[Fanfic] 19-4 – Intensifying Chaos


Chapter 4 – Intensifying Chaos

Part 1

In the world there existed many famous mountains, high mountains.

Where in, the mountain summit that the highly famous heroes including Seiten Taisei were temporarily staying at――wasn’t a preeminent high altitude by any means.

Currently, around this mountain there were several mountains with similar height alongside it.

The summit of the mountain was just right, so anyone could freely survey the scenery of the lining up mountain range that was just like sibling mountains. Like that it could even be said that it had its own charms.

Seiten Taisei – Son Goku whispered.

「Uh hum」

The season was late winter, every mountain was covered with pure white snow.

Nonetheless, there were quite a lot of evergreen trees at the vicinity of the summit. The dull green of pointy leaves and the brown tree barks that gnarled from cold were reasonably hiding the whiteness of the snow.

「For me, a region that is a bit more like『Deep mountain valleys that cannot be pushed through no matter how many people there is!』is also not inconvenient though.」

Even while being a wild war god, he declared as an ascetic that also learned the path of sage.

On his younger day he played at the mountain of flowers and fruit as the king of the monkeys, later on he secluded himself for twenty years inside Reidai-Housan mountain, spending years absorbing himself in ascetic practice. That was the first half of the divine monkey – Son Goku’s life. (TN: Reidai Housan seems to meant ‘where the soul resides, heart dwell’)

「Perhaps because this place is near a village that it strangely stink of human. Shall we lay out barrier to drive out human, or move to around that mountain there instead.」

「What mountain you are speaking about? There is only mountains everywhere around here you know?」

The hero with bright golden yellow curly hair beside him――Perseus tilted his head.

Seiten Taisei pointed at south-southwest.

「There. It has quite a dignified shape, it has good feeling see.」

About forty odds kilometer ahead, there was the steepest sacred mountain in Japan, the Fuji Mountain standing tall.

It was covered with a blanket of snow looking majestic and beautiful. It had far higher height than the mountains they were currently at, where Seiten Taisei and others needed to look up at that summit.

……The place they were at was in the middle of Okutama mountain, named in the human world.

It seemed that it was a place located at the national border west from Tokyo metropolis.

The morning sunlight had just climbed up a little while ago. Fuji Mountain was bathed in that light and was brightly shining in a mix of golden and orange.

But, Perseus shook his head.

「As expected from Seiten-dono, that was an opinion that is appropriate for an unequaled master of secluding himself inside mountain. However, that is also an opinion that I find it a bit hard to agree to. As you know, most of the people who worshipped me as the incarnation of sun, the god Mithras, they lived in city and built my shrine in the metropolis.」

The lady killer with beautiful feature and unrestrained air spoke nonchalantly.

「Based on that circumstance, as expected being near the metropolis is fitting for me. I think that our current placement is just the right arrangement, for me.」

「That way of talking has some kind of implication in it.」

「If you receive it as a sarcasm toward a provincial person, that is merely an unjust suspicion. I believe that is merely the smoldering sense of inferiority inside yourself toward the people of the capital that make you think like that.」

「At the moment you speak on and on, that is the moment you let the cat out of the bag.」

An exchange of foul language that was unlike that of hero. But, there was no sign of the third hero that was there to join in that exchange. Seiten Taisei and Perseus glanced at that person’s direction.

The divine monkey Hanuman was wordlessly facing the sword.

A splendorous long sword was stabbed on the white snow, he was staring fixedly at that sword.

Divine sword of salvation. It was a sword that should be called as the offshoot of the dormant hero Ramachandra. The silver blade was shining so sublimely that it looked cool and clear.

But, on the blade of that glorious divine sword――black blot was spreading.

From the middle of that large and long blade until its sword guard, was muddy black impurely…….

「Ou, my fellow monkey compatriot-dono.」

Seiten Taisei called at Hanuman that was staring at the black blot.

「By any chance is shadow-dono…….the younger brother saying something?」

「The other day since he was shutting himself inside the sword, he has been really quiet.」

Perseus also spoke slightly cynically. For the view point of the hero that was the incarnation of sun, a gloomy existence like the black blot nesting inside the divine sword might be a little depressing for him.

On the other hand, the loyal second in command of prince Rama answered solemnly.



「He is telling us to first watch over the strife between those godslayers?」

「Affirmative. Prince Laksmana had spoken. First is to look. And then prepare. Without fail a good opportunity to attack will tumble toward us, was what he said.」

The white divine monkey Hanuman had larger built than Seiten Taisei who was monkey like him.

Speaking in human expression then he had a height of 180 cm. That large frame was clad in leather armor with his posture prepared for battle.

The handsome man with bright golden yellow shrugged toward that mediator among them.

「Roger then, white monkey-dono. In other words, that means that we shall cowardly stay inside a hole unbecoming for heroes, lying in wait for the moment the godslayers weaken from their internal discord.」

「Just like rat or wild dog that fish for rotten meat in trashcan, it’s a steady and glum method.」

Seiten Taisei also let out a stifled laughter. As expected it was with sarcastic tone.

But, they didn’t object. The divine tool that Hanuman was possessing, the『Discus of Arrowhead』, it was thanks to the blessing of that tool that the two heroes could remain in this world. They had the sense of duty due to that.

In contrast, Hanuman was holding a dignified silence.

The black blot still spreading on the divine sword of salvation――as though ridiculing a hero’s heroic, it was wriggling on the blade, crawling like worm.


Part 2

「Fuu. This is a nice kind of hot water……」


Aisha was whispering feeling warm and fluffy while soaking in hot water at a large public bath.

「The night yesterday was miserable, but here my body and heart is revived……」

This hot water was pumped up from natural hot spring 1400 meter deep underground.

Similar like Aisha’s skin, the hot water was also brown. Inside that water Aisha sunk her naked body comfortably and her limbs stretched to the limit.

「I have to recover my stamina firmly here and then work hard again.」

Even her who possessed the authority of healing had one limitation.

Actually, Aisha couldn’t heal her own body.

And then this large bath appeared at that time. The large bathtub made from hinoki cypress was like a pool, wafting off the fragrance of wood intensely.

This was Tokyo’s Odaiba, the Edo hot spring Park Land.

It was a famous tourist spot that was introduced even at the Tokyo Guide Book that was intended for foreigner.

Other than Aisha there were also a lot of visitors that looked like foreign tourist. As expected from the bathing facility that boasted of its largest scale even inside the metropolis.

……Last night, she painfully escaped from the “demonic forest” by her own strength.

After that, it was midnight and even the train wasn’t working, but Aisha requested a person who passed through riding bike so that she could hitchhike, and she got sent until Shinbashi. And then she stayed for a night at a capsule hotel that was aimed at Japanese salary man that missed the last train.

After waiting until morning came, she called at the owner of her part-time workplace.

She explained that she had personal matter to take care of and she was able to receive day off for a while.

After that she visited the nearby Tsukiji fish market and plentifully replenished her nourishment with gyuudon and boiled offal set right from the morning.

Past noon she moved to Odaiba and began to have her fill for hot spring.

「That’s right. I have to try out that service too!」

After cleansing her body in the large bath, she went toward the changing room.

However, it was still too fast for her to return to her maid uniform and red hood.  She changed into a pink yukata and went toward the footbath area.

Her mind returned to a childlike innocence, her tanned bare feet kicked and splashed the hot water.

Aisha was keenly feeling moved. The Tokyo Guide Book that she secretly brought finally became useful.

「Now that I think about it, all this time since I arrived at Tokyo I was only holing inside the residence, or working as maid, I haven’t rest at all.」

Of course she was not just relaxing.

Till the end this was just a short break. There was various thinks that she should think about.

「Something like dispute between us fellow godslayers happening everyday, I have enough of that already. What to really do from here on……?」

While pondering, this time she went toward Thailand style massage that she had make reservation for beforehand.

After having her tired body message and loosened up, Aisha took off her yukata once more and enjoyed open air bath, ultrasonic bath, and stone sauna.

With a completely warm body and heart, she finally went out of the hot spring park.

She took a stroll while walking leisurely toward the direction of the sea. By the time she arrived at the park of the wharf that commanded the view of Tokyo Bay, she had also already solidified her plan.

「It doesn’t seem that Onii-sama and Onee-sama has the intention to respond to ceasefire proposal at all. As expected, let’s talk with the younger people!」

Clenching her fist, she persuaded herself.

「It’s said that a talk will connect easier the nearer the generation. Rather than uselessly negotiating with Onii-sama and Onee-sama, I should make the gentlemen whose age is not far from me. Yes. Forming a group of young person with fellow young person is the natural progression!」

The sun had gone down much. The quick evening of late winter was approaching.

The artificial island floating at the Tokyo Bay――the center breakwater’s reclaimed land could be perceived from the park of the wharf she was at right now.

The setting sun and night view that was seen from here would surely be magnificent scenery.

However, Aisha noticed a different problem and went ‘hah’.

「The dinner tonight will be sukiyaki at Asakusa, but what to do about the inn!?」

She received salary from her part-time at maid café per day.

It was the kindness from the café owner toward Aisha who lost her purse.

But the number of day she had been working was still few, so it couldn’t be said that her war funds was plenty. She wanted to economize her lodging charge as much as possible.

Should she stay at the home of a person she became cordial with, or should she search for a cheap inn.

Her backpacker live didn’t change even now or in the past that she traveled through time. Aisha began to calculate with her usual rhythm.

Furthermore――she was right beside sea, so the sea breeze of winter was cold.

Nearby the park of the wharf, there were a lot of warehouse and buildings related with logistics.

She decided to quickly return to the direction of the hot spring and station. The moment she was going to start to walk, Aisha was suddenly called out.

「I imagined that perhaps it is like this but……it’s just as expected. You seem to have a really elegant sightseeing haven’t you, Madam Aisha.」


「You are always like this. You won’t let any tension to persist for long, or rather you cannot. But, exactly because of that you can always act naturally……. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s the twos side of the same coin.」

When she turned around, a noble youth wearing a black jacket was there.

His popular name was Alec. Alexander Gascoigne.

He was a young Campione with the nickname the black prince. Usually he was often wearing a sour look, but right now he was wearing a face like a young philosopher being absorbed in thinking.

Just like a mathematician facing against an unsolvable problem, he was looking baffled.

「Also, let me say my opinion for a bit. You who are likely to be born at the 19th century, with us the Campiones at the teens or twenties……cannot be considered as being near your generation by any means. Or else, a special reason that it should be considered like that――is there anything like that?」


Aisha was flustered from being questioned with exceedingly calm tone like that.

「Di, did you listen to my monologue!?」

「Yeah. When I arrived here, it was right when you are muttering to yourself which I happened to hear.」

It seemed that Alec rushed here when he knew of Aisha’s whereabout.

The black prince Alec was an owner of nimble feet that was equal with lightning. Furthermore if he felt like it, he could even sever all sound and presence when he was using godspeed.

But, for him to easily speak out something that was a major secret of other person like this which he came to know using that superpower――

(It, it has been many years since I last met him but, he hasn’t grown up at all-!?)

That was the kind of youth he was.

Aisha fully realized although it was at this late hour. If it was just his face then this young man was a distinctively handsome man. However the way he treated a female was to be criticized――or rather, it was like he was totally no good at it.

With an unbelievable insensitiveness, this young man stepped in brazenly with muddy shoes into a woman’s sacred ground.

Well, if the other party was Voban-oniisama or the young Doni, then she wouldn’t expect anything from them in the first place and so she wouldn’t even be bothered by whatever they said.

However, the young Alec had a face this handsome with a nickname of prince.

Aisha yelled with flood of emotions poured into it.

「A, Alec-san, geez, as a man you are really someone disappointing!」

「……? Why are you responding like that?」

He tilted his head with a face that was not understanding anything at all.

The black prince Alec crisply tightened his expression.

「Well, no matter. Let me say this once again. I am different from the barbaric old people, so I don’t particularly have the intention of consigning you to oblivion but――. Even so in this battle of the devil king civil war, I think the existence of Madam Aisha is one that ought to be eliminated first.」


「I will be grateful if you immediately surrender without any resistance.」

「A, are you planning to imprison me somewhere, and then torturing me!?」

Imagining herself being captured, Aisha was feeling terror.

But Alec easily denied that.

「Unfortunately, you are a woman that can slip out through a wall unnoticed even if I locked you in a prison. A measure more than that is necessary I think.」

「Mo, more than that!?」

「The fairy corridor……in the past, “that” also caused me to meet very bad experience. I’ll have you open it for you to travel at the super ancient times before the birth of humanity. Or else even without crossing through the age, I can have you crammed into a thick ice at Antartica so you can have a cold sleep……」

When Aisha was about to complain about how cruel he was,

Before she opened her mouth, a person appeared that called at the black prince in her place.

「You are also really cautious against Aisha-san huh, Gascoigne?」

Quite recently, she had passed a few months together with this young man in the ancient Gallia.

Kusanagi Godou. The young Campione that made this Tokyo as his home was staring sharply at Alec while approaching slowly.

Aisha twitched with her body stiffening from getting startled.

All the godslayer she encountered was aiming for her, so as expected she became uneasy.

However, the Japanese young man was――

「As for me, rather I’m in favor of Aisha-san’s opinion though.」

「Hmph. Are you planning to decide who will confront the hero Rama by talking it with each other? You can make that gamble but the talk absolutely won’t be settled.」

「I also agree with that. But, there are also other better methods aren’t there?」

The young Kusanagi decisively spoke when he arrived until nearby Aisha and Alec.

「If you are going to have Aisha-san open that corridor, then you might as well gather all the Campiones other than the one who will be the representative to fight Rama――and send them off to some period somewhere. In that case the remaining representative can fight without reservation. After all Rama will become unable to use the great law of covenant then.」


Aisha leaned her body forward. Certainly that method seemed like it could work well.

However, Alec’s face changed as though he had bitten something bitter and he sighed wearily.

「How shallow, Kusanagi Godou.」

「Why do you say that?」

「You are overlooking two important factors.」

「Two you say?」

「Yeah. I think you will notice the first reason before long so putting that aside……right now let’s talk about the biggest factor. Listen. The steering of sending six Campiones to another dimension――it will be left in the hand of Madam Aisha you know? Do you think that it will succeed without any accident?」

Alec was speaking only about the second point of his reasoning.

The moment he heard that, Kusanagi Godou went「Aa―……」in understanding. Seeing that, the wise black prince continued regretfully.

「You know just what kind of person madam is aren’t you? In addition, she is a woman who is habitually saving a lot of mileage of good and bad fortune. I――am scared that she is going to perpetrate something preposterous at the critical time. I really cannot have any confidence in her.」


「If you are planning to test this Campione time travel, then it should be used to make Madam Aisha travel alone instead. Because no matter what she perpetrated, it doesn’t change that the uncertain factor that will only throw the situation into chaos will be eliminated with that.」

「Now that you say it, I think that there is also that method too……」

「Ku, Kusanagi-san!?」

Kusanagi Godou smiled a bit wryly hearing the astonished voice of Aisha.

On top of that he took a big step forward and stood on the way of Alec, in order to shut out the gaze of the black prince and covered Aisha behind his back.

「But, I have no intention of continuing the talk based on what if. Gascoigne, if you are planning to take away this person, then go only after defeating me first.」


Part 3

「So, this time it’s Prince Alec that is standing in the way of Kusanagi Godou……」

「He is a strong willed person on top of being serious, so I thought that he would come out to proactively attack in the early stage. But having my prediction coming true like this, is not something pleasant.」

A clash against a frequent powerful enemy.

Erica was shrugging at the side of the impressed Liliana.

The night where seven Campione had gathered in one place had passed, now it was Friday at the last week of February. At the evening where there was still a few more hours yet until the sun set, a new battlefield was forming in Odaiba.

「But, both Prince Alec and Godou are rational people, don’t you think that it won’t suddenly become a battle?」

Erica said.

On the rooftop of a eight storied building constructed at seaside, she was observing the ground from the edge of that place.

Three Campiones were in the middle of informal talk at the park a few hundred meters ahead. The two of them were using magic to reinforce eyesight, so they could even see the expression of the three.

The two men looked disappointed while Madam Aisha was all shaken up. Though the atmosphere was not a murderous one.

「Erica. Stop speaking of a possibility that even you don’t believe.」

This time it was Liliana who spoke.

「Those two, it’s like they are not in sync even when they both have the same thinking. The one who said that was you.」

「What a nostalgic story that is.」

「By the point of time this combination met, it was already a countdown until the opening of battle.」

「Even though just the cleaning up of Shinjuku was already a disaster, today will it be Odaiba that become the scene of a disastrous scene I wonder?」

「Rather I now want to suggest, can they instead just arrange for all the people in the capital to be evacuated all at once……」

Around this area was littered with logistics warehouse, so there were few people other than the staff.

However, if they walked a little they would reach a bustling area of the seaside subcenter of the city. The commerce and leisure facilities there were crowded to the limit. The crowd was something that couldn’t be sneezed at even in this weekday.

Fortunately, there was no sign of people nearby the three devil kings.

They were standing while talking at each other showered with the sea breeze of late afternoon at the park that was facing the sea――.

「What is fortunate from Shinjuku yesterday, is that both Marquis Voban and sect founder Luo Hao didn’t have any intention of a massacre.」

「It was terrible for Amasaki-san and others who were collecting the victims that became werewolfs and salt statues though.」

「It will be great if their work can be over today.」

Having said that, thanks to the event happening late at night, the number of the victims itself could be held down.

For a place where three senior Campiones came across each other, they should rejoice instead that the damage to Shinjuku area was extremely little. However.

「But, I wonder if Shinjuku Imperial Garden will be able to return to normal?」

Erica tilted her head.

Shinjuku Imperial Garden that was transformed into “Demonic Forest” by cult founder Luo Hao’s authority.

Last night, Erica and Liliana infiltrated inside it.

Inside the forest, man-eating plants were crawling everywhere, things like poison miasma, dazzling fragrance, and so on were obstructing the advance of the knights. Sometimes there were even a yell that resembled a human scream coming from underground. Most likely it was impossible to discover Madam Aisha inside that demonic region.

But, before they gave up the search, Kusanagi Godou wielded the『sword』from outside the forest.

The words of power that cut apart the divine spirit – god Taisai of wood element――.

「When Godou used the『sword』, the man eating plants and magic plants like mandragora lost their mystical force and they stopped moving but……the trees and flowers that grew excessively were still at the same shape.」

「Even the sword words of power cannot erase the very growth of the plants.」

Liliana also murmured.

「Until the end this is just my witch instinct. But even if they return to the vegetation when the park was normal, after half a year passed the spirit will be active again. Possibly the park’s state of pseudo “Demonic Forest” will continue forever……. At any rate, I think that park should be completely isolated for a while.」

「Even us, although we escaped but it took quite a bit of effort.」

「Madam Aisha accomplished an escape from such forest by herself, that’s why――」

「Those people, they are really absurd aren’t they……. Hey, Lily.」

The gazes of the two were directed to the ground, there the black prince Alec and Kusanagi Godou were throwing provocative words at each other.

Erica spoke with a pondering look without taking off her eyes from there.

「Actually I have been thinking this from a long time ago. The authority of Campione, how much power it has when used in maximum strength――honestly speaking, perhaps it is still unclear with both of them isn’t it?」


「If I have to speak from the one close to us, someone like Godou, his greatest firepower that is the『White Horse』, we don’t understand that at all just how much destruction it can bring about.」

「Now that you mentioned it, he said『It’s scary just how much its maximum power can do so I don’t try it out』……」

「He proclaimed that didn’t he? That’s right Lily. To say it positively then the authority of Campione is flexible, and saying it without any embellishment than it is just too vague, just where is the limit of the authority――everything is obscure in detail. But, if it’s material so that we can imagine various thing then I happen to have it.」

Right after he became Campione, Kusanagi Godou confronted the god king Melqart.

At that time he used『White Horse』without thinking anything and unleashed a firepower that dissolved the whole harbor of the ancient city Palermo of Sicilia Island into melting liquid.

It was an act of barbarity right in the center of urban areas with lot of population.

As expected even “the man who wouldn’t stop when he got provoked” learned from experience, since then he was always deliberately holding back the might of『White Horse』. It was to the degree that he showed how he could target only a single ferry boat on a lake in his battle against Salvatore Doni right after that.

However――in reverse until now he had still never completely liberated the authority’s full power.

「I think Lu Yinghua said it before. That perhaps his master can change the whole Japan into decay world. Madam Aisha can also cause a severe famine with her winter authority, and above all is the monster that brought about the greatest calamity that was the historical destruction. Even Godou, actually it wouldn’t be strange if he could do something like――turning Kanto area into a burnt field with the blaze of『White Horse』. That thing, so to speak is a fragment of sun.」(TN: Kanto is the eastern half of Japan, including Tokyo)

「Come to think of it even Lord Salvatore too――」

The leader of Southern Europe “King of Sword”. Liliana let out that name with a gloomy expression.

「Even though his worth should be only about cutting something into two with a sword, but is that really all……there were several cases that looked suspicious.」

「Regarding that, I think that’s largely because Lord Andrea was also carrying information suppression……」

The butler of the sword king was an extraordinarily straitlaced person.

For the sake of the honor of Italia as well as Southern Europe’s magic world, he promptly concealed the scandal of his master and went through days of wracking his brain so that it wouldn’t spread to outside.

「Anyway. This kind of people is all gathering in one place, so the danger to the people of Tokyo should be at the level that is beyond description. Even now it is progressing in front our eyes.」

「First we should pull them away from Odaiba, just as Kusanagi Godou instructed……」


On the ground, Kusanagi Godou was finally taking action.

Covering Madam Aisha behind him, he received the fighting spirit of prince Alec right from the front. The situation was already beyond explosive, the fire was already lit on the fuse.

The two knights exchanged glance and nodded at each other.

There was the plan for Liliana to leap between the three devil kings at appropriate timing, and used her forte the flying magic to take away her master the young man and Madam Aisha away. As much as possible she had to bring them away to a place without people――.

And then, at that time when the knights were about to move,

Both of them felt a presence behind them.

Without any sound just like a feather that was falling from the sky, someone landed softly. If the two of them didn’t strengthen their five senses using magic, they would surely didn’t notice it.

Speaking about an expert with such mastery of lightness――

「So it’s finally your entrance is it, Lu Yinghua. You are intending to hinder us?」

Erica spoke without even turning around.


Part 4

「It helps that Erica-neesan has quick thinking. There is no need to for unnecessary talk.」

A voice of a young boy that sounded cheeky came as reply.

Red and blue, the two knights moved their eyes to that direction. The son of the distinguished Lu family of Hong Kong that boasted prodigious talent while at the age of fourteen――Lu Yinghua was grinning broadly.

Today he was unusually wearing an indigo blue Kung Fu outfit.


「Sorry, but I am ordered by master. Weaken Madam Aisha as much as possible. Corner both her mind and body and don’t let her relax as much as possible. That was what master told me.」

「For that sake, you also won’t let Godou’s subordinates to interfere then?」

「Correct answer.」

「Hmph. That’s underhanded instruction is not like the sect founder isn’t it.」

Liliana spoke provocatively. But, the personal pupil of the magic cult founder was calm.

「I always said it didn’t I. Master is a person that firmly differentiate between a fight and a war. She is recognizing……that Madam Aisha cannot be finished off just by a one on one match of swinging her fist. Son Go’s Stratagem,Methods of the Sima, Six Secret Teachings――without exhausting all kind of strategy, she is not an opponent that could be finished off, she said.」(TN: Those are the name of art of war that is not written by Sun Tzu but by other famous strategists of China)

「I feel like I understand.」

Erica nodded.

「The madam is certainly a lady that is especially outside the standard even among the Campiones.」

「As a human she is quite a good person though. Well, because of that reason, the me today will take the enemy role against you two Nee-san after so long.」

Saying that, Yu Linghua――didn’t take the stance of martial art.

Languid. Both his hands were dangling down languidly without any tension, he was just standing still in one place. However, his gaze and bearing were obviously filled with blood thirst and fighting spirit.

「This is the strict order of master, I won’t make any allowance.」

Even though he was saying that far, but both his arms were still『languid』.

It seemed that he intended to fight like that. As expected from a wonder child of martial world, he was showing them a prodigious movement right from the start of the face-off.

It didn’t seem that there was any other way to go past him other than keeping him company until the end.

Erica was bravely showing a smile of female lion and took a step forward.

A thin long sword suddenly appeared on her right hand. A sword with the name of Cuore de Lione.

「Be thankful. I’m nominating myself as your dance partner.」

「One won’t be enough you know. You two Nee-san, I’ll take care of the two of you at the same time. I want Liliana-neesan to keep me company too here.」

「It’s unfortunate but――I have some place to go to!」

Liliana quickly broke into a dash with all her strength.

She entrusted this place to her blond rival cum sworn friend and hurried to her lord’s side. However, at that moment the wonder child of martial world finally came at her with an attack!


「I’ll leave it to you okay, Lily!」

*Kiin!* A high-pitched metallic sound reverberated.

The arm that Lu Yinghua languidly dangled down――that right arm bent like a whip and threw something toward the running Liliana. Erica swept it away with the magic sword of lion…….

A metallic sound due to the instantaneous offense and defense.

Cuore de Lione deflected something hard.

Liliana rushed without even ascertaining Lu Yinghua’s weapon. As might be expected from one who was even called as fairy of sword, her legs were wonderfully fast and light.

She ran until the edge of the rooftop almost instantly and leaped without hesitation.

From the building rooftop toward the ground where Kusanagi Godou and others were at. She leaped over a few hundred meter in one go!

On the other hand, Erica and Lu Yinghua’s offense and defense continued.

*hyun hyun hyun hyun hyun hyun!*

The weapon that Lu Yinghua was swinging around was 110 centimeter long. It was similar with a whip. Each time it cut the air it produced the sound of cutting wind. Nine thin metallic sticks were connected with iron ring, it was an『iron whip with joint』. And then――

The stick at the end of the whip was sharpened as blade just like a『spear’s tip』.

*Hyun! Hyun!*

He was going to cut apart Erica’s side face and body with this.

The tip of the whip imitation was repeatedly drawing circle, which Erica was somehow evading it continuously.

「That weapon, the last time I saw it at Hong Kong! If I remember correctly it’s called the nine joint whip isn’t it!?」

「So far as it goes it is my family’s treasured weapon!」

*hyun hyun hyun hyun!*

The nine joint whip was swung around. The nine metallic sticks that formed this weapon had length of fifteen centimeter each. If it was folded then it could even be settled on the palm. Lu Yinghua was hiding it on his hand with skillfulness that would make illusionist lose face and launched a surprise attack. (TN:Losing face means losing appreciation, respect, bearing etc. It could be one of many.)

This was the first time for Lu Yinghua whose strong point was palm martial art to use weapon.

「Is this what you mean by not making any allowance!?」

「For the moment. But, it’s not like I’m saying that I won’t use my hand yeah.」

Lu Yinghua suddenly snapped his right hand. The nine metallic sticks instantly got folded and became hidden inside the young boy’s palm. On top of that Lu Yinghua stepped forward――aiming at the abdomen of Erica who was holding a sword, he struck simultaneously with both his palms!

There was already no nine joint whip on his right hand. The whip was hidden in his pocket or sleeve!


Erica back stepped at the last moment and somehow evaded the blow of the two palms.

If she got hit with such blow, all her internal organ might get ruptured.

She was starting to get used to the movement of the nine joint whip from the offense and defense until now. And so Lu Yinghua hid his weapon with the dexterity like a sleight of hand, and then commenced his master’s personally taught palm art――Soaring Phoenix Twelve Divine Fist. He took surprise of the enemy with that clever plan. Truly a killing technique.

「I thought that the martial arts of cult founder Luo Hao would be technique of ruler though.」

Erica intentionally spoke elegantly also with the intention to calm herself down.

「So you are also properly taught the sleight of hand to take the enemy in their unguarded moment huh.」

「This is what is called as the back technique for actual fighting. Front and back, yin and yang, if you are not versed in each path then you cannot be called as a master under the heaven. The noble path of war is deceptive methods. That is the cherished opinion of master. ……That person is ostentatious though, so she absolutely won’t say it in front of other people.」

「But she is firmly educating her only personal pupil?」

「Yeah. If the time and place to use deceptive and wicked methods are not mistaken, then it will be useful」

What ought to be aspired for until the end was to be aware of the noble path while also properly facing the truth.

Erica was in admiration of the frankness that was just like the combat faction of the master and student but――

Erica took a deep breath. Nine joint whip. Rather than being cautious against the tricky way it was used it was better to pay attention at the weapon itself, her wariness reared up its head.

The parts that formed the nine joint whip, all of them were glossy jet black.

A steel that emitted glossy radiance like an obsidian. It was wafting off sign of mystical force.

In fact, right under the tip part that resembled spearhead was engraved with small eight character of『百邪斬断』『万精駆逐』that even resembled writing using brush. (TN: First sentence is Hundred Evil Bisecting and the second sentence is All Spirit Extermination)

This was Tao――China sorcery’s scriptures.

「Now that you mentioned it, you said something like the treasured weapon of Hong Kong’s Lu family didn’t you?」

「Well, Nee-san will soon understand the degree of effectiveness of it. After all it will be Nee-san herself that meet the painful experience.」

「My? Is it fine for you today to not take Godou into consideration? If something happen to me and Lily, that person would not forgive that you know?」

「Yeah isn’t that right, but that can’t be helped. Uncle is also scary but, master is scarier.」

The wonder child spoke with resignation mixing in his tone after hearing that small slyness of Erica.

But, that also meant that he was unconnected with any negligence or self-conceit that was frequent for someone talented. That was why Lu Yinghua was terrifying. If it was for the sake of accomplishing his objective, then he would unhesitatingly came using cunning wiles(malice).

「Then, I too will come without reservation――」

When she thought back, it was a bond since they met at Hong Kong a few years ago.

A showdown after a while since the last time with the child prodigy – Lu Yinghua that might have surpassed her. It was the beginning of a duel where not even an instant of losing focus would be permitted.

Erica caressed the blade of her beloved sword Cuore de Lione and heightened the mystical force.


On the other side, Liliana lightly leaped down from the rooftop――

The landing after that was also beautiful.

Even when she got down from the height of several tens of meters on the asphalt road, she kicked the ground *ta-* and connected a second leap without killing her momentum.

The destination that she aimed for with the nimbleness of a fairy was the side of her lord – Kusanagi Godou.

She would take her lord and Madam Aisha using flight magic. Bringing them to a place without any people.

After that the fellow devil kings would fight with their full strength――. That was her intention. But, after running for only a little, she was forced to come to a sudden stop.

That was because an unthinkable person was waiting on her way.

「Yaa. So it’s not Erica but you who came. Should I say long time no see?」

The person addressed her with composed voice. They were more or less in a relationship of old acquaintance.

Before, when she traveled to Britain with Kusanagi Godou, she had met face to face with this person just once at Cornwall.

「Sorry, but ahead my master Alexander Gascoigne and your lord-dono are in the middle of talking. Not letting any nuisance going through is my role. If you are planning to continue ahead then――you can go after defeating me.」

Sir Iceman informed her with a face of a warm gentleman instead.

He was around forty years old. Wearing a grey coat on top of elegant suit, there was no chink in his personal appearance. He was a legendary knight that was serving the black prince.

「I feel regretful for this trite warning, but please forgive me. Different from someone like Paolo who is also the senior of Erica and you, I have no confidence in long talks that puts on airs.」

The only man that the holy knight Paolo Blandelli recognized as his worthy rival.

Even Liliana had often heard about the greatness of this man’s name of《Iceman》.

For magician teacher and student raised in Italia’s Milan,『the man who is calm and collected like ice』was an existence that was too renowned along with his rival.

Liliana shuddered violently from encountering an enemy more powerful than Lu Yinghua.


November last year, Godou confronted the black prince Alec.

It was a case that revolved around a floating island and divine ancestor Guinevere. Through that battle, it could be said that the Campiones of Japan and Britain mostly understood each other’s ability.

Three months from then, The two of them were in confrontation once more at the ground of Tokyo.

「Hmph. To think that the day where I am conflicting with you again will come this fast.」


Alec who looked ill humored, and the silent Godou.

There was a distance of four, five meter between them.

But, Alec didn’t approach with his specialty the godspeed, he also didn’t try to take distance. That confident man was hesitant for a rematch――was impossible. Then.

「It’s not really that fast you know, Gascoigne.」

Godou opened his right hand quickly. A weapon appeared on that palm.

Divine sword – Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi. It had a shape that resembled Japanese katana, but actually it was not. The sword seemed to be the reproduction of an ancient sword『Warabitetou』. The color of the blade was jet black. (TN: Warabitetou was a type of iron sword with curved pommel (Nara period).)

「Because at my side I was busy with one thing or another that I almost forget my quarrel with you. Thanks to that I also got thrown into a mess where I need to learn an unnecessary skill.」


This time it was Alec that became silent.

During that time, the tip of Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi――was stabbed into earth by Godou.

The most prominent divine sword of Japan was sinking smoothly into the ground, before long, not only the blade even the hilt was completely vanishing into the ground…….

Godou abandoned his weapon, wasn’t what happened.

Immediately a strong wave of mystical force welled up from the ground.

That was a strong wave that spread through the reclaimed land of Odaiba――until almost the whole area.

「……A sword that forcefully fuse the spiritual power of a war god of steel and mother earth goddess huh. Just like the rumor, it seem that you have obtained a really dangerous weapon.」

「If possible I don’t want to use it, so you too don’t act rashly.」

「Even though you swing it around without hesitation when the moment comes, don’t push the responsibility to me.」

Sparks crackled out from the whole body of Alec who barked at Godou.

It was the portent that his godspeed was on. However, Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi was entering the activation preparation of the secret formula《Sword of Black》underground the bay area. Godou send his mind to underground.


Alec frowned.

That because just before he moved with godspeed, the legs of the black prince were stuck to the ground.

It was the work of Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi. 《Black Blade》 was still in the middle of preparation, but it could at least manipulate gravity to stick a thin young man to the ground.

「Is this also one of your new technique?」

「There is still more than something like this, don’t you also know it?」

Godou checked Alec that was smiling impudently.

A total of three months since the confrontation last time.

During that time, Kusanagi Godou had greatly changed. Thanks to the goddess Circe and Athena he obtained his third authority《Black Blade》Sword of the Beginning and the End, on top of that――

Exactly because Alec who was quick-eared knew that, that he was cautious like this.

It was in order to watchfully ascertain the power of Godou and instantly launched “an attack of reversal” that overturned the whole battle situation. That was the style of black prince Alec.

Exactly because they were fellow people who knew each other’s hands, that new weapon would become the key of the strategy――.

……Yet, speaking of the lady that was hidden behind Godou’s back.

「M, my. I wonder if this is the tragic situation of『a dispute between two gentlemen concerning me』that I heard from rumor……?」

She was making a worried face due to having idle thoughts that was of a different direction than the fight.

In any case, Alec was being alert at Ame no Murakumo that was sinking into the ground――toward its power, that he still wasn’t proactively fighting. Rather him showering Godou with godspeed trick play like the previous battle was something troublesome for Godou. So he was thankful with this situation.

What was left was if his companion could come while this bluff was still working…….

「I’ll say this, if it’s the person you are waiting for then she won’t come.」

Alec easily said.

「I am also bringing along someone here. He should be entertaining your comrade right now. It seem that the subordinates of cult founder Luo Hao are also wandering around so――well, I don’t think that your comrade will arrive shortly.」


「Let’s make this party’s attendance for Campione only. This is disadvantageous for me with two against one, but I don’t really mind.」

「……As for me, I want to change the venue itself though.」

The moment he thought he might be able to grasp the pace, it was overturned on him.

The black prince Alec grinned at Godou who was talking like poor loser.

「What an extravagant guy to be able to feel discontent about the venue. If you don’t want to involve the people around into this, then you only need to fight so it doesn’t come into that isn’t it?」

「Of course, I’m going to do just that.」

Godou clicked his tongue when it was his turn of getting checked.

As expected, the Britain Campione was well-informed of the aspect that Kusanagi Godou was the most poor at. And then, little sparks began to crackle from Alec’s whole body.

He planned to use godspeed once more.

How much he would be able to hinder him using Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi and the Black Blade  undergound――.

「Ku, Kusanagi-san-. Now that it has come to this, I will cooperate too, so let’s escape together from here! No matter what he say this is two versus one!」

Aisha gave a proposal now that the event had reached this point.

Godou nodded. For better or for worse she was a partner that might commit something unexpected, but as expected she was also a Campione. She was an ally that he was happy to have――but

*Katsun. Katsun. Katsun. Katsun.*

After ten-odd hours, Godou and others once more heard that characteristic footsteps.

It was the proof that man was coming. Come to think of it, the sun had sunk quite much. The sinking sun dyed the world with color of blood――the time of dusk was beginning.

It wasn’t as dark as night, but the vague twilight was fitting for that man.

「Joining hand with a specific someone……is something that I have no intention of doing.」

A tenor that sounded putting on airs leaked out from the black mask.

In the city that became the color of burning flame due to the setting sun, a mysterious person clad in jet black outfit appeared.

What made him different from mere eccentric costume player, was nothing else than his outfit and “atmosphere of another world” that he also brought into this place.

「But in this place, it seem that it is also not bad. It appears that all of you are intending to start the event with a situation of two versus one.」

One step, and then one more step, the boots’ footstep sound were approaching their direction.

Come to think of it, there was nobody coming to this park until now. Was that coincidence, or else that was something inevitable due to an arrangement of someone.

Right now, there were only Campiones gathering her. And then.

「If John Pluto Smith took the side of black prince Alec――it will be two on two. Don’t you think that it will be a really exciting match?」

The godslayer of North America spoke that, so Godou was surprised.

「Taking Gascoigne’s side, you say?」

「After all I and him are of the same opinion. In this devil king civil war, the unpredictable factor that is Madam Aisha ought to be removed quickly.」

John Pluto Smith easily announced.

Of course, Godou didn’t think that the black clothed and black masked Campione was his ally. But, Godou still received a shock that wasn’t little.

He vaguely felt it. This man and him were mysteriously clicking with each other.

Compared to the possibility of him confronting his elder sister in this devil king civil war, the likelihood of him genuinely clashing against Smith seemed low――that was something that he felt without any basis. However.

It appeared that was his false impression.

And then, there was one more person who felt surprise from this.

「You, are planning to form a united front with me?」

「Quite so, Gascoigne-kun. It’s not really strange isn’t it? After all I am just reaching the same conclusion with you after taking into account various factors about the situation.」


Alec was staring at Smith suspiciously.

「I cannot really accept those words by face value but, fine then. Even if it’s only two on two for just this place then it’s not bad. I’ll depend on you for the time being.」

「Hahahaha. I think that I am quite worthy for trust though.」

Smith lightly warded off Alec’s comment and laughed.

「At the very least, what I am saying is at the same level with your own speech.」

「Stop saying nonsense. It’s still better if you only have costume habit but you are also a haphazardly secretive person. I cannot stand to be confused with someone like you.」

Perhaps there was some kind of conflict between the two of them in the past.

Alec complained with really deep frown at Smith who laughed unabashedly, and then――his whole body crackled with sparks. It was the activation of godspeed.


Less then 0.1 second later Madam Aisha’s figure vanished, leaving only a scream.

Alec also vanished. It seemed that he darted off somewhere with lightning speed. He kidnapped the woman that was called as “The Queen of Mysterious Cave”.

And then, Kusanagi Godou who should be protecting her――clicked his tongue.

「Bringing in a dangerous thing into Japan……」

「What. If you only know how to enter the country without going through custom, then it’s something possible one way or another.」

Smith drew out his steel colored magic gun and pointed the gun muzzle at Godou.

Thanks to that this time he wasn’t able to bind the nimble feet of Alec using the absorption of the Sword of Black.

「Now, let’s begin the match between fellow leftover――」

「O you who are sharp and cannot be approached easily, bring down the hammer on the crime of breaking the contract!」

Godou immediately called his trump card.

Under the feet of Smith who was aiming the gun muzzle at him――the asphalt was dyed with color of jet black darkness. From there a giant best with total length of ten-odd meter leaped out and brought the blackly dressed mysterious person to the sky with its snout!

It was the manifestation of gigantic destroyer.


「Sorry, but I have to go to where Aisha-san is!」

He grasped the pace in one go with a violent preemptive blow.

That was his intention. However, the enemy was also formidable. Right after that, John Pluto Smith’s excessively unique figure――transformed instantly.

『Fufufufu. So you are also making a mistake. Remember this, Kusanagi Godou. An opponent like this fellow, is something that I have the most advantage against!』

Smith loud voice reverberated.

The opponent that the『Boar』pushed up to the sky when he leaped out from inside the ground, was not human anymore. Now he was something that was as big as the fifth avatar of Verethragna, furthermore he was a monster that possessed wings――a jet black demonic bird.

『I decreed under the name of the ruler of the underworld..』

The length of the wings surpassed ten meter.

It was a gallant bird of prey. Words of power were breathed out from the gigantic beak.

『Offer the black wings that fell the heavens. O sky, open your heart only for my sake.』

The avatar of evil god Tezcatlipoca – Black Demonic Bird.

It was one of John Pluto Smith’s shapeshifting bodies.

Like how Kusanagi Godou was handling ten avatars, it was said that the masked Campione also transformed into his unique shapeshifting bodies in succession.

In a sense, the fellow well-matched godslayers finally carried out their clash.

Right after that, the ground of Odaiba began to shake irregularly.

The intensity was proportionate with seismic intensity of four. Of course this wasn’t a natural phenomenon or anything. When the godslayer that possessed the name of the ruler of underworld transformed into demonic bird, it was decided that the ground would pay the compensation for that.


Part 5

Alec activated his godspeed and quickly approached Madam Aisha.

Next he firmly grasped her shoulder with one hand and then rushed away like that. In short Alexander Gascoigne decisively kidnapped someone using the essentials of a thief snatching purse.


Madam Aisha screamed.

Because it became hard to listen to sound in the middle of using godspeed, the sound sounded excessively stiffened.

But he didn’t pay that any attention and dashed away. Even while grasping a single woman with standard body built, the authority of godspeed was lightening one’s own body and the baggage with terrifying rate.


The ground was starting to shake in violent pulsation.

That means――Alec took a glance to the sky. Just as he thought, a jet black giant bird was flying to somewhere. It was the shapeshifting body of John Pluto Smith.

The compensation for changing into that form was『injuring the ground by earthquake』.

When he looked at the direction where his family from Japanese and America were at, there was even a giant boar manifesting there. It appeared the devil king that came from Los Angeles transformed to oppose that. Well.

(It’s suspicious though, just how long the『united front』that guy proposed can be maintained.)

Currently the eyes of Alec who was activating godspeed were catching the surrounding as though everything was in slow motion.

Whether it was the flight of the demonic bird, and the fiercely shaking earth, and also the panicking crowd of people.

Yes. The people that were crowding Odaiba were in panic from the sudden appearance of giant beast and the earthquake, all of them were about to simultaneously escape in chaos.

At this time, Alec arrived in front of the station while still grasping the madam.

Parking lot that was too spacious, commercial building that was stupidly large, a model that reproduced a famous robot from Japan anime in its actual size, this area was a gathering of all those.

Regardless of the time being evening of a weekday, a crowd of people in the count of thousand had come to this area.

It seemed that they had came here evacuating to a wide area seeking place to escape.

Of course, if it was someone with Alec’s godspeed, then weaving through people while carrying a woman as baggage was just like a child’s play. However.

Madam Aisha suddenly began to resist.

『Ple, please release me Alec-san!』

Kicking and struggling――she was not, in exchange she was heightening her magical power.

The body of the madam immediately separated from the hand of the sprinting Alec.

Yes. rather than physical strength, one should rely more on magical power at time when they wanted to escape from a person that moved in godspeed. It was the essentials when opposing magic or divine power.

Alec immediately stopped his feet and turned off his godspeed.

The whole surrounding that was moving in slow motion was also coming back wholly to normal speed.

「Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch…….」

The Aisha in question was thrown away on asphalt.

As the result of escaping from Alec who was moving in high speed, it was the same like jumping off from a moving car, she got knocked on the road and ended up rolling on the road.

Even so she ended up with only saying『ouch』, that was the bullshit of a Campione.

「Well, in the end a godspeed is『the power to shorten the travel time』. It doesn’t mean that I raise my physical speed, so even if you jump away it doesn’t amount to much.」

Alec murmured while walking toward the madam’s position.

「Regardless of your external appearance, but as expected from an old veteran with long history. You are experienced in many aspects. You really understand well about the troublesomeness of the godspeed ability.」

「I, I think that kind of remark is not good, Alec-san!」

「……Why? I am just paying respect to the battle career that you has walked through until now am I not?」

「You cannot do that-. Is Alec-san having fun in bullying me!?」

「I don’t especially have the intention of bullying you but……. I am merely doing what have to be done for the sake of the objective of removing you forcefully――」

「Geez! Alec-san you blockhead! You are the enemy of woman!」

The ground was still shaking irregularly. The intensity might be 3 Richter.

The earthquake was caused by Smith’s transformation, so it should calm down soon.

Amidst that, Alec was accompanying the angry Madam Aisha having a talk that was lacking in dignity that was fitting for devil king. There he shuddered.

The plaza where a robot model with total height of 18 meter was placed on――.

The crowd that evacuated to this place, was a few thousand people.

They who were clamoring at the surrounding for some reason were glaring at Alexander Gascoigne who shouldn’t have no relation at all with them, they were sending him a gaze of hatred!

(He is that beautiful woman’s――enemy)

(He is saying, he is going to remove a woman that frail?)

(Enemy of woman. Enemy of woman. Enemy of woman. Enemy of woman……)

(Unforgivable! A man that is bullying that person, is absolutely absolutely unforgivable!)

‘I see!’ The instant Alec noticed, he turned on his godspeed once more.

He sprinted and weaved through between the crowd, dashed up the wall of a huge commercial building, and reached the rooftop instantly.

And then he turned off the godspeed once more, immediately after that,

「Where has that person go!?」

「Catch him and make him prostrate himself! He has to apologize!」

「That’s too lukewarm-. We need to hand him over to the police――no! It should be okay to kill him!」

「Let’s torture him! Make him regret he was ever born!」

「Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!」

「That man is enemy of woman. In other words he is a man that has turned half of human race into enemy. Erase him from this world as soon as he is found!」

The yell of the people turned into angry roar that echoed to heaven.

The majority of the people here were Japanese. They should be people that were merely living with carefree feeling, unrelated to any sense of danger in this peaceful country.

Yet regardless of that fact, urge to kill and mania were gushing out from them.

The earthquake was already ending. But, the people didn’t even care about that――.

「The devilishness of Madam Aisha, what dreadfulness.」

Alec keenly realized it while looking down at the angry mob.

Devil king Aisha’s――charm authority was so easily able of overwriting the feeling of the people like this! Furthermore it was done almost instantly!

「『The unsatisfactory feeling』the madam displayed to me just now. That woman was acting like that, so it was hard to notice but……it seems that she is really being serious huh.」

Though he was still being unclear, just what was his action that was making the madam feeling displeased.

Just by Madam Aisha showing her serious displeasure openly, the crowd was sympathizing with that feeling and they behaved as a devotee of the bewitching lady…….

Alec used the magic of『sight reinforcement』. It was so he could observe the ground in more detail.

Right after that he was assaulted with even more shock.

「He is over there you guys!」

「Catch him, hurry!」

Several of the crowd pointed at the rooftop.

They caught sight of Alec who escaped there. The building had 21 floors. Its height should be around sixty, seventy meter, despite that the crowd was able to sight him without telescope.

「Does a Bedouin with eyesight of 5.0 happen to be among them……」

Of course that wasn’t it. Alec immediately comprehended it.

The bunches that pointed at him were people that could be found everywhere in Japan. There was even a person among them that was wearing glasses.

Most likely the authority of charm was――reinforcing their body.

To test it he tried to use not his Campione authority, but a magic of『magic power detection』.

From all the people that were swarming below, all member of the crowd that numbered more than a thousand, he could sense wave of magic power welling up from them all. Alec nodded.

「In addition they are even preparing weapons.」

Some people of the crowd were snapping off tree branch at the roadside, to use them as improvised club.

In addition, they were swinging the weapon with familiar movement. A plump salary man who didn’t look like he was doing sport or martial arts was swinging his club sharply that it made *bun!* sound. It wasn’t as skilled as a master could do, but that motion looked polished enough for a warrior.

There were also people that picked stone from the roadside and made throwing motion.

Of course it must be for the sake of throwing the stone to Alec.

「Charming crowd of average people that can be found anywhere in the world just within a few seconds, changing them into an army of devotee that won’t even balk to die or cause massacre if it is for the sake of queen Aisha…….Most likely the eyesight is only the beginning, even their physical ability and fighting skill are also strengthened――」

A fearsome charm authority. By any chance this might be the original way of using this authority.

Because Madam Aisha was gentle by nature, she didn’t use this power that could even perform mass brainwashing except for『broadening her circle of friend』…….

The crowd began to charge toward the building, each of them scrambling to be the first.

Surely they were trying to rush until the rooftop to attack Alec. It appeared that Madam Aisha didn’t particularly give any instruction or anything, and left the angry crowd to act by themselves.

Was she intending to commence a plan of erasing Alec by taking advantage of this riot?

「Well, that is hardly possible thinking about that lady’s personality.」

After murmuring that, he turned on his godspeed once more.

In order to chase after the madam’s whereabouts, he leaped down lightly from the rooftop.

At the same time Alec sent a telepathy. He had arranged for helper in advance for the sake of the time when unexpected situation occurred.


(This is――)

Even after transforming into a demonic bird, John Pluto Smith’s consciousness didn’t change.

Even while soaring at the sky of Odaiba that was dyed with dusk, the godslayer who came from Los Angeles was still working his brain. Right now he was in the middle of a showdown against Kusanagi Godou.

(This boar, it is a demonic beast that is more troublesome than I thought.)

Originally, a beast of land without wing should not be a match against him.

The current Smith was a freely soaring large demonic bird. No matter how large and fierce the enemy was, it was just a beast that had no option other than sticking on ground. He only needed to attack from the sky following his whim, using his sharp claws and beaks to carve it apart. Yet despite so.

The fierce beast that was an avatar of Verethragna howled repeatedly many times.

Each time it did that, ultrasonic waves were emitted from the whole body of the muscularly sturdy giant boar. It was a cannon shot of sure kill, aiming at the demonic bird peeking for a chance to attack from the sky.




On top of accurate aim, it could fire consecutively. Its might for anti air cannon fire had nothing that could be criticized. Furthermore even while the black giant boar was rampaging on the reclaimed land of Odaiba, cutting a swath through the lining up marine transportations and logistics warehouses, it was easily continuing its supersonic waves attack.

Smith was thinking while escaping around the sky.

(It doesn’t look like I can expect it to run out of bullet or stamina.)

Smith=demonic bird was riding the updraft air current like a swallow riding the sea breeze, moving left and right swayingly leaving it to the wind, at times he did acrobatic maneuver midair like folding his wings and freefalling and so on, evading somehow the supersonic waves bombardment from the ground.



「Smoke vomiting mirror, the omen of Tezcatlipoca!」

While traversing right overhead the『Boar』skimming the low altitude on the ground――from the beak of the demonic bird, words of power and――poisonous smoke was unleashed.

It was a demonic poison mist.

This mist would instantly dissolve even the earth’s biggest mammalian the blue whale.

However, this too was blown away by the『Boar』’s supersonic waves and it got away totally unscathed.

(Even if I continue the confrontation of land versus air like this, it will be difficult to conquer this opponent, huh……)

Smith couldn’t be associated with foolishness of repeating attack without likelihood of success.

While cutting through the sky of dusk with his demonic bird shapeshifting, he discovered the suitable raw material. If he was in his human form, then he must be smiling behind his mask.

(That’s just right. Let’s use that.)

Later on it felt like even Annie Charlton would threw sarcastic comment to him.

Even while having such prediction, Smith=demonic bird accelerated toward a famous spot of Odaiba. Coastal subcenter and Koutou ward’s Wakasu――the two reclaimed land were connected by a suspension bridge above Tokyo Bay.

Its total length was 2.6 kilometer. Its width was 24 meter. It seemed that it was called as Tokyo Gate Bridge.

It was also famous as a spot to view the night scenery of this bay area.

(Well, perhaps someone other than Annie will also complaint to me for this.)

He didn’t really mind that. This would be an offering that was given for the sake of resolving a great incident that might develop to world destruction. It was a necessary sacrifice. A small sacrifice in a great cause. As one of the players that was fighting in a game with gods as the enemy, Smith threw the dice really indifferently.

「Flesh that is delicacy of offering, eat the part that is delicacy……now is the time I become god!」

That was the words of power in order to transform.

Black cloud――thunder cloud covered the sky of dusk in the blink of eye which released a single streak of lightning. The large bridge at the lower world that was struck with that was completely enveloped in flame altogether in less than a moment.

As a bridge it had an extraordinary totale length that surpassed two kilometer. It was a splendidly huge man-made structure.

Smith=demonic bird charged straight toward the blazing gate bridge.


「That guy, doing that without hesitation……」

Godou sighed in front of the preposterous view.

The exit and entrance of Tokyo Bay that connected toward Pacific Ocean.

The Tokyo Gate Bridge that spanned there was burning. The whole bridge with total length of 2.6 kilometer was heartily blazing up, engulfed in crimson flame.

There was something that was standing up from inside that conflagration.

It was a jet-black giant. Its skin was the color of darkness, its whole body was burly. And then, the long cloth that it wore in place of clothes was so colorful with three colors of red, yellow, and black.

However only its right leg was created from obsidian.

It was shouldering a wooden tube that was filled with several spears, its head decorated with turkey feather.

It was truly an unusually shaped giant. The shapeshift body『Archmage』.

The giant that boasted as the strongest form of John Pluto Smith――it jumped down from the blazing up gate bridge with unexpected agility.

And then it stood imposingly on the sea. It didn’t sink into the sea water.

The giant with total height of ten-odd meter, and weight of forty, fifty ton was……!

This must also be an outrageous work of magic power. Smith offered Tokyo Gate Bridge as sacrifice in order to transform himself into the “Sacred Giant”.

「Can’t be helped. Beat up that guy!」


Godou’s instruction was directed toward the『Boar』,

The giant beast that was in the middle of rampaging toward Wakasu area where the gate bridge was located responded with joyful howl.

In the first place he summoned it by imagining the full size model of a famous mobile suits while thinking『You can do as you please with the big thing in front of the station, so come!』.

However, the ferocious fifth avatar of Verethragna immediately agreed to the objective change.

It was a beast that would choose a target with great vitality if it was going to destroy something anyway.

Thus, a few minutes later.

At the reclaimed land of the center breakwater――on the map it was the center of Odaiba while also an area of continuously sprawling empty land, there a giant beast and a giant encountered each other.


The moment they met, the『Boar』launched its supersonic waves.

The『Archmage』quickly swung its left hand and brushed away the invisible bullet. It seemed that protective magic power was residing in that hand.

In turn the giant drew out a spear from its back and threw it, which was quickly evaded to the side by the『Boar』.

The spearhead smashed onto the ground, then the spear of the evil god Tezcatlipoca caused an explosion which scattered crimson flame and shockwave around, but it was completely meaningless.

After both sides’ flying projectile ended up in failure, they flung themselves into each other into a grapple――.


Flesh against flesh, the thunderous sound of a clash between two large masses roared in the reclaimed land.

Even when the ferocious『Boar』used its specialty the body charge with the tusks on its snout stabbing forward, the『Archmage』skillfully dodged like an excellent wrestling athlete, it then grappled the side of the enemy’s neck in the attempt to bring in the enemy into a guillotine choke. The『Boar』shook that off…….

It was an even grappling match.

Godou was watching over that situation from the wharf.

There was a bit too much distance for him to go to the actual site. He couldn’t immediately arrive there even if he ran. Rather than doing that he ought to send magic power and instruction from here. The『Boar』that could also be said as his other self didn’t seem losing against Smith’s shapeshift body.

That was why he had no leeway to go away from this spot to search for Madam Aisha.

As for the most important person that was taken away by Black Prince Alec――.

「If it’s Erica and Liliana, and also Mariya, then it will work out somehow……that’s all that I can say huh.」

Godou was enduring his uneasiness while murmuring the name of his companions.


Part 6

Erica and Lu Yinghua who were in confrontation on a building’s rooftop.

Both of them were repeating fierce exchanges in a situation that was alternatively progressing back and forth.

「That weapon, it seems to have a considerable benefit eh!」

「Yeah! If I remember right they said it’s thunder law of evil extermination and demon purification or something? Anyway, looks like such power of name is crammed plenty in this just so you know!」

For a test, Erica scattered a handful of metallic powder that she summoned using magic to the air――

The dusts that were filling the area around Lu Yinghua were catching『white heat』without a moment’s delay. It was a magic that rapidly increased the metal’s temperature. A light flashed, and using the countless metallic dusts that reached the temperature of 1500 degree which equaled the temperature of a smelting furnace, the wonder child of martial world was burn to death altogether with the surrounding air――.

That was how it was supposed to go.

*hyun hyun hyun hyun hyun!*

When the nine joint whip in question was swung, the heated metallic dusts were returned to normal powder!

Lu Yinghua grinned broadly, not troubled at all by the powdery air.

「This is more or less my family’s cherished treasure, seems that it is called Raihouben or something.」(TN: Raihouben=Thunder Law Whip)

「In other words, you want to say that my magic is sealed by that?」

「Correct answer!」

This time Lu Yinghua twisted the nine joint whip with a slight snap of his wrist.

However, it didn’t hit Erica. The Raihouben was tossed slowly. It didn’t even have enough force in its motion.

It was like someone tossing an apple or orange to a friend. That was why Erica was taken by surprise.

Erica predicted that it would be a sure kill attack that was fast and peerless.


Just like paper streamer that was thrown when a ship sailed out, the metallic stick that was divided into nine joints hit Erica’s shoulder and chest, *kashan* the whip raised such sound before falling down.

There shouldn’t be any wound from that. But, Erica was astonished.

「What the!?」

The Raihouben that hit her body erased magic from her flesh body.

By nature Erica was specialized in alchemy that manipulated iron and reinforcement magic. Even Liliana couldn’t catch up to her in those fields by far. She put『body reinforcement』in her own body that drastically increased her physical ability. She also put『self-protection』that reduced damage.

However, those magic――were erased from Erica’s body.

She felt her beloved sword of lion, Cuore de Lione to be heavier than usual, that discomfort spontaneously caused Erica to be astonished.

It was at that timing Lu Yinghua wasted no time to thrust straight at Erica’s throat with his right hand forming blade shape!

「Hahahaha! You are full of opening you know, Nee-san!?」

「Unthinkable. I and this child――don’t take us lightly!」

Erica somehow swung her neck to the side and barely evaded the thrust.

Lu Yinghua’s pinky grazed her slightly, producing a straight horizontal laceration on Erica’s white neck. If she remembered correctly it was the technique of『Phoenix Claw Stealing Heart』of Phoenix Twelve Divine Palm, its power was just as could be expected from it.

But, Erica who dodged that commanded, toward the magic sword Cuore de Lione.

「O sword of the lion king, reveal your true form――burn in fury!」

Erica’s beloved weapon had the external appearance of a『slender sword』.

However, that was its temporary appearance. For the sake of her training, Erica transformed the sword from its original appearance that was a magic sword of the lion king, a very long big sword into a slender one. When she became able to launch fierce and heavy slash and thrust even with this kind of feeble weapon, that was exactly the time she was a true swordsman.

Right now, she released that seal and returned Cuore de Lione into a large sword.

It was a wide broad sword(one handed sword). It changed into appearance, thickness, and length that were worthy for the inscription of lion.



Lu Yinghua was unusually surprised.

Erica whose physical strength had dropped was making her weapon heavier. Surely that was unexpected. Furthermore, aiming to attack the personal pupil of the magic sect founder at his unguarded moment, the magic sword of lion attacked!

「Waa――!? What the hell, is that!?」

「Fufufufu! Please receive it, the fang of angry lion!」

The sturdy sword Cuore de Lione was――dragging along Erica’s right arm while piercing its tips toward Lu Yinghua. Even when the young chivalrous martial artist dodged that, the same thrust was continuously launched for the second, third, fourth time. It was like a lion biting on its prey.

Erica wasn’t controlling the sword.

The magic sword was moving by its own will, trying to kill Lu Yinghua.

And then, what transformed the magic sword into『golem shaped into sword』, was the result of its master, Erica’s alchemy.

The lion that was shaped into sword attacked Lu Yinghua with sweeping slash this time.

Immediately following, before the blade of the magic sword hit――the wonder child dropped to the ground.

「Shit-. As expected of Nee-san, what a female fox!」

He wasn’t slashed, he dropped to the ground by himself before he got cut.

With his back on the ground, his posture facing up――Lu Yinghua spun a rotation like a pinwheel, with that force he launched a spinning kick with his left foot! Aiming at the right hand of Erica that was holding the sword!


Erica quickly kicked on the ground and jumped backward together with her beloved sword.

Surely that kind of movement would be impossible if she was moving the sword by herself. Thanks to this jump the kick that Lu Yinghua sent while lying down hit empty air and Erica’s hand ended up unhurt.

However, the attack from the ground didn’t end.

Lu Yinghua was still lying down facing up. He made his back as axis and like a pinwheel he started rotating repeatedly in high speed more than before. In addition, while lying down and rotating, he unleashed the second, third, fourth, fifth kick without end!

This time too Erica could do nothing but jumping backward.

It would be unbearable to receive pursuit, so she jumped in a big way more than five meters backwards.

Seeing that she was able to escape to a spot that his foot couldn’t reach, finally Lu Yinghua stopped imitating pinwheel and stood up slowly.

「It has been a long time since I was forced to do Running Dog Fist.」

The rare child prodigy grinned broadly in amusement.

What was fitting for the young man who was learning from the queen Luo Cuilian was surely technique of flying phoenix – ascending dragon that aimed for the sky.

In spite of that, he splendidly displayed his use of sharp eccentric martial art crawling on the ground. It was also resembling the martial arts of Brazil, the capoeira.

But, Erica recalled that it was a different martial arts.

「If I remember correctly, in China there is a martial art where the user pretend to be drunk and fight while lying down isn’t it?」

「Aa, the Drunken Fist huh. I’m a minor so master didn’t teach me that. A person like Nee-san who is outside the martial world might find it easier to call it “Dog Fist”. Well, its appearance is a bit bad, but together with Drunken Fist they are really useful.」

Lu Yinghua boasted.

The movement of dropping himself to the ground was showy, but there was many opening in doing that. It wasn’t something that could be used lightly in an evenly matched offense and defense. Those techniques were something to be used at the risk of one’s life, when launching a counterattack to recover from a hopeless situation. For example in a situation like fighting an armed opponent barehanded.

Evading the slash of sword or katana by bending down to the ground, and from there counterattacked with kick or something else.

The concept of Drunken Fist and Dog Fist also came from there.

As expected, the Lu Yinghua today was different from usual. He unleashed even a secret fist that he himself called as『dog』without hesitation. That meant, by any chance――

「Well, in any case you are not an opponent that can be overcame that easily……. Like this I can only count on Liliana to back up Godou and protect Madam Aisha.」

However, her chest felt uneasy. If her prediction was correct.

Right now her friend and rival should be in an even more danger than Erica.


In front of an opponent of higher rank, Sir Iceman.

Liliana Krancjar was cornered into overwhelmingly inferior position.

Her beloved magic sword Il Maestro already had its seal released, a long handle had been added to the saber shaped blade, returning it into the form of naginata.

With that handle, she earnestly tried to block the “iron bludgeon” that Iceman swung.

In addition as a holy knight in possession of『Sacred Privilege of Extermination』, she circulated all of that grace into her body protection, making her body clad in personal barrier of self-protection.

Yet despite so.


She was blown away just like a billiard ball that was hit by a cue.

Liliana’s dainty body flew for six, seven meter midair, her back was then crashed fiercely into the building’s wall. Blood spewed out from her mouth.

If she didn’t have the sacred protection, her internal organs might burst and she would die instantly.

「Oo. It has been really a long time since I cannot decided the fight with one attack. It seems you has trained hard huh, Krancjar-kun.」

On the other hand, Sir Iceman was praising Liliana happily.

He even narrowed his eyes smilingly. It was the face of a man of character that was happy with the rise of his junior knight. However, the arms that was carried with both hands of such him was the very definition of brutal. With a pole made from evergreen oak 1.5 meter long, it was attached with「iron weight in quadrangular prism shape」.

Just the weight at the end of the pole, had the same size with the head of a grown man――.

That weapon was called as『mace』. Even the knight of middle age often used the same weapon. However, most was something smaller than this.

It was a weapon for the sake of striking and winning against a knight that was clad in full iron armor that deflected sword.

Even metal plate that couldn’t be cut using blade could be crushed using steel weight. The flesh body inside would also get crushed, in addition it could also injure internal organs using it’s impact. It was lacking in elegance but it was a boorishly terrifying weapon. It was that kind of weapon.


Iceman was pouring the『Sacred Privilege of Extermination』into this heavy mace!

「Well then, I wonder how you will fare against the second strike?」

He approached the collapsed Liliana with brisk pace and swung his mace with both hands.

Iceman’s second strike was closer to a golf strike rather than martial art. It was a beating to scoop up a target that was lying down on ground.

Liliana was once again only protecting her body with the naginata’s handle and barrier.

It would be the end if her sacred protection weakened even if only slightly,


This time too she was splendidly blown away by more than 10 meters.

However, it was the second strike. In the middle she twirled like a dragonfly and landed on the ground. It was the obstinacy of Liliana Krancjar that was known for the lightness of her body movement that was like a fairy.

She glared at Iceman severely.

The legendary holy knight that was born in Holland nodded at her with affectionate smile.

He seemed happy from the bottom of his heart at Liliana’s hard struggle. Even though he had no intention at all to hold back at his third strike no matter what.

「So the story that he is specialized in offensive to a ridiculous degree is true……」

Liliana murmured.

The uncle of Erica who was considered as his worthy rival, Paolo Blandelli used shield, a warrior that put importance of defense instead, but Sir Iceman was said to be the opposite of him. However, 『The Man of Ice』was endowed with offensive power that enabled him to persist in that path.

「It will be great if Erica can be the one to go rescuing Madam Aisha like this.」

Liliana murmured secretly.

Ending this confrontation against Iceman quickly with result other than defeat――was impossible. Realizing that fact, Liliana betted her hope toward her sword friend the Diavolo Rosso.

(――san. ――san-. Liliana-san!)

(Mariya Yuri!?)

Liliana was surprised hearing a whisper in her ear.

The companion who was protecting the faction of Kusanagi Godou from the realm of the dead, Mariya Yuri was sending telepathy to her.

(Yes. Erica-san also has no leeway, so I think path of survival other than defeating Sir Iceman here is――)

(It might not exist is it……)

She communicated with Mariya Yuri using spiritual power of telepathy.

Liliana was a witch. Her senses were far sharper compared to average magician.

In the same manner how Kusanagi Godou received the telepathy of Yuri using Campione’s super senses, actually such thing was also possible for Liliana. Perhaps this would be impossible for Erica.

(Then, there is no other way other than doing something about this by my own strength. Can I rely on you for help!?)

(Please leave it to me!)


The moment the briefing session with telepathy was over, Iceman came forward.

He lightly closed the distance all of a sudden and made a full swing with his large mace. To say it in sword expression, he was launching an attack from overhead position straight downward like splitting a chopstick.

If she got hit with that there would be only death. It was at that moment.

Liliana let out power of words.

「Kamimusubi, Takamimusubi, Ikumusubi, Tarmusubi, Oomiya no Hime, Oomiketsu no Kami, Kotoshironushi, I offer my prayer to the gods. Respond to the appeasement of  the medium and calm the deceased spirit, please reveal the tranquility……!」(TN: Those seven names are god names in Japanese Mythology.)


It was slight but――today, the man of ice showed his shock for the first time.

As expected. He understood. The words of power that Liliana spun didn’t come from Europe, but something of Japan’s princess shrine maiden.

White radiance was emitted further from the blue light of sacred protection Liliana was clad with.

This was exactly the bright light of『Spirit Pacification』.

The secret ceremony that Mariya Yuri used at the attack of goddess Circe and also other cases. It appeased the highly strung mystical force with heart of calm, and calmed down even divine power of sacred beast class――.

The new white light of defense gently blocked the super heavy class blow that was swung at her like lightning, neutralizing the force beautifully!

「This is, it can soak up even a blow of sacred slaughter!?」

「Calming spirits that is what Japan’s princess shrine maiden possesses――it’s such thing, Sir Iceman!」

It was sent to her by Mariya Yuri in the realm of the dead using spiritual power of telepathy.

Liliana was a witch with strong spiritual sight, actually she was a female practitioner that was connected to the same genealogy with Japan’s princess shrine maiden. For that reason she was able to align her soul in high level and given this secret ceremony.

That meant that she was leaving her protection to the other person completely――

「And they warred against the Midianites, as the Lord commanded Moses; took all the women of Midian captives……and their little ones! And they burnt all their cities wherein they dwelt, and all their goodly castles, with fire!」

Biding her time, Liliana chanted one of holy knight’s words of power.

With the sacred privilege of exterminator, she commanded『confinement』at Iceman. Thirteen rose vines suddenly grew from the asphalt in ground, entangling the four limbs and the torso of the man of ice over and over again, sealing his freedom to move completely.

She left her defense to Yuri and poured all her strength to these words of power. That was exactly the reason of this most spectacular victory.

What was left was――

「O wings of Artemis!」

Chanting the words of power of flight magic, Liliana flew away.

She rushed on the sky of dusk while being enveloped in blue light, flying away with that speed. She intended to first take position on a high ground somewhere to chase after the whereabouts of Madam Aisha and Prince Alec.

「Do you understand what is the situation with Kusanagi Godou?」

There was no answer. Liliana noticed with a start.

Yuri was sending her the spiritual power of Spirit Pacification that spanned over worlds, from the realm of the dead to this world. Surely the burden of doing that was large, that Mariya Yuri had used up her strength. She already couldn’t do “cunning deed” like just now anymore.

Bracing herself, Liliana continued her flight――.

And then, seeing off the flying away blue light.

「She got me. I’ll recognize this Kranjcar. This is my defeat.」

Iceman said that with just a little vexation.

Thirteen vines were restricting his body, it would take a little bit of time to erase all of it.

This commandment was also sealing Iceman’s magic. If he didn’t store his magical power a bit first, then his removal technique wouldn’t affect the restrain well.

Well, he guessed that it was also fine to take a rest here.

「The vulgar quarrel of Campiones――no, affected by their overly rash rampage, perhaps even us their followers are also getting heated.」

The current state of the battle was still within the opening stage of the civil war, the middle stage would just begin to start.

It couldn’t be said as the situation where he ought to make frantic efforts. Thinking of the future of the Campiones with the black prince Alec at the forefront of his mind, Iceman lightly shrugged his shoulders.


Part 7

「Uuuuu-. I did it again……」

At a sandy beach that was rarely existed in Tokyo――at Odaiba Beach, someone was walking trudgingly.

It was Madam Aisha. She was completely down, it was caused by her mental fatigue and regret rather than her physical fatigue.

「For everyone to be turned until like that. Aah. Everything is because my power is no good isn’t it……. Also my human charm like my sweetness or my beauty was surely causing various bad effects which caused that kind of calamity……」(TN:So she finally gets it…she is quite thick isn’t she in regards to herself.)

Due to her authority of charm, the people who were in front of the station were completely turned into rioter.

When it had reached that far then their wild enthusiasm and rampage couldn’t be suppressed that easily anymore. The perpetrator that was Aisha disappearing herself from there was instead a quicker way to calm the people down.

Thus, Aisha secretly escaped from the station’s front.

Usually it was difficult though, to escape from right in the middle of a passionate crowd. But when she requested『I, I’m sorry-』, the people would immediately opened up a way for her. As the result, she escaped by making the rampage of more than a thousand people as her cover. The young Alec should have lose sight of Aisha’s position too.

Now she was wondering what she should do for her nesting place tonight and a hiding place from here on――.


Suddenly above her head was clouded.

Something big seemed to be coming from above――right overhead Aisha.

The sun at the evening time projected that silhouette on the ground. It was really big. It felt like its size was bigger than ten meters. The upper body part was a body line of mature woman. The contour of its waist could also be properly seen, showing an explicit body style. However, the lower body part looked like snake while the ankle part until the tip was shaped like fish’s tail fin. The thing that was growing from its back was wing……?

「Don’t tell me!?」

Aisha looked above her head with opened mouth. There a strange shape of an evil god was floating.

The upper body was a beautiful girl. The lower body was a snake. And then there were bird wings on its back――. However, the moment its eyes met Aisha’s, the evil god flew away with『Hyun!』.

「Goddess Melusine. After she was defeated by me, she became my subordinate.」


「Not only fighting. Sorcery and divination, even searching people or lost things, she is an all-purpose assistant that will listen to anything I request but……her excessively shy character is her only flaw. If her face is seen, she will immediately vanish somewhere else.」

Alec that she should have shaken off suddenly appeared.

It must be the result of him using the all purpose guide and godspeed. It was a reunion that was too sudden. The black prince was talking dispassionately to the shocked Aisha.

「Madam. Even you who escaped is immediately discovered by me again.」

「For, for me, there is nothing at all that I need to say to Alec-san!」

「But I have. The continuation of the talk of before, I want to have it slowly with you.」


It was that moment.

Blue light descended down from the sunset sky and landed in front of Aisha.

Liliana Krancjar――it was the entrance of a girl who shared pleasure and pain with her at the ancient Gallia. Before the two godslayers could say something, the silver haired female knight quickly rushed at Aisha.

「I will lead you to Kusanagi Godou’s side. May I do that!?」

「Ye, yes!」

With only that exchange, Liliana rushed to the sky once more.

Liliana held Aisha firmly and used flight magic once more.

「Yo, you are able to find my whereabouts well aren’t you!?」

「It’s just something like a guesswork. The evil god of Prince Alec appeared, so I only flew at that direction in a sink or swim.」

「Even so you saved me-. Thank you very much!」

「It’s not something to thank me about. If Prince Alec is chasing after us, I won’t be able to shake him off no matter what. For the time being, let’s link up with my lord.」

「Pl, please! But, where is Kusanagi-san?」

「I think……you will soon understand if you look.」

「Ah, it’s true.」

With Liliana’s flight magi, the two of them ascended to the height of Odaiba’s sky.

The period of dusk was already over, the curtain of night and the glints of the stars were becoming the ruler of the night sky. The lighting up of Odaiba and every place in Tokyo was starting. If one more hour passed, they would be able to enjoy a night view that was worth seeing.

And then, five, four kilometer from here was the reclaimed land.

At the extensive vacant land that was unused, Kusanagi Godou’s avatar the『Boar』, and John Pluto Smith’s shapeshift body the『Archmage』were in the middle of scuffling.

When the black wild boar charged forward, the Archmage lightly evaded like a matador.

When the archmage threw the spear on his back, the wild boar breathed out supersonic waves from its mouth and pulverized the spear.

Fierce clash of offense and defense were continuing back and forth. Most likely Kusangi Godou was also somewhere nearby that. Also, Aisha noticed.

She and Liliana were flying, enveloped in blue light.

There was a presence that was following slightly right behind them. When she looked, a gathering of thin sparks was shadowing them. Most likely it was Prince Alec who transformed into incarnation of lightning.

It seemed that by changing into that form, it became possible for him to fly――.

The time when all of them would assemble once more was approaching.

「This time……I too have to do my best. I cannot let Godou-san to fight alone!」

Aisha clenched her fist tightly in resolve.


Godou opened his eyes widely.

The『Boar』and Smith’s giant were continuing evenly matched offense and defense on the spacious reclaimed land. However, the『Archmage』with very strange appearance suddenly――vanished.

The moment Godou was feeling suspicious of the reason that happened, blue light immediately came to land right beside him.

It was the arrival of Liliana and Madam Aisha.

Immediately after, brilliant cluster of sparks also landed from the sky which turned into Alec’s figure. After that, less than ten-odd second later. The usual footsteps resounded.

*Katsun. Katsun. Katsun. Katsun. Katsun.*

The devil king in black clothes slowly made his entrance at the very last. Sensing the sign of a gathering of Campiones caused him to feel like showing his face.

「The actors appear together on the stage once more, a new curtain is raised. It seem that it has become that kind of scene.」

「Hmph. So you come here because of your desire for your turn.」

「Ku, Kusanagi-san-. I too will also do my best as much as possible!」

John Pluto Smith’s way of talking that was putting on air.

The frowning Black Prince Alec’s cynicism.

Madam Aisha’s zeal that most likely would be a fruitless effort.

The reassembling of four godslayers. Godou nodded at Liliana with gratitude at the knight’s effort to make this possible. Liliana nodded back at him with a strong expression. The critical moment would begin from here. Surely that was what she wanted to convey to him.

And then, Smith suddenly whispered.

「Hmm. Madam Aisha is talking like that but……. Kusanagi Godou, it seems that this will become two versus one in essence.」

The bare face and also expression under the mask couldn’t be seen.

However, Smith’s tone also sounded teasing in some respect.

「It is for the sake of you all that I recommend a quick surrender. What do you think?」

「Rest assured. That is just an unnecessary consideration.」

Godou said it clearly.

The truth was――from a little while ago, he felt the air starting to sting on his skin.

The trump card would become unable to be patient soon. The impatience from waiting for their turn was oozing out to the outside world.

And then, right after that. Thunder roared at the night sky that was finally covered with dusk.


Alec opened his eyes wide in astonishment.

「Is this your doing, John Pluto Smith?」

「No. It also seem that this is not Marquis Voban’s arrival, and it also doesn’t seem to be your trick am I right?」

Smith who seemed to enjoy the abnormality was whispering calmly, even Alec was floating a smile on his lips.

As expected the two of them were also Campione. Even in front of the omen of struggle to the death and danger, they reacted like this. Truly they were good-for-nothing that couldn’t be helped anymore.

Well――unfortunately, Kusanagi Godou was also the same family like them though…….

In order to proof that fact, the three Campiones worked up their magic power more and more to the maximum, at that time when they were about to liberate the authority they possessed.

「During the time when good results hasn’t ripen yet, even virtuous person will meet evil. If thy arrive at the time good results turn ripe goodness will be met.」


Suddenly Madam Aisha chanted her words of power, causing the three men to be shocked altogether.

「He, must not belittle evil, with the thought that retribution shall not come to oneself. He, must not belittle virtue, with the thought that retribution shall not come to oneself. The falling drops of water fill the water jug well. The fool fill it with evil, the wise fill it with virtue……」

Of course, no matter how much she looked like a gentle woman, in the first place she too was a Campione.

It wasn’t strange at all even when she started using extremely powerful authority. However, the words of power just now――appeared to be something really bad.

In reality, the night sky of the dusk was suddenly changing color to reddish black.

The complicated tint that should be called as red which appeared to be black was spreading above Godou and others. It was as though large amount of lifeblood was thrown out to the curtain of night.

The moon rising to the reddish black sky was excessively clear and bright, it was abnormally white.

The clincher was the wind. A wind that was slightly hot, as though clinging on the skin stickily. That wind was containing strong magical power, welling up from underneath Madam Aisha!

It was obviously making smell of ill omen, sorrow, and disgrace.

Smith, Alec, and Godou, the three men quickly exchanged glance at each other. Everyone appeared to harbor the same apprehension. Acting as the representative of the man grounp, Godou called out to Aisha.

「Say Aisha-san. Just now, what in the world did you do?」

「Yes. Even though I want to assist Godou-san, but there is almost no power or anything in me that will be useful for fighting so……in exchange, I prayed to please grant you the most of good luck.」

Madam Aisha folded both her arms in front of her chest and murmured solemnly.

It was truly the bearing of a saint. But, she wasn’t a nun who was serving the god or anything, but one of the devil kings who had murdered even god. That was how it was.

Godou immediately asked.

「……Is this that? The authority that you said will call either good and bad luck?」

「Exactly. I prayed, please bring to us『the maximum good fortune and bad fortune that can possibly occur』, so surely something amazing will happen after this!」

「Wait a second! Putting aside good luck, the bad luck one is bad isn’t it, absolutely!」

「It will be fine, Kusanagi-san!」

The smile of Madam Aisha, it was extraordinarily bright.

However, the aforementioned――wind blowing from underneath the madam was increasing in strength very much. The damp hot wind was unbearably unpleasant.

「Even though it looks like a terrible bad luck in a glance, conversely enormous good luck is something that is discovered in such time-. Right now we are in the middle of being cornered by two godslayers. If we don’t shoulder that much risk that can make us say『I’m glad I looked for it』, then surely it won’t make it in time!」

Not fearing the risk, she threw all the money she had at the gamble.

The way Madam Aisha was talking was truly gentle, but the content of her speech was nothing but that of a crazy risk taker/gambler.

Alec and Liliana was at lost for words hearing that talk.

His face was hidden by the mask, but perhaps Smith’s expression was also the same.

And then, at this moment. The hot wind that was gushing forth from underneath the madam finally reached the strength to the degree that it raised a bellow of『Gooooooo!』!


Surely Alex tried to use his godspeed.

Several sparks were crackling through the noble youth’s whole body.

However, perhaps the ominous hot wind had brought forth bad luck to the black prince. The sparks abruptly went out and the activation of Alec’s godspeed was interrupted. Right after that.

At the ground where Godou and others were standing――it changed into a black hollow, a『hole』!


Losing their foothold, everyone was falling into the hole.

Including Madam Aisha, the four Campiones and Liliana, everyone altogether.

Godou had already experienced this before. This was『Fairy’s Corridor』. The Queen of Mysterious Cave Aisha, her authority created――warp hole for the sake of crossing space time.

However, even the creator herself couldn’t control it…….

Now, the moment Godou was swallowed by the hole.

Black large boar left behind sorrowful yell『OOOOOooooooNNN-!』and vanished. It was because his master who was the source of supply of his vitality and magical power had gone from the surface.

Well, though its master and other with him seemed to be meeting a disastrous experience right now.

「Shit-. This corridor again!」

Alec was cursing even while falling into the dark cave.

「Is it carrying us to the world of the past!?」

「No……. It’s not a corridor that has that much forcing power. Most likely the transfer destination should be somewhere nearer.」

John Pluto Smith who was similarly falling inside was murmuring dispassionately.

It appeared that it was a fact, different from how he once passed through the corridor, the transfer of Godou and others ended in less than ten-odd seconds.

When they came out of the mysterious darkness, what was there was――

「Co, cold? What the, this place!?」

「Snowy mountain――? Kusanagi Godou, also madam, are you two safe?」

「HYA, HYAIIiiii」

Godou was surprised when he grasped the snow that was piled up on the ground.

Liliana was looking around restlessly while feeling concerned of her lord and his ally. Madam Aisha swooned, perhaps because she had used good luck and bad luck with all her might.

This place was a snowy mountain under the moonlight, furthermore they seemed to be near the summit.

They were above a gently-sloping hill. There was also a forest of evergreen trees that were covered with snow. Furthermore, gods who were old acquaintances were also here basked with the starlight of late winter, shocked by the appearance of the devil kings…….

「We really have been brought to a really unthinkable place, all of us.」

Godou grumbled spontaneously.

The place where the divine sword of salvation was stuck at, was exactly in this snowy mountain’s summit.

Beside the sword with length of blade that surpassed a meter, were white monkey god Hanuman, the hero Perseus, and Seiten Taisei – Son Goku.

Only Hanuman’s expression was hard, while both Perseus and Seiten Taisei were dumbfounded.

And then, for some reason the divine sword of salvation was corrupted. It was darkly muddied from the middle of its blade until the sword guard, giving a terribly ominous impression.

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