[Fanfic] 19 Chapter 5 – Bet in Fortune

Chapter 5 – Bet in Fortune

Part 1

「How amazing, the phone provider in Japan.」

It was a honest praise for the twisted child prodigy.

「It can still barely picked the signal even this deep in the mountain. It’s really something else.」

「Let me say this. Even my technique is at least able to do something like calculating our current position you know? If this place is undoubtedly the Japan archipelago of the modern time.」

Erica spoke to Lu Yinghua who was toying with his smartphone.

However, the young boy who had no affection to the『good old days』to the degree of Europe magician only shrugged curtly and responded whisperingly.

「Nee-san did something like dowsing or strange feng shui divination right?It’s better and faster to just look at the map and GPS you know.」

「Then, I wonder if you can teach me the result of your investigation?」

「We are somewhere at Kumotori Mountain of Okutama. Perhaps we are around halfway up the mountain. We are just barely inside Tokyo metropolis……no. This mountain, looks it is extending until Saitama’s Chichibu too.」

「My. This place is nearby Ena-san’s home then.」

Fifteen minutes ago, the two of them were in the middle of mortal combat.

At the rooftop of a certain building at the seaside subcenter of Odaiba, they were amusing themselves in an offense and defense using all their techniques.

The situation was a situation like that. They weren’t agitated even when monster-like things like giant boar and giant appeared at the nearby reclaimed land. The same even when they could hear the yelling voices that sounded like citizen’s insurrection from somewhere.


When the sky was suddenly dyed reddish black, as expected they made cease-fire.

And then, when the avatar of the Campiones, the『Archmage』and『Boar』vanished in succession, the two of them were heading to the scene wondering whether something happened――

And they discovered an eerie black hole.

Erica and Lu Yinghua unhesitatingly leaped into the hole and they were brought into this winter snowy mountain.

When they observed the surrounding wondering whether they had timeslipped to somewhere, Lu Yinghua noticed. His favorite smartphone was picking up signal of a telecommunications provider.

「……I can hear the sound of people carried by the wind. There are several people gathering. At the direction to the summit perhaps? Maybe, the continuation of the event is in session with rave review over there.」

「The sky over there is also like that.」

Above the head of the two, the sky above Kumotori Mountain was dyed reddish black.

Getting the report from Lu Yinghua whose sense of hearing was extraordinary due to the fruit of his Neigong training, Erica looked up to the sky. The night sky with the color of darkish fresh blood was sinister in any case.

「But, The corridor of Madam Aisha is used for time travel or the like right? Yet despite so, this time it’s just a travel within Japan.」

「We are going to understand the reason right away if we scout there. You are coming here with that intention correct?」

Erica informed the baffled Lu Yinghua.

Her senses weren’t as great as Liliana and Yuri, but she too was an outstanding magician.

She had long noticed how this mountain was filled with abnormal divine presence. Most likely, Madam Aisha had pulled out a joker once again, by using『Fairy’s Corridor』in a different shape from its natural use (though it was unclear how she specifically did it).

Lu Yinghua laughed ‘haha’ and spoke bluntly.

「Roger, Erica-neesan. Let the both of us return to the job we ought to do. Nee-san naturally will go over there right?」

「Yes. The continuation of our fight will be in another chance someday, that is fine isn’t it?」

「Well yeah. It’s unfortunate that no conclusion can be reached this time.」

「Let’s leave it at that. In light of your consideration, I’ll speak well of you to Godou. It’s fine even if you don’t make strange justification.」

「……What are you talking about?」

Lu Yinghua purposefully averted his eyes with startled face.

It was a rare shocked gesture that fitted his age of fourteen years old. On the other hand Erica was smiling with the composure of a lady.

「In a glance, you were only using dangerous techniques because there was the command of the sect founder. But I think that you were leaning a little bit too much on the underhanded tricks.」


「It rather caused your feeling of not wanting to use your real signature move became all the more transparent you know?」

Deceptive methods were war’s noble path. Certainly that was a fact.

However, to regard both things as equal――as expected it wasn’t something fitting for Luo Cuilian. After all, deceptive methods were being no match for the noble path. Arguing someone down like that was exactly how the emperor of the martial world would act.

In which case, her pupil should also be like that.

What supported the insight of Erica was how Lu Yinghua didn’t really use the Kenpo of Flying Phoenix.

「This is why I hate to be the opponent of a female fox. Then, I’m going now.」

Lu Yinghua clicked his tongue a bit and broke into a run.

Even running above soft snow, not to mention footprints, he didn’t even left behind any dent on the snow. It was a feat that was impossible even for rabbit with light body weight, just as expected from the divine skill of preeminence Qing Gong. (TN: Some kind of Chinese technique to lighten your weight.)

「Also, I cannot say much, but master is preparing something outrageous, so it’s better to be a little careful. Take care of the honorable uncle!」

When the voice of the young boy that was like a farewell gift reached her, she was already unable to see his back anymore.

As for Erica, she aimed for the mountain summit and broke into a run, in order to ascertain what happened with Kusanagi Godou and her silver haired sworn friend even for a second faster.

Thinking about it, it was a corridor that could be used for time travel.

It should be a trivial matter for it to lead Godou and others to somewhere in the world without including its time travel component. However, the problem was that the will of Madam Aisha couldn’t control the corridor with that kind of “respectable utility”…….

However, this time it was the result of the『maximum good fortune and bad fortune that could possibly happen』befalling them.

The divinely mysterious corridor carried four Campiones to a snowy mountain somewhere, and gave them a chance meeting with Hanuman, Seiten Taisei, Perseus, and the divine sword of salvation. The development where they were plunged into the nest of formidable enemies while they were in the middle of internal discord, such a thing would make anyone wanted to press the question just where was the factor of good fortune could be found here.

「Ha, hahahahaha!」

Perseus laughed loudly as soon as he saw the faces of Godou and others.

He looked very thrilled, filled with the brightness that really was like the god of sun of the ancient Rome.

「I say, I’m beaten. Even though we are following the scheme that white monkey-dono proposed, where we are waiting earnestly for the godlsayers to be weakened with their internal discord. I give up. Unexpectedly it is those guys who are riding up into our stronghold here!」

「Oh yeah. With this the plan is all messed up!」

Seiten Teisei also made agreeable response to Perseus. For some reason he was wearing a mischievous look.

「Hoi, white horse hero-dono. Since it has come to this, we ought to tearfully shelve up the superb plan we had prepared, and meet the godslayers with all our strength!」

「What a coincidence, Seiten-dono. I too cannot think of anything other than that.」



After that dialogue which looked faked, the two sword gods exchanged chuckle to each other.

On the other hand, the wind white monkey god Hanuman was sighing melancholically and clenched both his fists. He took a fighting pose that looked like kenpo or boxing.

And then, the divine sword of salvation that was stabbed on the summit was――

It was sinking slowly into the ground. It seemed to be evacuating for the moment.

(Leaving behind his fighting companions, that guy……it isn’t like Rama.)

Godou thought that after glancing at it.

Ignoring that thought of his. the event was starting to move.

「Then my sworn friend of steel. I’ll rely on you for getting rid of the godslayers.」

「I accept, white monkey-dono. Leave it to Perseus who is holding the name of the sun(Mithras).」

「Son-sama here will also present the exhibition of his martial exploits to your heart content yeah.」

The three sword gods finalized their discussion shortly――.

First, Seiten Taise- Son Goku leaped toward Alexander Gascoigne and swung down *bun!* his prided Ruyi Jingu Bang.

In response, the Campione of lightning speed clicked his tongue with a sour look.

「Tsk-. A troublesome guy is coming at me.」

He activated godspeed with sparks scattered around him, furthermore he transformed into lightning and rushed to the sky.

When he soared to the sky turning into brilliant light, the Black Prince Alec was liberated from the burden to his body that accompanied the application of his godspeed. What was enviable was that this was an ability that Godou didn’t have.

Seiten Taise glared at Alec who escaped to the sky and yelled.

「Kukuku, how impertinent. There is no person exist in the sky and on the earth that can rival Son-sama in flying. O cloud, come to me!」

He leaped like a dragonfly toward the small golden cloud that abruptly came flying to him.

It was the departure of the monkey king without equal.

Seeing that, there was also someone who flew away from the Campione side.

John Pluto Smith finished his transformation and enlargement in the blink of eye and danced out to the reddish black sky with the figure of a demonic bird once more.

「This is an unexpected stage but――retiring from the stage after the actors has assembled like this is also dull. As one of the leading actor, I too shall be standing out here!」

「Your tongue is yapping well, black man.」

White wind was dashing toward the sky where the tenor of the talkative king of the underworld was reverberating.

The divine monkey Hanuman, who before introduced himself as『Wind King』m persisting in his silence for more than a thousand years. The silent loyal retainer of Prince Rama was chasing after the demonic bird just like a white whirlwind――.

「……Bring vitality into existence to me.」

As soon as Hanuman chanted that in a whisper, his body was enlarged.

He dashed on the night sky with size that didn’t lose to the demonic bird, and with speed that was about the same!

「O black godslayer. Those dirty wings――」

The white giant monkey was boasting while pursuing the demonic bird.

「I shall tear them off for you. You have been chattering a little too much.」

「Hahahaha! My apologize for that. But you see though, there are many ladies and gentlemen fans in my home town who wish to listen to my lines even if they have to record it!」

Currently there was no earthquake occurring this time due to Smith’s transformation.

It appeared that man could use repeatedly the same shapeshift body for some time.

In any case, like this two groups that consisted with a Campione and a hero of steel each were leaving to the sky. The remaining sword god was only the nice guy with bright golden yellow hair――.

「Fufufufu. Now is exactly the good opportunity for me to vindicate my honor don’t you think?」

Perseus nock an arrow on a longbow that Godou recognized while chuckling.

Of course, the target the arrowhead was aimed at was Kusanagi Godou. At the summer last year, this Japanese Campione defeated this cheerful hero.

「I’m sure you remember, the radiance of my sun surpassed the war god of the east. This time for sure I shall crush you with that superiority.」

「Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean I cannot win. You yourself remember that right?」

Behind Godou there was a protection target and a reliable companion.

They were Madam Aisha who was still in astonishment, and Liliana who was drawing near to her.

Should he leave the troublemaker at the silver haired female knight while he also fought Perseus? However, right now they were in the middle of devil king civil war. He wanted to avoid getting exhausted by taking on the gods…….

(――Let’s bet.)

Godou was taken aback. He heard a whispering voice in his ear.

(――Bet on the fortune of that damned witch. Based from what I saw, that woman still hath not used up both her good and bad fortune yet. So that eventually good and bad fortune will reverse, make her spit out everything until the very end.)

It wasn’t Yuri. But, there was still another acquaintance of his at the realm of the dead.

By no meant she could be called as his companion or ally. She should be called as his longstanding foe, which later their relationship consisted of something that could be barely called as comrade in arms――the goddess of wisdom.

However, wasn’t this advice something that was too much of a gamble?

(Even if thou act prudently here, sooner or later thou will hath the rag pulled from under thy feet again eventually at another time. Don’t taketh lightly the potentiality and the foolishness of that witch.)

「……I see.」

It was a way of talking that was too blunt, but he could understand that. Then――he would do it.

Godou laughed. He was aware that his lips were crooked into a ferocious shape.

「My bad, Perseus.」


「I also want to take you on, but right now I’m really busy. But, my substitute is also quite the valorous warrior so I think you will be able to enjoy it enough.」

If he was going to face Madam Aisha, then Perseus would need a different opponent.

And then, he had the prospect for that. He didn’t know where this snowy mountain was at but――it appeared that it wasn’t that far from ward 23 of Tokyo. The trump card that was seething up with fighting spirit at the reclaimed land of Odaiba, they should be chasing after Godou quickly.

That person was the heaven-sent child of lightning and forward charge, their action was fast in any case.

「……O wind, swiftly convey the king’s edict.」


Godou finally chanted his words of power in front of the vigilant Perseus.

In order to release the new power――the authority of white spear.

「I command as king. Come to fight as my spear, Lancelot du Lac!」

Part 2

The white knight that left the camp of her former lord Prince Rama and hastened to join at the side of a godslayer.

That was the『Spear God』Lancelot du Lac.

In order to make up for her previous defeat, she decided to spur her beloved horse as a protector knight of Kusanagi Godou and wielded her lance.

「……But, I don’t really have any turn am I.」

All this time she had been watching over her lord by assimilating with the drifting cloud that was drifting in the sky.

She had been continuously in that state since right after the start of devil king civil war. When there was no cloud in the sky, she would assimilate with the blowing wind, going around high above the metropolis of Tokyo and above the ocean.

Like that, she was standing by as the so called『guardian spirit』.

「Stop playing around, I’m already tired of waiting here. Quickly chant mine name already. War god Lancelot, come as my spear, say that quickly.」

There was even times when she made interference to above ground in irritation. She dropped a lightning beside Kusanagi Godou to remind him of her existence.

Meanwhile, the godslayers fell into a strange hole and flew to somewhere.

Lancelot assimilated with wind and chased after her lord’s presence. She advanced from metropolis Tokyo toward west and chased Godou until the snowy mountain. And then, right now she was at a corner of the night sky that was dyed reddish black.

She heard the words of power that lifted the ban.

――I command as king.

――Come to fight as my spear, Lancelot du Lac!

「Fufufufu. I have been waiting impatiently for this time!」

She had been in spiritual form all this time in order to save her strength.

Finally war god Lancelot performed her materialization and looked down on the summit from the sky. It was the place where the hero of ancient Rome and Kusanagi Godou were facing each other.

She was straddling a soaring white horse with one of her hands carrying a long spear.

Clad in chainmail and breastplate above it, wearing white full armor like gauntlets and so on, with her head covered with a helmet. The helmet wasn’t the full face one that hid her face like before. The face part was greatly opened so the beautiful face of the queen was exposed to the public eyes.

It was the flawless warrior equipment as the war god of Amazons.

And then, the whole body of the white female warrior――was overflowing with power.

The liberation words of power were chanted by her lord. That was the source that resurrected the former magical power and authority of the protector knight Lancelot.

「So finally you granted it to me.」

At last it was the time to head to battlefield.

The one she ought to defeat, was the hero Perseus making a good showing at the mountain summit below her eyes.

The time that was permitted to her to do that, if spoken in human words were『around ten minutes』.

……The current Lancelot was one of Kusanagi Godou’s authorities as his protector knight. It was because of that, a certain limit was created.

In the case she was fighting like a war god she was once before, she could only maintain her physical body for around ten minutes――.

But, that wasn’t any problem at all.

「Then here I go!」

Lancelot du Lac was the white knight of forward charge and running wild.

She had no interest in prolonging war for many days and nights. What was called as enemy ought to be crushed with one instant, one attack, in one clash.

The knight of spear and her beloved horse aimed for the summit, and began swooping straight down.

That was――a meteor strike attack that gouged a crater on earth. Lancelot and her beloved horse turned into a white falling star.

「Kuh……! So it’s you, queen of Amazon!」

「Now is the time I am paying unannounced visit! Receive mine spear, and vanish as dust!」

A lance charge swooped down in extreme speed of lightning from the sky.

Perseus’s performance that somehow blocked that, was a divine skill that was worthy of high praise.

With the long bow that he already held from the beginning, and the large scimitar that he wasted no time to summon――Perseus crossed the two weapons into a cross shape and blocked the spearhead. It was done just barely when it would only take a few centimeters more for the spearhead to pierce the throat of Perseus.

However, from the point where the spear and long bow and blade clashed――

White light and shockwave whirled up, which turned into a large explosion that swallowed Perseus altogether with the summit.

This too was the destructive power that was born from Lancelot’s charge.

And then, Godou was looking down at that disastrous scene from the air. He was flying together with Liliana, wrapped in blue light. He asked her to use the flight magic.

With the summit as the center, an area with radius of 200, 300 meter was swallowed by  the explosion.

For Lancelot’s meteor strike, it could be said that the damage range was amazingly small.

It was the consideration in the style of the war god of spear――not. Most likely this result was because the killing power of the attack was concentrated on to Perseus alone.

Liliana called at the nodding Godou.

「What’s the matter, Kusanagi Godou?」

「Aah, no. I’m just thinking, someone like the『Boar』is increasing by one more in my side huh, like that.」

「Rather than calling it increasing, perhaps it is more that bird of the same feather flock together.」

「Bi, bird of the same feather?」

「Of course, you are the same feather with them, Kusanagi Godou.」


Even though she appeared to be straight-laced, but Liliana sometimes had a sharp tongue.

While reconfirming that, Godou recalled something. Come to think of it, in the past it felt like Sayanomiya Kaoru also said something similar to him――.

The female faction around him was a gathering of harsh personnel.

Well, the other person with them right now was someone with a generous personality both to herself and other people though.

Perhaps because she was exhausted from making her authority running wild, Madam Aisha was finally starting to doze off. Liliana was also carrying her to the sky together with them.

「It seems that the madam is considerably exhausted. Though she had transported me and all the Campiones all at once, so this is only natural.」

「No, about that. It seem that Aisha-san still had considerable spare energy you know.」

Godou said to Liliana who was acting considerate.

「Can I ask you to land us somewhere?I want to consult a bit, about doing something about that somehow.」


Right after she nodded, Liliana was taken aback.

「Below……Erica is at the mountain trail below. I can see her with the『Witch’s Eye』that I sent out before. Surely she is running after us here.」

「Then, bring us there. After this――it’s going to be busy.」

It was still uncertain whether Perseus could be finished off with the attack just now.

Lancelot could fight seriously in less the ten more minutes. They should finish their preparation before that.

「I see.」

Erica who finally managed to join up with Godou and others were murmuring with deep thinking.

「I’m also in agreement with Godou’s thinking. Rather than continuing the battle royal with the situation as it is, making a decisive bet somewhere――indeed it might let us obtain much more.」

「In any case, it doesn’t change the fact that it will be fraught with danger.」

Liliana also made a pessimistically approving look.

It seemed that with her serious personality, she felt resistance in a method that was leaving the matter to chance like throwing a dice.

――This place was the west side of Okutama, the Kumotori Mountain.

It was in the middle of mountain in February where snow was piled up, furthermore it was night. The cold chilled until the bone. It wasn’t an environment for a respectable human to be loitering around.

But, Godou and the two knights were in the middle of discussion without even paying attention to such thing.

Currently, Madam Aisha was leaned on the trunk a large tree that was slightly distanced from them. For her to be sleeping soundly even in this kind of situation, perhaps it should be said that it was just as expected from her.

Above Kumotori mountain, the demonic bird that came from Los Angeles and Hanuman were still in the middle of air battle.

Seiten Taisei and Alec were too fast that they couldn’t be seen, but they should be competing against each other nearby. Godou made a suggestion in order to cut this many chaotic factors with a single stroke.

「And so because of that, please. About that authority――what kind of god that originally had it, teach it to me. Perhaps that will be necessary.」


「What’s wrong, you two?」

「No. Certainly thinking from the circumstances until now」

「I also think, that the matter of that authority ought to be cautious against the most. But」

Liliana and also Erica, they were raising the matter to Godou’s attention with slightly exasperated look on their face.

「Offer the knowledge to me. You are brazenly ordering that to both me and Lily without any hesitation whatsoever aren’t you.」

「Truly, I’m taking off my hat to the speed of your growth.」


Isn’t that something that cannot be helped. After all it was something that had been repeated thoroughly from one thing or another.

Godou wanted to strongly protest at the two knights deploring him. But certainly, it wasn’t a circumstance that he could really ask them to do so brazenly. He stuck to silence.

In front of such a no-good man, Erica slipped out a chuckle.

「Well, it’s fine. In deference to your honesty, I will cooperate as much as possible. However, what kind of god that authority originated from――that is something that I don’t understand clearly, so I also cannot instruct it to you immediately.」

「Is that so!?」

「Yes. Also Yuri who can be relied on in this kind of time is in the middle of resting in the astral world right now.」

In that case, there was only one person remaining here who was a user of spiritual sight.

Godou and Erica looked at the girl at the same time. Liliana Krancjar immediately became red in the face and she murmured incoherently.

「Un――unfortunately, I too cannot see it clearly so……」

「So Liliana is also no good……」

「Ye, yes.」

「Is that so……」

Realizing the setback of the plan, Godou’s shoulders dropped.

Liliana averted her eyes, perhaps from feeling awkward. And then, the girl who was called the Diavolo Rosso was staring fixedly at her old friend and rival who was acting like that――and suddenly she spoke something like this.

「Then it can’t be helped. Please leave it to me, Godou.」

「Eh? Is it alright!?」

「It will be hard, but I’ll manage it somehow. Can you come over here?」


Erica was entering inside a grove of trees.

Following her invitation, Godou also followed behind her. Liliana went「Aa……」as though she want to say something, her right hand was reaching out as though to stop them, but in the end that was all she did.

Godou was walking forward while stepping on the snow, and caught up with Erica at a shade of tree.

There, he was suddenly embraced.

This girl who was born in Milan was by no means had a large built comparatively with her personality that was like a queen. Not just her clothing, even her wonderful limbs were completely chilled.

Godou hugged her back tightly, trying to warm her even for just a little.

The passionate embrace with this trusted companion felt pleasant. Not only the body, even his heart was overflowing with warmth. Perhaps Erica was also feeling the same with him.

As though to endorse that feeling, the blonde haired self-proclaimed lover smiled at him glamorously.

「Are you listening, Godou? The authority in question……in other words that is an ability which create『a passage that connected to that way from this way』you understand?」


The lips of the two naturally met each other. It was the start of the kiss.

「But, mayhem and difficulty are bring about to the people who are passing under that passage. That’s why, we magicians are making this guess. Perhaps that ability originated from a trickster――a god who was someone mischievous.」(TN: The trickster here is said in Japanese English)

「Trickster? What’s that mean?」

「Gods who bring about chaos in the world with their mischievousness. The nuisance in the world of god. They are elusive, appearing in unexpected places and at unexpected moments, it’s also not rare for them to greatly travel which crossed over the fence between god world, human world, and underworld. On the other hand, that aspect also made them a protector god for travelers and peddlers……」

「God of travel huh.」

While exchanging words, the two of them also interposed kisses between spare moments.

Godou sucked at Erica’s mouth, and Erica too responded with the same act at Godou. Both of them gently exchanged their tongue, saliva, and even their affection between them.

It was a ritual that they had repeated many times. However.

This time――there was nothing that was conveyed through the kiss.

Surprised, Godou stared at Erica fixedly. The blonde haired devil chuckled, she put her index finger on his lips and stared back at him mischievously.

‘I see’. Godou smiled shortly.

To be able to realize her intention with just that, perhaps it was due to the depth of their association――.

「Anyway, Godou. The gods who are categorized as trickster are by no means many. It’s already a lot if there are one or two gods like that in each myth system all over the world. For example, Loki of Norse mythology is a stereotypical trickster, he is the most mischievous person in all Asgard.」

「Even I have heard about him before.」

「Hermes of Greece mythology is also like that. He is also god of knowledge, commerce, and magic, so his divinity becomes more complicated though. The case where it’s a variety of tricksters, is at Africa――the son of the immortal king Nyikang who was worshipped at the upper stream of Nile River, Prince Dak. He was a hero who loved mischief, in addition he was also a bloody tyrant that slaughtered as he pleased at the places where he was going.」

「So even a guy like that also existed.」

「I’ll seize everything I can remember about that and teach it to Godou.」

「Even though you say that they are few, but it feels like it will be a considerable number……. It will take time.」

「It’s fine. Because both of us can enjoy ourselves a lot during the ritual anyway.」

「This is not actually the time to have fun you know.」

「My? I am always planning to enjoy a kiss with Godou a lot you know? And, if you say that you don’t have even a fragment of that kind of feeling……then Kusanagi Godou is a big liar.」

「Then……perhaps it’s fine for me to be a honest person then.」

「Fufuh. That’s exactly how my beloved person is. ……Nn. Geez. Doing even naughty thing like that, I think it’s actually Godou yourself that is too mischievous.」

When he sucked at her earlobe and crawled his tongue at her neck, she scolded him sweetly.

However, the head of Godou that was committing that outrage, Erica used both her hands to hold it and drew it in onto her bosom affectionately, she then kissed at the black hair of the Japanese boy.

Both of them were sharing a really sweet time and repeated kissing and also other things.

However, sometimes they were exchanging glances between fellow accomplices while examining the surrounding with short glances――and finally it arrived.

「Ple, please wait.」

Just when he was separating his lips from Erica, he was clung to.

Liliana who looked brooding had arrived until the shade of tree and grasped at Godou’s upper arm.

「Please don’t do that kind of thing, only with Erica……. I, I don’t want, to be the odd one out by myself……」

「Should I do to Liliana like what I had done to Erica?」

「Ye, yes――no. Actually that, to confess the truth……」

「Surely Lily had seen it, isn’t that right? The name of the god that Godou ought to know about.」

Twitch-. The dainty body of the eastern Europe girl with silver hair stiffened.

Her expression also looked awkward. The answer was already obvious just from that reaction of hers.

「Just why didn’t you honestly say that to me?」

「Wi……with the flow of that time, I imagined that I will have to teach the knowledge in front of Erica, that I couldn’t start talking immediately. That――it was embarrassing.」

Liliana was hanging her head down with a face that was looking troubled from the bottom of her heart.

It was an unexpected confession. Erica whispered「my」, while Godou tilted his head going「Eh?」. They were wondering if she was bothered with that after everything they had done.

Every one of them should have loosened up already with that direction at this point of time.

It appeared that Liliana too had realized the same thing that she began to make excuse in fluster.

「Of, of course even until now we had done that in front of Erica, bu, but, that time Mariya Yuri and Seishuiin Ena were present! There should be a viewpoint that doing it with three, four people should broaden the mind more than when it’s just two people――」

After speaking until that far, Liliana went『hah-』with her returning to her sense and she shut up.

She had said about the more people there were and so forth. It seemed that she was aware that she had run her mouth saying something that was considerably perverted. And then, as expected the existence of Diavolo Rosso, who was Liliana’s childhood friend and rival, might be special inside her precisely because that being the case. Perhaps it was because of that she reflexively avoided the situation of “together just with Erica”.

Anyway, Godou drew the fairy-like girl toward him and blocked her lips.


「You don’t need to worry about strange thing. Lend me your strength just like usual.」

「That’s right. Even for me, this is my first time doing something like this to Godou with just Lily――it makes my heart beating fast. Don’t be stiff.」

「E, Erica……」

Embraced from behind by her blonde haired childhood friend, Liliana whispered in an entranced state.

The one who stole her lips from the front, was of course Godou. Depending on the point of view this could possibly be seen as a composition of『him together with Erica ensnaring a shy female knight』though…….

Godou threw away his worldly thoughts and deepened his kiss with Liliana.

Just like what he did with Erica just now, he repeated a kiss that was like an exchange of tongue and saliva over and over.

「Tri, trickster that loves mischief――」

Liliana let out whisper between the kisses.

「They are not the only one that bring chaos to the world. There is also troublemaker that derail the fate of human and god, with more compelling reason……. A, also, the myth of the tricksters that Erica brought up, all of them are lacking the component of『time』……」

The god that became the source of that authority.

The knowledge of divinity that Liliana spiritually sighted, it flowed into him from his ears as words, and from his mouth as image using the instruction magic.

The act with Erica just now didn’t have this.

When she noticed that her silver haired childhood friend knew the answer, the Diavolo Rosso set up this trap.

She pretended to enjoy the instruction ritual with just Godou and herself and provoked Liliana. She induced her so she would confess the truth by herself――.


Right now, Erica was kissing repeatedly with Liliana who she was embracing tightly.

Sometimes he was also exchanging kiss with Erica in between. It was really a perverted situation. And then, perhaps because she was pleased with this act of luring her silver haired childhood friend together with her lover to a new territory, Erica looked beautiful with how awfully lively she was.

Looking at his partner that was like that, actually Godou himself was also feeling excitement inside――.

Part 3

Faint talking voices could be heard.

Aisha still wasn’t fully awake. Her awareness and body were heading toward awakening, but she was still a step behind genuine awareness. While mumbling ‘munya munya’ thinking she would sleep just a little bit more, she listened to the dialogue that was exchanged right beside her and heard the story.

――She is still sleeping so easygoing like this huh. She really has guts.

――That’s because she completely believes in Godou. Fufu-. She didn’t even notice our ulterior motive.

――It’s different matter if she still have value that can be used……but if even the war gods have came out, then she is nothing more but a burden. I have a counsel, my king.

――What is it Liliana?

――I think that it will be time to cut her off soon. Please make your decision.

――If you like, how about I be the one to get rid of her?

――No Erica. I’ll do it. It’s not really that big deal anyway.

――Please hurry, Kusanagi Godou. I have a premonition. The other Campiones and war gods……perhaps they will return any time soon…….

――Then, let’s quickly kill her.

「E, everyone. Every one of you are talking about terrible things like bad guy, just what are you all intending to do!?」

Aisha jumped to her feet in a flash while yelling.

It was a snowy mountain in winter. She had been leaning on a tree trunk until now, sleeping there.

There was Erica Blandelli right beside her. Liliana Krancjar was there. They were girls who had been in hardships together with her at the ancient Gallia. Yet despite so.

The two girl were directing extremely cold gaze at Aisha.

And then her godslayer comrade – Kusanagi Godou too――was also there.

「Godou-san!? Wha, what in the world is that!?」

「Tsk-. You should have just sleep a little bit longer.」

Of all things, the Japanese young man was holding a large katana.

The blade was black with length about a meter more or less. The shape resembled Japanese katana, but it was obviously a divine tool. Actually Aisha too was familiar with that thing because she had seen it several times.

Kusanagi Godou and Seishuuin Ena called it『Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi』…….

「That sword, it should be buried under the ground of Odaiba!?」

「This place is Okutama see. It’s still inside the same Tokyo metropolis. When I thought『come』toward Odaiba, it came flying here with absurd speed.」

「Wh, why, are you with such dangerous thing!?」

「About that, Aisha-san.」

Kusanagi Godou grinned broadly. That soft, coaxing voice, it was just like『the wolf that disguised itself as the grandma, about to eat the red riding hood-chan』――

「It’s to erase you from this world. From the beginning I intended to look for an opening and lop off your head while you are sleeping.」


*chaki-!* Kusanagi Godou pointed the tip of the black divine sword toward Aisha!

「Yo, you were deceiving me!? How cruel!」

「You are the one who is bad. Even though I thought of making it as painless as possible while you are sleeping, yet you were the one who woke up as you please.」

「But Godou. Isn’t this better than dying without knowing anything?」

「It’s just as Erica says. She too has the right to know. Even if she will fall asleep for eternity only one minute later.」

「Even Erica-san and Liliana-san too!?」


How terrible. Aisha was overwhelmed badly.

In front of the ill will and bloodlust of the people she believed in, despair was welling up in her heart. Her body was trembling fiercely, and tears were also overflowing from her eyes.

Even now midair great decisive battle was continuing above in the sky.

When John Pluto Smith that became a black demonic bird spat out mist of deadly poison from his beak, the white divine monkey Hanuman raised a whirlwind and blew it away.

It was offense and defense that happened while both sides were flying around the night sky with fierce speed.

Fundamentally, Hanuman was chasing around the back of the escaping demonic bird. Just like he proclaimed before this, he was planning to tear off the wings.

Seiten Taisei and the young Alec’s battle wasn’t visible.

However, they should be competing with each other somewhere in this mountain as though contesting who was the fastest.

Even though Aisha had been working this hard, but the godslayers were still unable to overcome the chain of hatred and conflict.

And then right now, Kusanagi Godou was approaching her with a divine sword in hand――.

「Now, it’s fine already isn’t it Aisha-san. You can close your eyes.」


A yell that came from despair. And then fury. A fury toward the irrationality.

Aisha thought.

If all the gods and godlsayers were gone, perhaps all conflict would disappear from this world, she thought.

It was at that moment. The sky that was still reddish black――inside the canvas where stars and moon of winter were twinkling, jet black hole appeared gaping wide open.

That was of course, the『Fairy’s Corridor』.

The mysterious cave for surpassing space-time. The passing gate that swallowed in all the people nearby.

Its size was unprecedentedly huge. Its diameter might reach a few hundred meters. Furthermore this time, the area around its entrance was――

Infested with layers of rose vines, blooming with colorful flowers.

Red rose, white rose, pale pink, blue, violet, yellow, orange……. It might be matching the size of the cave, that the rose flowers and also the vines were terrifyingly gigantic.

They surrounded the passage opened in the sky in a circle, turning into a first-rate decoration.

And then, the absorption force that was released from this mysterious hole was――unprecedentedly strong, downpouring toward the Kumotori Mountain below!

The groundwork that was『The maximum bad and good fortune that could possibly happen』had been prepared beforehand.

In addition, Aisha’s despair and fury became the trigger that completed the unheard-of article which was the sky passage.

Lancelot went down from her beloved horse and drew out her sword.

It was for the sake of crossing swords with Perseus who was wielding a scimitar to their heart’s content.

「Fufufufu. It seems your breathing is getting quicker isn’t it, Perseus-dono!」

「Hah, I’m just thinking that it’s immature to defeat a lovely maiden right away. When I was holding back, my shoulders turned stiff like this. That’s all there is to it!」

Just like Lancelot pointed out, there was no composure at Perseus’s face and exhalation.

While his exhaustion was obvious, his speech was still eloquent until the end. He dodged Lancelot’s sword and desperately slashed back with his scimitar.

「Please don’t be concerned and continue as you are, o ruler of Amazon!」

「I’ll comply with that, man who came from the east!」

The arena where the two were crossing swords was at the bottom of the crater.

The crater was gouged out by the first attack from the sky. Just a while ago it was a spot at the vicinity of Kumotori Mountain’s summit. The mountain with height of 2017 meter above sea level was now scraped off by 100 meter, with a large crater that was like the caldera of a volcano created on the top.

「My bad but noble art like holding back is too difficult for a ruffian like Lancelot. I shall go all out to defeat you. Don’t hold a grudge!」

「Fuh……-. Obviously!」

Lancelot mercilessly sent incessant onslaught toward the nice guy who was acting tough.

The double-edged long sword in her right hand hammered like lightning with sword art that was derived from Scythae and Amazon, it was swung around like wind. Her protection could be just left to her armor and the shield on her left hand. Attack, attack, attacking persistently was exactly the sword of Lancelot du Lac.

The hero that was greatly renowned at Greece and Rome let the sword went past his body many times with agility that was like a white leopard while unleashing a sword counterattack.

If he was slashed three times then he would dodge three times, and returned a deadly sword stroke.

But, that rate of attack soon became a sword stroke for five dodging, next it became a sword stroke for seven dodging. The attacking time of Lancelot was gradually increasing.

This was caused by the damage from Meteor Strike and the difference in reserve strength of the two.

Perseus was revived due to the grace of《Arrowhead’s Discus》. The vitality and magical power that were supplied by that divine tool was his energy source. Furthermore he was sharing that with Seiten Taisei――.

In contrast, the war god of spear could fight with full power if it was just ten minutes.

The gap between them resulted from that. However, it was unknown whether Perseus knew about that mechanism or not. With Perseus’s brave persistence, the remaining time of the white war god――was actually almost running out.

It was at that time the『Fairy’s Corridor』appeared at the sky.

Its eeriness and hugeness was as though a second moon had appeared at the reddish black night sky.

「What inauspiciousness……」

The hero of sun groaned in the middle of locking swords with the white knight.

On the other hand, Lancelot who was serving the side that caused this phenomenon murmured with small volume.

「It’ll be soon.」

It was fine already to leave Perseus alone. She erased her physical body.

She returned into a guardian spirit once more in order to return to Kusanagi Godou’s side. As for Perseus, without even any time to be surprised with his enemy’s flight, he and his physical body were captured by the absorption force.

Yes. By the sucking power of the mysterious sky corridor.

Moreover――the whole surface of the ground inside the crater was beginning to shine gold!


Even the sturdy body of the hero was wrapped in faint golden light, ascending toward the sky.

It was as though angels were coming to welcome the warrior who was tired of war――it was a gentle and sublime scene of hero’s ascension.

「Just what is the meaning of this!?」

Small fairies were grinning friendlily around the faint light of absorption power.

They were young boy and girl with wings growing on their back. Their size was about the same with small bird. Everyone had westerner features. Perhaps there were twelve or thirteen of them.

Ufufufu. Fufuh. Fufufufu. Ahahahaha.

All of them were carrying Perseus to the hole of the sky with happy and kind faces.

(Kukukuku. Doing nothing but running away right from the start――)

Seiten Taisei – Son Goku was laughing.

It would be futile with using godspeed for a speed battle only at sky. Alec returned from his lightning form to his flesh body and used even the geography and mountain vegetation as distraction and kept running away.

Not only Kumotori Mountain, they even used the surrounding mountains as the arena for playing tag.

The great monkey king of China pursued the escaping Alec.

They were slipping into mountain, weaving through forest trees, jumping over valley, and even used the water surface of mountain stream as route in their cat-and-mouse race――. It had been continuing like that all this time.

(From how you look, you seem weak at open and square battle.)

Currently Alec was in the middle of sprinting from the ridge of small Kumotori Mountain toward the foot of Nanatsu’ishi Mountain. Seiten Taisei was speaking provocatively while steadily running right behind.

(I’ll get bored of this race soon. I’ll catch you and give you a remake.)

(Hmph. Say whatever you want.)

Alec scoffed while running.

He wasn’t particularly agitated. He had seen the bottom of Seiten Taisei from long ago.

It appeared this iron headed and copper bodied war god was sharing power with Perseus――. Soon it would be a good time to finish him off.

Actually during the race, the great sage had attacked him several times.

He changed the geography of the mountain using divine power in the attempt to block Alec’s path. He also enlarged himself until he covered the sky trying to imprison the flying Alec inside his body, and so on.

Each time Alec just barely pulled through.

Alexander Gascoigne’s godspeed wasn’t just fast.

He would suddenly or slowly dropped his speed that was equal with lightning, to delay his timing of arrival in front of the Seiten Taisei that was waiting in ambush. He would escape from the enemy’s devilish hand using four dimensional maneuver that manipulated not just speed but also time.

However, if the great sage was in the condition like when he manifested at Nikkou――

Alec shouldn’t be able to endure continuously until this far.

After all Alec was tackling multitask challenge where he was running around Kumotori Mountain while thoroughly carefully surveying the surrounding terrain. It was in order to prepare『The Great Labyrinth』in this area.

The authority to instantly create labyrinth that he usurped from god Minos.

In the case he was setting it not underground or indoor, but at the surface, he actually couldn’t use it if he didn’t know about the place well. Now there was no more need to continue his preliminary inspection. Alec nodded.

(After the monkey is locked inside the labyrinth, I can do as I please then.)

He could capture the enemy like that, and he could also reuse it later on.

He could also place『Goddess of Revenge』somewhere in the labyrinth before guiding the enemy there. The moment Seiten Taisei launched the blow to defeat Alec, Seiten Taisei would end up receiving it himself.

In any case, victory was already in front of his eye――was how it supposed to be.


(What the hell is this!?)

The ground, the trees, the river, were starting to shine gold.

Furthermore even Alec and Seiten Taisei who were dashing in godspeed were being enveloped in faint golden light and they began to lightly ascend to the sky!

Moreover, their ascending speed was unexpectedly fast.

In the blink of eye they had been carried until the height higher than Kumotori Mountain’s summit which was turned into crater.

The towering mountain range that spanned over both region of Okutama and Chichibu――Kumotori Mountain, small Kumotori Mountain, Nanatsu’ishi Mountain, and so on, the whole region was shining with golden light altogether.

But, the destination they were heading toward was far higher above.

Floating in the reddish black night sky――was a mysterious hole. It was so gigantic that it could be mistaken as moon. The surrounding of the entrance was decorated with roses.

(There are even fairies appearing!?)

There were thirteen fairies appearing around Alec too.

Ufufufu. Fufuh. Fufufufu. Ahahahaha. They were laughing carefreely and optimistically. Their smiling faces looked as though they weren’t thinking anything.


Alec transformed his body into lightning.

Thanks to his physical body vanishing, the absorption force toward the sky also vanished for a moment, he became free. At that instant, he flew right below without any hesitation.

He descended in a straight line as lightning. He guessed that he was around the mountain side of Nanatsu’ishi Mountain.

「Before the mansion of confusion――o traveler, abandon your hope!」

The Black Prince laid out the authority of『Great Labyrinth』in this area and changed it into his barrier.

He made the mountain into a labyrinth of “forest of no return” with the intention of hiding at the deepest part. It was a desperate measure in order to escape from the enigmatic absorption force.

Well, he guessed that eight or nine cases out of ten this phenomenon must be related with Madam Aisha though――.

John Pluto Smith and white monkey god Hanuman.

Even the two great men having showdown in the sky were captured by the absorption force of the sky corridor.

The gigantic demonic bird and also the divine giant body of the white monkey god were carried to the sky all alike. Enveloped in faint golden light, while they were being watched over by laughing small fairies…….

「A gate that sends even this me to underworld! As always Madam Aisha is dreadful!」

「Don’t tell me this is, what I once saw――」

Smith was praising in his demonic bird form while the enlarged Hanuman was gazing in astonishment.

Perseus and also Seiten Taisei were similarly in the middle of being beckoned to the sky. Alec’s figure couldn’t be seen anywhere in the sky, it was unclear if it was because he was absorbed quicker, or because he had escaped using some kind of method.

And then, there were also Campiones who were remaining calmly on the ground.

It was Kusanagi Godou. Erica and Liliana were also together with him. There was also Madam Aisha right beside them sitting in a daze on the ground with her waist bereaved of strength.

The place they were at was at a corner of the mountain trail of Kumotori Mountain.

The ground at that area was also shining in golden light, a group of small fairies was even advancing toward there in order to carry Godou and others to the sky.

But, Godou had the trump card to reject that. The『Spell Words of Sword』.

「A long time ago, in the land of eternal youth(Tír na nÓg)) where fairies were living, there was a princess called Niamh.」

Several thousand light spheres the size of a fist were flying around Godou and others.

All of those were『Sword』. The future of beloved lover was snatched away in unforeseen shape due to love and narcissism――these swords were for cutting apart the beautiful goddess of that event.

「The one that the beautiful princess loved was a human. A member of knight order Fianna and also a poet, Oisín. Both of them fell in love and set off together to the country of eternal youth, where they lived in happiness.」

Madam Aisha’s authority the『Fairy’s Corridor』.

Godou narrated regarding the god who was the original owner of that authority. It was the knowledge that was granted from Liliana to him along with Erica just now.

「But three years later, Oisín that was driven by homesickness returned home to his birth place. At that time when he dismounted from the white horse that his lover Niamh made him rode, the moment his feet touched the ground――he became an old man. Three hundred years of time had passed in the world.」

It resembled Urashima Tarou in Japan, a stereotyped folktale.

Right now Godou was putting that story outline to use as『Sword』. Yes. This was exactly the words of power for the sake of cutting apart the queen of the country of eternal youth, the golden haired Niamh.

「In the end the rapidly aging Oisín became ashes and vanished……. And then, the authority of Aisha-san that force one into time travel. Originally it was the power used by Queen Niamh for the sake of bringing her lover to the country of fairy!」

The several thousand light spheres that Godou created.

Their radiances were now turning into protection method to protect their body from the mysterious hole in the sky――from the『Fairy’s Corridor』. Several thousand『Swords』were twinkling while staying permanently around Godou and others, continuously cutting apart the terrific absorption force to protect them.

「Ku, Kusanagi-san……」

Madam Aisha sat down on the ground with a flop, unable to stand up from astonishment.

She was staring in puzzlement at the rampage of her authority, and the gods and Campiones who were dragged into that, and then of Godou’s brilliant response to it.

「Were you aiming for this, that you were――pretending of wanting to kill me?」

「I didn’t know that it will become like this though. I was just preparing so it will be fine even if the power of the corridor run wild. It helped that it’s going well.」

「Actually I was worried about Godou and Lily’s acting ability.」

The one who slipped out a chuckle was Erica whose acting was preeminently skillful.

If compared to the blonde haired beautiful girl who was shrewd in everything, certainly Godou and also Liliana could only do a play like a mere ham actor.

「I was shocked that you two made a good performance surpassing my imagination. Madam Aisha was also deceived thoroughly.」

「That so. Everyone, you all looked like bad guy.」

「……Well, even I can do it sometimes.」

「……Yes. And there are also various things until now which gave that kind of thought.」


「Please don’t pay attention to that, madam. Just now was just a figure of speech.」

Liliana sleekly said that after blurting out something fishy.

Madam Aisha still sat down on the ground powerlessly while letting out「Haa」in wonder.

By the way in Godou’s case, perhaps his source of success was because of this and that which he recalled before the acting. He recalled the various things this self-proclaimed seventeen years old maiden had “perpetrated” and also Doni’s eccentric behavior. Thanks to that he was able to naturally grasp the state of mind of『If only these bunches doesn’t exist』. By any chance perhaps Liliana too…….

「Well, putting that aside.」

Godou changed the topic a little bit abruptly.

「Let’s put the last finishing touch. After all looks like those bunches are still struggling vainly.」

Mysterious large hole was floating right above Kumotori Mountain.

The hole was around 500 meter further above the mountain summit that was 2017 meters above the sea level. Due to the guidance of the mysterious absorption force and the fairies, the king of the underworld of Los Angeles and the subordinates of Rama were beckoned to the sky and they were about to be swallowed…….

In order to assist with the swallowing, Godou stabbed Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi to the ground.

「By the way Aisha-san. That hole, where is it connecting to?」

「I, I don’t know! But, I think it’s connecting to really far away. It might be a past far removed from our era――or possibly, another world of far beyond……」

Although she did this unconsciously, but it was still the instinct of the creator herself.

He wanted to think that she wouldn’t be off the point that much. Believing in that, Godou yelled.

「Borrowing the art of the goddess of dawn――raise a storm, Ame no Murakumo!」

Part 4

A hole was opened gaping wide at the reddish black night sky.

The extraordinarily transcendental people were carried into the entrance of the cave that was decorated with colorful roses.

John Pluto Smith. Seiten Teisei. Perseus. White monkey god Hanuman. However, there was no way the people who got caught in this trap would offer no resistance.

It was the opposite.

Seeing through what was going on, they heightened their magical power even while being carried by the fairies, and unleashed a move to escape when their magical power reached the maximum.

「O my wings the Pegasus, o you who was born from the blood of Medusa! For the sake of my freedom, come with your loud galloping hooves!」

「O cloud, don’t be late in answering the summon of Son-sama!」

「O father Vāyu, please dispatch a swift horse for my sake!」

「I command under one of my taboo name the “almighty”. Drive off god, and perish the demon!」

Perseus called his winged beloved horse, while Seiten Taisei called the golden cloud which served as his aircraft.

The sword gods entrusted all their remaining magical power to their steed and heightened the soaring power to the maximum.

Hanuman that was also the son of wind god caused an updraft that rushed until the space, trying to blow away the sky passage itself until the sea of stars.

Smith transformed himself back from a demonic bird into the『Archmage』.

He attempted to break the authority of Madam Aisha with esoteric magic of Spell Canceller that he could only use in this giant form.

……By some chance, perhaps one of them would succeed.

But, an existence that returned all resistances into nothing appeared in the sky.

Darkness star that called gravity storm――.

The sphere created by Kusanagi Godou’s secret formula《Black Blade》.

This sphere appeared right above the cave that was opened in the sky.

The sphere of darkness was darker, and blacker than even the darkness of night. Tonight the night sky was especially dyed reddish black, so the jet black darkness looked even more standing out.

As usual the darkness star was starting to rotate with『Gyuun, gyuun』sound.

Already――Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi had completely finished the preparation of being drawn out at underground Odaiba. The rotation accelerated almost at the same time with its appearance, raising up a gravity storm.

The windstorm drawing in everything in the surrounding was violent. A ferocious demonic wind.


Smith, Seiten Taisei, Perseus, Hanuman.

The gods and godslayer who were carried toward the sky cave, all of them were lost for words. Before the resistance that they did with all their might could show result, they were completely captured by the insurance runs that was the gravity storm.

The destination of this wind storm was the darkness star and the cave floating right under it, waiting for them.

「Dammit, even though I have exerted myself this much!」

「Tsk-. I absolutely won’t forget this debt, Kusanagi Godou, godslayers of the world!」



Seiten Taisei lamented, while Perseus yelled regretfully.

The masked king of the underworld, and the wind white monkey god were silent together. It was unclear whether their attitude that didn’t even show any panic was because they were used to desperate situation, or because they were feigning composure.

In any case, the mighty four people were swallowed into the cave of the fairy queen.

And then, Kusanagi Godou who saw off the whole even from beginning to end――.


He finally breathed out.

In front of his eyes, there was Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi stabbed on the ground.

He touched the hilt of the divine sword that was worked in the style of Japanese katana and sent the thought to stop the activity.

The darkness star floating in the sky, its rotation speed that reached critical point was dropping with the sound of『gyun gyun gyun, gyun gyun, gyun, gyu……』, and before long it stopped completely.

Immediately after, the darkness star vanished instantly.

It easily left the stage, just like awakening from a midnight nightmare.

「You too, it’s fine already.」

Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi which had worked hard also vanished and returned inside Godou’s right arm.

「Tonight is a mess, I wonder if it’s finished with this.」

「It will be great if that’s the case but――aa」

「……Hey Godou. I have one thing in my mind though.」

It was after Godou spoke about the end of the battle.

Liliana faltered in her speaking as though she recalled something she had forgotten, and Erica also glanced――at the one other Campione.

Madam Aisha was still sitting down on the cold snowy ground.

As expected she didn’t look like she had anymore reserve strength, she was staring in a daze at the starry sky. Because she had called for the maximum good and bad fortune, the sky was still reddish black. The cave of fairy queen Niamh was also still gaping wide open in the sky.

And then, Erica murmured with deep prudence.

「In the end, if Godou want to be the only Campione remaining, to prepare for the confrontation against Prince Rama……you need to request the madam to exit the stage too somewhere isn’t it?」


「Also about the talk just now. I wonder where is the fairy corridor is connected to? To the past, or else to somewhere in astral world. Well, this corridor possess power that has never been seen before, so perhaps it might even be an unknown territory that even the understanding of us magician cannot reach……」

「Certainly, that make me curious.」

「Rather, I think that using the excuse of ascertaining that――to have the madam embark for a travel is also one possible way……」

Naturally it was a comment that was made after a glance at Madam Aisha.

Liliana was silent even now. Unusually she didn’t even try to object against the whisper of the devil that ran counter against moral. She was persisting in silence with a complicated face. It seemed that she was fighting against her conscience.

Godou too was also in a bit of conflict, pondering that there was also that method, that it might be better to be like that for the sake of hereafter.


Madam Aisha abruptly breathed out all the air in her lung, strength leaving her body.

She was sighing for long and long, as though even her soul might come out from her mouth.

Right away the reddish blackness of the sky was settling down and turned back into a normal night sky. The fairy’s corridor that was opened in the sky also finally vanished.

With the clear air in the middle of a mountain, the number of visible star was incomparably a lot more than at the city.

Finally it became a night sky appropriate for winter Okutama.

Flop. Madam Aisha collapsed onto the snow from her back. Like that she began to fall asleep soundly with peaceful breathing. It seemed that this time she had really ran out of strength.

She was falling asleep without minding the coldness of the snow and her clothing getting wet.

「Well, there is also this kind of outcome.」

Godou smiled wryly and approached the side of the sleeping madam.

She was a Campione that wouldn’t die even if she fell into hell anyway. Even though she was sleeping like a log on a snowy mountain in the middle of winter he didn’t think she would even catch a cold, he had to wake her up, and then take her back to the city――


At this moment, his body immediately tensed due to his wild instinct.

Something’s coming. Godou――he quickly reached out both his hands in order to grasp the empty air before his eyes. At the same time he also used the second avatar of Verethragna the『Bull』.

In order to not lose in strength, against a beast with outrageous power!


「You have grown, Kusanagi Godou! There is worth in waiting!」

A demonic wolf rushed forward like bullet――

Godou’s right hand caught the nose and upper jaw, while his left hand grasped the lower jaw!

A gray wolf with a size that could be mistaken as horse leaped out from tree cover, trying to bite at Kusanagi Godou’s head and chest with『GAH』sound.


Godou groaned in pain.

It was because he was holding on the upper jaw and lower jaw that were closely packed with teeth. Ten-odd teeth were piercing both his hands roughly. The demonic wolf’s physique was equal with a thoroughbred horse, so even its teeth were big like short sword.

However, ignoring the pain in both his hands――

Godou shook around the large body of the wolf and threw it like throwing a hammer!

However, the wolf wasn’t flung high to the sky, it was thrown to the ground right in the front. It was so that all the power of『Bull』was converted into damage to the enemy.

But, even when it crashed into the ground, the demonic wolf only raised its body exultantly.

It should have received a damage that could turn even large car into scrap easily, but the fierce demonic wolf quickly stood up on its two legs and let out a chuckle.

「Kukukuku. So even after an intense game you still didn’t let your guard down, you even saved spare energy and prepared for the next. Like this I can call you as a formidable enemy without feeling any hesitation.」

Someone was laughing. not a demonic wolf, but Dejanstahl Voban.

He returned to his usual old man appearance and stared at Godou with fierily shining emerald eyes. He whispered in amusement.

「The time has come to fulfill the promise of the other day.」

It was challenging words. But.

Godou didn’t have the leeway to answer that. Because an unexpected character had made their entrance.


Of all people, it was his elder sister – Luo Cuilian.

Moreover she leaped out from the same tree cover where Marquis Voban came out from. Using preeminence Qing Gong she sprinted without disordering even a speck of snow on the ground and dashed toward where Madam Aisha was.

While Godou and the marquis were fighting――

The elder sister kneeled and lifted up the sleeping female Campione in her arms.

「There is worth……in waiting for this moment.」

While strangely whispering the same speech like the old marquis, Luo Cuilian approached her lovely face toward Madam Aisha, and of all thing she stole her lips.

In addition, she also whispered spell words!

「Ki disperse, dragon die. Namely Four God Annihilation.」


「Fufufufu. Godou, it seems that you are also completely at a loss of what to do with this witch but――you can rest assured.」

Luo Cuilian flung off the body of the sleeping Madam Aisha on the snow and she stood up.

She already took no more notice of the maiden dressed in red hood and maid uniform. She looked like she didn’t even have any more interest or cautiousness toward her.

「Because, I have sealed all the strength of this person.」

「What did you say!?」

Particles of blue light were leaking out in large amount from the whole body of the madam who was lying down powerlessly.

Strong power could be felt from that countless glittering radiances. Perhaps, it was magic power. Godou looked dubious.

What became the source of all authority, magic power. Was it rapidly leaking out?

And then, his elder sister chuckled as though to endorse that doubt of him…….

「Fufufufu. The authorities of Madam Aisha are all something that we don’t even understand how it will run wild. But, now there is no more need to be cautious of that.」


「It’s possible to defeat her――without reservation.」

It seemed that some kind of magic was transferred using the mouth-to-mouth. Luo Cuilian proclaimed.

Just what kind of magic that was. Why she was together with Marquis Voban. There was nothing but concerning things, but Godou first exchanged glances.

Toward the two knights standing by nearby, at Erica and Liliana.

The girls nodded briskly and distanced themselves quickly. They had guessed Godou’s thinking that told them to take a little bit of distance.

Yes. Because the situation where two devil kings of the older generation were present was really too dangerous.

「Nee-san. Also old man Voban too.」

Godou asked once more.

「Just why are the two of you together in this combination?」

「What. We fellow senile old fools were just having a bit of talk, and luckily we managed to see eye to eye.」

「It’s just as he says. For the present, the two of us are forming alliance until we become the last two name in order to win through the devil king civil war.」

「……So it’s like that.」

Godou groaned.

Thinking back, from the beginning both his elder sister and the marquis had been setting their sight at Madam Aisha, considering her as the opponent that should be overcome with maximum priority. Until now they had the carpet pulled from under their feet by Madam Aisha to a large extent.

In order to take care of that most difficult enemy, the two of them joined hand.

It wasn’t an unlikely story. And then, these fellows veteran, even if only temporarily they built an alliance in order to carry out the strongest deciding match between the two of them. This was also a development that seemed possible. Above all else the elder sister – Luo Cuilian was merrily standing in the way of her younger brother – Kusanagi Godou. Well, it was in accordance with his prediction.

「Even so, for those three scenarios to come true all at once is just too unexpected you know……」

Godou whispered seriously.

Two against one. Furthermore the opponents were these two. How would he struggle through this?

As expected even Godou could think of no choice other than『running away with all his strength』. But, could he escape from both Voban and Luo Hao?

He thought ‘Well, it’s impossible’, discarding that possibility by himself. It was at that time.

「Amazing. I’m really surprised you know, that the situation become like this. If possible, I want to be included here too no matter what.」


Voban snorted after receiving an interruption in the shape of a voice that sounded carefree and even idiotic.

「Even if I reject you by saying don’t come, pushing in as you please is your style isn’t it? Don’t pretend to act admirably, Salvatore Doni.」


From inside the darkness, a blonde haired young man arrived.

The frivolous godslayer of Italia. Even though he was a handsome man but his face’s feature was loose, scattering around joviality with smiling face that looked like he wasn’t thinking of anything.

However, his left hand was holding a sword that looked like Japanese katana along with its sheath, in a stance where it could be unsheathed anytime.

「Then, with the approval given from the grampsie――I wonder if I can make a proposal? Listen here Godou, to oppose the alliance of the old people, won’t you try forming youngster alliance with me?」

Ha? For a moment Godou was dumbfounded.

Doni who didn’t mind that proposed while acting relaxed like usual.

「Kusanagi Godou and Salvatore Doni. Both of them win through the devil king civil war, and in the end the fight a decisive battle whre the seat of the strongest challenger is at stake. Isn’t that cool!」

Devil king civil war, the night of the second day.

In the mountains of Okutama, four Campiones were gathering――.

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