Gallery update

A coloring of Rerei Hida :v

If anyone has any request from the site novels for a Coloring feel free to ask for it.

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23 Responses to Gallery update

  1. Varu says:

    Since there has been no update in over a year from the translators own site I would like to recommend Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden


  2. DNAnime says:

    Confused what is being asking for…


  3. Mathiason says:

    From Vol6 Can you colorize the large size pictures?
    Gravel in maid outfit on
    And also Gravel in beach outfit
    Also the pic of Gravel and Aldea deadtoxic requested.


  4. viole1369 says:

    Will do soon prolly, tho doubt tentacle one will be done.
    and so much gravel love :v


  5. viole1369 says:

    Will try to do them soon, My pc fucking up and that.
    Mio and Koyuki will be last prolly because those dresses will take some good time.

    Tho I feel there is lack of interest in Magika pics as compared with hxh, Lewd content is reason?

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  6. icehavoc says:

    Where can we see the images btw?


  7. viole1369 says:

    Please do not repeat pics. 🙂


  8. viole1369 says:

    Chill a bit dude ,Im not a machine and like did you even check gallery> because you are posting already done pics here.
    Please do not spam


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