Volume 10




Chapter 1 – King Sailing Out

Chapter 2 – Sea Route in Full Bloom(Harem Cruise)

Chapter 3 – Encounter

Chapter 4 – Country of Freedom and Prosperity(Utopia)

Chapter 5 – Foreign Country Baring Its Fang(Dystopia)

Chapter 6 – Truth and Judgment

Epilogue – Objective


15 Responses to Volume 10

  1. Why would be Ilyailiya in the cover? I mean she will go to USA?, so enemies characters can also be in the covers, i mean, i cannot see Ilyailiya becoming a Comrade of Kazuki, so I think shouko in the cover have been better!!


    • Ren says:

      Someone spoiler me that she will have a cat fight with Regina again in this volume


    • DNAnime says:

      Lmao bad people always flee to the USA for safety right?


      • Dollar0019 says:

        It’s not like Illya is really a true enemy, she can align her self with either Cosmos or Chaos side and right now she has decided to align with Chaos but even Loki has said it before she could back stab him at any time. Sure enemies or bad guys can be on cover pages they are character’s to. Besides Illya’s character is rather good looking. If it’s any indication it seems when someone fails either Loki or China they discard them or try to kill them off, I can see Illya probably being discarded by chaos side while Kazuki being the gentleman his is rescues her like he did with Ikousai who would have been killed if not for Kazuki picking her up at the end of their battle.

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        • DNAnime says:

          Tis true.

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        • well, my question is It`s possible for a King (females) to get in the harem of Kazuki?
          I mean It`s kind of hard the duty and responsabilities with their own countries!!
          They cannot fall in love like crazy girls like the Kazuki`s harem.
          there is a lot of questions yet!!
          Arthur is a girl, so maybe the interest of her in kazuki It`s She is seeking a son maybe?


          • Itsuki is technically a king and shes part of kazuki’s harem. Its probably not quite relevant since she’s not the “official” king of japan but she’s still king of japan mythology. In short… I think its possible 😛

            Besides… kazuki already has plenty of experience with kuudere (and closet pervert) Koyuki afterall 😛

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  2. anonymous says:

    could someone make it into a pdf >< thanks in advance!! Thanks you sooo much for translating this novel!!! YOU ARE ME KAMI SAMA!!!


  3. Stone pebble says:

    I WORSHIP YOU! Translator-sama, thank you for your hard work translating this masterpiece of a novel


  4. Isizur says:

    YEAH!!! Thank you so muchfor the volume! Where can download it?


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