MAgika Vol 12 Ch 4 complete

Translating Magika is harder than HxH, I noticed even more just what a pain it is translating all this name that is not English or Japan.

Also guys, just as Windgrace said, don’t you post or ask any spoiler here. I myself haven’t read ahead of what I translate and I don’t want my mood get ruined by spoiler. Unfortunately I think I’ve already got exposed to one or two spoiler, that’s really a mood-kill.

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12 Responses to MAgika Vol 12 Ch 4 complete

  1. stainedglas says:

    Basically, if you want me to keep translating. You had better not spoil anymore


  2. tamachii says:

    How long until volume 13 XD ?


  3. lnwnepubs says:

    Thanks for the chapter… I also agree, accidentally reading spoilers really kills the mood to read the Volume 😦


  4. Harry Haran says:

    Bakapevert san pl consider translating Encore novel pl ,it is very good and intersting novel unfortunately that novel translator is in hiatus or dropped it pllll consider it


    • rozenmaiden says:

      Well i hope you picked it up, bakapervert, but even if you don’t, it’s okay. Magika is a pain to translated (with many non-japanese vocab and mythologies story.) and HxH is a pain to translated for entirely different reason (*Lenny face). Well, whatever, keep up the good work, Bakapervert!


  5. San4z says:

    Thanks for chapter


  6. Chari-Kun says:

    HXH 9 is coming next month 😀 can’t wait….


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