HxH Vol 8 Chapter 2 complete

Someone just posting that yen press is licensing this series. Is that true?



Edits for chapter 2, volume 8, are now complete.



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41 Responses to HxH Vol 8 Chapter 2 complete

  1. happinezz001 says:

    seriously ?


  2. omegaweaponz says:

    They(YenPress) haven’t posted a tweet since July 4th.

    Would seem to be a hoax for now.

    All we can do now is pray and hope for the best


  3. Pervert san I wouldn’t take that comment too seriously until atleast ANN covers it.

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  4. Windsgrace says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised since it got an anime but it feels too soon. It JUST started. So most likely not.


  5. Eclar says:

    I think it’s a fake.
    The name is not even written correctly in english. It is HxH (or Heart x Hybrid) Magias Academy Ataraxia. The HxH doesn’t go in the end.
    Besides, there is an extra space between academy and hxh on that twitter (yeah, i have a bit of ocd).
    But the possibility of licensing is still there.


  6. zarvii says:

    I doubt it
    its rare for yen press to take novel with this much explicit content


  7. Jack Oniel says:

    have checked yenpress twitter and they havent post anything since 5th july and the announcent about license of hxh shows 6th july. that means someone photoshopped (fuck him/her i will find her/him and k**l her/him this aint funny)it or something i think. but if this get licensed will you still translate this(hopes it never get licensed)


  8. armansyach says:

    really? oh c’mon, this series is super duper ecchi/ h-borderline, why would they?
    beside, i just checked their twits and there’s no announcement at all, it hoax. maybe dat person wronged between masou gakuen and gakuen toshi asterisk..lol


  9. jorgelotr says:

    Good news! Next volume of Magika will be on sale this month’s 25th!
    Source: http://www.mediafactory.co.jp/bunkoj/book_detail/1442


  10. Amaranth says:

    They probably won’t do it they don’t licence novels with too much borderline content or DxD and a few other would be licensed ages ago


  11. Mr.Snappy says:

    I dont think yenpress will licensed this one. This novel has a hardcore lewdness and if yen press is going to translate this kind of book, so why did they not licensed high school dxd which is so popular? Cause it is very lewd and they will not allow this kind of book to be published in the states


  12. jorgelotr says:

    I shouldnt attach sources to my posts. They get flagged as spam.

    Magika’s next volume goes on sale this July 25th, with a very feathery cover.

    About YP’s HxH license, it’s most likely a hoax that stems from the fact that it’s gotten an anime adaptation, since several LN-turned-anime from past seasons have gotten a license, some of them by YP (and for the ones that didn’t, they still got blamed).


  13. jorgelotr says:

    My posts get systematically flagged as spam.


  14. rozenmaiden says:

    A BULLSHIT!! If this LN is licensed then DxD had been licensed since past years, i think.


  15. Rozen says:

    Thanks for the chapter!


  16. Anonymous says:

    Be serious now and think about some of the content and events in this series. You have a 15 or 16 year old guy molesting an unconscious girl, then said guy is sent out to do all sorts of super pervy acts with several different girls of the same age. Among those girls is a middle school girl whose age is, what, about 13? Even more so, the barely teen-age girl is having her core inserted and the whole sensory thing is running like they are actually feeling each other. Oh yes, let’s not forget the very thinly hidden incest element that nearly crossed the last line once already, and who knows how much further that may travel later. And that’s just the top layer or two of things.
    Now with all that said, keeping in mind the so called morals crusaders and parents/Christian groups that scream about anything like this being produced in the states and even more so when it comes from another country, is it even remotely possible that they’ll risk the fall-out of licensing this? Yes, they did do Ani-Imo wich is supposed to be an incest love affair with a pervy bent, but I don’t think it’s in the league of HxH for the adultish fun.
    So, let’s ask it again. Does anyone really think there’s any real chance Yen Press will pick this up?


  17. Anonymous says:

    Hmm, sorry but what will happen if yenpress licensing this series? Is that really bad if this series is license? Sorry i dont know what those this license means is.
    Thanks for the chapter.


    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe because if it gets licensed then perv-sama might drop the project? Or if he doesn’t then Yen Press might nail him for it. What’s worse is that even if it was licensed right now, it’s likely to be about 3 years before they get as far through the series as we are now. It usually takes them a good 6 months to a year to get just the first volume of a series out, and then it follows the same release rate of roughly 4 months between volumes. They don’t play catch-up to get close behind the current release.
      In other words, it means we have to start all over waiting to find out what wildness happens next. What you think, sound bad or not?


  18. amaranthis says:

    It was a fake as it even contained spelling mistakes.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Bakapervert-san is the licensing this series is truth ?


  20. Amaranth says:

    Ep 1 unconcerned version is up!


  21. Anon says:

    Are people really unable to detect poor grammar in a dubious fake tweet?

    This is Yen Press, a Western company, yet people couldn’t detect how strange this fake tweet sounded in English, both in written grammatical form and when spoken aloud?

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  22. Anonymous says:

    It’s fake just checked the site and nothing


  23. Fake << (It wasn't even written in proper English)


  24. habib says:

    Thanks for doing this Chaper! 🤗


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