from the depth of the sea. A treasure existed there’.”

“Treasure you say?” Kazuki knitted his eyebrows dubiously.

“The Divas know about the treasure’s true form. They said that they will surely talk about it when the suitable time arrives.”

Arthur said that unhesitatingly as if delivering an oracle.

“I expected that it’s most likely―the Philosopher Stone.”

No, wait. A treasure that the Divas knew about… Hearing those words, Kazuki remembered something that was stuck in his mind. He had the feeling that before this there was someone saying something like that.

The thing that the Divas fought each other to try to get their hands on it…

“I predicted that the King in America has still haven’t been determined yet because there is this kind of legend. The instant you defeated Ikousai, I thought that perhaps there is going to be an unusual phenomenon happening in this world. But nothing happened.”

That meant Arthur had expected him as the last King. Kazuki made a bitter face.

However the world’s unusual phenomenon. What in the world it meant that a battlefield would surface from the bottom of the sea?

Like how a Haunted Ground was generated… would there be an island or even a continent created from the Astrum then?

“…What I have misgivings for is that the American continent which is shrouded in darkness is currently just like this Japan and Yamato, perhaps right now they are also embroiled in a conflict between order and chaos there.”

If there was a conflict like that and Loki intervened…

“And so my proposal. We should head to America and know more about them. The darkness shrouding that continent has to be removed.”

…Kazuki nodded. There was also the factor that he couldn’t see Arthur as a human that would deceive others.

“Understood. Let’s do that.”

“…Hmm. I will take this to the top so that they can go act in accordance with Hayashizaki-kun’s will.”

Vice Chief Yamagata also said half-resigning himself.


“Roshouko. What are you and your group going to do?”

After they finished hearing Arthur’s story, each of them left the room―in that timing, Kazuki picked the time where Arthur had gone and caught Shouko’s shoulder.

Kazuki called Shouko without any honorific.

“What we are going to do you ask… of course we are Japan’s ally obviously.”

Shouko said that while making a buttering up smiling face.

“It’s just that we cannot just leave our hideout alone so there is no way we can go along to America. We are going to remain in Japan and cooperate in Japan’s defense ‘kay.”

Suddenly in Kazuki’s mind, an image of their back stabbed by Shouko flashed.

Hearing that this Shouko would cooperate with Japan’s defense during the time he would be in America, that she would continue to stay in Japan, an uneasiness that couldn’t be explained was welling up in him.

No, this anxiety meant this kind of thing…

“Shouko, I cannot approve that.”

“Ah?” Shouko opened her eyes wide in shock from Kazuki’s rumination.

“Why is that? You are saying that you cannot really trust us? Listen here, mister. I’m really troubled here. You guys cannot get all buddy-buddy with us on the surface, but a force that matched Japan’s interest the most is us Ryouzanpaku. For Japan that is in conflict with China we are the ally that you can trust the most yeah?”

With a condemning tone like when before this he prioritized Germany’s Beatrix, Shouko-san was talking calmly however her tone was sharp.

“No, your objective is China. Our objective is Loki.”

Kazuki decisively rebutted. Their interests didn’t match each other.

“You guys are by no means belong to Order. From what I can gather of [Taikoubou’s will] that you talked about before, I can surmise that. Your group’s objective is to first overthrow China to guarantee your own safety. If it’s for that sake… then you won’t mind whether you join hands with Order or with Chaos, whichever is fine.”

Taikobou’s will. That will was―to prevent the arrival of the age where the Mythology was ruling over humans.

Rather it was a thinking that opposed the Cosmos Side.

“And then Loki and China’s alliance will surely breakdown someday.”

Shouko’s eyes shook with slight agitation.

Not only the objective right before the eyes, he also had to think about the true objectives of each force.

“And when that happens, you will come running to Loki bringing a nice present… maybe.”

Kazuki pulled Shouko’s shoulder closer to him and whispered on her ear.

“Perhaps that nice present, is going to be this country and my head.”

This woman named Roshouko was a woman that might have went that far.

Shouko caught her breath and stared back at Kazuki’s expression.

“What are you talking about rabbit-san. We are your ally you know.”

It will be great if it turns out like that in the very end. But in the current stage I can trust you as an ally only as long as Loki is still in an alliance with China. During the time until that happens…”

Kazuki pushed aside Shouko’s shoulder and high-handedly said.

“Just as you said we will accept Ryouzanpaku’s force to be added in Japan’s defense. But I’ll have both Shouko and Silirat to accompany me to America.”


The forces that Ryouzanpaku could ally themselves with in the very end were only between Japan or Loki.

But ultimately Japan too was incompatible with the Order. That was why certainly Shouko’s interest was close to Japan.

―Therefore Kazuki pressed a choice to her.

“Come with me, and then whether you should side with me or with Loki, make sure of it with your own eyes.”


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      if you know how to program you could write something to use wordpresses API to check when the page was last updated.


    • lykaon868 says:

      One thing you can do, which I do myself, is go over to It’s a site that keeps track of almost all translation sites. Make an account and add Magika no Kenshi, as well as any other novel you read to your reading list. It will tell you when novels are updated.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Kelvin says:

    Is a good thing you made this wordpress. Baka tsuki just got hit with a big DMCA.


    • Anonymous says:

      Actual DMCA or DDoS?


      • charasuu says:

        DMCA hit BT last month
        DMCA hit sky:GIFTING today
        BT DOWN today
        so uh……


        • DNAnime says:

          A parent company of a lot of publishers hit ’em hard with a DMCA I’m told (I could be wrong I this is just what I’ve heard). As for being DDoS’d I’m not sure… In the past they’ve either been blocking port 80 (HTTP) just for the hell of it so we have to connect using port 443 (HTTPS) instead or they’ve been getting DoS/DDoS’d on port 80 specifically… Assuming they didn’t decide to lock down port 80 for something normal.

          In the past when 80 didn’t work 443 would be unstable but usable, but it was completely down when I checked it earlier.


        • A_Freak says:

          dammit. there goes my free entertainment. if only those license LN were sold at my country…


          • lykaon868 says:

            None of them are licensed. Kadokawa simply gave the DMCA just because they don’t want Baka-Tsuki to use the material. I say this because they also hit Abandoned novels that only had the novel illustrations.

            Baka-Tsuki being down altogether has nothing to do with DMCAs though. They are server problems that the admins are working to fix, but haven’t done so yet do to RL. The issue was already addressed on the FB group.


            • lykaon868 says:

              Well, some are licensed, but most are not.


              • DNAnime says:

                At worst they’d have to take down all links that contain portions that are directly from the books. From one of the people I heard talking about it’s scale it made it seem like it was pretty large amount of series.
                I hope you don’t mind me linking the to a post of someone mentioning some of the scale

                Sorry if you didn’t want me to link other sites…. =X

                (If you’re like me and have everything on BT saved to your mobile device at least you won’t lose what’s already been done for a week or so until someone repost them all again elsewhere (You know someone’s gonna inside of a month))


                • DNAnime says:

                  P.S. I buy the LNs I like when they finally get released here even if I’ve read them more than once already. (Spice & Wolf, TnY, DanMachi, Mahouka if they ever stop pushing back the release date of vol 1 seeing as it was suppose to be released last year, Etc)


                • lykaon868 says:

                  I still have everything since I use BakaReader EX as well. Just gotta keep my data safe and I will never lose it.

                  Liked by 1 person

              • A_Freak says:

                still it’s regrettable that i couldn’t buy those that were already licensed & good to now the server only momentarily down


  7. shadyxlr says:

    Seems I was right about the picture…


  8. Thx as always now all i have to do was to wait for the pdf ^_^


  9. KozuKy says:

    Part 1
    somehow i feel like the Author is really good at backstabbing,just as when you thought it going to be full sexy time,a sudden but short feels appears……why you do this Author-san ;_;
    (also the first scene where he lets someone hold his thing)

    Part 2
    Kazuki sure knows how to handle Beatrix now,from Volume 2 till Volume 9 epilouge.Beatrix really have gotten cuter i also like her masochistic attitude.also Your Majesty Kazuki on the roll during the meeting.

    lastly USA Girls HYPE!!


  10. That last dialogue with Shouko was amazing!!


    • renextronex says:

      i know right? WTF Kazuki was really badass “that present cuold be this country and my head” when i read that i was like O.O


  11. Mayweather daughter!! here we go!!


  12. cjvaans says:

    I’m happy that we have made this far and now we are finally reaching the latest volume. Thank you, bakapervert and the editors.


  13. AlekAlcalá says:

    Suddenly Kazuki got hardcore at the end huh…

    I just hope that America next volune doesn’t get something like ‘Mcdonalds Diva’ or ‘Iphone Diva’ or something (lol)


  14. thank you again for this fast translation! really appreciate your work!!


  15. frozendeva says:

    I can’t help but get excited for the next volume


  16. Levytan says:

    Here is the pdf I made :
    Since this is the first time I make pdf, please give me some feedbacks!
    Thank you, Levytan.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. redneck19999 says:

    woot he finally began to act like a king


  18. Dope says:

    Now im starting to wonder if kanae will always be beast mode since she never needs to share her diva with others, since he exclusively contracted with her. And what about lotte’s half possesion and kuzuha’s japanese deity? Neither seems be sharing their power with anyone else either so are the two girls already full powered?


  19. Ren says:

    Did Mio give Kazuki a handjob?


  20. dualxblades says:

    Damn Kazuki his bad ass switch got flipped.


  21. kenchan223 says:

    Wait so Kazuki x Mio “did it”?


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