Magika Epilogue Mio finished

Magika Vol 14 Epilogue 1a

Even though this is the epilogue, the end, my motivation is lowering instead, hahhh

Editor (Omega):

Hi all. My edits for the chapter are complete.


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Arifureta Chapter 281 complete

Arifureta Chapter 281

Sorry for those who kept asking for magica, decide to this first to clear away some heavy feeling. Well, I also post three parts of Mio’s epilogue just now if anyone interested.

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Magika Epilogue I finished

Magika Vol 14 Epilogue 1

Should I translate Arifureta first or continue with Magika, that’s the question.

Editor (Omega):

My edits are complete for the chapter. Enjoy.


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Magika Vol 14 ch 3 finished

Magika Vol 14 Chapter 3

Finally the epilogue, ugh, my fingers felt heavy when I thought that this is it, the ending.

Editor (OmegaWeaponZ):

My edits for the chapter are complete…

So this is the end , huh…


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Magika vol 14 ch 2 finished

Magika Vol 14 Chapter 2

Editor (OmegaWeaponZ):

My edits are complete for this chapter.


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Arifureta Chapter 280 finished

Arifureta Chapter 280

For these several days I’m unable to access mangatraders. It always return server not found when I tried to go there. And when I check at the sites to check whether the site is down for everyone, it was confirmed that it’s not only me. But even so I still get the alert for new chapters everyday. Does anyone know what is going on with that site?

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Magika Vol 14 chapter 1 finished

Magika Vol 14 Chapter 1

The full raw still hasn’t been sold yet. This whole chapter 1 came from the teaser that came out yestetday.

90% edited-Windsgrace~

Editor (OmegaWeaponZ):

Hi all. My edits are done. A reminder to all posting here, please be civil and don’t spoiler the story for others. Especially considering the content of this volume.


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