To those who post Magika no Kenshi on BT

Besides myself, Omega and BakaPervert there are those who post this series on BT from the blog. So thanks. 🙂  We are thankful but please wait for it to be edited. x.x there are many sentence re-structures, additions, things that get lost in translation etc. I am really thankful for your work but please wait a day or two after the post is “completed” its less work on all fronts. Sorry for the spiel/complaint I would just prefer not to re-edit everything. That and I am lazy. xD

Cheers. Windsgrace~

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4 Responses to To those who post Magika no Kenshi on BT

  1. renextronex says:

    i think that lazy people dont post translations on a daily basis

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  2. anonymous says:

    Windsgrace-sama you are not lazy! we are forever thankful for you to be working so hard translating this LN for us who can’t read japanese! Thank you so so much!

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  3. Baka Fan says:

    haha he is an editor so we should be grateful for the editing and proofreading 🙂 and Bakapervert for the translations 🙂

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