Chapter 1 – Prelude of Civil War

Chapter 2 – Seven Warriors, Meeting in One Building

Chapter 3 – Arrival of Twelve O’Clock

Chapter 4 – Intensifying Chaos

Chapter 5 – Bet in Fortune






Chapter 1 – Civil War Intensification

Chapter 2 – The Man Who Returned

Chapter 3 – The Chaser, The Chased

Chapter 4 – And Then to the Fairy Realm

Chapter 5 – Ahead of Fate

Chapter 6 – The Time the Gate Open Once More






Chapter 1 – The Battle of Those Who Were Left Behind

Chapter 2 – Circle of Usurpation

Chapter 3 – The Beginning of the Last Battle

Chapter 4 – A Reunion, O My Arch Enemy

Chapter 5 – The String of Fate, Shall be Severed

Chapter 6 – Before Beginning the Trip

Final Chapter – While Waiting For Godou


Side Story – People of Kusanagi Family

225 Responses to [Fanfic]

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the translation!


  2. Rakib says:

    A heartfelt thanks for the translation


  3. saeed says:

    thank you for the TL and thank you for sharing it


  4. Anonymous says:

    does any one have volume 18


  5. ling lw says:

    can you please translate Shiniki no Campioness 神域のカンピオーネス voban the duke is back there in vol 2


  6. thanks for the Translation. Will you be picking Up the 2nd Campione series for TL’ing as well [Shiniki no Campioness] I believe the first volume was released back in December 2017 after that I don’t it’s the only one I could find.


  7. Thanks for the translations to you and those who have helped. I do not know anything about you but I will remember you for a long time.


    • Zaikurin says:

      Thanks for finishing the series was really ticked off that I couldn’t get to read the last remaining volumes. Really great work with it!


      • Zaikurin says:

        Have a question though… will you pick up any other works that have had the same thing happen to them as well or was that it?


  8. Kyonkichi says:

    Anyone have link for all pdf that still working?


  9. pokeperson1000 says:

    anyone have a pdf for volume 21?


  10. Is this a real translation of the remaining volumes of Campione or really a fan fiction story??


    • pokeperson1000 says:

      this fanfiction isn’t a *fan* fiction. Don’t ask any more in case we get taken down for copyright. Don’t worry, it is in fact what you are looking for, and bakapervert isn’t the writer, just the translator.


  11. mbartlett84 says:

    Wish Bakapervet would reconsider doing the sequel and relabel it Fanfic2


  12. itamar says:

    Shiniki no Campiones

    https:// taikutssu.wordpress.com/shiniki-no-campiones/


    • mbartlett84 says:

      Is that a English translation. I keep serching that url but it goes to a spanish translation.


      • itamar says:

        the translation is in Spanish
        You have to translate the pdf into English to read.
        to translate you can copy the text after opening pdf with word
        then transpose the text to http://www.editordetextos.com.br/
        and use google translate

        I do not speak English but I read all of LN in English using google translator.

        I did not find a translation in Mandarin or English for “Shiniki no Campiones”.


  13. mbartlett84 says:

    Thanks very much for your Help. Google is not even 80% correct on its sentence translations you know. it’s never going to actually translate like a Jap-Eng translator would. I’ll give it a try but I pry someone picks this up for translation.


  14. mbartlett84 says:

    Bakapervet can you please reconsider taking up the request to Translate the New Campione series. It’s only begin done in Espanol! and no English Tl’ers will or have picked it up. Your our ONLY hope 4ever getting it translated. I know I can’t make you do it but please reconsider. You could always drop it later if it gets licensed here in the West and call it Fanfic2 like b4.


  15. tatetitotu792 says:

    what novel is this a fanfic of?


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