Gakuen Anime

So how was everyone view on ep1 since its out now by Horrisubs.

As someone who hasn’t touched LN, I found it decent enough. Animation was good and well tits were amazing. Tho true fun would be in uncensored version.

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10 Responses to Gakuen Anime

  1. happinezz001 says:

    i’m definitely gonna collect all the uncensored episodes


  2. It was a good adaptation but could of been better.


  3. Reaper Phoenix says:

    I’ll wait for the uncensored version.


  4. Hao says:

    Uncensored version is already available actually.


  5. Amaranth says:

    Uncensored ep1 is out !

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  6. viole1369 says:

    Well uncensored kun was fun to watch


  7. Phalanx says:

    Just viewed the uncensored version. Well to be exact, just took a peek. Uh… how is it possible that the uncensored version is already up? Don’t we have to wait for the Blu-ray to come out, like in Shinmai Maou no Testament?

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining that the uncensored version is up. I’m just… confused as to how is it possible.


    • viole1369 says:

      No clue myself but I guess they learned from past mistakes? Since shinmai was literally shitmai as anime . It same studio so they must have noticed very less viewership on censored crap so they did this time.

      And its for better, since everything that even came close to having pink area of nips or ass/pussy was having big ass light beams.


      • Eclar says:

        Not exactly. The uncensored version is being streamed at AT-X, a japanese television network that allows these kind of things in anime. The censored version was being streamed in another channel, but they stopped doing it because even the censored version was too lewd for their standards (?).
        So, from now the only channel available for masou gakuen is AT-X, which means uncensored version for everyone.


  8. Tommy Ifrit says:

    Well… there’s big breasts and then there stupidly big breasts… i dunno if it was because it was not the original version i watched but it didn’t seem that amazing to me… If i had to guess it was Chinese or Korean version. The sub text looked funny and was difficult to read in some areas.

    Although like all ecchii anime the uncensored stuff is much better. So i’ll be patiently waiting until the uncensored version is all out and then watch all the episodes in one go. Still either way looking forward to see what it has to offer, the ecchii genre lately for anime has been… well not very promising…


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