Ultimate Antihero Vol 2 Prologue


“The west village was no good. It was annihilated.”

“The north forest is the same you know. …Let alone the residents, the forest was burned altogether to ash.”

“The only one that was saved was just the south community then…”

Inside a deep, deep forest.

The girls who escaped here from the demons held their head after hearing the tragic situation of the surroundings from the scouts.

“…Next is, here, is it?”

“No way. I don’t want to die… hic-“

“It’s going to be okay. …After all I’ll absolutely protect everyone.”

The children were weeping from the terror of death that had approached near.

A girl of emerald blonde was embracing the shoulders of those children, giving them words of consolation.


“But My Queen. Those demons don’t think of anything except plundering. They are not an opponent that can be asked to talk together at all…”

Correct. Her words were nothing more than a mere consolation.

It had no power to change the approaching reality.

However, that girl who was called as queen had a single idea.

“I understand. But―there is just one, a force that I happen to know that might lend us his power.”

“Wh, who is that?”

“The <Evil God User>-sama.”

The instant that girl who was called queen said out that name, the faces of the females around the girl that seemed to be of older age stiffened.

“Typhon and Jambure. If it’s him who removed those two menaces, then possibly…”

“Bu, but it’s really dangerous My Queen! He is―”

“I understand. But… remaining here is also dangerous.”


“We cannot postpone for even a moment more. For the sake of surviving, there is no other way than to move in action knowing the danger. And then I who am the queen have that responsibility.”

Saying that, the girl who was called as queen stood up decisively.

“…My Queen.”

“Guard is unnecessary. So that we don’t show the other party any malice, it’s better for me to be the emissary alone.”

In the jade green eyes of the girl, resided a radiance of determination that shined clearly even inside this dark forest where there was not a single light.

Against that radiance, all the people around her swallowed their words.

“…My Queen’s resolve that doesn’t fear death, has certainly been carved in this heart. We entrust our life to our Queen.”

Everything was entrusted to this girl.

Voices like the rustle of branches spread out from that decision.

“My Queen… you are going to meet with the <Evil God User>?”

“Yes, that’s correct. For our sake, I’ll go.”

“Even though there is not even time for substitution, what bravery.”

“My Queen, please take care of yourself.”

The people that huddled their bodies together inside the darkness raised their faces, each praising reverently the girl’s bravery.

While receiving such praise,

“Please leave it to me.”

The girl smiled brightly.

…while hiding both her trembling hands at her back.


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7 Responses to Ultimate Antihero Vol 2 Prologue

  1. GM_Rusaku says:

      ∧_∧ ∧_∧\
    /( ・`ω´・ ) ( ・`ω´・ ) \
    | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
    | THANKS!! NEPU!! |


  2. Saiandarkasia says:

    Ok predicting it now, based on the illustration and the information gathered so far, the church is going to commence an elf Witch Hunt, or started one already at some point.


  3. willtellr says:

    It is not power that is dangerous, for nature has power, but not malice, thus just exists. It is us people that find danger where there is none to be found. It is how one interacts with power that can bring forth danger, causing strife and destruction. Why fear a peaceful man, while not fearing mother nature?


    • Reaper Phoenix says:

      The peaceful man has a will, while mother nature is considered to have no will. And humanity is familiar with the power of mother nature, while the man has unknown power, a powerful unknown power. People fear the unknown and are weary of those more powerful than them.


  4. Kryzin says:

    Thxs for the chapter.


  5. gippett0 says:

    Thank you for the chapter and all the hard work!


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