Hi everyone this is Windsgrace from BT and Animesuki. I am the new editor of Magika no Kenshi so treat me well. :3

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22 Responses to Hia

  1. nicholaevich says:

    cough,cough, plz make a page for a whole volume for easy back-up

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  2. antonio says:

    i ask bakapervert if he has think on put the pdf of all the volumes from old to current to new like in the same format of BT have you consider doing that part to because bakapervert dosent seen very motivate , could you convince him or if if is not much to ask do it your self

    PS welcome i am waithing for chapter 9 and 10 good luck


    • Windsgrace says:

      Bakapervert hasn’t been making PDF’s for this series thus far. Quite a few different people have. Sorry that some are in slightly different formats.


  3. present!! here I am, waiting updates!! thank you It`s really a shame everything what happened with B-T


  4. Smeg says:

    what happened with bt?


    • Sarksz says:

      They got DMCA by Kadokawa and the worse thing is not only 1 series but more than 6series and usually 1 series itself already a major headache like danmachi case where the translator got his site closed


  5. kenchan223 says:

    Hi Windsgrace!


  6. Ashmedia says:

    Yahallow~!!! Windsgrace~!!!

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  7. charasuu says:

    Only you working as editor?
    Here i think there is bunch other editor working on magika

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    • Disguy says:

      Could’ve probably been volunteer editing by the readers as that was an option on bt. Though if there was official editors then my thanks goes out to both parties.

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      • Windsgrace says:

        Agreed. Hi charasuu and Disguy. Bakapervert considered both myself and OmegaWeaponZ to be his editors on this blog. Essentially we try and finish editing it before posting it on BT. There has been quite a bit lost in translation so we to clear it up early on. I have been talking to Kemm on BT about it as well. As usual others can edit on BT.


  8. mashazmi says:

    Hi Windsgrace!

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  9. antonio says:

    how i have to thanks for the pdf i am so happy that this blog also have links xd

    ps whaiting to download volumes 8, 9 and10


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