Egyptian Hottie Gallery Update

whats da name btw. And any one knows color scehem of school nurse in vol 8 who milked MC in her milk bags

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13 Responses to Egyptian Hottie Gallery Update

  1. Raze1313 says:

    Osiris. As for Landred, I can’t remember a time her description went beyond her Jessica Rabbit-like figure.


  2. Ashmedia says:

    I’m going for a trip down her “Nile”(☞゚∀゚)☞


  3. AlekAlcalá says:

    Just read the post and…. WTF?


  4. Anonymous says:

    hi pervert san i want to know would you translate seikaku riyu no kishi to or not code zero san works on this but his speed is slow and he translated to volume 6 but it is 20 volumes


    • viole1369 says:

      1- People dont pick up works someone is already working on, despite the speed. Translating etiqute
      2) If like half of you would read – The poster isnt baka, I ignored all comments in last post but seriously check the post author b4 asking. You wont get baka to reply here


  5. The One Guy says:

    Does anyone know if BakaPervert will translate the LN’s that come with each one of the BD’s of Masou Gakuen HxH?


  6. Mhaj58 says:

    He said he would if someone sent him the Raws. Someone send him the Raws already!!


  7. Mathiason says:

    Since nobody directly said so the nurse is Landred. In case anyone needs a reminder of who she is due to a lack of appearances she’s the dragon country queen Aine and Grace conquered on their own. Also the expert on the ceremony to recharge Genesis along with producing the special aphrodisiactic nectar used in it.


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