[Fanfic] 20 Chapter 5 – Ahead of Fate

Chapter 5 – Ahead of Fate

Part 1

「That’s a valid opinion, Kusanagi Godou.」

Currently Madam Aisha lost all of her magic power.

John Pluto Smith easily recognized what Godou pointed out.

「I am also concerned with that. Actually――I had assumed since before the start of the devil king civil war that Madam Aisha’s corridor will become the key. That was why I thought in reverse instead……can I make use of it somehow, like so.」

「Make use of it you say?」

「Yes. That madam is one of the most terrifying enemy, but she is also the most careless Campione. I believed that there will surely be room to take advantage of it.」

「By any chance, when you were swallowed by the corridor yesterday」

Smith was sucked into the corridor that appeared at Okutama Mountains really obediently.

Godou asked when he recalled that.

「Did you do something?」

「Fufufufu. Turn everything whether good or bad to your profit, it’s something like that. The preparation to make that corridor run wild――I asked my side to set it up.」

So this guy was scheming such thing under that mask.

Godou opened his eyes wide. The mysterious JPS that participated in the devil king civil war with his almost late arrival. In a sense, it was slyness that was really like this gambler of ‘it turned out all right in the end’.

「Fortunately there are also a lot of cooperator with me. There were a lot of criticizing opinion toward that corridor in Astral world from a long time ago just so you know.」

There were twelve fairy kings at the surrounding including Smith.

There were also wise observer like Athena and Susanoo. Godou immediately understood the reason this many supernatural grouped up.

「……Is it just as I thought, because the other party is Aisha-san?」

「Correct. Just as you know, the owner of that corridor is a woman that has a little bit too much freedom. There are a lot of spirits and fairy kings that suffered annoyance caused by her travel. The master of『Plutarch’s Mansion』that invited your subordinate is the representative of it.」

There were a lot of people that considered Queen Aisha as danger right after the start of battle.

Godou also thought so, while his elder sister Luo Cuilian, Marquis Voban, and in addition Black Prince Alec aimed at the madam the very first thing. Smith was also the same.

But, the masked godslayer alone was keeping a completely different expectation in his chest――.

「That corridor in short is『an authority to travel to another  world』. However, all the fairy kings gathered here are also specialists of other worlds. ……They had investigated beforehand. Whether it’s possible to put a trick into that corridor and make “the power to travel to another world” run wild――」

Smith powerfully spoke.

「to banish Madam Aisha to a parallel world somewhere.


「Just as you also know, our world is protected by the watchman of history and corrective force. No matter how much time traveler try to intervene with the past, history will not change by any means, a time paradox won’t be generated――there is no such thing.

Had Godou who was a Japanese of 21st century considered it?

Smith moved to the heart of the matter after repeatedly saying words that sounded like they came from science fiction novel.

「The history’s watchman-dono is working really strenuously. But, unfortunately『he had never committed even a single mistake throughout the perpetuity of history』……cannot be said about him. Even though the times it happened can be counted, but it seem there are cases where the corrective power of history was powerless.」


「To speak further, the current watchman-dono has taken the post since around a thousand and eight hundred years ago. It was unclear whether before him the role of watchman was nonexistent, or that a not diligent watchman was in office previously. But it appeared that there were a lot more cases where the change in history couldn’t be corrected before.」

「Hey. Is it just as I thought, like how at SF movie where the character go through time slip――」

Godou cut it.

「The flow of time diverged at the point where history changed, and it became parallel world?」

「It seems so. 『Different time axis from our time axis』. It’s the so called parallel world. The watchman of this generation is covering up the existence of such thing.」

Time paradox. Parallel world.

Godou could accept it instead when he heard the words that were indispensable part of time travel.

It was actually impossible. Those who possessed authority of travel――the fairies or gods that loved mischief, or Campione like Madam Aisha, if someone like them went to the past, could such feat like completely preventing change of history really possible…….

And then, Smith sonorously announced.

「Paralllel world that piled up different history from our time axis. Perhaps that world will be an earth where mankind wasn’t born, perhaps it’s a world where dinosaur didn’t become extinct and became the ruler of the world. Perhaps it will be a new world where Jesus Christ wasn’t crucified and he realized the ideal country as messiah.」

「So it’s an unknown world.」

「Yes. Even though the existence of those worlds can be recognized, but the details cannot be confirmed. But if『Fairy Corridor』is made to run wild――」

「The corridor can send the traveler outside the time axis to reach the unknown world……?」

「That’s what the fairy kings are saying. By making use of that, let’s set Madam Aisha into a trap.」

「Hey Smith. Putting aside what kind of world the parallel world is」

Godou spoke toward his relative that was continuing his long speech like an actor.

He had already predicted somehow what the masked mysterious man was going to say.

「If we Campiones get carried there, what will happen? You could easily go back here even when you were sent to super ancient era. Will you be able to do the same there?」

「I believe it will be extremely difficult.」

Smith was undoubtedly smiling under his mask.

「Different from time travel and travel to spirit world, in the current time there is no owner of authority for crossing to parallel world that has been discovered. To intentionally go home to the former time axis――should be something with difficulty that is in different league. It’s even far more difficult compared to when I was sent away to twelve thousand years ago.」

「So it’s something like a one-way ticket.」

「There is no problem even if you assert that definitively. Although, that will apply if the banishment target is not Campione.」

「Aa……you mean that even if logically it’s impossible, they might stubbornly come home anyway.」

「It’s strange to say it myself but, that is the troublesomeness of us. However, to stop at that point is the limit of this whatsoever.」


「Carrying history following the ideal outline, that is . That corrective force is certainly mighty. But, it’s unable to interfere until toward――people that are sent “outside time”. This fate whatsoever cannot wield its power as it pleases except『inside the world that it rule』, it’s like a man who is lion at home but a mouse abroad.」

「Is that true without any doubt, Smith?」

「Who knows?」

John Pluto Smith shrugged irresponsibly.

「I’m just saying as it is what I heard from my fairy kings comrade. If you want to ask regarding the working of the world, then you should choose your talk partner more.」

「I guess so.」

Godou smiled wryly and stared at the talk partner he should ask.

Among the various wise individuals present here, the one with the deepest connection to him was a goddess. The silver haired mother earth god. Boasting priceless wisdom and young beauty――his destined old enemy, the undesirable but inseparable companion.

「What do you think?」

「Let me recognizeth it as the goddess of wisdom. What that person spoke is the truth.」

Athena asserted solemnly.

「Its reign over this world is strong beyond compare, and also merciless. But, by no means it’s omniscience and omnipotence. If it hath such might, a trick like『The Great Ritual of Old Covenant』wouldth be unnecessary.」

「Certainly. If it’s that powerful then it should be able to kill the like of us just by thinking of it.」

Godou nodded at the spotless logic.

「Now I understand various things. If Aisha-san is in good health, then the civil war can be taken care of all in one go with Smith’s trick……」

「About that. Should we Campiones instead corner Madam Aisha into a hopelessly desperate situation? There is also such option.」

It was an outrageous proposal from Smith.

「Perhaps she will suddenly take back her power if we lit the fire of her fighting spirit that is sleeping inside her.」

「Don’t say something irresponsible without any basis like that. Well, though I also think about that possibility, there was also time when I put myself in a pinch with the same idea.」

It was about the time when he got hit by Rama’s arrow at ancient Gallia.

While Godou recalled about that scene, his masked relative progressed the talk forward.

「Then, let’s continue the story without thinking of the madam’s condition. What do you want? Do you now want to the method of driving out――the other six Campiones including me to the parallel world? Or else will you choose to be the one driven out and entrusted the decisive battle against『King of the End』to me?」


As a Japanese whose selling point was their reserved attitude, perhaps he should pick the latter option.

However, Godou immediately declared without any hesitation.

「I’ll fight that guy. My bad but can I ask you to take a look at that parallel world for me? Because right after I take care the matter of Rama, I’ll surely find――the method to bring back you all.」

「Fine then.」


「I also think that’s the correct arrangement. This is a good chance, so I’ll enjoy a vacation at this outside parallel world.」

「Are you……really okay with that?」

Godou’s eyes turned round from this conclusion of the role allotment without any quarrel.

John Pluto Smith eluded his gaze with composure and spoke calmly.

「I have heard all about the tale of King Rama and also what kind of character he is when he manifested. On top of that I believe――that the one who should settle matter with him should be the person who understands him the most, don’t you think so? For the sake to pull down the curtain of the long relation between the hero of godslayer killing and the godslayer devil kings.」

「So that’s why you yield the right of challenge to me?」

「Yes. I am a man who want to appeal that I’m『someone that can read the mood』with this.」

It was a joke with voice that put on airs, just like Smith.

Perhaps if he didn’t wear a mask, then he would even wink at him pretentiously.

「For the maverick hero that attempt to communicate with humans and with even his archenemy the godslayer――I think it’s fitting that the same eccentric Campione will be the one to face him. I ask you to realize that confrontation between both of you without fail.」

「Don’t say something stupid. I’m not as eccentric as you are.」

Godou smiled wryly while complaining before he immediately made a serious face.

「But, thank you. I absolutely won’t waste your consideration.」

「It’s still too early to say thanks. After all among the seven Campiones, this is only a secret agreement between two of them. There are still five remaining opponents that you should overcome.」

Before Godou could answer ‘I guess’, a youthful and gallant voice cut in.

「――No. If I get in that talk, then the remaining opponent will become four.」

Godou, Smith, the wise men of Astral world.

The gaze of everyone was sent to just one person. When they noticed, that man was already there. He slipped into the conference place without any sound or form and saw and listened to everything.

That was made possible due to the authority of lightning speed that ought to be said as his feature, the feat of godspeed movement.

「I managed to listen to a really interesting story. If possible, that’s something that I want to be allowed to get involved with.」

It was the noble youth with shapely features and way of talking that sounded self-important.

Alexander Gascoigne. The Black Prince Alec slipped in nonchalantly.

Part 2

In the first place――

The barrier of mist spreading through Okutama Mountains was something that Alec created.

Although Alec himself was temporarily retreating from the barrier due to the attack of the gigantic fierce guardian god and the dragon it received, he was hiding nearby even after that.

He also wasn’t particularly surprised with John Pluto Smith’s reentrance.

That was natural. Just like the hint he gave Kusanagi Godou, he had already finished making the assumption of that possibility from long time ago.

Alec also witnessed the attack of Laksmana and the offense from the two kings of the senior group.

However, when Smith took along Kusanagi Godou and his subordinate to transfer to Astral world――as expected he couldn’t follow.

But, he knew their destination, so there were many methods to pursue.

「Rather than searching for the old people group from zero, I guess I should prioritize the side that I can pursue easier.」

Alec immediately turned into lightning body and soared as thunder.

His destination was an island of everlasting summer floating on Pacific Ocean, Bali. That land was also called as the land of gods, with a lot of sacred grounds that were related with the indigenous spirit and myth that propagated from Asia. One of those sacred grounds, 『Cave of Darkness Spirit』was connected with Astral World――.

「The rest is simple after coming to that point.」

The conference place of the fairy kings and the retired gods.

Alec was disclosing the secret of his trick to the two Campiones of Japan-America at the place that looked similar with Cornwall’s wasteland and megalith cluster.

「I had already investigated that the forest of Oberon is the headquarter of fairy king John Pluto Smith. I believed that if I observed the coming and going in that stratum, I should surely be able to obtain a clue――」

「So you laid in wait right outside the forest’s barrier.」

「Yes. And just as expected, you two came out from there.」

「I put my guard up of being followed but……I guess it pointless just saying that. It seem that Black Prince-dono has a special skill that not only erased your appearance but also your presence to roam the world like a shadow.」

Smith shrugged his shoulders with a lot of exaggeration and dramatic movement.

Normally when something was moving in godspeed, presence of something flying around with terrific momentum could be sensed randomly. However, if Alec sharpened his nerve to the maximum, it was also possible to travel along with complete silence.

But, it was really doubtful whether this skill could be used to assassinate fellow Campione.

Because if he emitted killing intent even for a little, sharply perceptive Campiones might immediately sniff the smell of danger like wild beast…….

「Hey Gascoigne」

Kusanagi Godou addressed Alec.

「You are really going to get on board with our plan too?」


It would be out of character for him to answer honestly, so Alec murmured haughtily.

「I also said it before but, I don’t care who will be the one to fight the『King of the End』. I’m fighting only to brush away the sparks of fire raining on me.」

「Despite that you were laying on traps really proactively though……」

「That was because if I didn’t do that, then I won’t be able to get out from a situation where I might be attacked by six Campiones one after another. But, if there is an option that is more attractive――then I won’t be reluctant to choose it.」

Alec grinned impudently.

He had made much mayhem in the world until now for the sake of his curiosity and spirit of inquiry that was excessively full of vim and vigor. And it was also the same with this.

「Time axis that piled up different history from the world we are living in. Parallel world. If there is such thing, then I wish to gaze at it with these eyes by any means.」

Alexander Gascoigne was a godslayer warrior.

But at the same time he was also an explorer and an adventurer. He spoke with that conceit in full force.

「It will be too slow to leave the scouting role to somebody else. It’s for the best for me to ride into the unknown world personally and ascertained by myself what kind of place is there by my own observation.」

「But, it will be undoubtedly dangerous you know?」

「What silly concern.」

Kusanagi Godou was speaking in concern, so Alec made a derisive smile.

「Certainly I cannot even imagine just what kind of difficulty will be waiting there. But, it’s hard to believe that――it will be even more dangerous than fighting『King of the End』and that patron of his the . Also」

Alec glanced at Athena and questioned.

「Is this parallel world, chocked full with gods that exceed『King of the End』Ramachandra?」

「This is this nothing more than a spiritual instinct of mine as a goddess of wisdom, but」

The authority that was equivalent with human shrine maiden’s spiritual sight.

After saying that, the most intelligent in god world Athena spoke.

「I believeth that warrior rivaling King Rama……is mostly nonexistent whether in this world or outside world. On the contrary, world where not even one god exist――is not in little number at the outside.」

「That’s that. It’s decided already.」

Alec spoke decisively.

「The one who will face the greatest danger will likely be you, Kusanagi Godou.」

「There is also that way of thinking huh.」

The youngest Japanese Campione let out a natural smile.

「Then without reservation I ask you to leave me behind here.」

「Yeah, I’ll do that. For me it’s real convenient that I can push the most troublesome matters to others. But, if the establishment of this secret agreement will depend on Madam Aisha, then it will be a bit distressful situation.」

「Did……something happen?」

「The sacred ground that she and Salvatore Doni escaped to――is being attacked by the marquis’s army. You two had anticipation about igniting fire on the madam’s latent power but, for now there is no sign that it will be like that. Perhaps this is the time for Madam Aisha to finally pay the price.」

Alec reported so when Kusanagi Godou asked.

Even while they were in this faraway place, Alec was able to grasp in detail the current situation of the madam due to a certain circumstance.


Part 3

Just a while ago, right after they heard the notification of attack of two kings.

Salvatore Doni murmured something like this.

「I see. So gramps and the sect founder will arrive here soon……. Then, before that. Let us fulfill our objective for coming here.」

The one he made the request at was the master of Plutarch’s Mansion.

The old man wearing toga of ancient Rome glared fiercely at Doni.

「What is that objective?」

「Can you restore the corridor that Madam Aisha opened yesterday?」

「There is no nice way of putting it, but where is the idiot that make that request just now!」

「Hahahaha. He is right in front of you.」

Even when the strict guard of history scolded with thunderous voice, the overly optimistic Campione only laughed foolishly.

It was a dialogue that was going on inside the room where so many stone slates that could be said to be countless were scattered everywhere.

On the other side Liliana was speaking to the one other Campione.

「Is something the matter, Madam Aisha?」

「Ah, no. That slate just took my attention a little so……」

「Those slates are history that we mankind had piled up――everything from the beginning until the present time were materialized in the shape of those slates……that’s what they are.」

「My. It seems there is still something else that you want to say Lily.」

「No, nothing. I was just thinking that if possible, I wish to ask Madam Aisha to not touch them with her usual carelessness.」

「And that is what my sworn friend is saying. Is it okay with you madam?」

「Uuh. It feels like the treatment of Liliana-san and Erica-san to me is gradually getting roughhh」

「Please interpret that as the distance between our heart shrinking closer.」

Madam Aisha grew timid while Erica deceived the madam with roundabout talk.

The master that managed Plutarch’s Mansion yelled with a sidelong glance at that.

「Eeei! I won’t mind to consider about that request of you all later-」

「Eh? Really?」

「Yes. Well, I won’t know whether I will be able to open the corridor of that damned witch until I try it, I think that it will be something really difficult for me but, anyway I will give it a try-. That’s why Dejanstahl Voban and Luo Cuilian――don’t let those two to approach here!」

The old man threw that sentence at Doni who was leaning forward.

「The most foolish duo among the godslayers of this generation are here right now, while the most violent duo are approaching here right now. Just you two is still better than four devil kings gathering here!」


Salvatore Doni was heading to the battlefield.

「It also feels like I’m carried away by the flow though, well, it’s fine I guess.」

That old man said『I’ll give it a try』, but in the end it was just a verbal promise.

There was also a really high possibility that the old man would blurt『I tried but it failed』.

However, Marquis Voban and Sect Founder Luo Hao were opponents that had to be defeated sooner or later. A phase where he would fight them would surely arrive somewhere. And that phase was right now.

「Somehow my wound is also healed huuh.」

Doni pestered the old man and wangled out an elixir of restoration from him.

Even Campione that couldn’t be affected by recovery magic could receive the benefit of elixir through oral administration. Especially because this secret medicine seemed to be the highest grade healing medicine that could even resurrect a human that almost died.

Even the sword wound that was inflicted by Alec was finally closed up.

Doni’s body was liberated from『divine protection of steel』after a few hours putting it on continuously.

Thanks to that his body and heart felt really light――.

「Finally it isn’t making creaking noise anymore huuh.」

When he used divine protection of steel, his joints would creak delicately.

It was only slight, but his movement would become dull. It wasn’t to the degree like someone that covered their whole body with metal plate armor. But, it would feel like putting a quite heavy armor on his body.

That would dull his sword handling just slightly. That was why, when he fought with swordsmanship using exquisiteness on top of exquisiteness, Doni wouldn’t turn his body into steel. Rather he would take off his protector and gambled everything on just his sword――.

「Finally various things are in order huuh.」

Doni exited the underground corridor accompanied only by his beloved katana and arrived on the surface.

That room littered with stone slate was underground. The surface part of Plutarch’s Mansion was a temple built in the foot of a bare hill.

The surrounding was only waste land with short grass and shrub growing.

「The sun……is still hidden.」

Heavily cloudy sky was spreading above.

And then, three hundred cavalrymen were steadily marching on toward the temple.

The army wasn’t in formation, the huge wolves that replaced the role of horse were in the middle of advance with running speed. They would arrive at his position after two more kilometers.

Of course, the riders of the running wolves were knights of Dead Servant.

Doni that was at the defender side unsheathed his katana and changed his right arm into silver.


Doni faced the approaching enemy army and thrust his katana forward.

Even though the three hundred dead servants were still in a distance of more than one kilometer.

However, silver flash was launched from the tip. It became a very long『laser blade』that reached even one kilometer that pierced the cavalrymen that returned from Hades!

It was the “long arm attack” that was also used at the ancient Gallia.

With this one thrust, nearly fifty cavalrymen were skewered.

*GOU!* Lightning fell!


Doni was blown away by the lightning strike.

Of course that was obviously something dropped by Marquis Voban. It seemed that overly energetic old man wasn’t among the fellows that were skewered just now.

Doni was unharmed because he immediately turned his body into steel but――

「As expected, a sneak attack from long range doesn’t work.」

Doni stood up vigorously and looked right away at the enemy army.

The pack of huge wolves that the Dead Servants were riding was still keeping the same speed until now. They were starting to sprint in full speed.

aaooOOON-! aaooOOON-! aaooOOON-!

aaooOOON-! aaooOOON-! aaooOOON-!

The pack that exceeded 200 wolves was overlapping fierce howl, they powerfully kicked on the ground and approached this way with *DODODODODODO-!* like a tsunami.

They aimed at Doni whose subordinate was just a single sword and the Plutarch’s Mansion behind him.

「O mark of divine protection, become a wall of black steel!」

Doni immediately chanted words of power.

In exchange of Doni himself losing the protection of steel, large amount of rune letters――appeared at the surrounding. It was the same like when the female faction was protected a few hours ago by it. However, this was in a different scale from that time. This time the rune letters were enveloping Doni along with Plutarch’s Mansion.

Impromptu castle wall was instantly built around the mansion.

However, it wasn’t a steel or stone fortress, but a fortress made of vast rune letters that might reach several millions units spreading into a dome shape.


The huge wolves and Dead Servants riding them until the mansion――were repelled back in succession.

The canopy of rune letters they tried to rush into had the same hardness like the immortal steel body. What they did was the same like crashing oneself onto steel wall.

Their bones broke, their fleshes crushed, they atrociously danced in the air and crashed on the ground.

One, and then one more impacted the rune canopy, and self-destruction was repeated dozens of time.

The following cavalrymen took lesson from that and finally stopped their full speed sprinting. They slowly approached Plutarch’s Mansion and began to carefully besiege the place.

――But there was no way the fierce old devil king would falter here.

Suddenly lightning strikes came repeatedly.


「Ooj. Gramps, so this time you are coming like that!?」

Doni took stance without letting his guard down.

Thunders were raining down without pause around Plutarch’s Mansion. Rain too. Large rain drops were mercilessly hitting the ground and Doni.

Naturally wind was also coming. Strong wind was raging with whistling sound.

The authority to manipulate wind, rain, and thunder as one pleased『Sturm und Drang』. It was the beginning of that.

Even the canopy of rune that boasted steel wall protection could hardly claim that it could perfectly defended against the wind and thunder.

And then――


A five meter giant wolf that looked like monster leaped out from inside the rain and wind, trying to swallow Doni from his head!


Doni’s arm and body naturally moved and thrust his katana diagonally above.

That was his sword of blank mind. A sure kill thrust pierced the lower jaw of the giant wolf, from that wound――the sword traveled from the jaw to the top of the head, and then it moved from the jaw until the groin and widened the wound.

*zan* The abnormally huge wolf was instantly bisected into two.

「Fuh. It seems your wound is already better.」

「Hahahaha. You caught up again huuh gramps.」

The old man clad in jet black coat arrived while getting struck by rain.

The canopy of rune letters that wasn’t accompanied by material body was different from physical wall. Rather it had the same nature with magical defense barrier.

Based from that, it was impossible for it to obstruct Campione who was hard to be affected by magic.

But, this was exactly what Doni hoped for.

It was unclear whether it was due to whim or prospects of victory

But Marquis Voban came once more until the range where sword could reach.

「Lily. It’s better for us to escape as fast as possible.」

「Yes. Along with Madam Aisha too.」

Liliana also immediately agreed with Erica’s proposal.

After the Campione of sword left, at the underground, inside the room that should be called as slate warehouse.

The old man was whispering to himself while staring at a slate that was placed on an easel. Ahead of his gaze was a slate packed full with writing of long sentence in old Latin language.

He didn’t seem like he had the leeway to pay attention to them.

「Let’s go madam. Stay at the side of me and Lily.」

「Hye, hyes-!」

Madam Aisha was taken aback when Erica suddenly spoke to her.

But, for the time being the three females gathered and sprinted in hurry through the underground corridor and climbed until the surface――at the inside of the Doria style temple.

「Can we transfer after coming until this point……?」

Liliana whispered and closed her eyes.

She did that in order to form image of their destination. The field of vision of the three was painted with white light and they became unable to see anything inside the temple.

It was the sign of the transfer starting. However.

The ground they were standing on suddenly rumbled *GAaaaN!*.


Madam Aisha screamed. It felt like an earthquake.

Right after that, the three females were thrown out to “outside”. They teleported from inside the temple toward another place.

「Ouch ouch ouch. What was that just now……」

「Di, did the transfer succeed?」

「That’s not it Lily! We are still beside the Plutarch’s Mansion!」

The one who noticed the fastest was Erica as expected.

Where she was pointing at, around a hundred meter ahead there was an ancient Greek style temple. It was the surface part of Plutarch’s Mansion.

Innumerable rune letters were drifting around the mansion.

It looked like canopy of rune letter. And then, Dead Servant army was besieging it. They were riding wolves that were Marquis Voban’s subordinates――.

The wind was bellowing rumblingly, the rain was also terrifyingly strong.

Naturally thunder and lightning were also incessant. It was truly the arrival of storm.

Everything was the proof of Balkan’s devil king’s presence. However, Liliana obtained an insight while in the middle of this upheaval.

「Just now……what interrupted our transfer was unmistakably――」

『Fufufufu. So you understand, my little brother’s knight.』

A beautiful voice that was like a song came from above.

Although they couldn’t see her figure, but it was none other than the emperor’s voice of the peerless beauty, Sect Founder Luo Hao. Erica and also Madam Aisha went ‘hah’ and looked up to the sky.

『All of you are already my captive……. However, with how the power of the witch Aisha has been sealed, it will be a problem if I, the ruler of martial world personally take you on.』

It was a murmur that was really like the great woman who recognized herself as the supreme ruler of the highest status.

『Then I will dispatch this person. Display a battle that will not give shame to the name of your master――Kusanagi Godou.』

This time a talisman fell down with flutters.

It was a rectangle paper that recorded spell of Daoist magic. The characters『猴畏避之』were written on it. (TN: Even monkey fear and avoid)

This talisman――as soon as it touched the ground, it transformed into a white baboon. Its height reached four meter, a large anthropoid ape with huge frame that could outdo even mountain gorilla.


The white baboon howled and repeatedly hit its thick chest with both fists loudly.

Erica called the magic sword of lion Cuore de Lione, and Liliana called the magic sword of artisan Il Maestro, both of them summoned their respective weapon into their dominant hand and adjusted their battle readiness. It was at that time


A girl in uniform dashed along with a yell of battle spirit.

She converted the momentum of her sprint into charging power and she leaped. She flew lightly with body lightness that was like monkey and――she thrust her long sword to the nape of the neck of the white baboon!

「Everyone, thanks for waiting! To make up for the lateness, Ena will work hard now!」

It was the princess shrine maiden of sword, Seishuuin Ena.

Currently the long sword she was wielding with both hands was something unfamiliar.

It was a straight sword with double edge. But, there were a total of six hooks, three at each side of the blade, growing like『tree branch』. Having its neck pierced through by this sword with mysterious shape, the white baboon born from the talisman easily collapsed.

Part 4

「So you come to help, Ena-san!」

「Ena is glad I made it in time here. This is the critical moment. Even so don’t worry. Because his majesty promised that if we transmitted this place to him, his majesty will come right away.」

「Mu-, even Kusanagi-san!」

Seishuuin Ena smiled brightly to Madam Aisha whose eyes were sparkling.

She wielded an unfamiliar spirit sword and slaughtered the subordinate of Sect Founder Luo Hao. It was a commendable feat that was as expected from top princess shrine maiden.

Of course, the grave situation was still continuing even now.

But, both Erica and Liliana could breathe a little easier.

The two Milan knights that nodded to each other――were addressed by the voice of one more top princess shrine maiden.

「I’m relieved that we can find everyone while everyone is still safe.」

「Mariya Yuri!」

「We have been wishing all this time to make contact with you!」

Before anyone noticed, the Yamato Nadeshiko dressed in shrine maiden appearance had arrived right beside them.

She got close to the two knights of blue and red. In the middle of the battle against『King of the End』Rama, it was decided for Yuri to remain behind in the Astral world.

This was a reunion after about a week they parted from each other.

Because the blood of divine ancestor flowed thickly inside Mariya Yuri and Princess Alice, they strongly received the influence of Rama’s second coming which worsened their physical condition. But, the complexion of the princess shrine maiden that they hadn’t seen for long wasn’t that bad although she couldn’t be said to be energetic and lively.

「My apologize. When I heard that everyone headed to the realm of the death, I immediately tried to search your whereabouts using spiritual power of telepathy. But I was unable to discover it really soon.」

「Next time we have to think of the method so that we can contact each other even in the Astral world.」

「Perhaps it will be better if we also build a villa as a base here. But, let’s put off this conversation about improvement plan from here on for the next chance.」

Liliana was seriously murmuring while Erica was giving out instruction elegantly.

As expected, the role to consolidate this group was the responsibility of『Diavolo Rosso』Erica Blandelly that should be called as the mistress of the royal palace.

Especially――when it was time of confrontation against the troublesome obstacle that was the so called elder sister of Kusanagi Godou.


「Fufufufu. So the subordinates of my little brother are all present.」

A gentle breeze was blowing, carrying the lovely whisper of the beauty.

Suddenly Luo Cuilian appeared seven, eight meter away from where Erica and others were.

「O, Onee-sama!?」

「「「「Sect Founder!?」」」」

Madam Aisha was astonished. Erica, Yuri, Liliana, and Ena were also imitating her.

Who would ever thought that right after she declared that『I won’t personally proceed there』, she would unveil her noble figure like this. It was something really unexpected.

However, Luo Cuilian elegantly spoke as though to represent the phrase of『A wise man changes his mind, a fool never does』.

「I changed my mind. With the arrival of all of you here――means that your lord Kusanagi Godou is also rushing here. Before that I will finish taking care of this.」

She didn’t state what she would take care.

But, this beautiful woman that shamed even nymph stared straight at Madam Aisha.

Furthermore, the whistling sound of the wind was getting stronger. Vortex of air current was formed, turning into whirlwind, and grew into a small tornado that was centered on Luo Cuilian.

The source of the fierce wind that howled thunderously was obviously the beautiful lips of Luo Cuilian.

Authority『Dragon’s Roar and Tiger’s Howl』. She planned to mow down her old enemy along with everything else with the magic wind of shockwave!

Erica immediately yelled.

「Kusanagi Godou, come here quickly! In order to save us!」

Calling the name of that young man in a place where wind was blowing when danger to life was approaching.

Verethragna’s first avatar『Wind』, it was an action that was done because the activation conditions had been completely fulfilled but――no voice came out.

Erica went「!?」in wonder and shock.

Her throat should have released a yell just now.

Despite so, Erica could only close and open her mouth wordlessly. Her voice couldn’t come out.


Liliana also yelled something. But she couldn’t hear anything.

Yuri and Ena, and then even Madam Aisha were yelling something「――!」「――!」「――!」from their mouth. However, nothing could be heard.

(Don’t tell me)

Erica finally noticed, she stared at the countenance of the supernatural sect founder with sudden realization.

「Fufufu. As expected, you are quite wise.」

Luo Cuilian smiled with affectionate gaze as though she was looking at an able pupil.

「Yes……. My roar doesn’t cause only destruction, except my voice and the howl of the wind――it can also erase everything else.」


「Isn’t it only natural. The only voice that has worth to be engraved into this space, is none other than the voice of the supreme ruler Luo Hao, there is no other else. However――honestly speaking, I also have the feeling of wanting to let you scream as much as you like.」

The lovely superhuman smiled cheerfully at the dumbfounded Erica.

「I have seen it once with these eyes, the secret art that calls my little brother from far away. Letting you to reproduce that is quite an interesting plan. ……But, letting my playful heart to reign free before finishing off this terrifying witch, as expected that ought to be called as conceit.」

Sect Founder Luo Hao’s expression completely changed from smile into a cold determination that was directed at Madam Aisha.

Calm killing intent was filling those gaze and face to the brim. The body of the madam that was called witch stiffened so hard with *TWIiiiiiTCH!*.

『The, there is no need at all, to finish me off you know~~~~~~!』

Madam Aisha’s face was cramping as though to say that.

However, of course Luo Cuilian didn’t even pay attention to that. She took a deep breath *suuuu*, and then sang with a voice that was too beautiful to be the expression of her killing intent.

「Confucius said at the riverside――All things are in flux. They never stop night and day.」

This bell sound and breath became a gust of wind that attacked Madam Aisha.


The madam with the appearance of maid uniform and red hood immediately crouched and held her head with both hands. Surely that was a reflexive action with the hope that she could let the sure kill ultrasonic wave to pass through her like this.

Of course, there was no way that she could somehow make do like that――not.

From the crouching Madam Aisha, a monster came out right behind her back.

The upper body was a naked beauty. Her long red hair was like flame and looked really striking. Her size was also about the same as normal female, she had a splendid proportion.

However, her lower body was fish――the tail fin of a fish.

There were even bat wings growing on her back. She was a half-human half-apparition beautiful woman.

(It has been assimilating with Madam Aisha’s shadow, tailing her all this time!?)

Before the eyes of Erica who noticed, the terrifying figure of the woman apparition flew right in front of Madam Aisha and made her body as shield, protecting the female Campione!


The sound attack of magic wind that would smash all the bones inside the body into powder.

Receiving the direct attack of that, the half-apparition beauty raised a scream while covering Madam Aisha.

Of course, no voice should be audible. But midway, for some reason shriek of anguish entered Erica’s ears. How?

The sound sealing by the sect founder loosened because she shifted into sure kill attack――

The moment she noticed, Erica yelled once more.

「Godou, please come here for sure this time! The place where your power is needed is here!」

Wind was――whirling once more.

Continuing after the mini tornado that was produced by Luo Cuilian’s authority just now, new vortex of gale was crated which raised thunderous howl. It was at the next moment.

The vortex of wind vanished and in its place three men appeared.

「I thought that making it report her current location will be enough but……the card that I made to stick on Madam Aisha in the mist barrier――was more useful than expected.」

The one who whispered was Alexander Gascoigne.

Unbelievably, he was teleported to here together with Kusanagi Godou that should be his rival with the power of Verethragna’s first avatar『Wind』.

Furthermore, even John Pluto Smith was together with them.

「Ena knew that his majesty and Smith have become comrades. But for even the prince of Britain to be here, how can these two bitter enemies be placed in the same boat like this?」

Seishuuin Ena muttered in shock.

Part 5

Actually this was the third time. The first was just before the start of the civil war, and the second was at Okutama Mountains.

Now all seven Campiones accomplished a gathering for the third time at Plutarch’s Mansion that was one of the sacred grounds in Astral world.

「How unexpected.」

First Luo Cuilian narrowed her eyes.

She was staring at the three godslayers that arrived with the wind.

Her step younger brother Kusanagi Godou. Black Prince Alec and John Pluto smith that came along with him. Other than them there was Madam Aisha, the four girls serving the younger brother were watching over the talk of the devil kings with worried look.

Luo Cuilian chuckled innocently.

「Fufufufu. It’s nothing peculiar if it’s just two, but for three people that should be impossible to harmoniously join hands with each other showing their faces altogether like this is nothing short of amazing.」

「Hmph. If it’s a barbaric repeat of taking each other’s life, then something like a triple alliance will be out of question.」

Alexander Gascoigne replied back haughtily.

「But if there is prospects where I can enjoy a game that is more of my preferences, then it will be a different story. I’ll have you keep company――the game of us the young bunches for a bit.」


The Black Prince wasn’t just talking, he also moved his hand.

He withdrew three antique pens from the pocket inside his jacket and threw them altogether. The pens were aimed at the supernatural sect founder. They were like shuriken.

But, when anyone noticed――

The standing position of Luo Cuilian had shifted fifty centimeters.

It was unknown when she moved. It was a divine defense using illusive step method. The metallic pens that were turned into flying projectile naturally cut through empty air, all three of them.

Suddenly humanoid luminous body appeared right beside the dodging Luo Cuilian!


The humanoid light radiated electricity attack from its whole body.

Alec that was transformed into lightning ran toward the supernatural sect founder’s side and discharged out electricity. In order to endure this, Luo Cuilian used the technique of ground shrinker and showed a teleportation that carried her instantly to a safe area fifty meters away somehow. It was amazing how she did that.

However, Alec also wasn’t someone mediocre.

He sprinted with godspeed to that appearance point at the same time when his target vanished. He made her got hit with electrical discharge once more.

「That’s a good offense, Black Prince!」

But, the godspeed electrical discharge ended in vain.

Unbelievably Luo Cuilian leaped diagonally backward in an instant and changed her position.

It wasn’t ground shrinker technique. She made steps that looked like a dance seven times. She made sound *tan*, *tan*, *tan*, *tan*, *tan*, *tan*, *tan* with flowing motion that no dancer on earth could hope to match.

At the seventh point when she stepped with that subtly graceful foot handling.

If a line was connected through all the seven steps, it would form the famous Big Dipper asterism.

Seven Stars Spirit Step.

The enemy would completely lose sight of the user until this seven steps were finished.

It was a special move that combined martial art and magic of Qimen Dujia. To say nothing if it was used by an expert at the level of Luo Cuilian, no matter how experienced of a warrior the opponent was, they would expose their back that was full of opening to her――.

But, Black Prince Alec coolly turned into counterattack.

「Over there!」

He flew in air still in lightning form and leaped upon Luo Cuilian the moment she finished her seven step in the attempt to hit her with a tackle. Naturally, he was doing it while discharging maximum electricity.

It was truly an attack of lighting that descended from heaven.

「As expected from the master of lightning flash. To be able to follow my steps like this.」

Luo Cuilian sprang diagonally backward and took six steps.

This time it wasn’t the Big Dipper, but a movement that traced after the Milk Dipper asterism. The instant Black Prince Alec that transformed into lightning attack got down on the ground, Luo Cuilian was finishing treading her sixth step――.

Six Shells Lost Step.

One of escaping steps that couldn’t be caught even by the descending lightning.

「Like always, you are doing movement that is impossible for a human.」

Alec clicked his tongue and attempted a tackle once more.

Of course he was still in lightning form. This time Luo Cuilian moved in W-shape――the shape of Cassiopeia constellation, by using this Virtuous King Five Stars Step, she evaded the rapid approach of the lightning in a flash.

「Fufufufu. So you are planning to fully be in offense with this Luo Hao as the opponent!」

「After all that way is safer instead!」

Alec spat out.

Salvatore Doni was also like this, the master of this mind eye thing could see through even godspeed with composure. Rather than being at the receiving side, being in the offensive by making use of superior speed made it easier to grasp the initiative instead.

On the other hand, seeing the battle between godspeed user and supernatural sect founder――

「Then……I’ll be the opponent of the surplus gentlemen.」

John Pluto Smith drew out his magic gun.

「After all it will be better to make them leave the stage early.」

What was fired from the gun muzzle was the mortality all-purpose magic bullet.

The bullet was flying with bluish white light trailing behind it, aiming at the army surrounding the canopy of rune protecting Plutarch’s Mansion. Right after, flame was rolling up fiercely.

The magic bullet became bluish white flame blast.

The created flame was spreading up with very large blaze.

The Dead Servants and huge wolves, the cavalry army of two hundred and some were swallowed altogether and they were reduced to nothing without leaving even ash behind under a few seconds.

Glancing at the massacred that was carried out by holy napalm bullet, the master of the army snorted.

「That guy, so as expected he came back.」

「Hahahah. Looks like it’s getting exciting into a good situation.」

Marquis Voban and Salvatore Doni who had confrontation right beside the mansion.

The old and young Campiones exchanged short words. However, when the two of them faced each other within a distance where it would only take two or three steps to enter sword range, they were in the verge of starting in close quarter combat.

And then, with natural motion like flowing water, Doni advanced forward――

From the low position, his beloved katana smoothly slashed diagonally up.

Voban reacted to this with a leap back that was the very image of a wolf and splendidly evaded. The demon wolf king was able to exhibit the wildness of a beast even without transforming his figure.

And then, Kusanagi Godou was――

He rushed to the side of Madam Aisha who was flustered.

「It’s a relieve that you are safe.」

「Ye, yes, somehow.」

The madam sighed in relieve seeing Godou’s face.

However, her lovely face immediately clouded and she hung her head down forlornly.

「But, as for everyone else――can we somehow have them calm down? I don’t have power anymore, and even Smith-san and Alec-san that should have been sent to unknown period somewhere had come back like it’s only obvious……」

Godou didn’t answer immediately and he looked at his companions.

Erica, Liliana, Ena, and then Mariya Yuri who finally was able to reunite with them in the flesh. He strongly nodded to them and the four each returned their smile at him.

It was a simple reunion due to the time of emergency.

However, it felt like it was better with this rather than spending thousand words.

Even if no word was exchanged, even if they were separated with great distance, he could feel his bond with them clearly, and it was enough with that.

But, here the girl dressed in shrine maiden outfit suddenly got a faraway look.


「What’s wrong Yuri?」

Godou and the childhood friend Ena called out, but there was no reaction.

Mariya Yuri stared at Madam Aisha with gaze that was filled with vastness, after that, her gaze turned slowly to another direction.

Toward the building that resembled a temple of ancient Greek, Plutarch’s Mansion.

「Hey Yuri. Are you, sensing something by any chance?」

「True. I believe that my power has increases by much, but as expected it’s not to your degree. If you can see some kind of revelation……then please tell.」

Erica and Liliana also called to Yuri.

And then, Mariya Yuri suddenly opened her mouth, in order to convey an oracle toward the puzzle Madam Aisha, the only one here who couldn’t follow the situation.

「Let’s visit over there. Whether the madam will be able to accomplish the objective or not……here should be the critical time to decide that.」

Godou and others ran toward Plutarch’s Mansion.

They entered inside the ancient Greek style temple and went down the stairs that connected to the underground.

The four girls that were his companion were also together. However, Madam Aisha was the only Campione accompanying them.

「Is this the place that manage the corrective force of history?」

Godou muttered in admiration.

They finally arrived at the underground corridor. However, the width of this underground passage was nearly eight meters, it was amazingly wide. Perhaps it should be said that it was as expected from an underground space.

The passage was complicated like a labyrinth.

And then, countless stone slates were floating calmly in air.

It was scenery like a world without gravity. The sentences of old Latin language written densely on the stone slates were the history of mankind that reached several ten of thousand years.

It seemed that magicians were calling all these records as …….

The group stepped into the underground passage while parting through the stone slates.

「Ena and others are going to meet the manager of this place?」

「I wonder? I think there is no need for that far though……」

Asked by her fellow shrine maiden Ena, Yuri answered with a small voice.

She who had received some kind of revelation stood in the lead and advanced through the underground. Her steps were slow, that it looked like she was walking without any destination.

Liliana spoke in murmur.

「I have come here several times but, I’m still not used to it. I become more sensitive than usual from receiving the strong stimulation on my spirit sense.」

「So, something like that, I completely don’t understand at all though」

Madam Aisha threw her cents on the conversation.

She was unusually timid while glancing at the surrounding slates.

「Before this too, I felt strange when staying too long in this place see. It felt like I was being seen, called by rea~lly lot of people……」

「By any chance, Yuri understand something about it?」

Erica spoke in urging tone rather than asking.

Receiving that consideration that was appropriate coming from the mistress that managed the situation, Yuri informed them once more.

「Surely that’s because this stone slates are the accumulation of memory in regard to『human』. This Plutarch’s Mansion is a sacred ground that manage the history of the past and memory of people’s activity, a unique point that have connection to every age.」

It was a sacred oracle from a princess shrine maiden.

Madam Aisha suddenly came to a realization hearing that.

「Every age――you said?」

「Yes. Perhaps even without the authority of fortune, Madam Aisha still posses shocking luck. If that’s not the case, how can you find new luck by keep advancing without giving up no matter what kind of adversity you are in.」

Yuri was sending a gentle gaze at the madam who was far older than her.

While she was a female Campione who was running wild across time, but Madam Aisha was also an owner of lovable personality in her own way.

Yuri’s gaze was like a holy woman watching over her as a protector.

「Madam. You should have found the necessary answer already.」


Perhaps there was something in Yuri’s words that made her recall something.

Madam Aisha suddenly sat down on the underground passage, she sat in seiza facing the wall and closed both her eyes. She was like a Zen priest in a perfect Zen meditation.

Though with her current state that was without even a drop of magic power, she shouldn’t be able to use her authority at all.

「What are you doing Aisha-san?」


She didn’t react even when Ena called at her. She didn’t even open her eyes.

She was concentrating with terrifying depth. This was the first time Godou saw Madam Aisha like this. However, he understood only this.

「She is trying to start……something absurd huh.」

It was a concentration for that. No, rather than concentration perhaps he should called it a state of trance.

No matter what this was, but he had to prepare for the next situation. Godou returned his gaze to his companions and spoke with firm voice this time.

「Everyone, thank you for everything until now. But, get away from here already.」

Erica Blandelli, Mariya Yuri, Liliana Krancjar, Seishuuin Ena. He planned to burn these four’s face and figure into his eyes.

Godou continued while staring hard at everyone.

「After this――I’m somewhat unclear about what will happen. Take enough distance from us seven. Come back when the matter is settled down. I will absolutely……become the last one remaining.」

He had no expectation, conviction, or even overconfidence that he would absolutely succeed.

But he declared. That he would absolutely make it happen like that, in order to put pressure on himself. The one who smiled at such Godou the very first was as expected her.

「Then, we will do just that.」

Erica flashed a smile of female lion on her lips.

「We are spectators. And you will head out to a do-or-die game in desperation. That kind of work division is fine isn’t it.」

「Yeah, leave it to me.」

He gave his assurance to his partner that had been aware of his intention right away.

After that Godou suddenly remembered something and added more.

「Also sorry. Can you teach me one more time about the goddess the other day. I think that it will surely be necessary from here on too.」

「……Even though I want an emotionally moving parting, you are really hopeless.」

Erica shrugged a bit before she embraced him.

She circled both her hands on Godou’s neck, then she brought her face closer with a smile that resembled a glamorous rose and quickly gave him a kiss on his lips.

「But, perhaps this is also fine. I guess this will be the proof that the blessing of Erica Blandelli is the jinx of victory. And a moment like this with you, is also a great happiness for me.」

Their lips separated just for a bit and she boasted.

And then Erica once again pressed her lips passionately and gave him a long kiss.

They sucked at each other’s lips, entangled their tongues, and exchanged passion and affection with each other as though they were expressing their whole feeling to each other. At the same time, the knowledge of『that goddess』that was also taught to him at Okutama Mountains――it was flowing into his brain once more ceaselessly.

Erica separated their lips in order to take a breather. It was at that time.

「Wa, wait. The command just now, it was obviously directed not just at Erica alone!」

Liliana cut in angrily.

「Rather it was supposed to be me who did the distinguished service by guessing right the name of Queen Niamh. This role――sho, should be undertaken by me.」

Liliana pushed Erica away and boldy embraced him.

However, when it came the time to kiss Godou, she showed a slight hesitation. But, the next moment she offered her lips to him with her all.

It was a deep kiss that even had the wet sound of saliva mixing in it.

But, compared to the time when Liliana was at her boldest, this kiss was a bit lacking in intensity.

It was because he had met his lips with hers many times that he understood. And then, he also understood how this was a wordless invitation. She was wishing.

Liliana desired Godou to be the one who strongly wanted her. She wildly desired it.

Of course, Godou immediately responded. He embraced her strongly.


「Ah――it, hurts……」

He didn’t loosen his strength even when she pleaded with small voice.

The other side was also not desiring that from her true feelings. She entrusted her body to Godou’s violence in ecstasy and offered her lips and body without resistance.

He finally released Liliana after a long deep kiss.

A mark was created from him tightly grasping her slender upper arm. The silver haired girl relinquished her usual dignity and caressed her upper arm adorably.

But, the knowledge still wasn’t enough.

Yuri came with stagger in front of Godou who lifted his face.

「Godou-san……not only Erica-san, even Liliana-san……」

She muttered, looking like she was lamenting rather than being angry.

However, Yuri clung at him with her face bright red until her neck from shame.

「Bu, but, I will also go along with this. Godou-san is really a hopeless person but, even so I too――offer my adoration to you, that’s why……」

Yuri slowly looked up at him.

That gesture had become the signal between the two of them before they noticed it.

That was why Godou immediately stole Yuri’s lips and he even forcefully inserted his tongue, as though he was trying to greedily devour her tongue and her mouth’s inside.

Naturally, Yuri was also giving her respond to that.

She wasn’t merely accepting his roughness, she herself was also doing her best to explore Godou’s mouth and tongue, continuously making a diligent kiss that moved with deep love.

Modesty and gentleness of Yamato Nadeshiko could be felt clearly transmitting from Yuri’s kiss to him.

There was also the knowledge of fairy queen Niamh in addition. The goddess who was the former owner of the authority Madam Aisha used, the『Fairy Corridor』.

Most likely Yuri obtained this knowledge using the blessing of her spirit vision.

「E, everyone is unfair-. Even though Ena doesn’t know anything about that goddess!」

Seishuuin Ena who was left out by herself.

Finally the fourth girl clung at him. She didn’t push Yuri away but embraced Godou together, as expected perhaps it was because of their friendship as childhood friends.

Ena was teary eyed and pleaded.

「That……Ena cannot really become, your majesty’s strength but, for Ena to be the only one left out by everyone――I don’t wanna. It’s fine even if it’s just while his majesty is at it, if possible……」

「Don’t say something stupid.」

She became awfully meek only when it was a man and woman talk.

Godou forcefully lifted up the chin of the child of nature that was acting like that and he kissed her right away.

「Nn……your majesty」

Ena muttered in intoxication.

Like that she kissed Godou repeatedly *chuu chuu*. It was a childish light kiss. However, she immediately resolved herself and heatedly pushed her lips forward.

Godou also accepted that and tasted Ena’s whole lips.

The devotion and love that the princess shrine maiden of the sword offered belonged to no one else but Kusanagi Godou. The moment when their lips separated from each other suddenly, a sudden impulse rose within Godou.

He softly bit at the earlobe of Ena who was breathing *haa haa* roughly and his tongue crawled there.

The moment the girl twitched, this time he buried his face onto her white nape and licked there too. Ena twitched again and her whole body shivered.


Ena whispered ardently.

Tears were amassing in both her eyes while she was staring enraptured at Godou.

Yuri was making a gentle look right beside her, watching over her gasping childhood friend. It was a situation that could be called bizarre.

Well, they had done something like this many times over though…….

Furthermore, actually it wasn’t just Ena. Yuri was also weak in her earlobe. Godou knew that, but it was something that he shouldn’t speak out loud surely.

Anyway, the four girls left after they taught him the necessary knowledge.

They were going to the surface. In front of Godou who was staying behind in the underground passage, Madam Aisha was continuing her mysterious meditation――several minutes passed.

The Campione that was also called as The Queen of the Mysterious Cave.

The terrifying godslayer witch suddenly opened both her eyes in a flash.

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