Magika vol 11 translation

Well, this is awkward. Just now I finally got my hand of the raw of Magika vol 11 from a kind soul from Russia. So I’m gonna start the translation for it immediately and putting Ultimate Antihero on hold despite how it was only a day since I’m saying I’m translating that.

Also anyone who want to post Ultimate Antihero in BT, feel free. I’m too lazy to do it myself.

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23 Responses to Magika vol 11 translation

  1. hyddty says:

    no problem, just do your fav project. looking forward to antihero at another day


  2. KozuKy says:

    funny thing is you got the Raw on your post about doing Ultimate Antihero. so you’ll going to continue it after Magika vol. 11 ?? or there’s a chance that it will be a different side project ?? hope it would be the latter


  3. LN Reader says:

    how many volume ultimate antihero have?i have read the manga follow the LN.?


  4. LN Reader says:

    thank for the info.the genre is harem like magika right.


    • bakapervert says:

      Unclear, but maybe not. Seems like the MC might be settling for only a single girl, though the path to harem is still not totally closed yet.


    • KozuKy says:

      judging from the current manga chapters,seems like your generic harem with OP MC + “strong at first encounter but useless after so MC have to rescue them” kind of heroines. the MC is likeable so far and his partner is the only proper girl (others are annoying af). so yes it’s a harem,but not a true harem like Magika. honestly why i didn’t like Perv-san doing this is because you guys might expect it to be a true harem like Magika,then you might complain later about it,and it’s the author of Rakudai. but it’s all up to Perv-san to do what he wants to do and i respect it. i really wanted him to pick one of the two true harem novels i posted on the other post though


  5. Thanks a lot bro!! looking forward to Vol.11


  6. Kyseren says:

    Finally u will give me my drug again, thank you bakapervert san :3


  7. Anonymous says:

    Pervert-san what did u think to Masou Gakuen HxH?….. i think it’s good too like Magika.


  8. Bailone says:

    Bakapervert thank you for all your hard work cant wait to read volume 11 and your side project Ultimate Antihero I read the 1st part on the baka page cant wait to read the rest


  9. well, thank you for not losing the motivation to translate this and your commendable fast translation speed. another thanks to the kind contributor of the light novel


  10. Mathiason says:

    Thanks for translating Magika Volume11 as soon as you got it. And Anti-Hero seems like a good series so I’m looking forward to that later. Just remember to get plenty of sleep, exercise, and a balanced diet even if it slows down the translations. I’d rather agonize over a delay between translations from you taking care of yourself rather than a longer delay because you ran yourself into the ground.


  11. luiz117 says:

    Well that was unexpected to happen so fast, yet I´m thankful to our Russian friend. Now lets get ready for the volume.
    Again bakapervert thanks for the hard work, keep it up.


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