HxH Vol 7 complete




Edits for the volume are now finished.



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36 Responses to HxH Vol 7 complete

  1. Dark Jackel says:

    Lol. Thanks~! 😃


  2. KozuKy says:

    Too much fap huh……….


  3. luiz117 says:

    We shall remember you as a great hero among men!!!!!!
    We salute you!!!!!
    May your soul rest for a while, before continuing bringing ecchi to our lives.


  4. kcz117 says:

    Omega good job!


  5. happinezz001 says:

    Woah my mind suddenly went blank and it kinds delayed my reaction but still thanks for your hard work with this volume


  6. Anonymous says:

    So I’m going to be THAT GUY and ask that once Antihero 4 is done will HxH 8 be next since it comes out June 30 or will you take a break until you wish to continue with translations?


  7. Reaper Phoenix says:

    I salute you for sacrificing your body for us. LOL


  8. Habib Haji says:

    Really Really Thanks For Completing the Vulume! XD


  9. Phalanx says:

    Otsukaresama Desu. (y)


  10. kenchan223 says:

    Is Antihero vol 4 the “final” volume?


  11. WatWatWat says:

    OMG this will totally make an awesome scene in a hentai OVA….. >.>


  12. FighterFei says:

    Jesus SHIT that cliffhanger. What the fucksack.


  13. Anon says:

    I found HxH on this site but there is no translator mentioned

    Bakaperv do you post there too?


  14. nicholaevich says:

    ‘Nuff said, homie.


  15. nicholaevich says:

    That is such bad etiquette, but this is the Internet you know.


  16. KuroTian says:

    Now waiting for the next fa…volume.


  17. Ayato1990 says:

    Thank you very much!

    Is there a PDF of this?


  18. I knew this was going to end on a Cliff-hanger but this is just ridiculous.


  19. neokryte says:

    Cliff hanger ftw? Thank you for the translation!


  20. Mathiason says:

    Looks like the woman on cover 8 is one of the four figures. Since there’s a volume 8 it’s obvious that at least one of the four recreated both worlds. Hope it includes the people and buildings that were taken out by that OP attack. Talk about overkill, it’s like using a nuke to take out one ant.


  21. Mathiason says:

    Thanks for the translations! Just take a rest after you finish a chapter. It’s great you’re translating fast but not at the expense of your health. Also, your grammar starts getting typos or errors when you grind hard for a while. You’re doing a great job and have more than earned the right to take an occasional break every now and then. Otherwise you’re going to burn yourself out. So, please take a break, even if it’s just taking a short walk outside or taking a nap, EVERY time you finish a chapter even if it’s only a few sentences long. It’d make a lot of us feel more relieved about your health.


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