HxH Kakuyomu SS finished

HxH Kakuyomu SS

I have file in cpd and dlst format. Can anyone help me of how to extract image from it?

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HxH Kakuyomu SS ch 2-4 finished

HxH Kakuyomu SS

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HxH Kakuyomu SS Aine chapter 1 finished

HxH Kakuyomu SS

There is a total of 6 chapters. Two chapters each for Aine, Hayuru, and Yurishia. I’ll put them all in one page so it’s not too troublesome. For the start, here is the first chapter. Also I got the image from Nyantype.

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Arifureta 271 finished

Arifureta Chapter 271

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Arifureta 270 finished

Arifureta Chapter 270

Sorry in advance about this chapter. Feels like the translation of this chapter is worse than usual. I just cannot make the words flow smoothly. Please point out if there is any messed up part that you cannot make the head or tail of it.

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HxH Vol 11 complete

HxH Vol 11 Electronic Special SS


Edits for Volume 11 are complete.


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HxH Vol 11 Special SS and Afterword finished

HxH Vol 11 Special Chapter

HxH Vol 11 Afterword

Only the electronic special SS left.

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