Volume 8


Novel Illustrations

Chapter 1 – The Best Shortcut to Become Strong

Chapter 2 – Forest of Bewilderment

Chapter 3 – War Front’s Continual Change

Chapter 4 – Verge of Death

Intermission – Dwelling Power

10 Responses to Volume 8

  1. Miyako88 says:

    Why suddenly moved to ur blog?


    • bakapervert says:

      BT just got DMCA’d. Figure I’m going to start transferring here in case BT will be closed.


      • Miyako88 says:

        (>人<;) hope that won’t happen been following BT for years now…if BT do taken down I dunno where I’m going to find all those awesome LN….(;_;)


      • Xvenic says:

        Magika not in the DMCA list though.. and does this mean you wont update BT anymore?


        • So WAS SAO, Accel World, Tateyuu LN, Mahouka and several others. I think this is the right move, at this rate, keeping on BT is a risky move.

          We can never know when yen press would start finding 14 – 17 years old risque relationship is acceptable and decide this series is potential money maker. There is also the chance they dec8de to be bold and change 5he characters ages to make it more law-friendly.


  2. Kreceir says:

    Thank you for doing all this!
    I Don’t want to think of a day where I can’t read this anymore, would make my days quite boring.


  3. Thank you for doing this!
    Can’t think of the days where I can’t read this anymore, it would make my shallow life quite boring.


  4. Julius Era says:

    technically its easy to find novels nowadays for example using aho updates or novel-updates


    most of all

    Good Luck and have a nice ride on this new Motherbase for this awesome LN


  5. Shiro Kuro says:

    Thanks for having these.


  6. antonio says:

    whathing for the pdf thanks a lot


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