[Fanfic] 19-3 – Arrival of Twelve O’Clock

Chapter 3 – Midnight Arrival

Part 1

It had become just as she feared.

「To think, that the day us fellow godslayers killing each other will come……!」

Aisha felt like her heart would be crushed by worry.

In a sense, they were like brothers and sisters where there were only seven of them in this world. Yet despite so, days of blood feud where siblings would strike down each other were going to begin.

「Even though I came together with Onii-sama to Japan in order to prvernt this!」

Thanks to the intense shock, she recalled the objective of why she had arrived in Japan.

If only she didn’t meet the misfortune of losing her wallet, Aisha would visit around the Campiones who enterd Tokyo, and with that they should be able to awaken their loving heart one after another. Perhaps.

But, fate was always cruel.

In addition it was even merciless and irrational.

This time too due to the mischievousness of fate Aisha was toyed around vainly and she was unable to accomplish her ambition of preventing the devil king civil war before it happened…….

「Now that it’s come to this, then I too.」

In order to stand against the sad fate, Aisha chanted the usual power of words.

「……While good results hasn’t ripen yet, even virtuous person will encounter evil. If the times when good results ripen arrive then virtue will be met. Good results should be in virtuous person, bad results should be in wicked person……」

The authority to call in divine protection of fortune. This was the keywords of its activation.

To oppose the powerful irrationality of fate, this much cunning deed was necessary.

「Please protect me somehow, until I show the way to the end of this civil war……」

She wandered the airport while saying the prayer from her heart through her mouth.

Actually for Aisha this also wasn’t her first time staying in Japan.

At that time, if she remembered correctly Tokyo was in the middle of student movement of All-Campus Joint Struggle League――. (TN: All-Campus Joint Struggle League was a student group active at universities throughout Japan between 1968 and 1969)

In any event, the situation in Haneda Airport was really different with that time when she came here. It seemed that while she didn’t notice a large scale renewal was conducted to this airport.

Though she ended up getting lost several times inside this unfamiliar airport.

Even so she arrived at a bus stop and she finally reached until the station that was her destination.

(Sometimes she felt like someone was watching her from behind but, most likely that was just her misunderstanding. Aisha who had brown skin seemed to stand out in Japan.)

And then, she got off the bus.

「My, Sinjuku Station……?」(TN: Not a typo, that is what in the raw)

Aisha tilted her head just for a moment but she soon returned to her senses.

「How could this be!? I seemed to mistake the bus!」

In front of the station there was so many people despite the night time for Akihabara.

When she thought that, she noticed the station name『Shinjuku Station』that was written on the station building (this building was also really large compared to Akihabara station).

Her location was at the bus terminal that was established jointly with the south entrance of Shinjuku station.

If she didn’t quickly go home to her work place in Akihabara――.

When she was about to run at the ticket window, Aisha changed her thinking.

「The time soon……will be the start of the civil war isn’t it……」

‘It was extremely dangerous if she received night attack at her defenseless bed’, that wasn’t something that Aisha had thought until that far.

She wasn’t thinking that, but such possibility sparked brightly in the corner of her mind fleetingly when Aisha murmured.

「In that case, let’s play around at night for a bit!」

In order to stroll Shinjuku at night, Aisha turned her back on the station building.

The destination that her feet brought her toward following her mood was the bustling street around the east entrance of Shinjuku station. It was the so called『Shinjuku’s Kabukichou』, at the『First Street』which was particularly famous as a bar street.

「Welcome miss! You have a lovely appearance!」

「My, you yourself too.」

The one who suddenly called out at Aisha was a nurse wearing nurse uniform.

However, this place wasn’t a hospital but the first street of Kabukichou. A neighborhood that was crowded with jumble of restaurant and karaoke, and type of shop where a peek of shop with a little indecent business conditions and adult world could be seen. Currently Aisha was smack dab in the middle of such place.

By the way the nurse was a tall statured beauty, with impressive bright brown hair and heavy makeup.

「Come a little bit at our shop please. We are having a campaign where a lot of service is provided for guest who is wearing cosplay you know~」

「Co, cosplay?」

When she was told that, Aisha finally realized.

Aisha was still wearing the uniform of maid café. When she noticed the written invitation from Luo Hao-oneesama, she dashed out from the café in hurry without even changing clothes.

Thus, now she was forcefully lured into a small restaurant on the third floor of a multi-tenant building.

The name of the restaurant was『Cosplay Tavern Battamon』. Inside there were staffs serving customers dressed as bunny girl, police woman, and courtesan wearing kimono. While the customers were wearing costume like sailor uniform pretty girl soldier, magical girl, giant of light that came from M78 Galaxy, American comic hero that was a spider man wearing tights all over his body, and so on. They were all clamoring jovially.

「Now now now, please take a drink.」

「I, I can’t-. As you can see, I am just as you can see a seventeen years old maiden who will make even the flower blush! I am at the age where the law of Japan is forbidding me to drink alcohol!」

Aisha was taken by the nurse onto a seat at the bar counter.

A medium-sized bottle of beer and a glass was taken out before Aisha’s eyes which she firmly refused. However.

「Fufufufu. Honored guest, right now you are lying aren’t you?」


「I get it just from a glance. Your face is face that is living while hiding the truth. But please be at ease. After all I am the same like you. You see, this tavern is a place for that kind of dregs to gather, a place to obtain a momentary healing.」

「Ju, just what are you saying, I don’t understand at all!」

Right after she quickly played dumb, Aisha noticed.

This nurse, on top of having a height that was nearly 180 centimeter, her Adam’s apple was excessively sticking out, in addition her shoulder width also looked wide……. When Aisha strained her ear, the nurse’s voice also sounded husky……. So that meant,

「Now now. Don’t be reserved and drink it in one gulp. Right in one gulp.」

「Ye, yes.」

Aisha was spontaneously overwhelmed and accepted the beer the nurse poured into the glass.

Her throat was also dry, so she drained up the glass that was filled with beer. The glass was emptied in one go. The alcohol went down smoothly through her throat.

Aisha let out a deep sigh『houu-』after a glass of beer after so long.

「My my. I feel a little better.」

「Isn’t that right, isn’t that right. Please one more glass. This won’t be in your tab but my treat.」

「That’s not good. Oops oops, it’s overflowing.」

「It’s fine it’s fine. For some reason I get the feeling that I have to be gentle on you miss. You make me recall my big sister back at my village.」

The beer that had been poured until the limit must not get spilled.

Aisha drank the second glass in hurry. She wasn’t sipping at the glass, but emptying it in one go. At this time, a switch inside Aisha was turned on.

「Presenting the third glass gently is a manner in Japan isn’t it……」

With a graceful hand movement, the glass was put on the counter without sound.

In the end, Aisha drank up two medium beer bottle and a glass of blue apple sour cocktail. When she left the restaurant, she received a red hood from an uncle wearing wolf cosplay that she got to know well while drinking.

Madam Aisha’s appearance became the hybrid of red hood + maid uniform.

When she aimlessly wandered Kabukichou with slightly tipsy movement, she had already passed by a group of three uncles who were getting drunk in good vibes.

She was invited into a karaoke, so for the time being she accompanied them.

While Aisha was enthusiastically singing『Sukiyaki Song』and『Like a River Flow』from her repertoire of few Japanese song, she drank two glasses of soda mixed with Japanese plum brandy.

Midway, she encountered a group of two women around the age of thirty at the corridor inside the karaoke, and they hit it off.

They moved location at the nearby seafood bar and started an emergency girls-only gathering.

While snacking on plate of assorted sashimi, avocado prawn, and shrimp, Aisha emptied two ceramic bottles of Japanese sake – Hakkaisan by herself…….

The “devilish woman” who always charmed all the people she encountered, Madam Aisha.

If such woman was carelessly let out at a bustling street, she would be invited by people who she met for the first time on her way to「let’s drink together」, it was already inevitable for her to begin『barhopping until morning』.

This night too Aisha was favorably piling up alcohol bottles.

After the girl-only gathering, she leaped into a drinking party of a certain construction company that consisted of thirty people and participated in their drinking contest.

In the middle of drinking shochu sake in a sushi restaurant for the afterparty――the needle of the clock had just about to reach twelve o’clock before long.

Aisha who was rightly drunk didn’t notice about such thing at all.

「It will be midnight soon huh……」

Andrea Rivera whispered after seeing his wristwatch.

「Are you still planning to kill time here, Salvatore Doni?」

「About time huh―」

Tokyo metropolis Koutou district, Shinkiba.

Deep at night, two men were walking on seaside where a lot of warehouses were standing in a row.

One of the two, Salvatore Doni grinned, then he looked up to the night sky. There were few clouds so the winter constellation could be seen well.

The moon was also bright. It was a night that was unsuited for surprise attack under the cover of darkness.

That kind of surprise attack was easier to do the darker it was. However, it wasn’t a fitting way of fighting for them the Campiones, so it was a factor that didn’t matter. When they wielded their many authorities that could even strike down god, it would be rally flashy and showy no matter what.

「For the time being, I still don’t have the plan about who I want to attack.」

「How unexpected. This is you we are talking about, so I thought that you are going to go attacking happily.」

「If it’s one on one, the of course I will be like that. But this time the end is still far ahead. I intend to progress the event following the game plan that I thought of before this.」


Rivera frowned at Doni who suddenly snickered.

「Don’t say something absurd. There is no way someone like you have the ability to hatch up a plan.」

「Oi oi. Just what do you think I am huh.」

「Then, let’s try hearing your whatever plan as a test.」

「Sure thing. First of all, I am going to take it easy to conserve my energy at the beginning. Even if someone pick a fight then I’ll finish it quickly. Then, when the event is approaching conclusion pleasantly, I’m going to go boom boom. I’ll wrap up the war at the end in one go. Like that then all the applause will come to me, clap clap claps.」

「I’ll let you in to a secret. Something like that cannot be called a plan.」

「Shut up. Well, anyway」

Doni boasted with conviction.

「I am thinking that the fellows who are more serious than me will start to move aiming for the most troublesome scene. It will be slightly further ahead……when they remember about me, I think?」

「I agree with you there. And then, you」

The “friend” that had associated for long with Salvatore Doni in many things understood well the position of『The King of Sword』among the seven Campiones.

He whispered with more conviction than Doni.

「You will thoroughly enjoy the endgame of devil king civil war that will be the fiercest part of the battle to decide who will be the challenger, and then you are going to ride that momentum to challenge the strongest war god.」

That was exactly the desire of Salvatore Doni.

The Campione of sword grinned complacently hearing that splendid right guess.

Part 2

「I wonder who will come attacking if I’m doing something like this.」

Godou was lying down spread-eagled on top of a lawn.

In front of his eyes was the starry sky. Even though he was at Tokyo that had dull sky, but the season was winter, the air was considerably clear. He could count the star reasonably well.

Erica was sitting down at the right side of the relaxing Godou.

「I don’t know about that. I think that there is really no reason to aim for Godou as their first prey you know?」

「I also agree. As expected the first one that has to be made to drop out in this battle royal should be either the strongest or the weakest.」

The one who sat on his left side was of course Liliana Krancjar.

「This is simply my personal opinion but, I think that Kusanagi Godou is neither in that two category.」

「I also feel the same. The one who should be considered as the strongest is of course the oldest Campiones, Marquis Voban and sect founder Luo Hao. It must be those two.」

「As for the one that should be seen as the weakest, as expected I think it will be that honorable madam.」

「You understand about that too, that’s why you gave that kind of instruction right?」

「Well yeah. It’s just, that person is certainly the weakest, but」

Erica was staring at him mischievously, so Godou smiled wryly.

「She is also the most troublesome and absurd person. Surely everyone doesn’t really think that she will be the easiest to subdue. Rather we all have the feeling that want to take care of her while we still have leeway so……she will be the one that is targeted the first. That’s my hunch.」

Godou raised his upper body slowly.

The lawn where the three of them were at wasn’t at a part of a park.

Jinguu baseball stadium――.

They were at the baseball ground that was inside the ground of Meiji Jinguu. The three of them were sitting slightly behind the second base. This stadium was used by the pro baseball as well as the six universities league. In a sense, this place could also be said as a holy ground for the baseball lover of Tokyo.

「I never even dreamed that I’ll come to Jinguu like this.」

Kusanagi Godou was a baseball player before.

This was a place that he aimed to come to not as a spectator, but as a player.

Tonight, Godou was taking position in Jinguu as one of the seven devil kings.

This place was his present encampment in regard to the devil king civil war. This vacant land had the vastness where he could fight without spreading damage to the surrounding no matter which Campione came attacking. Furthermore it was also a base where it was easy to move anywhere at the vicinity of Tokyo. This place was a good site that happened to fulfill those conditions.

「But Godou. For me the artificial lawn of this place is worth minus 300 point you know?」

Erika decided elegantly and haughtily.

「Lying down like this, or even sitting down, both doesn’t feel good at all.」

「It’s vexing to be thought as the same kind like the selfish Erica, but actually I also have the same opinion. As expected what can be called as lawn is only limited to nature.」

「Isn’t it fine, this artificial lawn. The maintenance is easy.」

Even Liliana was in agreement, so Godou objected defensively.

「Besides, generally even the home town of you two at Milan, the whatever stadium there is using artificial lawn right? If I remember correctly it is a mix between natural with artificial or something.」

「That’s why. I want to say, including my nostalgia and longing that natural product is better.」

「Exactly. Something like a lawn that is insulted by outsider as『ptato field』and so on, even us one to be spared from that. It’s not beautiful.」

「I think rather than beauty, functionality is better though.」

Godou grumbled words that sounded like someone of the working class.

「Try to put yourself in the position of the people who tend to the lawn. The maintenance of lawn seems to be really difficult just so you know. It need to be always watered and then cared for.」

Erica and Liliana originated from Milan, a metropolis at the northern part of Italia.

There was the Stadium Joseph Meazza there. Its popular nickname was San Siro. Similar like Jinguu Stadium, thanks to the too many matches that were carried out there, it was a stadium that had its lawn overused. Introducing an artificial product for replacement was a rational idea.

「Anyway, it will be midnight in three more minutes……」

The golden haired Erica was standing by at Kusanagi Godou’s right side, while the silver haired Liliana was at his left side.

It was a picture of a pair of red and blue knights at the left and right of a devil king Campione. The princess shrine maiden that had the vision of this future when they confronted against Marquis Voban was absent here.

But, as long as these two knights were here, there was no blind spot――.

There was also back up from history compilation committee. Godou called at the fourth person here.

「But Kaoru-san. I was the one that requested it but, to think I can use this place――」

「Was this unexpected?」

A handsome youth with neutral look, Sayanomiya Kaoru said that with a chuckle.

Her pants look with white basic tone matched well with her elegant beauty. But, to the end her gender on the family census was 『♀』,on top of that she was also a talented woman that was a princess shrine maiden.

However, inside Godou, she was one of his male friend to the end.

「Please don’t underestimate us. If it is a request from Godou-san, then the committee legitimately has the power of state that can push through an absurdity of this degree」

「I thought that my request seem possible, but still」

Godou earnestly spoke. Kaoru was someone older than him, so he naturally used polite language.

「So even permission to use this kind of place can be granted huh……」

「If it’s now when all the Campiones are gathering in Tokyo, I think that most absurdness will be allowed. Please give the order of various requests for a test. Actually I too am interested whether even request like emptying the national diet building or the prime minister residence to be handed to the Campione can be granted or not.」

「As expected, that is a little bit――hm?」

Godou focused his hearing. He got the feeling that there was a voice.

「What’s the matter, Godou?」

「Wait Erica. By any chance this present might be……」

Liliana rebuked the blonde haired girl that looked suspicious. Most likely there was something that also pulled at the spiritual sense of a witch.

In order to sharpen his senses as much as possible, Godou closed both his eyes――or so he tried.

But, just before he could do that,

「Emergency report. Godou-san’s reading is right on the mark.」


Unnoticed Amakasu Touma had arrived nearby.

Godou was surprised. They were at slightly behind the second base. But, Amakasu was now around the pitcher mount without giving any sound or presence. Perhaps it was just as expected from a descendant of ninja.

Amakasu who was actually an owner of swift feet was making a bitter face.

Godou and others quickly stood up from the lawn and greeted the agent.

「The one who will likely move first will be either the marquis or the sect founder. Then, the one whose movement will be easier to pursue is the marquis-sama――that prediction of Godou-san is completely on the mark.」

「The one he aimed, is it Aisha-san as expected?」

「That much is unclear, but it seem that it will become a bit troublesome at the vicinity of Shinjuku.」

It was an area that was the most bustling at night in the Tokyo metropolis.

The opening battle of devil king civil war was going to start at that kind of place. Just how many civilian was gathering at that kind of place?

It was natural for Amakasu to look bitter like that.

Godou immediately made eye contact. The two knights at both sides nodded.

Finally the curtain of the death match between seven Campiones was lifted open. Just how many more hours until they could take a breather next, or possibly it would be even a few days later――.

「Kaoru-san. Can I please ask you to take care of all the matters after?」

「Yeah. After all, I don’t think that we will have any leeway to follow along with Kusanagi Godou here.」

「But of course. We are praying for your fortune of war, Godou-san.」

The person in charge of the rear gave their guarantee reassuringly.

This base of Jinguu had been prepared for him with much trouble, but right now he should sally out. Guided by Amakasu, Godou and others headed outside――

It was at that timing, something was appealing at Godou’s heart.

(……-san, ……Godou-san! My feeling, is it getting through!?)

「So it’s really Mariya!」

Godou got taken aback. Before this too he got the feeling that was hearing something from afar.

The princess shrine maiden who departed to the realm of death. His companion that should be watching over the battle between Kusanagi Godou against the Campiones from the domain that was not of this world――was sending him a message!

(Godou-san, please be careful. The one who you should be on guard against is not just the marquis. Other omen of danger is also――)

「What did you say?」

Part 3

「Fun fun fun♪ Fun fufun fufu~n♪」

Aisha was walking on Kabukichou while humming.

She looked like in a good mood while walking with tottering step. The bundle of souvenir that her right hand was holding was a standard item with ancient and honorable origin for a drunkard. It was the “you-know-what” where a box of sushi was wrapped and tied with a string. Aisha was bringing the bundle back by pinching on the string. She had it packed at the sushi restaurant she was at just now.

She was still wearing her maid uniform even while in this kind of state.

On top of that what made it even more creepy was the red hood that she received from the first bar.

However, this place was a neighborhood where cosplaying staffs of bar and brothel somewhere and oddballs drinking around with novel appearance could be caught sight of, so it wasn’t just Aisha that was standing out. This place was Shinjuku’s Kabukichou. It was bustling with night king and queen, a neighborhood with broad heart. (TN: I guess the queen here refer to the queen in S&M shop or famous prostitute. As for the night king, I don’t really know, maybe it’s like Housen from Gintama)

Disorder, chaos, liveliness, vitality, tumult, desire, love and hate――.

Unhealthy vitality that was far from purity was blending viscously into the atmosphere of the neighborhood.

It was something that Aisha was well accustomed to. It felt comfortable.

Originally she was an orphan that lived on the street in India at the colonial period, she was also working as female servant at the 19th century London when it was a town of decadence.

In contrast with her gentle and graceful appearance (even though it might appear that way), she was a type of a sly old dog.

She had came to experience both bitterness and sweetness firsthand (in plenty).

Even with her outward appearance that looked not only young but could even be seen as an immature girl, her age that had been carved with a lifetime of ups and downs into her body and heart was continuously emitting radiance of a jewel!

「……Why I wonder? It feels like someone somewhere is speaking ill behind my back……」

She lifted her head due to a persecution complex that was caused by intoxication.

The sense on Aisha’s skin somehow discerned it. In the air of the city――a prickling sharpness was beginning to silently mingle in.

Danger. Peril. Ominous. Evil omen. Ill will. Fighting spirit. Blood thirst…….

She urgently turned sober from her drunkenness.

In the first place a body of Campione possessed an absurd resistance against toxin. If she heightened her concentration a bit then alcohol to this degree would vanish immediately.

That was why, she entered a back alley where few people would go through――intentionally.

Her skin was stinging. She didn’t want to enter into a traffic jam like this. Something was wrong.

「Fun fufun, fufun fufun……」

The tone of her humming was dropping down somewhat.

She was advancing through the cramped alley while stepping skillfully with tottering steps.

She should continue to pretend to be drunk still. It was also fine to enter a building if there was a back door. Surely it would also be fine to slip through between buildings and came out to another wide street. Escape was victory…….


Aisha opened her eyes wide.

At the back alley there was a male that looked like a salary man crouching. His back in black suit was facing at her. He seemed to have drunk too much.

Even while feeling something suspicious, Aisha called at him.

「Excuse me……are you feeling bad?」

She walked near and also stroke at the suited back.

It was a meddlesomeness that came from kindness. Perhaps the male felt like vomiting, both his hands were covering his mouth and nose while he gave Aisha an answer that sounded pained.

「I, I’m fine, it’s nothing big. It’s just――my face only feel itchy……」


「Yes. My nose……it feels like it’s stretching――it’s really……strange.」

The voice of the male was gradually turned mumbling.

It became hard to listen to him. And then, the moment Aisha leaned her body forward, the crouching male slowly turned back.



Aisha was shocked.

The Japanese male that looked like a salary man had his face turning into wolf.

Even though just a moment before he was unmistakably a human. The wrist that came out from the suit’s sleeve was also covered densely with fur, and then on his face there was undoubtedly wolf parts like fang and claw.

「Kyaaaah!? Don’t tell me, Mr. Werewolf!?」

「uuuuRUuuuUUUU-! GaaaaAAAAAAH!」

The male that was crouching down with his back patted by Aisha.

That man was releasing a wild howl while standing up quickly as though he had spring on his body, and as a werewolf that was walking on his two legs――he grabbed at Aisha!

(I need to run!)

Aisha immediately leaped back and the man’s hands grabbed at empty air.

Aisha wasn’t particularly knowledgeable in martial arts, but this was only natural. Campione, when they were cornered into the verge of death would manifest power of concentration to the utmost limit and showed an agility like a wild beast.


It was wasteful, but Aisha pushed the souvenir bundle at the face of the werewolf.

This action also brought a fortune. It was at that timing that the werewolf opened his large mouth to try to bite at Aisha――the box’s corner hit at the inside of the throat.

When the werewolf faltered, Aisha used that opening to run away without a moment’s delay.

Even though she looked like that but her feet was excellently fast. She immediately came back at the back alley that she had just walked through.


And then she was taken aback.

Just a few minutes ago it was a bustling street that was too disorderly.

Man, woman, unknown gender, drunkard, not drinking people, someone who couldn’t drink, merchant, office worker that went home from their work, carouser, etc., many kinds were gathering her unorganized and created an air of a neighborhood that was too free.

Yet right now there were only werewolves there.

Business suit and coat, winter clothing, on top of that were costume like sailor uniform or blazer and so on. Wearing those outfits were――male/female werewolves with thick fur.

Some people were walking upright, some were walking on all four.

But, the wolves were all glaring at Aisha with brutal look, they growled and even displayed their fang fiercely, they looked like they were going to jump at her anytime.

「Authority of Rebellious Lykos……」(TN: Lykos=Wolf in Greek language)

Aisha already understood whose work this was.

But, there was only one thing that should be done the first thing here. She hurriedly called out at everyone.

「Everyoneeeee! Please calm dow―n!」

The werewolves that numbered about thirty or forty, their movement immediately came to a stop with a twitch.

「You all are good child, so please listen to what I say okay-. First take a deep breath, and then let’s become my friend!」

‘fuiiiiiii’ The werewolves took a deep breath all at once.

The many eyes that were staring at Aisha fiercely were already shining bright with affection.

Rather than wolves they were already a pack of loyal dog. The few dozen werewolves that were just in the verge of attacking were completely turned in reverse to crowd around Aisha.

Their gaze and fangs were turned to outside, they were intending to protect their female master.

And then, Aisha heard the low voice of the old marquis.

「So even the servant of Voban is easily stolen like this. I have expected this, but as expected from the withc that charmed everything――the power of the witch that murder even god is dreadful huh.」

「As expected it’s Onii-sama……」

He was slowly walking forward while chuckling.

Dejanstahl Voban. The owner of the authority that governed an army of wolves.

Yes. Aisha knew. Not only he could summon a pack of evil wolves and turned his own body into wolf――

If he felt like it, he also could transform the humans before his eyes into wolf or werewolf!

「Ha, hadn’t Onii-sama said it a long time ago? The seal of wolf is something with meaning. There is no honor in giving it to the trivial fellows over there, was what you said……!?」

「Now that you mentioned it, I had said that.」

「Despite so, for this unrelated people to go through something like this!」


Even when he received Aisha’s criticism, the old king only chuckled calmly.

It was rare for Onii-sama to transform anyone other than himself into evil wolf. The transformation was given as reward to the subordinate that offered absolute loyalty to Marquis Voban, or possibly as punishment toward traitor or rebel.

The seal of wolf wasn’t something temporary, it would continue semi-permanently.

Therefore, Marquis Voban wouldn’t grant that honor toward insignificant fellow…….

「Isn’t this fine, o witch.」

However right now his twisted humor was being exhibited.

「This is a great war where all of us godslayers are gathering. Where is the meaning of being stingy in displaying our craft? Don’t you think this is the place to make free use of everything we have, and enliven up this battle?」

「Such thing!? This is not firework for putting life into event!」

「Hahahaha. You are saying something good. But, well, indeed.」

Marquis Voban’s ――emerald eyes were tinged with radiance.

What those evil eyes were staring at, were the werewolves that gathered around Aisha to protect her. Curse and divine might was sprinkled.

「I want to beg off from having insignificant fellows butting in more than necessary. Let’s have them exit from the stage altogether soon. Though I also don’t hate this kind of town. If I have to say, my preference is for a quiet place.」


Aisha felt shocked once more.

The several dozen werewolves that surrounded her――all of them was transformed into white statue. With the authority of evil eyes, they were turned into crystallization of salt.

「O, Onii-sama. Are you planning to defeat me no matter what?」


「Uu-. Please answer that after looking worried for a bit.」

「I have no worry or anything, after all your existence is an unsolved problem that need to be eliminated for many years. As for me, my feeling is clear for being able to obtain this good chance.」

「Ge, geez Onii-sama, as always you keep saying only cold things to me……」

Aisha doggedly hung on even after Voban unhesitatingly gave that verdict.

「But but! Both of us, haven’t we associate all this long time until now just like brother and sister!?」

「……I should have already told you this many times every time you insisted like that.」

Voban shelved up his good mood until now temporarily. He frowned with a twitch on his eyebrow and declared with regrettable feeling.

「To consign to oblivion the existence of the witch Aisha whose troublesomeness know no bound, exceptional resolve and――determination are surely indispensable. Right now I’m turning a blind eye at her in order to accumulate my resolve and determination but……sooner or later the time when it explode will come without fail.」

「Now that Onii-sama mentioned it, certainly I often heard that sentence in the past. But Onii-sama hadn’t said that for more than half a century, so I thought Onii-sama had forgotten it ――」

「You think such thing exist. I stopped saying that merely because it was troublesome.」


Aisha was in panic from receiving that shocking confession.

What a tragedy. What a difference. What a cruel trial the fate had imposed toward these two who were just like a step brother and sister!

(You must not Aisha, it will be no good if you lose heart from something like this!)

She was getting teary, even so she scolded herself.

This sorrowful difference, the string of love and hate entangling the two of them completely, someday it should be possible to mend it back. However, to calm the killing intent that Onii-sama kept emitting to her even now――

It seemed impossible even with love or persuasion.

「That’s right!」

She suddenly noticed and rushed at one of the werewolves that was turned into salt.

The statue had the casual appearance of loose parka and slackened jeans.

It seemed that a cool young man was transformed into werewolf. He had conspicuously large build even among the several dozen werewolves and looked tough. He had become a sturdy sculpture that was standing imposingly.

Aisha clung to that statue’s back and further embraced on his neck.

「Please, run away together with me!」

Even an injured person in the verge of death would be healed instantly. That was the authority of healing.

The result of Aisha pouring that divine power into the statue by a lot was that the salt statue retuned to a heavily furred werewolf once more, his strength and agility was recovered all at once――

He jumped toward the wall of a multi-tenant building.


「Splendid! Please do it with all your strength!」

Aisha was hanging over his back. She was being given a piggyback ride.

Despite so, the tough werewolf jumped higher than four meter. He did that without any approach run.

After that he kicked on the wall of the building and jumped for the second time. Like that he easily jumped up until the rooftop of the multi-tenant building in a moment. It was an extraordinary leg power.

The werewolf jumped continuously from one building to the next while carrying Aisha on his back.

The one who gazed at astonishment to that action was of course Marquis Voban.


「Please do your best for a bit more okay!」

Aisha desperately cheered at the werewolf that became her transport method.

She had premonition. This werewolf should return back into a salt statue sooner or later.

She tried to release the curse of the evil eye using her healing authority but――most likely it wouldn’t hold out for long. Until the end this was only a temporary neutralization, she felt that from the feedback.

But, she first prioritized to escape for now.

Aisha sighed on the back of the werewolf…….

「Hmph. So she broke my curse.」

Dejanstahl Voban shrugged.

「I thought that she surely could do that but, as expected.」

As expected from the devilish queen. The godslayer that he and Luo Hao were cautious against.

He recalled before this――the first time he got involved with that withc. Together with sect founder Luo Hao, the both of them were led around by the nose in London.

The power that made two Campiones to be powerless at the same time there――.

The corridor of fairy. The mysterious cave that was linked toward a time period somewhere or another world somewhere. The queen Aisha who obtained that as an authority was an enemy that had to be cautious against the most.

「From here on will be the crucial moment of the hunt.」

Voban whispered before the start of the match.

If he was the oldest Campione, then the other side was also a possessor of battle history that wasn’t inferior. If he got tricked by her appearance and personality, he would get hit with tit for tat.

Voban swung his hand in order to call his subordinate wolves.

Part 4

「Uuuuu-. Geez Onii-sama, this time he is greatly spirited……」

Aisha lamented.

Even right now she was in the middle of running away by entrusting her body on the back of the werewolf that was running in full speed.

Not only the werewolf was jumping form rooftop to rooftop without difficulty, the leg power and dash power of the werewolf that could even dash up vertical wall were amazing.

Thanks to that they were able to pass through Kabukichou’s vicinity in the blink of eye.

They also dashed through in front of Shinjuku station right away. It seemed that several dozen, or possibly several hundred evil wolves were let out as pursuer, but somehow they still weren’t overtaken. Surely it was thanks to the distance they could take when they first started and dashed.

Right now they had got down on the road and in the middle of sprinting with full power above asphalt surface.

But, from the back the werewolf man that was running hard.

Aisha vividly looked at the town that had been changed completely.

The people where she was going――were turned into salt statue. They became white humanoid statue without a single exception and filled the traffic everywhere to the brim.

「No way……」

Aisha was taken aback on the back of the sprinting werewolf.

Right now they had passed in front of the Shinjuku ward office and crossed through Yasukuni Street.

Through the journey they couldn’t meet any safe human at all. Everywhere there were only people who had been turned into salt wearing winter street clothes standing still.

People walking the street expressionlessly. Smiling people.

People who had drunk too much. People who made merry with companion. People who was talking while standing, etc. They were all equally transformed without exception at all.

Even the most bustling area in front of Shinjuku Station was at the same state.

Large bank, large bookstore, electronic store, anime shop, and so on, numerous large shop and small shop, company office, and so on, they were all bustling with people.

It was fortunate that although it was Shinjuku, but it was late at night so there weren’t many people but…….

「It’s because they were seen by Onii-sama’s eyes……!」

Something at this level was just like a child play for Marquis Voban.

Rather he was holding back even like this. After all a single glare from evil eyes was so terrifying it could turn all the people of a city into salt all at once.

This authority was named as《Eye of Sodom》by Wizengamot.

Sodom. A city that was touched by god’s fury due to its citizens that had lapsed into the bottom of degeneration. The divine punishment ruined the city and all of the people there died out. It was an episode in Old Testament.

Because the evil eyes could reproduce that episode that this authority was crowned with the name of that immoral city.

「For some reason, a lot of Onii-sama’s power is in the system that「affect everyone altogether」……」

Aisha grumbled.

His authority was not merely『transforming into wolf』, but summoning『pack of wolf』.

He even transformed his subordinates into『army of wolf』. By any chance, perhaps his way of life as a man that climbed up from an orphan that lived on the street until he became the greatest devil king of Europe had some kind of influence to it.

……Now then.

UoN! UoN! UoN! UoN! UoN!

「No, no good. Can you go faster than this?」

Aisha called at the werewolf that was carrying her.

The howling of the evil wolves that were pursuing from behind was gradually getting closer. The distance was getting shortened. Even so she had managed to escape this far, so the physical strength of the werewolf that was piggybacking Aisha was at a considerable level.

Furthermore, when she requested him to escape with her before this, she didn’t particularly gave the instruction about the destination.

Even with that kind of instruction, this werewolf had moved nicely. The authority of fortune that Aisha had used a few hours ago――perhaps this was the effect from that.


A good fortune that was too abrupt, would also grant an abrupt bad luck as the recoil from that.

Those two aspects were a set in this authority. And then this time too, a trouble that Aisha didn’t even imagine was unfolding in front of her.

「My my?」

Vines――some kind of plant that looked like vines were generated in large amount.

It was a street late at night with no presence of people, green vines were growing thickly, covering the whole surface of the street and also the walls of the buildings and houses along the street. Such scenery was continuing everywhere within Aisha’s sight, everywhere…….

The Mr. Werewolf that was transporting her was in the middle of sprinting while trampling on those vines.

The vines were obviously suspicious. However.

「Somehow this is a little bit different with Onii-sama’s interest……」

Right after, further misfortune arrived. The werewolf――the cooperative worker that was piggybacking Aisha suddenly pitched forward and tumbled down.

With that momentum, even the baggage on his back got thrown away.


Aisha was struck on the asphalt surface――not.

The vines that completely covered the ground fulfilled the role as cushion. Furthermore, the body of Campione was abnormally tough.

「How shocking. Was it your feet that got entangled?」

Aisha nonchalantly stood up and called at the werewolf.


Her words got caught in her throat.

The brawny werewolf that was powerfully dashing until just now had returned into white statue.

Using healing authority, the saltification was removed only temporarily but――the time of the magic cancellation had finally arrived.

「Thank you so much for everything until now……」

Aisha pressed her hands together like in a prayer and said her gratitude. From her on she had to run away with her own strength.

Aisha looked around her.

She should have run about one station from the noisy station of Shinjuku.

This area too also had a lot of buildings. However, it didn’t seem that there was any facility where the coming and going of visitor seemed intense. There was also no hustle and bustle of night, the place was deserted.

It seemed that this was an area that had a lot of company office and small scale shops.

If the station name had to be said, then it was around Shinjuku third district or Shinjuku imperial garden――.

Aisha tried to recall the picture of Tokyo’s geography. She was often thought as a person with no sense of direction, but the truth was the opposite.

She would gather the maps of the destination where she would stay and read them until she memorized it. That was her hobby.

It was for the sake of acquiring the familiarity of the land that was a hard to obtain special technique for traveler and adventurer. And then, Aisha was an expert at this path. However, well, as the result of running into a bit of misunderstanding and bad luck, she also couldn’t deny that there was a lot of time she lost her path.

Just when she thought of wanting to say that this time for sure such trouble would be unrelated with her――at the next moment.


The vines covering the surface. One of them suddenly entangled on her ankle and lifted up Aisha’s slender body to the air.

It was as though she was a fish that was fished up from underwater.

「As, as expected, is this vine aiming for me just as I thought!?」

The vine that was the replacement for fishing line was steadily drawing away. Naturally the body of the prey that was Aisha was also going『pyuuun-』midair. The speed was terrific.

Just where was she getting dragged away? She soon understood with her body floating midair.

「Shinjuku――imperial garden?」

The origin of the vine was at the public park several hundred meters ahead.

The excessively spacious lawn possessed Japanese garden, stylish tree-lined road, and so on. It was a popular spot that should be called as the oasis in the centre of the messy city――was how it was supposed to be.

However right now there was a “jungle” at the end of Aisha’s gaze.

Standard large trees like plane tree and sakura tree, Chinese plum, Japanese cedar.

Every single tree had accomplished great growth that reached until fifty, sixty meter where they almost overflowed from the public park’s ground. Yes, in the Shinjuku imperial garden that could be filled with more than ten Tokyo Dome had become filled with trees to the brim.

Even Yakushima’s primeval forest that became world natural heritage would look inferior to this, not only that this jungle looked like it would keep growing until it surpassed that forest eventually.

Even though this place didn’t have subtropical climate or high temperature and humidity!

It was already clear whose work this was.

「O――Onee-sama, you are here aren’t you!? Luo Hao-oneesama-. I think, this is a bit too rough!」

With her yell ended up in vain, Aisha was pulled into the Shinjuku imperial garden that was turned into forest of evil.

Part 5


Madam Aisha was yelling something below.

It was just when she was being pulled in inside the “demonic forest” that was raised in Tokyo.

(That witch, she is noisy as always.)

She laughed derisively a bit with a dignity that was equal with a sage.

That place was called as『Shinjuku Imperial Garden』by her pupil Lu Yinghua. The one who grown all those trees and shrubs with impossible speed and scale was of course the authority of Luo Cuilian.

『Fragrant Hundred Grass, Thousand Flower Profuse Blooming』――.

This authority was named as such by herself.

It was a power that created plants and flowers, or grew them up. It was a special move so marvelous that it may be the first and probably the last time it appeared in this world, it rivaled『Divine Might of Vajrapani』and『Dragon’s Roar and Tiger’s Howl』.

(I used it after so long but……this time it turns out really well.)

Luo Cuilian was in satisfaction looking down at the “Demonic Forest” from above in the air.

She was staring at the situation on the ground by sending her sight above Shinjuku late at night using Taoist arts. Just like a Taoist immortal standing above the cloud.

Actually she had been like this right after the meeting of devil kings.

If other godslayers made movement, then some kind of omen would surely appear.

As expected, the witch Aisha and the wolf king Marquis Voban fired the first shot of the dispute at a corner of Shinjuku area, so Luo Cuilian also quickly intervened.

Shinjuku Imperial Garden――.

Before she used her authority, this place was an awfully dull garden.

It was only a worthless vacant land filled with trees at the gap of the city that was covered all over with stone.

It was a nature only at its exterior. A healing place only at its exterior. The foolish people were fooled by that. However, before the divine eyes of Luo Cuilian, it looked truly shallow…….

And so, she wielded her authority impulsively.

「……Water bring forth tree, tree overcome earth. O truth of five elements, turn like this.」

That was the power of words of blessing.

O grass, grow. Until the height that the like of human’s height cannot reach.

O tree, grow. So tall, and thick that you pierce the sky, with your branches and leaves covering the sky.

O flower, grow. Not to flatter the likes of human with meager beauty and loveliness. O flower dance. Go mad. Bloom profusely.


「There is only one truth the forest of Luo Hao know――survival of the fittest. Carve only that phrase into your soul, burn your whole life into exhaustion. And then」

The slightly dirty townscape of Tokyo, and the Shinjuku Imperial Garden that accomplished a sudden growth into a supernatural forest.

Luo Cuilian gave her command while looking down at those.

「Capture that damned witch Aisha, and put judgment of life on her.」


“Demonic Forest” Shinjuku Imperial Garden began to extend its countless wriggling vines from inside its ground to outside.

They were heading toward the direction of the woman who was made as prey, to the north. As the result, Madam Aisha that was entangled in the net of vines was fished up like that…….

Currently Shinjuku Imperial Garden was a single living thing, it was a monster.

Demonic forest. Living forest. A forest that obtained supernatural power. A forest of devil that captured by itself the prey that it should hunt and dragged it in――.


Luo Cuilian that watched over the lower world just like gods in heaven.

She accurately grasped the disastrous scene around Shinjuku more than anyone with her clairvoyance.

(As expected from the destined old enemy of mine……. The performance of the evil wolf king can be summed up with a single word, splendid.)

Praise was welling up from her heart.

Right now, the area that Madam Aisha had rushed through――the vicinity of Shinjuku Station that was the『Bus Terminal Okajouki』and the nauseatingly disordered bustling street nearby, then the block around Shinjuku Imperial Garden that was comparatively calm, and so on.

Victims of evil eyes could be seen here and there at the traffic in those places.

Actually under the creeping out vines from the imperial garden, there were also『white human statues』sleeping in a number that wasn’t few.

However, actually that was not all.

Even the people inside the buildings of those areas all received the curse of evil eyes altogether. The clairvoyance of Luo Cuilian quickly saw through that.

(Just like what I casually heard from before. Even with the obstruction of a thick castle wall, the evil eyes of the evil wolf king will easily penetrate until the inside――)

Not long ago Marquis Voban only glared once at Shinjuku.

Just with that, several hundred, several thousand victims were created in more than ten kilometer ahead of his gaze. If he seriously released his evil eyes, it would also surely be easy to turn the people throughout Tokyo into salt.


Unintentionally her lips smiled broadly.

The most troublesome existence that was Madam Aisha. The first priority right now was the elimination of that woman, but the decisive battle against the five devil kings that was waiting after that, was as expected what exactly Luo Cuilian above all would――

(No good. First is dealing with that witch.)

Repressing down her straying heart, she then concentrated back at her current objective.

Luo Cuilian once more directed her eyes inside Shinjuku Imperial Garden. She searched for Madam Aisha that was dragged into there.

The trees that were towering inside the mysterious dense jungle reached until fifty, sixty meters.

Like that the large trees stretched their branches to all direction as though in competition, forming a sea of trees. Doing something like searching the whereabouts of a human that got dragged deep into that place, it should be impossible even by using the eye of bird, but――the almighty Luo Cuilian made such impossibility easily became possible with that clairvoyance.

Chasing after the presence of human, her『eye』arrived near the center of the forest.

「E, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!」

Madam Aisha was on the bank of a pond.

Originally there were lotuses growing en masse there. However, due to Luo Cuilian’s authority, 『Fragrant Hundred Grass, Thousand Flower Profuse Blooming』――

The lotus leaves were enlarged to the degree that even horse or ox could stand on them.

In addition, the lotuses were transformed into the shape of an opened bivalve that looked similar with venus flytrap. The edges of the leaves closed in a snap like a shellfish, their shape could swallow living thing.

Such thing was growing en masse at one of the ponds in Shinjuku Imperial Garden.

The water surface was closely packed to the brim with the former lotuses that now were giant venus flytraps.

Their size could snap and swallow even human. Also, several dozen vines were growing from the stalk of the huge venus flytraps――

They moved dexterously like wriggling tentacles.

And then, one of the huge venus flytraps stretched out several of its tentacles and solidly caught Madam Aisha!

「P, please stop it! E, even if you eat someone like me surely it won’t taste delicious you knoooow-!」

Venus flytrap was a carnivorous plant that grew naturally at place like wetland.

Furthermore with Luo Cuilian’s authority, this plant had been given with appetite and ability that could digest even a huge brown bear within one or two minutes.

Survival of the fittest. That was the keyword that Luo Cuilian chanted at first.

In order for one to live, they ate other life and took them in as nourishment.

In order to chase after that truth, the plants and flowers running rampant in Shinjuku Imperial Garden were now carrying out super evolution in order to take in nutriment with their own strength.

Naturally this time too they were trying to drag in the captured Aisha until their mouth!

「I won’t ask for a week-. If you give me just thirty minutes, then I will bring here something that is tastier than me without fail! So please spare me~e! Do, don’t you all want to eat the ultimate menu or the supreme ingredient~~~~!」

Madam Aisha yelled desperately.

There was worth in what she was doing, the huge venus flytrap’s controlled vines=tentacles――their movement loosened.

The prided『authority of charm』of the witch queen possessed ruling power so strong that it could make an appeal even to the soul of this kind of man-eating plant.

But, even that had been included in Luo Cuilian’s calculation.

She had anticipated this when she witnessed how even the evil wolf of King Voban was charmed.

(Indeed it is a fearsome power. ……But, as expected it’s effect is thin at the species of plants.)

The mouth part of the venus flytrap was dragging in Aisha bit by bit.

Although the speed lowered by more than half because of the conflict it felt, the plant was somehow resisting the effect of the charm. Furthermore there was still reinforcement.

The trees that represented Japan that was sakura, plum, and maple which were growing on the side of the pond――.

There must be a few hundred of them. They were also awakened. The trunk of the trees split horizontally and vertically and became『mouth』to swallow the prey. One after another their branches elongated as demonic tentacles and grabbed the witch Aisha!

Plants of death were born further in the Shinjuku Imperial Garden.

Luo Cuilian was about to pour mystical force and instruction at the underlings of the demonic forest.

「An army set out by means of law. All of you receive my voice too and fight well. Show in this place the bad fortune of the Orient, the might of Taisai.」

That whisper headed to the Shinjuku Imperial Garden from far height.

If this words of power reached, the man-eating plant there would rampage like hungry wild beast and dealt the finishing blow to her long standing enemy since the 19th century――was how it was supposed to be. But, just before that happened.

Golden light flew in straight line from above ground.

It became a blade and splendidly tear apart the formless words of power that Luo Cuilian spun!

「Avatar of radiant sword……」

A smile floated on the lips of the magic sect founder.

The attack just now was something that the elder sister Luo Cuilian also well aware of.

「The sword of the war god Verethragna……so you point it once more at your elder sister, Godou!」

The insolent sword slash instead made her notice his younger brother’s growth.

Luo Cuilian chuckled without a speck of wicked mind and nodded deeply.

「It’s doubtful whether this is good luck or bad luck……」

Godou murmured subduedly.

The first disturbance occurred at Shinjuku that was just a stone throw from his base that was Jinguu baseball stadium. This was a good luck. But, the one that became the opponent that he must face was――the sect founder Luo Hao.

He immediately cut down the words of power that his elder sister launched.

Suddenly it was a confrontation against the Orient’s strongest Campione. This might be an extraordinarily bad luck.

No. Godou rethought back.

「There is no such thing as better or worse opponent. Whether it’s Nee-san or Aisha-san, both of them are nothing but outrageously troublesome opponent.」

Smiling wryly, he focused on the Shinjuku Imperial Garden that had been turned into demonic forest.

Right now Godou was at Shinjuku line number four――on top of an elevated highway.

This road was constructed alongside the south part of Shinjuku Imperial Garden. The street’s operation was immediately suspended when trouble occurred at Shinjuku area.

Godou could brazenly take up position there because of the back up from the history compilation committee.

Currently all traffic of car had gone completely and that place became Kusanagi Godou’s solo stage.

「Doing whatever they please right at the middle of Tokyo……」

The trees of Shinjuku Imperial Garden had grown luxuriantly until they were jutting out from their original plot of land.

All the trees had been growing until around the height of sixty meter. The top of the trees were far higher than the elevated highway Godou was at.

A forest that was too deep. From outside the situation inside the forest couldn’t be seen at all, was how it was supposed to be.


From the realm of the dead, a reliable ally whispered to him.

(I was able to determine the location of Madam Aisha. And――not only sect founder Luo Hao, but Marquis Voban is also not inside the forest.)

It was Yuri. She was looking over at the lower world using exactly『the view point of god』from a territory that was not of this world, then she conveyed what she could confirm at him using telepathy.

She was the ultimate existence for the role of scouting and advising.

(The surrounding of Shinjuku station has become something terrible due to the marquis’s authority. But……it seem that the marquis is already not nearby.)

「So there is no sign of him chasing after Aisha-san……」

Godou nodded at the notification from Yuri. It was good news.

He would scrutiny the marquis’s plan later, right now――he could devote himself to the confrontation against his elder sister.

「……I heard about this from Yinghua, so this is the authority to create the forest of decaying world. Nee-san’s power is really outrageous huh. But, I already know.」

He spun his words. In order to cut apart god, getting rid of divine might.

「Wood, fire, earth, metal, water. In the truth of yin yang and the five elements at China――wood is『something that is born from water, lay root in earth, and grow』. Jupiter that is the star of wood element, is called as Taisai, Saisei by the ancestor of Nee-san and others. The name when that thing is worshipped as god is god Taisai, one of the eight gods of Koyomi.」

The tenth avatar of Verethragna『Warrior』. Its weapon was the sword power of words.

「Killing that god Taisai, Nee-san raise wood, create grass and flower, becoming a master of authority that grant them even further strength! Knowing that――」

Beside Godou, around thirty globes of light that were the symbol of sword appeared.

It was the usual weapon. However, what was different from usual was their amount. At the battle against god and Campione, he usually created globes of light in the number that was tens of time of this.

But this time he compressed it into this total of thirty globes.

「I can cut this forest!」

Above Godou’s head――dazzling aggregation of light manifested and released brilliant light!

(!? Godou-san, the sect founder is trying to pour power of words into that forest once more!)

「Can you show that to me too!? Just like before!」


Strong spiritual connection was building between him and Mariya Yuri.

Before they parted at the realm of the dead, that time she endowed him with the knowledge of the war god Ramachandra, Yuri also created this connection at that opportunity. Thanks to that――

He was able to exchange word like this with Yuri who was at the realm of the death.

She who was a person with spiritual sight was able to directly teach Godou what she saw as image!

「That huh!」

From the winter night sky, toward the demonic forest – Shinjuku Imperial Garden――light was descending.

It was a sparkling bright collection of particle of light. At Godou’s senses, it had the size and volume about the same like his high school classroom. That was certainly the power of words that his elder sister spun.

『Swiftly obey the command of Taisai-seikun, Kyuukyuu Nyoritsuryou!』(TN: Urgent Tathala Legal Codes, Tathala was the ultimate nature of all things)

The power of words of man-eating from Luo Cuilian that urged the vigorous vitality of life.

In respond to that, Godou commande at one of the thirty compressed light――at the sword power of words.


The sword power of words rushed to the sky in a straight line like a laser.

It splendidly cut apart the power of words that Luo Cuilian spun and cleanly dispersed it into nothing. And then, Godou announced calmly.

「……Nee-san. You can see and hear me right?」

The clairvoyance of his elder sister surely was observing at her little brother that was at the highway.

Godou appealed using his whisper that he was convinced that it was being listened at.

「If Nee-san intend to confront me at full force here, then I don’t mind accompanying you. But, old man Voban is also loitering around here. Even Aisha-san seems to be at good health. If Nee-san is aimed by that guy at your weak moment while fighting me……won’t it become a little bit troublesome?」

This wasn’t a one on one fight. This was a battle royal.

For Godou, he also had a destiny with Marquis Voban. If he had a decisive battle with his elder sister here and became greatly exhausted regardless of the result of the match――he could imagine a really troublesome future from that.

Exactly because of that this became a check. In the end would Luo Cuilian wish for a war of attrition against her little brother or not?

Godou waited for her reply for several dozen seconds along with nervous feeling.

(Godou-san! The『eye』of sect founder Luo Hao――it vanished from above the imperial garden!)

「So she listened to my request……」

This was the closing curtain of the first battle.

Different from the two old Campiones, he had no intention to eliminate Madam Aisha. Rather, Godou was beginning to think that perhaps he ought to protect her instead…….

On the other side, the lady in question that was deep inside Shinjuku Imperial Garden.

「I, I don’t really understand what is going on but, this is a chance!」

Just before she got swallowed, the movement of the huge venus flytrap stopped. The vines that were like tentacles also slackened.

Madam Aisha desperately attempted to shake off the restriction of the vines and began to fight hard.

Anyway, she had to slip out from the demonic forest even for a second faster――.

Part 6


Godou sighed with the end of the first battle against the magic sect founder.

He was alone on the road of Shinjuku line number four. Erica and Liliana actually were already sneaking into the “demonic forest” Shinjuku Imperial Garden by his request.

It was for the sake of scouting whether it was possible or not to rescue Madam Aisha.

「Mariya, do you understand how is inside the forest?」

(It seem that Madam Aisha will be able to struggle through her current danger somehow. But, Erica-san and Liliana-san’s progress is not really going well……)

「I thought so.」

It was a deep forest without any path, a demonic region that was untouched by men.

Not merely insectivorous plant, but it seemed that beast-eating and man-eating plants were growing in abundant everywhere inside.

Right now was late at night, but even if it was afternoon, the trees of the forest were growing so densely that sunlight wouldn’t go through. It was an extremely dangerous place.

(It would be great if it is a forest that Liliana-san flying magic can go through, but――)

「This is something like a barrier that Nees-san created, so even that is not possible isn’t it? Well, I told them to quickly get out if it looks like even they might get into accident so……」

He wanted to think that they would be fine.

Those duo shouldn’t commit any mistake in making such decision.

Godou changed the topic, believing in those knights.

「Rather than that Mariya. I’m already fine here, so you quickly rest up. Interfering from realm of the death to this side is considerably hard right?」

(Ye, yes. Actually it will be my limit soon……it’s near.)

From a little while ago, Yuri used her spiritual power to make telepathic communication with him and gave him her support with her all.

The whisper from the strongest spiritual sight owner of this era, that advised from the view point of god. It would be incredibly advantageous if this kind of blessing could continue indefinitely. However, spiritual link that crossed over world exhausted the mind and spiritual power considerably.

She couldn’t let to force herself too much. So Godou spoke.

「You really helped. Thank you. I will rely on you again later without you working too hard.」

(Of course. Ah, but Godou-san, please let me meddle for just one last thing. Can you correspond with me again――just like before……?)

Godou closed both his eyes and imagined Yuri strongly.

Mariya Yuri. Princess shrine maiden. She was more sincere than anyone, a kind Yamato Nadeshiko――. Then, even though his eyes were closed, there was something he became able to see.

That was a world where everything was painted grey, and the figure of Yuri that was standing there.

The same like when she parted with her in the middle of the confrontation against Rama, she was still wearing shrine maiden outfit.

「It has been a long time, Godou-san.」

「Didn’t we just meet like this just before?」

「But, we have already separated far away for several days already. So I want to convey the share that I couldn’t talk about during that time……」

Yuri spoke looking embarrassed. Her shy look was lovely.


Godou spontaneously wanted to embrace her, but of course he restrained himself. It was something outrageous.

「? Is something the matter?」

「No, nothing. Rather than that you said something about last meddling……?」

Not in the form of receiving thought wave, but by exchanging words face to face.

This was possible thanks to Godou concentrating his mind and strongly imagined his connection with Yuri’s soul.

The mystical force and concentration power of devil king Campione, and then the preeminence strength of Mariya Yuri, it seemed those were the factors that made this feat possible for the first time.

Most likely this was something impossible for Kusanagi Godou half a year ago.

Exactly because it was now that his ability as Campione had grown that he could realize this feat.

It wasn’t like he was happy that his strength increase, but he was honestly feeling joy that he could face Yuri like this after so long from the result of that growth.

And then, in front of such Godou, Yuri appealed timidly.

「Tha…….that, is. Not long ago, didn’t I impart the knowledge related to god Taisai in great hurry, to Godou-san……」

Right after Godou received the feeling from Yuri at the Jinguu baseball stadium.

She told him that he shouldn’t be on guard just against Marquis Voban, but also against sect founder Luo Hao. Yuri warned him like that. She sensed the omen of his elder sister’s movement using her outstanding spiritual sight power.

Furthermore regarding the authority that transformed Shinjuku Imperial Garden, she spiritually sighted what kind of god it originated from――.

Later when the time came they pondered how to impart the knowledge of god Taisai, Yuri spoke to him. She said, let’s strengthen――the connection between their mind.

That was why, just a little while ago he was also facing her like this…….

Godou nodded at Yuri while faltering.

「Tha, that just now really helped. Thanks to that I could threaten Nee-san. Really thanks so much-」

「Bu, but see. There wasn’t much time before, wasn’t it too rushed?」

「Well, that’s……」

「By any chance, perhaps the knowledge wasn’t imparted enough. I feel really uneasy about that. What if something inconvenient happen when the knowledge is used as sword power of words.」

「Ah, no. About that it’s fine.」

Godou immediately answered at the fervently appealing Yuri.

「When the knowledge is insufficient then the『Warrior』avatar will be simply unusable.」


「It will be simply……」


When Godou was talking about the knowledge that he obtained from experience, the graceful princess shrine maiden immediately stared at such Godou with eyes that seemed to want to convey something.

Yuri’s eyes looked really lonely.

At that moment, Godou comprehended everything and without delay he embraced her.

「Certainly it might be a little bit uneasy.」

「I, I also think so.」

「Mariya. Can I ask you for that last meddling you mentioned?」


He didn’t let her said anything else. He plugged up Yuri’s mouth.

Slowly they exchanged kiss that ascertained the shape of the lips, then he inserted his tongue.

It was a little bit forceful, but the Yamato Nadeshiko that was supposed to be neat and clean moved her lips and tongue passionately and welcomed him in. Not only that, Yuri also sucked at Godou’s lips from her end seeking for him. This was rare from the girl who was usually modest right after they started this act.

Godou immediately noticed the reason and he whispered between the kiss’s interval.

「Sorry, that I left you alone here all this time.」

「It’s fine. This is necessary after all……」

Yuri also whispered back while kissing at Godou’s ear absorbedly.

After that, she also said this hesitantly.

「By, by the way. I, wanted to watch over Godou-san as much as possible, so I often watch at the situation at the surface from this realm of the dead. Especially when I felt omen of danger.」

「This time too I’m helped because of that.」

「And so, because of that, I also peeked a little at scene that I shouldn’t see……. For example when Ena-san and Godou-san were――」


Is that so. So there was also that kind of chance by looking at the lower wold from here using the god view point.

Godou understood. A few hours ago, that one act with Ena at Haneda Airport. Yuri who seemed to have witnessed that turned bright red until her ear.

「Of, of course, I immediately averted my eyes, so that I don’t peek though! Geez Godou-san, what are you doing while I’m not at your side――for a bit that kind of thinking was……ah」

He forcefully stole the lips of the princess shrine maiden once more.

On top of that, Godou said something good-for-nothing once again.

「I won’t mind even if anyone complain at me later. Let’s do this again when there are only the two of us.」

「Yes……. I too will keep it a secret……」

He made her said something that was unsuited for a refined Yamato Nadeshiko.

However, this girl who responded until that far for a man like him was lovely in any case.

Godou became unable to restrain his feeling to Yuri and he tightly hugged the delicate princess shrine maiden’s body stronger than necessary.

Part 7

「So you are here, wolf king.」

「Fuh. To think that it will be you who come to me.」

「Is it unexpected?」

「No……. I had predicted this as one possible occurrence. Though I didn’t think that it will become reality this quickly.」

250 meter above the ground. The viewing platform at 52nd floor of a skyscraper.

It was at a certain place in Roppongi. It was already past three o’clock, there shouldn’t be any visitors here. But, for the two godslayers that wasn’t any obstacle for them.

These were two great rivals that obtained privilege that couldn’t be restrained even by many people using strength and king’s might.

「What a poor endgame for someone like you……. Even though if you cornered that witch, you still have hands that you can play.」

「Those words, I’ll return it to you exactly as they are.」

The old devil king objected with an expression that wasn’t a derisive smile or wry smile.

「Wasn’t that offensive a bit lenient for you? Even after making that kind of playing ground, you suspend the hunt at the middle.」

「There is no need to speak my reason.」

「Well, yeah. How many times even we were given hard time by taking that witch lightly.」

「Fufufufu. Of course, if it was possible to finish her off, then I would take that chance but……right now is not the time, it’s enough to just weaken Madam Aisha for now.」

「Indeed. The bottom of that woman’s strength……is something immeasurable.」

「The wisdom, fighting spirit, and also experience of person of valor like us, are always cleared over by that witch, she led around the world by its nose as the most fearsome godslayer.」

「Naturally I will continue interference toward that person, but――the finishing blow need not to be now.」

「As expected the wolf king has the same thinking.」

As fellow senior devil kings, they pleasantly chatted facing the battlefield.

It was a scene that never existed before. No matter how many godslayers there were, these two kings considered each other as exactly their greatest enemy.

「Now then sect founder-dono. This bond has existed since our match at the blizzard London, but the outcome hasn’t been made clear yet until now.」

「It is as you say. ……Shall we compete in valor here, right now?」

「Yeah. That is also not bad.」

The twisted person that acknowledged the other party and was acknowledged in turn, made a smirk.

「But, that is also not the best. This is the long-awaited showdown that will come to realization after a hundred years. I think it’s also fine to put on air for a little bit more.」

「For example, the final game where the last one standing will be decided, something like that……」

At the face of the two strong people that recognized each other as the same rank, snicker came at the same time.

「I shall say it simply. In my side, the preparation for alliance offer has been made.」

「My side too. Until you and I become the last two standing. Until the last battle that will decide who will battle against the『King of the End』――」

Several hours already passed since the opening of the civil war.

In order to direct the internal discord that had turned pointlessly grand into something that was more to their liking, the two senior devil kings were starting a no good discussion.

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