Gravel Gallery Update

Did the most asked one since PC finally running now 😛
expect most done in a week ~ with some bonus. Tho magika might take time, since i havent read past vol 11. And magic dresses are effing pain to do. Tho i dunno if gravel dress is right since I just started vol 4 of HxH

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8 Responses to Gravel Gallery Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    very nice she reminds me of Aine a bit


  2. Equa' says:

    Nice! Good job.


  3. deadtoxic says:

    thanks for the gravel pic ^^


  4. Amaranthis says:

    Do you only make colorings of the novels bakapervert translate or do you make others aswell?


  5. Mathiason says:

    Can you do Zelsione and the quartem? Elma has a pic PG297 in volume 5. Vol6 pg85 has Ramza and Lunorlla. And vol9 has a pic of Clayda and Elma and a pic of Zel in the improved Teros. Thanks you.


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