Ultimate Antihero Vol 1 Illustrations

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9 Responses to Ultimate Antihero Vol 1 Illustrations

  1. Jacob brodt says:

    Are there currently anymore volumes released for this series?


  2. Bapakmesum says:

    A little question, how much “plot” can we expect from this? Will it be Shinmai Maou-ish? DxD-ish? Magika-ish? Or a unique “plot” of its own, including insemination?


  3. Adrian says:

    Hahahaha this comments, anyway this is from the creator of Rakudai no Kishi so we can hope for some “plot” only that later, when is more relevant maybe.

    Speaking of “plot” any reccomendation that is translated? it can be full on R18 or more like shinnai


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