Hxh 11 ch 3 finished

HxH Vol 11 Third Period


Edits for chapter 3 are complete.


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Hxh volume 11 chaPTER 2 complete

HxH Vol 11 Second Period


Edits for chapter 2 are complete


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Arifureta Chapter 268 finished

Arifureta Chapter 268

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HxH 11 Chapter 1 finished

HxH Vol 11 First Period

I also has uploaded the illustrations.

Editor (Omega):

Edits are now also complete


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HxH Vol 11 Prologue finished

HxH Vol 11 Homeroom

Anyone know where I can buy LN online in epub format? Not in Kindle shape or anything like that, but where I can directly buy the epub?

Editor (Omega):

Edits are complete for the Prologue


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Arifureta afterword of afterword finished

Arifureta Afterword of Afterword

If you go to Overlap’s homepage and fill the questionnaire for each Arifureta LN, an afterword of afterword from Shirakome will appear. This is the translation of that.

Translating afterword is a bitch, no matter the series. The author often used slang word and grammar that is a headache to translate. What’s more, this afterword has a lot of reference of other series. Please notify me if I made any mistake.


By the way, anyone has the raw for HxH vol 11? Doesn’t seem like I can get it in near time yet.

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Arifureta Chapter 267 finished

Arifureta Chapter 267

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