Volume 11 Illustrations



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14 Responses to Volume 11 Illustrations

  1. w0wwwww says:

    finally. illustrations vol.11

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  2. Mhaj58 says:

    Hikaru looks like she made a New Yorker from the future


  3. Ashmedia says:

    Thanks~!!! now of to the saved folders with em’


  4. good images!!
    Hrostvit Lesedrama!! she looks awesome!!
    Arthurina Boobs!!! she is big!!


    • Saiandarkasia says:

      I know, I totally called that. I knew that’s why he never used his Magic Dress. Also if Arthur’s suit isn’t magic then what act of God could have hid those monsters!?!?


  5. DNAnime says:

    Using my awesome MS paint skills with the low resolutions above. Here’s the 2 full colors.

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  6. Ice Phantom says:

    Is there no higher resolution for the illustrations? It’s kinda hard trying to make a PDF from these. Though ePUBs would still work.


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