[Fanfic] 19 Afterword


Everyone, I have been neglecting this series for really long.

Finally the trilogy of『the last battle』is starting.

First the seven Campiones were gathering at the capital Tokyo, and it became the beginning of the battle royal of devil king civil war.

Volume 20 that is continuing after this volume 19 is planned to reach your hand without you needing to wait that long.

Ah, as for volume 21……cough cough.

As expected it’s considered whether a power technique like『Consecutive publication for three months!』will be possible or not.

My deepest apology.

If I can ask you all to wait a little for that one…….

Actually this episode was planned two be two-part work at first.

The work schedule had also been adjusted from long before so that the volumes can be released as successively as possible with that intention.

But, while I was consolidating the plot, I reached conclusion of『There are also a lot of episode for the characters, as expected perhaps two volumes are impossible』…….

And so the third volume will be a little in the future.

The trilogy that will be the conclusion of this series, please treat it well.

Now then.

This time there are a lot of characters that made their entrance after so long, it makes me feels nostalgic.

The time when I first wrote the names of the seven Campiones at first volume’s manuscript, I never even imagined that I will be able to introduce all of them (wry smile).

Thinking back this story has come far.

Especially Madam Aisha…….

If I have to confess, I had already decided that she will be someone like that in the quite early period.

Several times I wrote the catchphrase『eternal seventeen years old』, to the degree that the first generation Mr. editor-in-charge requested me to「Let’s shade this off a little bit more」.

She is a person with special position, so even if she made her appearance, it would be quite later on, that was my expectation.

In the last several volumes, I was writing such her plentifully.

This too was all thanks to the favor that was received by all of you.

Truly thank you very much.

When I made a little short story concerning Aisha-san, actually for a long time the word『fate』has been established as no good word in this series.

A person who killed god = a person who ignored fate, it was because such major premise has been established in this series.

Although in the occasion of the anime creation, a line that sounded like「Everything is guided by fate~」existed in the script that was at the stage of preparation draft.

That kind of line is no good in this series, so it was revised.


This time, it was coming out like bargain sale at the part that person made her appearance isn’t it, fate.

Like this, the position of that girl is extremely special even inside the series.

By the way sect founder Luo Hao too, it has been decided before she made her appearance that she would be that kind of unreasonable character.

Actually until just before her first appearance, I was thinking things like『Should I make their gender male or female, or else, should I make them a genderless person that castrated themselves in order to master the path of martial art (model: Brigitte Lin)』.

I was struck with an idea of Onee-sama material, so I settled down with safe choice though (lol).

Now now.

Next time, I think the title of volume 20 will be something plain like『Devil King Civil War 2』.

I will be glad if you all can enjoy the continuation.


2 Responses to [Fanfic] 19 Afterword

  1. Neko MK2 says:

    What scary revaluation, I not even want to imagine Luo Lin as muscular man.
    Glad she became onee-sama type chara lol
    Also thanks for “fanfic”

    Liked by 1 person

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