Volume 11

Synopsis: In order to ascertain the true identity of American King that is the last of the seven countries’ Kings, Kazuki and co went to that land. However with the confrontation of the two Kings there, the North of slavery and capitalism, and the South of naturalism that is rampant with death split from each other, “the country of freedom” that had turned into feverish state of prosperity and deceit. Kazuki is once again made to stand between the powerful Magika Stigmas. However, due to Kazuki and co not taking part in the standoff between both side where each side are keeping their plan to themselves, it bring about a temporary peaceful ordinary days, where the positivity levels with Mio and Kaguya, Hikaru and his companions of Magic Division are raised deeply in the resplendent city of Las Vegas. —In preparation of the decisive battle that will come before long! Sword X Magic dual school battle, the immoral 11th volume!!

Chapter 1 – Long Stagnation and Harem Everyday

Chapter 2 – Weak Person’s Blame(Black is the Color)

Chapter 3 – Offense and Defense Between Faith

Chapter 4 – Mythology Abasement

Epilogue – Floating


28 Responses to Volume 11

  1. shadyxlr says:

    Hope its done before April… I may be on a work trip that would separate me from the internet for half a year orz…


  2. I thought no one was goin translate vol. 11? Will vol. be translated? if so I’M VERY HAPPY !!!!!!!
    Hope to hear more about everyone is doing fot this LN. Thanks for all you ‘ve done so fsr!!


  3. DCIS1 says:

    Is this Arthur on the cover?


  4. Asidesend says:

    I thought it was the Italian bird!


  5. MaCcoy Neri says:

    How did Arthur hid that chest..!? O.o


  6. Mathiason says:

    Could be Arthur, although might be the USA king too. Although the braids on the back are too long for Arthur that might be anice effect of the dress like how Kazuha’so hair goes from short to waist length when she wears her dress. Can’t be Regina since her dress doesn’t have only floating crystals as the crown. Also, her hair hangs loose in the back while in her dress, not braided. By the way, Bakapervert has noted that will translate Vol11 AFTER it comes out Feb 25th. So just wait patiently for the volume to be published.


  7. Dollar0019 says:

    Looking forward to seeing volume 11 and the immoral acts it will bring forth. Thanks for translating the previous volumes and the ones to come Baka-pervert. Also hope you enjoyed your time off.


  8. stardrago says:

    What about the novel illustrations?


  9. Mathiason says:

    The description of the volume mentions the King of the North and the King of the South. Since the King of the North is sequestering herself for now, anyone know when will we see the King of the South and who her Diva is? Be pretty funny if both end up entering Kazuki’s harem, especially if its due to the loser obeying and following the winner of a full out one-on-one battle.


  10. kizrock94 says:

    Can someone make a PDF of this please?


  11. Zero says:

    Can you or anyone else upload the illustrations to Baka-Tsuki’s page of volume 11’s illustrations?


  12. blanc ٩(♡ε♡ )۶ says:

    Read somewhere that this volume’s R18? Can anyone confirm?


    • bakapervert says:

      Everythig happen except the actual penetration.


      • drazulkun says:

        I’m a be an a**hole and ask you this cause I feel like being an a**hole after reading this comment….(in the mood to be one of those perverted characters that harass sexually whether physically or verbally)
        What kind of penetration e________e
        gigidy gigidy awriiiight! !!! (Family guy reference )
        ….sorry in advance if troubled you in anyway


  13. blanc ٩(♡ε♡ )۶ says:

    Ah, splendid. Thank you for replying bakapervert-sama.


  14. Will you be making a PDF for this volume??


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