[Fanfic] 19-2 – Seven Warriors, Meeting in One Building

Chapter 2 – Seven Warriors, Meeting in One Building

Part 1

「Alexander Gascoigne. I am aware of your boldness that doesn’t fear even god. But this time, what you have done――is something that cannot possibly be forgiven……」

「What are you saying, Iceman?」

The highest protector knight that was also his trusted subordinate had his lips trembling.

He was quietly stifling his rage. However the Black Prince Alec cutrly spoke to Sir Iceman who was being like that.

「Isn’t it you who always complained about my independent action?」

「Certainly that is so. However, this time you had crossed a line that must not be crossed as a human……」

「Is that so?」

Alec shrugged and averted his face from Iceman who was glaring from the side.

Instead he surveyed the magnificent view. He was in the fifty fifth floor of a forty eighth storey building that was especially high even among the gathering of skyscrapers in the heart of Tokyo’s Shinjuku.

The building was the landmark of Shinjuku, the Tokyo Government Office.

This floor was becoming a viewing room. The height was 202 meters above the ground.

It was possible to survey the famous place of great Tokyo’s famous place from here.

Rainbow Bridge of Odaiba, Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree, furthermore the landmark tower of Yokohama, Mountain Fuji, and so on too…….

The weather was clear at this noon of weekday, there was also few cloud. Thanks to that the view was exceptional.

Iceman was nagging further toward Alec who was enjoying the splendid panorama.

「Of course, if you notified me three months ago, then the story would be different. 『Iceman, you too will accompany me as guard at the coming expedition of Japan』. If you notified my like that, then I would immediately answered yes, I would secure a ferry service to Japan without any miss, and accomplish a grand arrival to Japan――」

「Don’t say stupid thing. What are you going to do with that method that is like the Age of Exploration?」

「The distance from Britain until the Far East Asia is far. It’s too far. You should obediently use an air lane.」

「That’s why I told you already, doing something like drugging me who dislike plane and placed me on a plane in a foul play……that’s outrageous!」

Sir Iceman who had a severe phobia of airplane denunciated Alec.

His yell truly sounded like he was going to vomit blood.

Even this man who was running his mouth about a matter like this was a great knight that boasted greatest level of strength even in Europe.


His conviction of declining to ride only airplane even if he had to die was absolutely unchanging. He was also a stubborn person in this aspect.

「Don’t keep being repetitive about a finished matter. It was a hardship for me too when I needed to bring the sleeping you into the airplane you know? I used any kind of trick to trick the airport personnel and the CA staffs……」

「You reap what you show.」

「Besides, a week ago I didn’t even have any plan to come to Tokyo. There is no way you can come here using ship. But, as my aide, I want to bring you along no matter what. I did this for the sake of clearing the necessary condition above. Have an understanding of that quickly.」

「Good grief, a person like you is……. Well.」

Iceman finally stopped his grumbling and directed a sharp gaze outside.

This man whose composure could be likened with ice stared fixedly at the view outside the window――at Tokyo Tower. The radio tower that was painted red was widely known as a major famous place of Tokyo.

Its height was 333 meter. It was a magnificent radio tower.

It wafted off a retro feeling from it in some respects, though its external appearance invited nostalgia.

That giant steel tower was currently scorched black all over to the degree that it looked tragic. It was the result of getting struck countless time by fierce lightning.

Although a reconstruction work for a part of it was beginning, its day of restoration was still far away…….

「Certainly it’s better for me to be here too this time. That disastrous spectacle of that Tokyo Tower something――it was the result of the meeting between Marquis Dejanstahl Voban and Kusanagi Godou wasn’t it?」


It seemed that around half a year ago, the two had a showdown in a night of a fierce storm.

The result was a draw. This news was also circulated at the magic world of Europe and became a factor that made the name of the new devil king, Kusanagi Godou to be further known.

「If a duel between two Campiones resulted in that, then just how much damage would be created from a great battle between all devil kings that will start soon. It’s something that I don’t want to think about.」

「I’m in the same opinion. That’s why」

Alec shrugged.

「The method to outwit the other Campiones should be thought about by adapting to the moment. I bring you to this city is also because I want you to help with that.」

「Understood. I’ll put on hold regarding the matter of the airplane for a while.」

「I think that letting bygones be bygones once and for all is also a proof of a man’s caliber though……」

Even while slight ill feeling(?) was still remaining, the sense of purpose of this lord and retainer became one.

In addition, both Iceman and Alec were tall Caucasian person. These two was making their exchanges in rapid English even while lowering their voice’s volume.

These two should be a duo that was standing out in Japan, but as expected this place was Shinjuku.

Even the Japanese people that happened to be present at the same viewing room didn’t really pay attention at Alec and Iceman, thinking that the two of them were tourist or something.

However, the two of them had noticed from a long time ago.

Among the crowd or at the building cover, there were fellows who were lurking to monitor them.

「Was they Japan’s organization……the history compilation committee? They are quiet diligent huh.」

「Well, let them do their job properly for now. We can shake them off anytime anyway. It’s not good to increase the number of them getting scolded by their superior just for fun.」


Speaking honestly, Alec and Iceman thought nothing of the history compilation committee.

The experience of struggling through carnage between them and they was just too different. Well, perhaps the information about how it seemed that a staff of the committee was the one who determined the true name of the『King of the End』was the only matter that was worthy to feel astonishment to but…….

In any case, Alec whispered.

「It is only the cosplay maniac of Los Angeles whose current location is unknown but, all the other Campiones are all in Japan……furthermore they are all gathering here in Tokyo.」

「So in order to clear away the raining down sparks, you gathered them into a firework ground while carrying gunpowder?」

Iceman shook his head with pained look.

「Even though there is not even a previous arrangement, all the demon kings-dono are really severely deep in their karma.」

「It seems that the marquis-dono with uncertain address and the lady-dono with the inside of her head sweeter than her outside appearance were acting together until the midway.」


「However, the possibility of that lady-dono still accompanying that old man even now is……low.」

Alec called to his mind the personality of Madam Aisha that was too intense.

「That woman is like that, the smell of danger coming from her is tickling my nose to a strange degree. Even if she is the “devilish woman” who is the only existence in the world that can toy with Marquis Voban, but if she stay too long with the “wolf”――it would be a suicidal act, even if she doesn’t aware of that with logic, she should realize it instinctually.」

「That person is a devilish woman……?」

「The actual state might be somewhat different but, I think calling her like that is also not mistaken you know?」

「Well, certainly. So Alec, in the coming demon king civil war――you are saying that the one who should be removed first is Madam Aisha.」

Iceman spoke searchingly.

「Even now there is no change in that plan?」

「None. After all the aforementioned……Fairy Corridor caused even me to meet terrible experience several times. Thanks to that I was able to learn. No matter how many Campiones there are, but if they all can just be pushed off into the corridor altogether――all of them would be dragged into a time travel then.」


「If it goes well, then with that all Campiones would be gone from the present world. The『King of the End』would accomplish his mission of exterminating devil king and he would fall asleep once more.」

「It sounds like a happy end with nothing to criticize for me.」

「Isn’t that right. But――I know. Even though in a glance that seems like the best conclusion that hurt no one, conversely that is exactly the single path that lead to the worst destruction……」

The Black Prince Alec asserted with dark eyes.

「For the sake of avoiding that future, we instead should make Madam Aisha as the first target.」

「I see――hm?」

Suddenly Iceman opened his eyes wide.

Alec confirmed what was at the end of Iceman’s gaze,「Hou」and he whispered.

The forty fifth floor, in the viewing room where they could survey over the great Tokyo from the height of 202 meter――from inside the crowd, before they noticed a familiar face had arrived.

Before this Alec had met this person only once.

A handsome youth with headstrong eyes. He looked to be around fourteen years old.

The only direct pupil that was raised by the magic sect’s founder Luo Cuilian――supposedly. He was staring straight at Alexander Gascoigne.

He was wearing a black leather jacket on top of a long sleeved T-shirt.

「What a unusual guest.」

The youth was walking toward the murmuring Alec.

He was holding an envelope in his right hand. Some kind of letter seemed to be inserted in the envelope, it appeared the youth was intending to hand it over to the Black Prince. There wasn’t any need to ponder just who was the sender.

「Receiving my master-Luo Hao’s command, I have visited.」


Regardless of the presence of the public, the handsome youth kneeled in front of Alec.

Of course the attention of the surrounding was gathered on them, but they didn’t pay attention to such trivial matter. Alec coolly received the sealed letter that was presented to him and quickly took out the content.

The content of the letter inside caused Alex to smile faintly.

One of the oldest godslayer finally showed a full-scale movement.

This was exactly the beginning of devil king civil war.

『Tonight, thinking that I wish to meet with everyone by all means――』

The message from the magic cult founder, Luo Cuilian lit a fire at Alec’s fighting spirit…….


Part 2

The place of reunion was a palatial residence that was made devoted to extravagance.

It was placed on Tokyo harbor district, Roppongi. The walls of the whole residence were painted white with elegant and refined atmosphere.

It seemed that the building was constructed with the very image of『South European mansion』.

It was a residence where the skill of the artisan and obsession, and also budget were invested into it in abundance.

Things like luxurious chandelier and so on were hung up at the entrance hall, the interior was also splendorous. If someone spent their summer vacation in this kind of place, it would be a splendidly enjoyable experience for them.

But, however.

Liliana was thinking in the reception room of the residence. This place was undoubtedly, an embassy of a certain European country――a building that was inside that embassy’s ground.

「Your excellency.」

「What is it, Liliana Kranjčar.」

「Please permit one question from me. If my recognition is correct, this place is……」

Hearing the question from Liliana, the thin old gentleman smiled faintly.

While he was a great man that was overflowing with dignity, he was also a possessor of a twisted humor.

「As a knight whose grandfather is my servant, your understanding is slightly bad isn’t it.」

「I’m ashamed.」

「Well, fine. In short, this place is arranged when I called out to the appropriate person within my faction――for the time being this will be the temporary residence where I’m tiding over. The ambassador residence or something of the person who is serving as Japan ambassador in Tokyo, it was vacated for the sake of Dejanstahl Voban. That’s how it is.」


「No worry, it seems that the country has already been notified. You can relax here without reservation.」


Currently, Liliana was kneeling in front of the old Campione.

He who was known with the name of Sasha Dejanstahl Voban was actually a devil king who had reigned for more than 200 years.

Because of such background, even this kind of absurd barbarism was allowed to be passed.

The ambassador that was dispatched from a large country in Southern Europe was chased out and the residence was turned into a personal property nonchalantly as a mere『villa to be used during vacation time』.

Furthermore, it was done without the marquis himself lifting even a single finger…….

「Your Excellency. Why did you cross over to Japan here?」

At five o’clock in the morning in Japan time, Liliana received a contact from her grandfather.

『Answer the summon from his Excellency without fail.』

Like that, she was even told the designated place and time. Marquis Voban wandered throughout Europe following his whim, but his influence at Balkan Peninsula that was his birthplace was especially strong.

Liliana’s grandfather that was born in that land was a believer of the marquis because of that.

Liliana was feeling puzzled because it would soon be a battle royal between fellow Campiones while coming to this place.

「I am thinking of entrusting you with a verbal message. The message is, ‘do you remember my words’.」


「Of course, as for whom this message is intended to――」

「I deeply understand. I will report it to Kusanagi Godou without fail.」

「Uh huh.」

Half a year ago――right after the duel against Kusanagi Godou, Marquis Voban stated.

『The next time we meet, I’ll hunt you down with all my strength for sure. Polish your skill in preparation for that time. Struggle through carnages. The serious Voban is not a naïve enemy that can be matched by you as it is.』

『From now on, you become one of my enemy.』

It was a challenge that was addressed to a candidate of longtime enemy in the future from the old wolf king.

It was obvious that was what should be conveyed to Godou. Liliana Kranjčar who was currently a knight of Kusanagi Godou was accepting the gaze of the old Campione as the representative of her lord.


Marquis Voban slightly slanted his lips and grinned.

Even his evil eyes with emerald color that could transform the living equally into salt looked happy somehow.

In front of an unprecedented game where seven Campiones would gather in one place and fought until there would be only one left, surely his warrior blood was boiling.

「Come to think of it.」

Liliana spoke after suddenly remembering something.

「I heard that your Excellency arrived in Japan together with Madam Aisha. If your Excellency permitted it, I’m thinking of greeting the madam too ――」

「Who knows. She was gone from my sight from a little while ago. I wonder where did she disappear to?」

It was unclear whether he really didn’t know, or possibly he was hiding her.

Marquis Voban grinned while nonchalantly dodging the question. It seemed that he had guessed something from Liliana who wasn’t speaking much at all about it.

「It appeared that all of you has also finally encountered that witch.」

「Yes. The other day, I had the honor of receiving that chance.」

「What a bad luck. Well, it can be said though that as long as you are wandering near the gods and godslayers, it is inevitable for that bad luck to visit you someday.」


The comment of the marquis, depending on how it was perceived it could also be taken as a sympathy.

She had never even imagined, that this kind of remark could come out from this cruel tyrannical godslayer.

Perhaps it was just as expected from Madam Aisha. And then, Liliana realized that she was just about to make a disrespectful reply toward the madam against her better judgment with that thinking, so she shut her mouth in panic.

「Rather than that, Kranjčar.」

On the other hand, Marquis Voban was taking out a certain item.

It was a letter. Last night, the same thing was slipped into Kusanagi Godou’s hand. Most likely it was sent using sorcery of mailing.

Inside that letter was the writing from the magic sect founder――Liliana lifted her face in shock.

「Just when I was planning to invite your master this came, it seems that the reunion will come true faster than I thought. It will be a very enjoyable night.」


「Welcome home, Goshujin-sama~!」

Aisha was energetically speaking the standard greeting.

It was said that a knowledgeable person wouldn’t forget how to dance until a century, that no one couldn’t forget how to ride bicycle for life, and so on. At the period where once India was a colony of the British Empire, the young maiden Aisha who didn’t have a single relative was a live-in maid who was working in the mansion of a British noble.

With a cheerfulness that was identical with that period of her life, today too she was brightly performing maid work.

Well, however.

「Welcome home, Ojou-sama~! Please sit in the table over here~! Currently this month’s limited menu『Polar bear-style okonomiyaki – Fresch cream and avocado garnish』is greatly popular with everyone you know~!」

The work location was at Tokyo Metropolis, at Chifuda district’s Akihabara.

It was inside a multi-tenant building along Kandagawa that was slightly distanced from the main street “Elcectronic Street” which was currently world famous――so to speak it was a maid café.


Of course there was a reason why she was working hard in this kind of business. It was a proper reason.

「For me to drop my wallet even though I have just arrived in Tokyo……what a massive failure that I have committed.」

Like that.

In a bad luck, it happened right after she left the residence of her friend in Roppongi.

The impetus of the event was when she discovered pacific herring by chance in the kitchen of that residence. As her gratitude of being indebted in various things toward that friend, Aisha tried to make a fish pie that was tradition from Britain. She stuffed several fishes into the pie dough while using only the head of the fish to jut up above the pie.

It seemed that for a foreigner who saw such a pie for the first time, where a grilled dead fish was glaring at them, would make them get startled.

However, for some reason in the middle of seasoning, a fire outbreak happened from the oven and it became an uproar due to small fire――

Right after that, Aisha impulsively left the residence.

She wasn’t running away. She was planning to buy a new oven.

……Well, since they arrived in Japan, the fighting spirit of “Voban-oniisama” was steadily rising up, so one of the reason this happened might be because Aisha who was sensing the right time『Is it any time now I wonder?』, that if she didn’t escape soon the onii-sama’s impulse would explode because of her presence.

In any case, Aisha noticed when she was at the electronic appliances retailer at Akihabara.

About the serious affair of the disappearance of her favorite wallet before she knew it.

Of course if she contacted her main residence at Alexandria or her friends that were scattered all over the world, they would immediately send her money.

But, even her memo where the contact addresses were written was also lost together with the wallet…….

Thus, Aisha resolved.

『My own path, has to be cut open by myself!』

She immediately discovered a worker recruitment leaflet at the vicinity of Akihabara and she intruded on that maid café.

Furthermore, when she was interviewed the male shop manager who was at his late twenty was,

『Eh, you have no resume!?』『You also have no domicile and guarantor!? In the first place you are not residence of Japan!?』『Is it fine to work part time while you come to Japan for sightseeing?』『Your nationality is Britain more or less……what do you mean more or less?』『You said you have experience not in café but as a real maid, where?』『Your age is 17――you are a minor in addition huh』

Etc, etc. The shop owner almost tore off his hair.

But, in the end in light of Aisha’s smile and earnest wish, the shop owner gladly employed her.

It didn’t stop there, 『If you don’t even have place to stay, you can sleep in the café!』, like that she was even given permission to have live-in work. Really what a good person.

Thanks to that this few days Aisha was able to comfortably sleep inside the cage after the closing time.

As expected there was no bedding inside the café, so Aisha asked for a lot of cardboard box from the nearby electronic store. Of course the payment for the boxes was only with smile.

It was her first appearance of using cardboard box as the replacement of bed.

『It feels pleasant and warmer than even cheap blanket or poorly made sleeping bag you know. At the past, I too was often using that for sleeping over in my company. About six, seven times per week……』

It was the recommendation from a male staff working in the kitchen.

By the way that male was at his early thirty, until three months ago he was working on game creation on a certain beautiful girl game maker or something. It was a type of occupation that Aisha didn’t understand well.

She could have lunch and dinner provided from the café.

If she went to Ueno in the neighboring area, she could also go to the public bath there nicely.

The girls who were her maid comrades in the café were also kind.

Well, sometimes though she was also beaten up so badly with their innocent questions like『You lost your contact address memo, and you don’t even know the home address of your acquaintance or his phone number~-!? What about smartphone or the backup――eeeh!? Aisha-san, you cannot use old style cellphone or even computer at all!? Fufufufu-. You are just like my great grandmother~!』and so on.

In any case, this situation was far better compared to the time she was sleeping without even a blanket at the roadside of a slum district in winter.

No matter what kind of era she went throughout the world, all the people that she met were giving her kindness.

「I’m really a happy person.」

While earnestly feeling that, today too she was busy with the lunch sales.

「Moe moe kyuun, heaaart♪ How is this, Goshujin-sama?」

「Please speak the charm together with me. Beeecome delicious, beeecome delicious.」

「Kyaaah!? My deepest apology Goshujin-sama!」

Putting ketchup on omelet rice, serving customer with special choice of words, and so one, Aisha had already finished learning the special rule of Akihabara maid. Sometimes she stumbled while in the middle of setting the table, dropping a plate that it broke, and so on. There were also accidents like that but in general life was smooth sailing for Aisha.

She had also got used with the apron dress that had a lot more frill compared to her time as real maid.

「My? The reason I came to Japan……what was it again?」

It was while she was rearranging a table, Aisha tilted her head.

Right now, Aisha noticed something forgotten of a female customer who had just left. It was a leaflet.

「What might this be? Eerr, 『Recruiting idol cadet to be active at Akiba of the world』『The first judging will be photo and document screening. The second judging will be practical examination of singing and dancing』……this is!」

Aisha felt like she received a divine revelation.

A transmission from Akiba to the world. Into a target of idol worship that surpassed mere girl. An idol that conveyed feeling of gratitude and love toward the people all over the world――.

By any chance, could this be exactly her life calling?

「Oh, the requirement for the audition is『A female from 12 years old until 25 years old who can commute to work to Akihabara』. That……that’s so isn’t it. The requirement is a bit strict――no, it’s mostly no problem, I wonder if I should resolutely try it……」

Aisha was lifting up the leaflet while whispering to herself.

She folded it neatly and put it into the front pocket of her apron dress――and she noticed. There was already another item inside the pocket.

「What is this, this……?」

It was a letter. Perhaps it was sent into her pocket using something like mailing magic.

Just from whom and for what this letter was? Aisha checked the content while feeling puzzled and then she tasted a violent shock.


「In the first place, what capriciousness this is?」

The close friend of Salvatore Done was commenting coldly.

Andrea Rivera. A sharp and able person that aided (it could also be said as monitoring) the “Campione of Sword” that represented all the magicians of Italia.

「Expressly sallying forth to the sea at February in the middle of winter and then going until the offshore using this kind of old ship, dangling down fishing line……. I don’t understand your reasoning. There is no necessity at all for this isn’t it?」

「I’m merely following the voice of heart inside me you know, Andrea.」

On the ocean of Tokyo bay, above a fishing boat that was stopping still.

Other than the two Italian men sitting on folding chair at the side of the ship, there was no other passenger. The middle aged ship captain was blowing his tobacco while basking in sea breeze.

The one who was dangling down fishing line was only Doni, Rivera was merely accompanying him at the side.

「Fish like black rockfish or jack mackerel or squid, the fishes at winter Tokyo Bay are tasty things. I suddenly wanted to have a snack for a bit.」

「You can just enter some restaurant somewhere for that!」

「No no. It’s good because you catch it yourself. If you are lucky then you can also catch puffer fish.」

「That huh. A high class fish of Japan that has poison inside its body……」

「If I catch it then I’ll cook it for you, the puffer fish. Sashimi, hot pot, deep fried, it’s exquisite no matter how it is cooked. It’s fine, if you just take out the poisonous liver there should be no problem in general.」

「I absolutely want to beg off from that.」

「Oi oi. I am someone that can also cook, you know about that aren’t you?」

「That’s because your fingers are pointlessly skilled. But, in the first place I heard that expert qualification is necessary to prepare puffer fish. The poisonous part are scattered all over the places depending on the species and individual specimen, that job is something that is demanding knowledge and carefulness! Those things are all something that you lacked!」

「As expected from Andria. You are more detailed than me.」

「It’s only you who is strange for charging into a death game when you don’t even know that much!」

Rivera shrugged after denunciating Doni for some time.

His tone returned to his usual tone and he glared fiercely at Doni.

「Putting that side Salvatore Doni. You know quite much about the state of Japan for someone like you. Not only about fishing and puffer fish. The route to obtain those too……」


Doni laughed frivoulously.

Along with fishing tools like fishing ro, there was other item that he brought on the ship.

The item was camouflaged by being inserted into cloth bag――it was a Japanese katana that was sheathed inside lacquered sheath.

Masamune, Muramasa, Muranama, etc., this sword wasn’t something with such peculiar inscription. It was a nameless katana that was produced in a war plant somewhere in the middle of the Second World War. In that appalling era, even the country Japan with its obsessed artisan gave birth to such unprincipled mass production.

A katana made by the hand of a skilled artisan was exactly the legitimate Japanese katana.

This nameless katana was a great disgrace for the people who wished to regard that image as sacred.

But, this nameless katana could cut quite well. Furthermore it was tough. For Doni that was enough.

「Actually, it was before Godou became my friend, but once I had stayed in Japan for a few months. Not to mention Tokyo, I even went to Kyoto and Nara. I read a Japan ninja cartoon that was translated into Italia language and got interested.」

「Hmph. I thought it was something like that, but as expected.」


At his previous arrival in Japan, Doni made a connection with a certain yakuza organization.

That organization also felt like a right wing group, but he had no interest in that area so it didn’t matter.

Anyway, the leader of that organization decorated the alcove of his residence with Japanese katana, and after he forcefully intrude on he was able to borrow it.

He left behind his beloved sword when he departed from Italia, so it was quite helpful for him.

「With this it will be fine no matter when the civil war started. My preparation is perfectly completed. Let’s relax while waiting slowly for fish like tiger globefish or mackerel puffer to be fished.」

It was at that time when Doni made such a self-indulging declaration.

At the clear blue sky――a single gull traversed through. In addition that gull dropped something on the fishing boat where Doni and Rivera were at.

It was an envelope, fluttering down in front of Rivera’s eyes.

「What, is this?」

Rivera snatched it from the air and glanced at the content of the sealed letter.

And then he presented it at Doni wordlessly. Doni was reading the letter carefully while feeling that it was troublesome――

The peerless sword king nodded in understanding.

Finally tonight the curtain of a large event would be raised.


Part 3

The night came.

It was Thursday. It was past eight PM at late winter February. The darkness of night was deep.

「It’s been so long since it’s cold like this huh.」

Godou whispered in small volume.

Perhaps because of the influence of Rama being temporarily revived which caused the volcanic belt all over the world to be active, recently everyday was fairly warm. Maybe the recoil of that had finally come out.

The chill of tonight was fairly harsh.

It could even be said that the likeness of the mid winter, of Japan in February had returned.

Just how long the decline of Rama’s influence could hold――it was something that depended on him and the other six.

「Normally in this kind of time, the flow of event should be like『Let’s cooperate with everyone and solve the case』isn’t it……」

Godou was walking the street at night while whispering seriously.

However, the street that he was walking on was――

「To think that I’ll come to this part of Haneda Airport, I never imagined this even in my dream.」

Right now Godou was on a runway at night by himself.

A written invitation was sent to him last night from his stepsister Luo Cuilian. In that letter it was written『Tomorrow, thinking that I wish to meet with everyone by all means――』and so on.

This Haneda Airport was designated as the gathering place――

「Tonight all the airplanes that are planned to land in Haneda are all cancelled, what an outrageous story. Just how much you are going to bother the people all over the world……」

Tonight in Haneda Airport, seven Campiones might be gathering.

The history compilation committee notified the international airports all over the world about that. As the result this special and emergency measure was applied.

Although it was night, there should be a lot of airplanes coming and going in Haneda Airport.

Publically the reason that all of those flights were cancelled was『a trouble at the airport’s facility』. However, the truth it was because of seven godslayers of famous and ill repute.

Furthermore, perhaps this too was a consideration to the Campiones.

The guide light for the sake of airplanes landing at night――the lightings buried on the runway, the majority of them were turned on. Maybe it was the airport staffs being tactful.

However, including Godou, all the Campiones had good night vision.

It seemed that so to speak they were “godslaying beast”. Because they were beast that they didn’t worry of the dark, even at night they could freely fight frankly.

If there was no sun at sky, they could just rely on the faint light of the stars and moon.

If even those faint lights were gone, they could just sense the sound and presence and the movement of air. They could just use the spark that was produced when sword and sword clashed in place of lighting.

No matter what kind of battlefield it was, something like method of fighting was something trivial and they could get by somehow.

Exactly because they could do that, that they were the godslaying warrior.

「Everyone are all good for nothing though……」

There were four runways of A, B, C, and D in Haneda Airport.

Among them the runway that was at the most north was this runway B. The reason Godou came to the north side was because he recalled a knowledge that he had heard from somewhere before.

From time memorial, at China the emperor was likened like the north star――.

In that case, most likely Luo Hao would be at that direction. His guesswork was accurate.

「As expected.」

Ahead of the direction Godou advanced toward, an unequaled beauty was standing.

Her surname was Luo, her given name was Cuilian, her courtesy name was Hao. Rather than the guiding light filling the runway, the radiance of moon spilling from the sky was the worthiest for her.

Clad in graceful Han clothing, she had the charm that was like a nymph that descended on earth.

「So you came, Godou.」

The smile that Luo Cuilian displayed had no sweetness in it, there was only gallant fighting spirit residing there.

And then, the Campione that appeared here wasn’t only the two of them. From different direction than Godou, a tall black haired Caucasian young man was walking near.

Black jacket and white shirt with careful tailoring, combined with a necktie with refined pattern.

「Even though there are only nostalgic faces here, I don’t feel really happy.」

Alexander Gascoigne. That person was the Black Prince.

However, his abusive language was objected by a voice of a young man that sounded optimistic and frivolous.

「Is that so? As for me it feels like Christmas and All Hallows Day and in addition St. Catherine’s Day are coming together in day though.」

The fourth person came with a footstep that sounded easygoing.

Salvatore Doni. His appearance was mostly casual with grey mountain parka and dark red long sleeved T-shirt, and khaki colored cargo pants.

「In other words, this is an amazingly joyous event.」

「It would be great if the joyousness is stopping until only inside your head.」

「Hahahaha. That badmouth of yours has been so long that I feel really happy hearing that. Accompany me playing in various things just like before, okay.」

Alec only clicked his tongue at that light invitation words.

Surely he felt that it was stupid to seriously reply at Salvatore Doni’s nonsense.

Godou understood that feeling. Doni winked toward Godou who was reflexively nodding at Alec’s plight. As expected both of them were in good condition.

While they were being like that, there was one more person that increased the number.


This time it was a lovely voice of a young female.

「Something like this is the first time to happen. For all of us who possess the power of godslaying――to gather in the same country and the same place like this! Kusanagi-san and Doni-san and Alec-san…..ah, if I remember correctly it has been about a century since Onee-sama――!?」

As everyone knew, it was Madam Aisha.

However, she was unexpectedly in an apron dress appearance for some reason. Her appearance that looked as though she had just slipped out from a maid café in Akihabara caused Godou to doubt his eyes.

On the other hand, the brave woman who was sent with a passionate gaze by the madam quickly averted her eyes.

「……I already don’t remember, just how many times have I told you already.」

Luo Cuilian’s voice was lovely even when it sounded coldhearted.

「I am not your big sister. Don’t be mistaken on that.」

「Onee-sama is again like that. Onee-sama and also Onii-sama are always saying such thing, which always worried me……. But it’s fine. Aisha know really well♪」

The godslayer of India descent spoke while smiling gently.

Just like a butter that was left in front of a warm stove, the response of Aisha was just too weak and soft.

「Inside the cold words of the two of you, there are plentiful of affection being hidden. Aisha always offer my adulation to the two of you who are always warmly watching over the clumsy and careless me, as my big brother of the heart, and my big sister of the heart!」

「I don’t mind if you have misunderstanding by yourself, but」

A nostalgic voice of the old Campione flatly informed.

「I wish that the getting along of you two the female faction won’t drag me into it.」

「Wolf king. I think that it is yourself that should restrain yourself from anything excessive. Your arbitrary conclusion is causing my dignity to decline.」

The sixth participant stifled his snigger ‘kukuh’ toward Luo Cuilian’s objection

「I have been rude. Take it as fellow people who have both went through many hardships.」

From inside the darkness, Dejanstahl Voban appeared.

Besides a classical business suit and jet black coat that was fitting for the title marquis, an overwhelming pressure was also enveloping that body.

It was the coming of the Campione who was the most stereotypical “devil king” in a sense.

「Now then――gentlemen and ladies, my scarce companions.」

Voban spoke sonorously.

「It seems there is a happy and unhappy story in this chance. For me who is the most senile old fool among all of us here, to be able to reunite with all of you before my life span is exhausted――is something that is truly delightful. This is absolutely a refreshing feeling.」

Even with his old age, this mysterious person was a lump of fighting spirit.

He sharply stared at Luo Hao, ignored Aisha, and haughtily gazed at Alec and Doni and Kusanagi Godou in the end, then his emerald evil eyes shined in satisfaction.

Like this, six godslayers finally gathered. Right after that


A peculiar footstep resounded.

*katsun*. *katsun*. *katsun*. *katsun*. *katsun*. *katsun*.

It was the footstep of leather boots attached with iron rivet. It was a sound that they had heard before. When that man made his late appearance, this sound would surely resounded.

「It’s my shame to be here as a person without invitation.」

With a black mask put on, the black cape fluttered in the dark night.

That figure was exactly the symbol of hero. The arrival of the living legend John Pluto Smith.

「I barely made it in time in the curtain opening of the stage……does anyone mind it? It seems that the seat where I should sit is still empty.」

「More or less. Though the fact that you are late doesn’t change.」

Alec sarcastically informed the masked godslayer.

His tone sounded casual, but there was slight thorn in it. Even though they were old acquaintance but by no means they were connected with beautiful friendship. Well.

Something like fellow Campiones establishing a relationship of pure friendship, was something that should be completely nonexistent.

Godou secretly shrugged.

Even him and Luo Cuilian that had the most favorable relationship between the two of them, if they were asked whether they would join hand in this civil war or not――the answer would be something really shaky.

He tried exchanging gaze with his stepsister as a test.

The lovely magic sect founder returned back a vigorous stare.

This gaze perhaps didn’t mean『Let’s get through this civil war together okay』, but a gaze that should be interpreted as『As one of the godslayers, show how you surpassed your big sister!』instead…….

It was something that was extremely irrational, but that was how this person called Luo Cuilian was.

「Now then.」

The aforementioned big sister was finally making her appeal at the other six.

「Seeing all of you answering the call of me, Luo Hao, and gather in this place, I feel deeply grateful. Even the person that the letter couldn’t reach can also arrive here like this.」

「I just had the chance to know about this meeting by chance.」

Smith lightly nodded at the words of cult founder Luo Hao.

Also, there was no killing intent or tension between the seven Campione. That was because all of them was aware that this was a ceremony.

It was for that reason that the big sister continued her speech smilingly.

「Regarding the『King of the End』Ramachandra, and the terrifying great law of covenant……there is no need to explain it to everyone isn’t it?」

No one cut in. Their silence was their affirmation.

「In order to oppose that great hero, the plan that the seven of us should take……there is also no need to talk to each other about it any further.」

The silence continued as expected. And again it was an affirmative silence.

In front of the incorrigibleness of fellow people who lived at the same hole, Luo Cuilian smiled refreshingly.

「In that case, let’s decide when it will start.」

「Right now――saying that feels too hurried up huh.」

One of the oldest members of the group who rivaled the sect founder Luo Hao, Marquis Voban spoke his opinion.

「Ladies and gentlemen, this is a rare chance. It will surely become a game that will only happen this once. Don’t you all think that every one of us should properly enjoy this to our satisfaction? Tonight……at the time the clock reached midnight we will begin, what do you all think?」

「I don’t have any objection.」

「Of course I too. Until that time arrived I think it’s better for us to scatter to act freely.」

Salvatore Doni also joined into the circle of the senior group.

Agreement was quickly formed between the three devil kings who were particularly battle loving. Then Alexander Gascoigne shook his head in exasperation to that.

「There should be many smarter method to resolve this, but with the three people among the seven being like this then it can’t be helped. As for me, I don’t mind whoever will be the one to confront the『King of the End』. However, if there are fire sparks raining down, then I’ll properly clear them away.」

Even while appealing that ‘I’m different than you guys’, he didn’t even try to hide his willingness to fight.

Godou sighed ‘haa’ deeply and he finally opened his mouth.

「There are various things that I want to say but, certainly it might be pointless even if I say them. Well, as for me regarding the right to have a match with that Rama――I want you all to leave it to me. It will be great if everyone can accept this wish of mine.」

「Oo, isn’t that quite warlike for you Godou.」

Doni grinned at Godou.

「By the way if we don’t accept it then――what will happen?」


Godou averted his face, curtly refusing to respond.

Anyway, this was a gathering of this line-up. Something like an option other than fighting should be something impossible no matter what even if heaven and earth were overturned.

And then, John Pluto Smith began to make a low chuckle.

「Fu, fufufufu. Everything is just like what I imagined beforehand.」

His mask was shaking as though he had just heard a smart joke.

「As expected there is no other path other than this for us. I too will endeavor to my utmost in self-defense.」

「Pl――please wait!」

Madam Aisha pleaded with a desperate look.

「Everyone! For all of us to fight between ourselves, is something that is absolutely mistaken-. What is lacking in everyone here is『love』! Everyone has to regain their love――e, eeeh!?」

Sect founder Luo Hao and Marquis Voban.

The moment the madam was appealing in tears, the two devil kings started to move.

The wordlessly turned their back to Madam Aisha and walked toward separate ways and they immediately left.

「Onii-sama, Onee-sama!」

It was futile to even try to stop them. The madam was standing still in astonishment.

With a sidelong glance to that, the remaining devil kings made clear of their objective with their respective words.

「I don’t really want to say this but it can’t be helped. Let’s meet somewhere in Tokyo before long.」

「Hahahaha. Perhaps we will meet again before we can even see the morning sun tomorrow however.」

「Rather, it will be great if tonight won’t become the unlucky day of Tokyo’s destruction(Doom’s Day) though……」

Black Prince Alec also left.

Doni continued after him with a footstep that sounded light yet spirited, John Pluto Smith too only shrugged and whispered without saying any objection.

「No way……」

Madam Aisha was dumbfounded for a while.

In the end, she began to walk away still with her haggard look. Even though she shouldn’t even have any destination in mind, she was leaving toward the wrong direction…….

Thus, it became only Kusanagi Godou who was left alone in that place.


Part 4

「How is your end? Was she there?」

「No good. I completely lost sight of her.」

Liliana Krancjar and Erica Blandelli. After the two of them confirmed with each other their expression became clouded at the same time.

「This is a big failure for me. It was none other else than Madam Aisha who I lost sight on……I feel a really big shock.」

「The other day we also only kept getting done in at Italia’s Tuscany.」

Erika sighed while Liliana was getting annoyed lightly.

The new international route terminal building of Haneda Airport. Besides being a boarding terminal toward airplanes, this place was also crowded with more than a hundred of restaurants and shops.

The two knights were looking around the area that was also famous as commerce facility.

It was for the sake of determining where one the Campiones, Madam Aisha had gone off to.

「She didn’t look at all like someone that could lead around her shadow with wiles.」

「Even though previously the surveillance network was done by the elites of Italia’s sorcery society, and this time it was by Japan’s history compilation committee……. Really, I wonder just how did she slip through the net?」

「Don’t tell me she is using the power of charm or fortune……?」

All air flight that went through Haneda had been cancelled.

But, it didn’t mean that the airport establishment was blockaded. There were quite a lot of visitors at the terminal. On the contrary there were more people than the usual night.

「Hey hey. Erica-san and also Liliana-san too――」

The one who was running toward them was Seishuuin Ena.

The divine sword – Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi was hanging on her shoulder inside a cloth bag that was tied with string.

「Do you two notice? Inside the airport there are people that feels a little strange mixing in isn’t it? People that are not of the committee――」

「It must be because all the Campiones are gathering here.」

Liliana shrugged.

「Surely each of their subordinate, believer, and supporter are also coming along with them.」

「Even if they are not directly related with the Campioes, there must be magicians who want watch over the procession of the devil king civil war from nearby.」

Ena nodded with impressed feeling at Erica’s conjecture.

「I see……」

「But, regarding that kind of surrounding environment, as expected Godou whose home is in Tokyo has the most advantage. I think it’s fine even if we don’t feel nervous about it.」

「The number of practitioner who has the capability to intervene into the confrontation between fellow Campiones are also few.」

「Powerful people that should be watched out against――first it should be Hong Kong’s Lu Yinghua. Other than him there is also the report of honored uncle Iceman arriving in Japan. He is one of the few knights that is able to oppose even my uncle Paolo Blandelli after all.」

「Even with me and Erica grouping up, it’s possible that we won’t be able to match him……yes.」

「If Ena-san give us your backing, as expected we surely won’t lose though.」

「So there is even a master that is at the same level with Erica-san’s――that cool uncle huuh.」

Ena frowned after hearing what the red and blue knights were saying.

「Besides……with how Japan being the definitive battlefield, we have to make his majesty to be in the most advantage in all aspects. That is the task for all of us and Amakasu-san, if we cannot complete that task then it will be embarrassing……」

Ena was racking her brain. The nature child who was always cheerful and openhearted, who believed in charging headlong leaving it to her sense and instinct was. That wildness and the power of divine possession were exactly the reason that made the princess shrine maiden of sword most unique existence to stand out.

That girl suddenly spoke in the end of her deliberation.

「Both of you listen. Ena is thinking, to leave his majesty’s side for a little bit.」

「What did you say!?」

「What are you planning, Ena-san?」


「Where are you planning to go, Seishuuin?」

「Ah, your majesty!」

Godou returned inside the terminal of Haneda Airport.

The place where Godou called at Ena from behind was at the area where the counters of the airline companies from countries all over the world were lined up in a row. Normally in this place people would be finishing their check-in.

However, tonight there was no way to board an airplane.

When Godou heard where Ena was going, Godou came here in panic searching for her.

「I heard from Erica and Liliana how you said something strange and then like that you disappeared to somewhere. Even when I called your cell phone it didn’t connect.」

「Sorry, the battery is still running out.」

Ena spoke indifferently.

Because the princess shrine maiden of the sword seldom went outside the country and she was unfamiliar with Haneda, Godou was able to catch up with her by using the classic way of『running around the airport searching for acquaintance』.

Godou spoke while thanking his good luck that he was able to find her.

「So, just what in the world are you thinking?」

「The devil king civil war this time, it is indeed a fight between fellow Campiones. Even so the venue is located under your majesty――Kusanagi Godou’s territory. To make the Japanese king to be in as much advantage as possible, is the role of Ena and others, that’s what Ena is thinking.」

「It’s fine even if you don’t be concerned with that though.」

「But, Ena heard that the king of Britain is taking along an amazing subordinate. There are also Yinghua-kun of Lu’s family and others.」

「Yeah there is that.」

Godou scratched his head feeling apologetic.

「In the end, this can be said as only an internal quarrel of the good-for-nothing Campione bunches. I don’t really want to make trouble for the decent people. And also. If we start fighting between us, we won’t be able to really hold back you know?」

Whether good or bad, the strength of Campione was enormous.

In the case that a mortal human interfered in some kind of shape into a place where fellow godslaying devil kings were competing, meticulous caution would be demanded from them. The stage of their power was just too different.

Well, the girls starting from Erica who was helping Godou――.

If it was them then until now they had already did something like that, and he thought that this time too they should be able to give him their considerable help skillfully. However, Ena something brought to Godou’s attention.

「It’s about that your majesty.」

「What’s the matter?」

「In order for someone like Ena to protect your majesty’s back like usual, Ena think that it will be no good unless Ena is preparing. So that when other Campione are coming to attack, Ena will be able to risk my life to protect your majesty for about five until ten minutes.」


「If Ena is together with Ama no Murakumo, then it’s not like that’s impossible even with Ena’s current strength but――in this civil war, there are six Campiones that turned into enemy……. In preparation when Kusanagi Godou meet the most dangerous pinch, Ena too want to finish the greatest preparation!」

「That’s why, you are going to go away from Tokyo for a bit?」

「Yes. Ena will go and get the necessary thing as fast as possible. The ace up Seishuuin Ena’s sleeve.」

The princess shrine maiden of the sword declared solemnly.

She had mastered a special spiritual power that was the divine possession, and she shared the divine sword – Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi with Kusanagi Godou. Therefore among his comrades, Ena was the one that was equipped with the highest battle strength.

Perhaps it was because of that.

In order to protect Godou, she was cornering herself to be stronger than anyone.

She was having misapprehension that even with Erica and Liliana who were enough of a powerful people, there would be a time that came where their strength couldn’t reach.

In that case, he as the main culprit that caused these girls to fall into such danger, he couldn’t possibly stop Ena from going away here.

Godou answered「Got it」and nodded at the princess shrine maiden of the sword that was looking happy. Right after that.


A commotion occurred at slight distance away.

In front of a monitor that was displaying the flight information, a group that appeared to consist with foreign tourists was raising a cheer while taking guts pose.

「Di, did something happen!?」

「It’s that you know, Seishuuin. The flight of the airplanes is now reopened. Because of our fault, all the flights were cancelled, but it look like now after around a hour replacement flight is starting to appear.」

Godou spoke according to the information that he guessed.

In the monitor of flight information, several new time of flight and destination, airline company, flight name, and so on were being displayed.

「Everyone that are here are all not going outside, I guess they were earnestly waiting for the reopening of the flights in the shop and waiting room of the airport. Because of our fault, they got confined suddenly inside Haneda so……」

「Ah. Because of that the airport today is strangely crowded!」

「Perhaps right about now this kind of scene can be seen here and there around the world.」

Most of the people who were making use of airplane to travel abroad made flight reservation beforehand.

There was a limit of adapting their travel plan when their flight got suddenly postponed. In that case naturally they would have no choice but to spend their time in airport.

If the flight restarting need to wait until tomorrow onward, then there should be a lot of travelers who would “camp out” in a huddle at the lobby or passage.

「Even though I am not the only cause of this, but it’s really something inexcusable……」

「Amazing. It’s just as expected from the meeting of all the kings. Rather, isn’t it great that it ended with only this much?」

「That, is the same reasoning like saying a robbery is a minor offense compared to murder you know……」

In any case, the travelers before their eyes were still cheering.


Everyone in that group were all westerners, they were acting flashily like punching their fist up or jumping around. They were different with the Japanese who would only make small expression of their emotion if they were in their place.

Also, there were male and female who seemed to be couple among that group.

The female was empty handed, but the male was carrying a travel case that was attached with caster. Perhaps the female who was staying in Japan was coming here to see off her lover that would be departing.

The resumption of the flight reminded the lovers of their parting.

The couple suddenly made a pained look and they embraced each other tightly.

In addition of exchanging embrace, their cheek pressed on the other’s cheek and they whispered to each other parting words of love with small voice, in the end they were even starting to exchange passionate kiss――

「Aah, your majesty that’s!?」

「Se, Seishuuin, your voice is too loud.」

In contrast with Godou who was averting his eyes, Ena was staring hard at the couple.

It seemed that she was staring not because she had peeking hobby or the spirit of curious onlookers, but simply because she was startled. While she was a nature child with flawless beauty, in love relationship Seishuuin Ena had no immunity.

The couple was still continuing their kiss. In the present time it didn’t seem they had the intention to end the kiss yet.

While staring at that in astonishment, Ena asked with a small voice.

「Tha, that, is the so called parting kiss isn’t it?」

「Pe, perhaps it’s something like that.」

「As expected the foreigners are progressive aren’t they……. Ah, come to think of it, Ena and everyone else, we have also done that many times with your majesty……」

「Ce, certainly that’s true but, that’s not something you say in front of other people you know-」

「……Ena remembered. Before too when it was parting time, your majesty and Ena were――doing that weren’t we……」

Wasn’t that because Ena was the one who asked him to do that no matter what?

If he remember correctly it was just before he departed to Britain. Even while dragging up his memory of that time, Godou stopped speaking of that matter.

Even though it started because of Ena’s request, the one who responded to that was his own will.

On the other hand, the girl who possessed the extremely opposite dual nature of being an inhibited nature child and also a Yamato Nadeshiko suddenly came to her senses and then she asked with difficulty.

「By, by any chance your majesty, your majesty did something like that, in front of the public――with Erica-san and Liliana-san? Both of them are also born from there, it feels like they can give something like parting kiss as though making a normal greeting……」

「Stu――stupid. There is no way we did anything like that!」

Godou immediately denied the accusation.

It was a secret that the moment Ena asked him, he questioned himself『There is no way we are going to do that right?』.

Because, just how many times and where he had repeated doing that kind of deed with them――the number and frequency of such deed had increased too much that he couldn’t reply that quickly and accurately.

「Is that so……」

Ena chewed her lips and looked down from Godou’s words, and then she timidly began to speak.

「Then. If Ena and your majesty did it here right now……it will be a bit unfair but, I wonder if that mean Ena will progress farther than Erica-san and others?」

「Se, Seishuuin?」

「Because Ena sometimes feel anxious. Ena is frequently away from your majesty’s side to seclude myself in mountain or some other place. During that time, Ena will think something like, is your majesty…… rapidly progressing forward with everyone else, like that.」


「If Ena stayed in city then inside Ena’s body will grow impure, so that cannot be helped though.」

「Then Seishuuin――ho, how about we try it for real?」


Godou tried asking after getting pressured by the atmosphere of the place and Ena’s lovably gesture.

Ena got startled and she stole a side glance at the aforementioned foreigner couple. Although the couple had stopped kissing, their passionate embrace was still continuing even now.

The couple was getting even more refreshingly harmonious. She even felt envious of that.

But, as expected.

Different with someone like Erica who was born possessing the Latino passion, in this kind of time Ena was drawing back in rumination with her body fidgeting and her head looking down, her gaze was averted away from Godou.

In that moment, something inside Godou snapped.

「Seishuuin, over here.」

「Your majesty!?」

Godou pulled the hand of the princess shrine maiden and entered inside a passage.

In a stroke of good luck there was an automatic drink vending machine at the corner at the end of the passage. Godou led Ena at that cover and embraced her tightly――

He quickly blocked up her soft lips.


「It’s because we are going to be separated for a while.」


A kiss while hiding behind a cover. Even so Ena entrusted all her body weight on Godou, desperately trying to glued as close as possible on him.

They also entangled their tongue like usual and ascertained each other’s sensation with all their might.

The time they were kissing was growing even longer than the foreigner couple from before. This side was also above in the intensity. However.

「Aa――wa, wait a second, your majesty.」

Ena shifted away her lips even while being embraced by Godou.

「What’s the matter?」

「Se, see. Ena forgot. Right now Yuri is not here, so doing something like this with his majesty while she is not here……Ena think, isn’t it no good unless we hold back.」

「Mariya huh.」

「Yes. If we are doing this while Yuri is not here, then that girl will get sad isn’t see, is what Ena think.」



Mariya Yuri and Princess Alice were exceedingly excellent shrine maiden.

That was because of their blood relationship with the divine ancestor of the witches in addition with their outstanding spiritual disposition that could even be said as nearing their ancestor.

But, speaking of the divine ancestor, they were pseudo goddess that was born for the sake of serving war god Rama.

Surely it was because of the excessive thickness of their blood, that Mariya and Alice’s physical condition was remarkably thrown off balance due to Rama’s revival.

Mariya was remaining in the realm of death was also for the sake of defending against that worsening of her physical condition.

If she was at the domain where the mind had more weight than the physical body, then the bad influence to her body would also become small.

But, that option of course meant that she was separated from her family and friends, and also from Kusanagi Godou and others.

Seishuuin Ena and Mariya Yuri were fellow childhood friends with good relationship.

In consideration of that close friend of hers, Ena was planning to hold back in this kind of deed. But the lips of the princess shrine maiden who had such thinking was blocked once more by Godou with a kiss. Forcefully.


「That kind of matter, all of it, I will be the one who take them into consideration. There is no need for Seishuuin to worry about it.」

「Bu, but, this is wrong to Yuri.」

「I’m the one responsible for all the role to be hated by everyone. Besides, even you Seishuuin」


「You are also thinking for a bit, that I’m hateful right?」


Ena was fidgeting awkwardly while resuming her kiss at Godou a little bit roughly, as though she was lightly biting at Godou’s lips.

Anyway, they hugged and kissed repeatedly for some time.

And then both of them separated and began to walk toward their respective different directions. When she left, Seishuuin Ena said something like this.

「Bye your majesty. The one who really is in danger is your majesty, so you must be careful you know. Also about what your majesty said just now, 『That kind of matter, all of it, I will――』, let’s make that as a secret between just the two of us ‘kay.」

「Se, Seishuuin.」

In front of the happy smile of Ena, Godou conversely was the one who got terrified.

「Don’t repeat my words when I got too roused up in my feeling. That makes me embarrassed.」

「Fufufufu. For some reason Ena feels really happy hearing those words. Ena will come back as fast as possibly, s that I can absolutely become help for your majesty more than anyone. Even so Ena think it will take one or two day though……during that time, your majesty must not die no matter what!」

Seishuuin Ena left.

While acting cheerful and openhearted, she properly left behind words that were fitting for the descendant of a military general family.

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      「You reap what you show.」<- what you "sow" (to sow: to plant seeds for growing; to show: to cause or permit to be seen, to display)


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