Happy Sexy New Year~

So well here is a kaguya gift just that it has 9 version because I cant choose so I leave that to you ~ Top 1-3 versions will be added in gallery, Have a sexy 2017~


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10 Responses to Happy Sexy New Year~

  1. Big Z says:

    Is there a new volume coming out?


  2. kenchan223 says:

    You should do this so called ‘Sexy’ New Year, every year lol, not joking..


  3. Mhaj58 says:

    BP are you going to host the Arifureta after story or will elementalcolbalt continue to release them once a week when the main story is complete?


  4. What light novel is it?


  5. Durandal says:

    In which volume does this happens? I can´t remember at the moment.


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