Ultimate Antihero

Ultimate Antihero/ (アルティメット・アンチヒーロー)

– Written by Riku Misora (海空 りく) & illustrated by Nardack –


Synopsis: Kamishiro Homura is a hero who once by himself exterminated the another world invader <Demon King> that destroyed the military all over the world. However his extreme strength made the influential people ostracized and exiled him from the society with false accusation of [Traitor] attached to him. A few years after that, for an unspecified reason Homura entered the magician academy and he looked after the girls that were ridiculed as the [burden platoon]…!? This is the raise of the curtain of a fantasy tale of the unrivaled and invincible young man where not a single ally or enemy can keep up with him, the young man who sooner or later will be extolled as the messiah by the whole human race!

From the author of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry.

TN: This is a goddamn fiction. In no way what is written here are true (in my opinion). Take everything written here with a grain of salt, I’m not taking responsibility of anyone quitting their church or start worshiping demon from reading this.

Ultimate Antihero 1 – Invincible and Unparalleled Traitor

Ultimate Antihero 2 – The Fairy Queen and A Million Enemy

Ultimate Antihero 3 – The Eastern Grand Subjugation

Ultimate Antihero 4 – Ultimate Individual

42 Responses to Ultimate Antihero

  1. Sakura says:

    Hi ^^
    I’m the admin of the french team Manga & Friends. I’ve already translate the manga Ultimate Antihero, i’m in love of this serie ❤ Actually, I'm very sad that it is finished :S
    So i would really love to translate your project in French 🙂
    Could you please give me your permission ? I would be very happy if you agree 😄
    Naturally, It’s your work and I respect it, so I'll put one page for you or if you want to do your own credit ^^
    I’m looking forward to your answer.
    Thank you and all the best for you ^^
    Ps: Thank you very much for translate this novel, it's pleasure to reading 😉


  2. otaku01llsif says:

    i realy like this novel thank you so much for translating this


  3. Mirandur says:

    Thank you for translating this. 🙂

    I see you have started translating volume 2, but the links seems to be missing. At least on my phone… Any idea when they will be available?


  4. ceilrux says:

    Hi bakapervert, would you be making a pdf of Vol 2? And is Vol 2 the end of the series? Thanks for the translation


  5. Arjun Verano says:

    I don’t worship demons.. I pray to the evil god .. HAHAHAHA xD

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Jorx says:

    I hope some kind soul can make an epub to read it


  7. Anonymous says:

    This is it! Like Batman the dark knight


  8. Sora says:

    The evil god of this story is *drum roll* Nyar- *gets sucked into Pandora’s box*


  9. Sora says:

    One advise for reading this story: Store up all the “ki” “anger enegry” etc however you call it that you received from the story at first, and release them all at the right time in the story later. Then…sukirishita~


  10. kokomiguel says:

    Is volume 4 is the last volume of this series?


  11. F@ce says:

    Well are you planning to translate volume 4 of antihero after hxh or in between hxh???


  12. rockythere says:

    Hey guys please translate soon i cant wait to read more


  13. Arjun Verano says:

    I love you dude! your translation pace is the fastest among all translators in the internet ..


  14. rockythere says:

    Hey guys please start translating ultimate antihero i cant wait to read its 4rth volume


  15. Gaby says:

    Vol 4 please.. I can’t wait anymore


  16. crywolf641 says:

    Hahahahaha LoL that big bold letters hahahahaha well can’t blame you translator for posting that though I doubt anyone is fanatic enough to believe this is real… But it does let me know other names of gods though so its useful for knowledge about religions.


  17. Heh. says:

    After reading this, I’ve decided to convert. The shrine has already been built, and my virgin sacrifice is currently staring at me with teary eyes. THE BLOOD WILL BRING ME SALVATION. I SHALL CARVE OUT MY PLACE IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER. I AM THE CHOSEN OF GOD!!

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much


  19. Hildegarde says:

    hey, may i ask your permission to host this translation in my blog ?
    i will translate it to my native language (indonesian),
    i’am currently using this translation as the english raw, so how about it ?
    of course i’ll put credits to you there…


  20. Darche 61 says:

    …This author don’t actually properly introduce a new character when 1st appeared… Like Shiori, no discription no hair colour no facial idea how she look like how the hell is visualizing the story in your mind possible? Then there Ayumi 1st appearance. What the hell is wrong with this LN?


  21. kipoyedcl says:

    just a quick question… is this novel already completed in Japan? or is it still ongoing


  22. ROCKO says:

    Hey its just like SKY WIZARD ACADEMY story is mostly same


  23. Anonymous says:

    Oh great bald one

    Being a hero as hobby

    Able to endure hundreds of push-ups,
    Sit-ups and hundred km run as
    A daily routine and lost hair in the process

    Finishing opponent with jush one punch

    Your name is



    (eh? )


  24. Bozzzz says:

    Thank you for Ultimate Antihero. I’m at vol3 and the translation quality is great. It’s like I’m reading something by a professional writer (maybe you are?).
    Only thing I’m sad about is that your other 2 projects don’t seem to interest me. But looking forward to your future projects that you might take up.


  25. KuroHaruto says:

    Question: At what chapter of the novel does the manga end at??


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