Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou

Author: Mihara Mitsuki (三原みつき)

Illustrator: CHun

published by MF Bunko J


Because of a Diva governing summoning Magic awarding a stigma, the Sword Division’s expert – Kazuki entered the National Knight’s Academy’s Magic Division. Even though he should be honing the sword skills inherited from Hayashizaki-Ryuu, Kazuki began his unsure Magic training in the Magic Division, which was filled with girls. As Kazuki’s sister, Kanae, the current student president of Sword Division, was extremely unsatisfied about Kazuki entering Magic Division to study. And the Magic Division Student President was overly close to Kazuki made Kanae extremely unhappy——? Kazuki stands inside the crevice between the two conflicting Student Presidents! With the proof of a Summon Magic User – Stigma, the academy’s battle arena targeting both Sword and Magic, is about to begin——!!

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6

Volume 7

Volume 8

Volume 9

Volume 10

Volume 11

Volume 12

Volume 13

35 Responses to Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou

  1. Eren says:

    First 🙂


  2. dfreshcap2267 says:

    Good luck


  3. Mega no Ikarus says:

    New update will post here, oke 👍


  4. habib says:

    Thanks for doing this Novel 😄


  5. DCIS1 says:

    Merry Christmas


  6. Isizur says:

    Thank you! I was interested in this novel long time ago!


  7. What’s your next project going to be?


  8. Gage says:

    No more Magika??


  9. kcz117 says:

    Hmm, well here are the results of the poll:
    Otonashi Kaguya 155 25%
    Tsukahara Kazuha 113 18%
    Hiakari Koyuki 48 8%
    Beatrix Baumgard 48 8%
    Hoshikaze Hikaru 40 6%
    Amasaki Mio 37 6%
    Charlotte Liebenfrau 35 6%
    Leme 29 5%
    Hayashizaki Kanae 27 4%
    Ryuutaki Miyabi 25 4%
    Ryuutaki Shinobu 23 4%
    Arthur Basilleus 8 1%
    Virginia Dance 6 1%
    Yagumo Akane 5 1%
    Roshoukou 5 1%
    Hikita Kohaku 5 1%
    Kaya 4 1%
    Kamimura Itsuki 3 0%
    Liz Liza Westwood 3 0%
    Ilyailiya Muromets 3 0%
    Aisu Ikousai 3 0%
    Hel 2 0%
    Regina Olympia Folnar 2 0%
    Mary Mayweather Jr. 1 0%
    Asamiya Anna 1 0%
    Jeremy Barrett 0 0%
    Kami’izumi Iori 0 0%
    Damian 0 0%
    Silirat Denkaosen 0 0%
    Koudzuki Kanon 0 0%
    Yumeno Shiori 0 0%
    Maya 0 0%
    Asmodeus 0 0%
    Katsura Karin 0 0%
    Mibu Akira 0 0%
    Eleonora 0 0%
    Stella 0 0%
    Fu Xi 0 0%
    Total votes: 631
    Please delete this once you get the info. Thx.


  10. X saber says:

    When vol 2 out?


  11. X saber says:

    When vol 12 out?


  12. Anonymous says:

    Vol 13 in Japan? sorry but my main language is Spanish


  13. All Night says:

    >.< When you want to read but then Baka Tsuki goes down for serveral days… So you can't access volume 1…


  14. Anonymous says:

    How on Earth does a Light Novel and now Manga this good does not have an Anime? How is this possible?


  15. drake181 says:

    When will volume 13 be out please reply


  16. Synergy says:

    I got my copy of magical summoner vol 5 from my bookstore today. Below are shots of the most interesting panels in it.

    has anyone read any of the other English manga

    I’m curious if they have similar art.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. laudibus says:

    @bakapervert… do you have the pdf already of volume 13 of magika no kenshin?…


  18. Grim Reaper says:

    Hey guys is there any news when the next volume will come? It has been three months already .


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